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We are standing in my hotel room, the bed before us, kissing and touching each other like it was going to be the end of the world. He’s hard and I’m wet. More than a month has passed since we have seen each other and we want each other so badly! There is so much tension that we need release but we need to savour the time together more. I am naturally obedient and submissive so I let him take the lead.

“Take my clothes off.”

I kneel between his legs and start to untie his shoes as he sits on the bed. I can feel his eyes on me as I pull the laces undone and slip them off, his socks follow and I stuff them in his shoes. They are placed under the adjacent chair and I reach up to remove his shirt. As I pull it over his head my fingers lightly caress his back. What did I ever do to deserve such a handsome and sexy man? I don’t know but at that point I’m just happy that he and I are together. I let my fingers slowly drift down his muscular arms and down to his jeans. I unbuckle his belt and my fingers get a little shaky undoing the button. I’m so excited that I have trouble undoing it at first. He reaches down and gently squeezes the top of my breast which helps me to centre myself. Button and zip are dealt with then he lifts up so I can pull them off. They’re put on the chair with his shirt and I put my head in his lap to feel his erection through the fabric of his pants.

“Now I want you to stand up and slowly strip for me.”

This is something that has always made me feel self conscious because I’m short and fat and awkward. With him though I feel more confident, somewhat shy about it but not the bone crushing anxiety. He calls me his beautiful girl and that makes me feel loved and attractive instead of thirty seven, overweight and clunky. I kick my heels off and under the chair. My shirt has a lot of buttons down the front, I tilt my hips forward and start at the top. One at a time I slip the button Ümraniye Escort through the hole and work my way down, he is as impatient as he is enthralled but he sits there watching. As the last button is undone I turn around and he watches me slipping it from my shoulders, I unbutton my skirt and let it fall. My black bra and thong come into view, the lace of my stocking tops. I reach up to unhook my bra and pull that off then I turn around exposing my large breasts. He looks me up and down like he is a starving man.

“Lay down on the bed and touch yourself for me. I want to watch you make yourself sqirmy wet.”

I crawl on the bed from the foot to the pillows and I lay down. My gaze flicks up to his eyes momentarily and then I close my eyes as I run my hands over my breasts. I start from the bottom and slowly work my way around, making my way slowly too my nipples, teasing myself while he’s watching. I eventually work my way to them, they have become hard to the touch and very sensitive. I pinch and pull at them, gently at first, the pressure increasing as the noises I am making are becoming more frantic. He takes one of my hands and gently places it between my legs. He covers it with his own and moves it over the lace and mesh of my thong. He wants me to finger my pussy and I comply. I lay there in his arms masturbating as he kisses me, takes my breast with his large, strong gentle hand and takes my nipple in his mouth. The slight suction gives way to more urgent suckling as my fingers slip inside my knickers.

“Take them off.”

I slip them over my stockings and kick them off the bed. The cool breeze on my wetness and his touch has me mewling with desire as I rub my clitoris. He sits me up and slips behind me so he can see my movements in the mirror opposite the bed. He has both breasts in his hands and is kissing the back of my neck.

“Open your pussy and Ümraniye Escort Bayan slide your fingers inside yourself. Make my beautiful girl squirmy wet.”

I can feel my smooth skin all slick with honey as I open myself. I can feel it running out of me and it’s so easy to slip my middle finger in. I work it in and out getting faster and more squirmy. I have small hands and don’t feel full so I slip my ring finger in beside it. I caress my insides with one hand as I rub my clitoris with the other. He squeezes my breasts then lets go.

“I love watching you, it makes me want to fuck you.”

He pulls my hands away and moves from behind me. He is laying between my legs.

“Hold on to the sheet and don’t let go, I’m going to make you come.”

I nod my head and clutch the crisp white sheet. He runs his thumb up from my opening to my clitoris and licks off the honey. His finger slips inside me and he leans over to kiss me. The kiss is deep and passionate and I let go of the sheet in my excitement to touch him. He stops and smacks me between the legs.

“Don’t let go of the sheet.”

I grasp the sheet again, the sting of the smack on my most intimate place has excited me. He resumes his kisses and moves down to my neck. He kisses a trail down to my chest and takes a nipple in his mouth to feast on. It makes me louder. I feel like I’m ready to explode with passion when he stops, looks at me and teases my mouth open to clean his fingers. He kisses his way down to my crotch and starts teasing me with the touch of his lips getting closer to my wetness then I feel his tongue move slowly and firmly over my bare flesh.

“Let go of the sheet”

I uncurl my fingers and put my hands on his head. My eyes are closed and my hearing and sense of touch are really all I have. I exert no pressure, it all comes from him. His actions are causing me to arch towards him, my Escort Ümraniye legs are around his shoulders. His fingers and mouth are creating the sensation of a storm within me. It’s building up to bursting point when he reaches up to my breast. That tips me over the edge and I cry out that I’m coming as I orgasm, coating his face in my honey. When I come back to earth and my eyes refocus I see him leaning over me.

“Now I’m going to fuck you.”

We have been lovers for a long time but the incredible fullness I feel when he enters me is still surprising. I watch the passion and emotion wash over his face as he feels my tightness around his hard cock. He is so gentle with me, one arm under my head and leaning on the other as he moves in a slow and consistent rhythm. We hang onto each other as if life depended on it and kiss softly and passionately, the taste of me on his lips. I run my fingers over his back as my legs tighten around his hips. He slips one hand underneath me and pulls me closer to him, getting deeper inside me.

“That feels so good.”

It does. Having not known what passionate intimacy with a lover was before I met him I can say that it was an act of wonder. We move in unison, lost in each other. I can hear myself becoming much more vocal, not speaking, just making animal sounds. I can feel the changes in his posture and the tension in his muscles as he is nearing completion. I know that he’s so close, I tense my pelvic floor muscles and hold on tighter with my legs.

“Oh God, I’m coming!”

His orgasm tears through his body and I feel the warm liquid of his semen mixing with my honey. He smiles and touches my face, makes me feel beautiful. Our kisses are gentle and loving, he asks me how I feel. To describe it is impossible, I tell him that I’m very happy.

“You are so precious, my beautiful girl.”

He rolls off of me and pulls me into his embrace. We lay there in perfect contentment with the feeling of completion that only true lovers are given; not hearing the cars going by, the people outside or the ticking clock reminding us that our time together is short. Later I will hear it but at the moment there is nothing audible to me except his heartbeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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