Tracy’s Assets

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Jack sipped his beer in the crowded apartment and felt the party swarm around him. Ordinarily he would have joined in with the drunken revelers – partying and screaming until he was exhausted. But he wasn’t even noticing them. He didn’t know even have a guess as to how many of them there were. His eyes, his stare, was focused entirely on the hostess.

Tracy was absolutely stunning. Always a beauty to make one’s heart race, tonight she looked the absolute pinnacle of perfection. Her body gave her tight black dress the most suggestive shape. Her long blonde hair sported just the right amount of tint and shine as to suggest the golden colors of autumn. Sleek red adorned her lips, and the perfect touches of makeup enhanced her already wonderful face.

Funny, how you can see a girl everyday at work and still be so surprised by her beauty, he thought. He was used to her blouse-bursting chest, the occasional exquisite cleavage, and the short skirts. But tonight, she possessed such an elegance and softness that she seemed altogether a different woman. A woman he was desperate to have.

But, working with her a year and yielded the unfortunate information that she was engaged to her boyfriend of five years. The two were virtually inseparable, and presented such an image of love that everyone doubted it’s truth. Oh, men still always hit on her, but they never got more than a soft, refusing smile. And the opportunities were few, as again, the two were inseparable, that is, except for this night.

Brandon, her boyfriend-turned-fiancée was out of town on business for over a week. Tracy’s friends insisted on a party, and she caved rather quickly. Pretty much all the men were here, probably due to the subconscious voice that tried to reason, “If you go to her party, she’ll sleep with you.” No one said, “No.” to Tracy, it just wasn’t possible.

God, such a perfect body. Jack watched her the entire night as she seemed to slink from one end of the apartment to the other. How wonderful, she seemed, in her element. Her home. To think, she fucked just beyond the wall behind her. She fucked in a bed just a few feet away, really. She probably strolled into this kitchen every morning adorned in the sexiest sheer panties – -the bra optional. And just around the corner, her naked breasts received the pounding of the shower. The droplets dripping slowly down that smooth, silky skin.

Once again, she was driving him mad. She did the very same thing at the office. She didn’t dress like a slut, but she knew how to advertise her assets. A little cleavage here, s hiked skirt there. God, the times she bent over to show him something on a paper he never looked at. Those times when his eyes caught a glimpse down her blouse and an extra sight of curved skin disappearing behind the ridge of a satin bra. And other times when he could so clearly see the shape of the smallest, surely silkiest panties covering her pert little ass.

Jack was getting drunk. He did little that night other than drink and stare at his beautiful hostess. And get hard.

His mind started to formulate. It started to devise. Her bedroom was right behind that wall. There was a bathroom in there. Jack made his way for the bedroom, pretending to need the bathroom. No one was going in there. No one but him…

There were no lights in the room, just the ambient light entering from outside the cracked bedroom door. But Jack could see well enough. He quickly moved to the dressers. His drunken goal was to find such a bra as he had seen her wear. And/or an example of those inspiring silk panties.

He pulled open a couple drawers before success. He found a lingerie paradise. Silver, white, blue, and gold. Black bras, red camisoles. Hot pink panties… God, was Brandon lucky. Jack could clearly picture Tracy in each of these items… so beautiful… so wonderful…

Jack found the item he was looking for – a pale blue bra that shimmered in even this dim light. The satin was smooth to the touch. The lace on the outer edges wonderfully erotic, and the thinness of the fabric unable to completely hide her nipples at all times of the day. Jack held the bra to his face, then unbuttoned his jeans and stuffed it in.

The soft satin rubbed against his cock, and he closed his eyes to imagine Tracy’s soft breasts behind it. His cock was absolutely throbbing, and he realized how badly he wanted to cum.

Jack zipped his pants with the satin still against his dick. He pushed the drawer back in. Then he froze.

A hand was wrapped around the bedroom door. A voice indicated the person was about to come in. Jack panicked. His mind raced through a hundred alibis in a split second before noticing a baseball card in a protective case on the dresser. Quickly he grabbed it, holding it to his face.

“Hang on a sec…” the voice said. The hand moved, and a body entered the room.

“Jack!” the voice sounded startled. It was Tracy!

“Hey, Tracy.” Jack’s voice cracked as he addressed her.

“What are you doing she asked?”

“Oh, I was going Şerifali Escort to use the bathroom, and I saw this card.”

“Oh yeah, that’s Brandon’s Nolan Ryan card. Please be careful with that, it’s his favorite one. It’s worth like five-hundred dollars.”

“Really?” She was buying it! She didn’t suspect him!

“Yeah… here…” Tracy’s body linked towards him. Jack’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on her breasts. “I’d better put that away. Brandon would kill me if anything happened to it. If it’s not in absolute perfect condition, it won’t be worth as much.”

