Turned Out By My Wife Ch. 02

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I was lucky walking home and no one stopped along the way. When I finally got home my wife was already sleeping so I showered and climbed into bed beside her.

In the morning we did our normal activities with neither one of us bring up the previous day’s activities. Late in the afternoon while relaxing in the back yard with a cold beer my wife came out and sat next to me. We should discuss what happened yesterday she said. Okay I told her. She then told me how she came to having sex with the two black guys.

She said she hadn’t been looking for anything like that and it all just happened accidentally. She told me that she had been having coffee with one of our neighbors a month ago and the talk turned to sex. She said she had mentioned that while I had a nice sized cock I just didn’t spend enough time when I was fucking her for her to have an orgasm.

Our friend told her she had the same problem but had found a remedy, big black cock! My wife listened to her talk about how it changed her life and her and her husband both benefitted from it. When they finished talking her friend told her she would arrange it for her if she wanted to try some. At first she refused but as time moved otele gelen escort along and she was still frustrated with my love making she finally agreed.

And yesterday was the first day she had done anything like that. But she didn’t want it to stop and she found it exciting to see me used like I was by those two big black men. She told me she was going to invite them over again tomorrow and if I didn’t like I could leave. Or I could stay and watch. But if I stayed I would have to do whatever they told me to do, which would undoubtedly mean I would be sucking their cocks and anything else they wanted me to do.

I agreed to what she told me and she called the neighbor and told her what had happened and what I had agreed to. They set up another get together for her with some more big black cock. It was later that afternoon when the door bell rang and when I answered it, it was the neighbor and three big black men. Her husband followed along behind them.

Once they were all comfortable my wife told me to get everyone something to drink and to be naked when I returned with their drinks. I went to our bedroom and stripped then to the kitchen to get their balgat escort drinks. Everybody was having beer except me and Frank, the neighbor. When I returned to the living room Frank was already naked and sucking on a big cock.

As soon as I gave out the drinks I was told to start sucking a cock as it was my and Franks job to get them ready to fuck our wives. As we were sucking the cocks everyone else was taking their clothes off. My wife and her friend were both working on the third cock.

Pretty soon both women were being fucked while the third cock was going from one of their mouths to the other. Once one of them filled a pussy with his cum Frank and I were told to clean it out before the next one fucked her.

After an hour or so all three guys had fucked both women and been sucked by Frank and I. Now they were all lounging around watching some cuckold porn and recharging for the next round. The women decided they wanted to see Frank and me in action with each other so we were put into a 69 and began sucking each other.

Once we both shot our loads and swallowed them we were back to sucking the black cocks. Once we got a cock hard we were then bent elvankent escort over and our asses were fucked hard and deep. While we were being fucked the women were taking care of each other.

We were in a position that allowed us to watch the women eating each other out as the three big black cocks were rotating between our mouths and ass pussies. Once all three black guys finished filling our holes with their black baby seed everybody took a break. Frank and I were relegated with serving refreshments to the others and every time we walked close to someone we would be stopped and played with, keeping our cocks constantly hard and dripping.

After awhile the women decided they wanted one more round with the black cock. Frank and I were told to lie on the floor while our wives got on top of us with their pussies above our faces. Then as a cock fucked them the juices ran out into our mouths.

Every now and then a cock would slip out of a pussy and into a mouth for a few strokes then back to the pussy until they finally bred the women with big loads of cum. As soon as they pulled out the women sat their pussies onto our mouths for us to suck the cum from them.

When everybody had cleaned up and dressed everyone left and my wife and I went to bed. The last thing she said to me was I had better like what we were doing because she liked it a lot and wasn’t going to stop doing any of this any time soon.

And that is how I became a cum slut for big black cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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