“Tracy!” another voice was in the room. Jack looked up from Tracy’s chest. It was Joe, evidently completely blitzed and carrying an entire pitcher of beer.

“Where’d ya go? Come on! You gotta do a shot with me.”

“I will, I told you to hang on. I have to get this beer of my dress.” Jack just noticed her chest was glistening in the small amount of light. He assumed it was her dress, but now realized it was the moisture of spilled beer.

Tracy still clutched the card as she stepped to the bathroom. She didn’t seem to mind the two men, and began dabbing a washcloth on her breasts. Jack was mesmerized. She arched her back slightly, sticking out her chest a little more. Her breasts were so full and firm.

“God, I get so careless when I’m drunk.” She said. She wiped hard a few times, inducing some jiggle. She grabbed the baseball card again, and moved out of the bathroom as she clicked off the light.

She was right. She was careless. She tripped over something with the change of lighting. Her arms flew out to keep her balance. The baseball card flew out of her hands, plopping promptly into the pitcher of beer in Joe’s hand.

“Shit!” she screamed. Tracy rushed to Joe and fished out the card. It’s case was protective, but not waterproof.

“Shit! Shit, shit! Oh, fuck!” Tracy pulled the card out. The wetness was visible even in the dim light. The card would be ruined.

“Oh, no, oh no!” she moaned.

“Hey, Joe, let’s do this shot!” The call came from the kitchen. Joe, not realizing the significance of what had happened, was quick to return to drinking. Jack was left alone with Tracy.

“What am I going to do?” she was crying. “Brandon’s going to kill me. God, damnit!”

“I’m sorry.” Jack said. His heart wanted to soother her – only because his little subconscious voice convinced him if he did so her might fuck her.

“Fuck!” Tracy yelled, tears streaming. She clutched the card in her hand as she threw herself on the bed. Jack felt no pain for her only lust. As panic swept through her body, his eyes swept up and down it. Every contour… every curve. His eyes defined the edges of her bra and panties. His mind extrapolated the flesh color to imagine each covered area in glorious nudity. Without thinking, he sat next to her on the bed. His hand moved to her shoulders, and he began a seemingly innocent rubbing.

Tracy cried into her pillow, explaining how Brandon liked to go to card shops and see the same card he had and what the asking price was. He had it since he was little, and the value only grew higher with each passing year. Last check, it was nearly five-hundred dollars.

“Could you buy him another one?” Jack asked. He struggled to contain the excitement in his voice as the palm of his hand made contact with her shoulders. Her beautiful body… even through the dress it was magnificent to the touch.

“I don’t have anywhere near five-hundred dollars. And he’ll be home in two days!” She again buried her head in the pillow, sobbing with desperation. Jack continued to look her up and down, committing her shape to memory. Her perfume seemed to intoxicate him further. The squirming on the bed certainly aroused him further.

Tracy’s dress wasn’t particularly long. It wasn’t exactly short, either, but with the state of her clothing the last thought on her mind, the dress had hiked up considerably. Her legs were spread invitingly apart, and the dress fell tantalizingly low off her ass and between her legs. Just a little higher and he’d be able to see her panties. Unconsciously, his hands rubbed lower down her back… past the sensation of her bra strap, and towards the small of her back.

Tracy had felt the rubbing was soothing, that is, until a motion of Jack’s hand, which he probably intended to seem accidental, slid over ass and onto her panties.

Her sobbing stop and she quickly lifted her head. “What are you doing!” her voice wasn’t a scream, but it definitely contained the tone of startlement.

Jack looked at her, but his mental state didn’t allow for reason. He squeezed her ass, rubbing it through the panties, and forced the dress up past her waist!”

“Jack!” Tracy shrieked. She quickly rose to a sitting position as she pulled away. She had her answer to what he was doing. He was trying to seduce her. “Get out!” she said loudly.

“I’ll give you the five-hundred.” Jack said as he started at her beautiful face.


“I’ll Şerifali Escort Bayan give you the five-hundred dollars to buy a new card… if you fuck me.”

Tracy was stunned. She opened her mouth to reply, but her voice didn’t come.

“I want you so much.” Jack continued. “I want to fuck you so much. Let me stay tonight. I’ll give you five-hundred in the morning.”

He was serious. He was absolutely serious! “Get out.” Tracy answered softly. “Get the fuck out!” she repeated much more loudly.

“Five-hundred.” Jack reminded her.

“What do I look like, some kind of whore???”

She rose from the bed, pushing against him. Jack nearly fell off the bed, but managed to stand up. He wanted to try another argument, but the look on her face clearly said no. He turned from the bedroom and walked out.

He walked past he guests, past the bar and to the door. He felt only slightly embarrassed. He didn’t think of Tomorrow and the awkwardness of seeing her at work. He simply recounted the sensations of her body against his fingers and the sights of her cute little ass so snugly fit into a beautiful pair of tight silk panties. As he climbed into his car he felt a soft, smooth sensation rub against his cock. Ah yes… he still had her bra. Jack smiled all the way home…

Tracy was no where to be seen the next day. Not by Jack’s eyes anyway. After sobering up, a part of him hoped Tracy herself would have been too drunk to recall all of the previous night’s events. But evidently she hadn’t. When he walked by her, she immediately lowered her eyes. She had other people bring him files that she would have normally brought, and at lunch she disappeared before anyone could have managed a group outing where they might be together.

It was an awkwardness that would probably never end. And Jack felt sorry for it. Now, even if she were to break up with Brandon, he had no chance with her. The little subconscious voice in his mind told him all hope was over forever. And that was certainly a feeling he believed.

At the end of the day, he though he might have one last chance. He thought everyone had left, but on his way out he drove behind the office building – a shortcut to his preferred way home. As he drove, he noticed Tracy’s car parked well away from their actual suite. A place he had never seen her park before. If her car was there, she was surely in the building.

Jack headed back to the office. He wasn’t sure why. He half-thought it was to apologize. He half-wondered if it was to re-proposition her.

The door was locked, as was the usual after 5 PM. Fortunately he ranked high enough to have his own. As he gained entry, he though about gaining entry to Tracy’s cunt. By agreement or by force…

The office was dark. Only a few lights provided any guidance through the hallways. Jack slowly moved through the darkness towards Tracy’s cubicle. But she wasn’t there. Now Jack was really curious. He searched the hallways, looking for some sign of life. Finally, he noticed a light on at the end of one of the halls. He stepped carefully towards it.

He saw Tracy. She was alone. And as he watched her, he saw what she was up to. On the desk next to her was steel coffer used for petty cash. It was open. In her hands were a variety of bills. She was flipping through them. Jack surmised she was counting — counting to 500.

Jack didn’t know how she had a key, or at least where to find one. He only knew one thing.

He had her.

He went to his cube without a word. He left without a confrontation. He watched Tracy leave, too, money in hand. He knew as well as she did that not much attention was paid to the cash in that fund. She must have reasoned she could return it after her next paycheck or something, but didn’t count on being discovered. He couldn’t have had a better position than if he had laid a trap.

As she made her way to her car, Jack scanned the phone number list for the mobile phone always dangling out of her purse. He punched the numbers as she opened her car door. She seemed to stop a moment as she noticed Jack’s car still in the parking lot. She jumped as her mobile phone rang. Good, Jack thought, she had it on.

“Hello?” she asked

“Tracy, it’s Jack.”

“What do you want?” she sounded angry and nervous at the same time.

“To fuck you.”

Tracy hung up the phone. Jack pressed redial.

“Why don’t you come in here, and bring that five-hundred dollars you stole with you.”

Tracy didn’t answer immediately. “You saw that?”

“Yes. And I have half a mind to hang up this phone and call the police. What did you think you were doing?”

“I… I… I’m not stealing it. We get paid Friday and I was going to return it, well most of it then.” Her voice was breaking. She didn’t want to be caught, but she knew what pleading for him to ignore the situation would lead to.

“I’ll just return it.” She said.

“Um, do you have an access key for after 5 PM?”

She didn’t answer. Jack thought he heard Escort Şerifali her start to cry.

“Come inside. I’ll let you return the money.”

“And then what?”

“Just come inside.”

Tracy’s body went numb. Her mind flooded with the hope of options. How to get the money, how to just explain to Brandon what happened. Oh god, that would be the best option. But what about Jack. He had her. He could get her fired, maybe even prosecuted. Oh God…

A tiny voice entered her head. She pushed it out right away, but felt it remind her of her best option as she walked back inside the office. “Why don’t you fuck him?”

She was unable to speak as she approached him. He was grinning. And hard.

“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked. He was eyeing her with a look of lust.

“It’s simple. I’ve wanted you from the moment I met you. From the moment I saw you.”

“But Brandon is your friend! Why would you want to hurt your friend?”

“Brandon is my friend because of you. Because I want to make love to you. No other reason.”

She was partially shocked by his comment. In a twisted way, it almost seemed romantic. What it really did was clinch the matter. She had absolutely no arguments to save herself.

“I’d better return the money.”

“Uh, not so fast. Here’s the deal: I’ll let you return the money after you – after you, well, rub your naked body all over me and let me ram my cock inside your pussy until I cum.”

Tracy burst into tears.

“Now, now, that’s no way to behave. I’m still going to give you the five hundred. You’ll return this money, and be able to replace Brandon’s card.”

“Really?” she wiped her eyes and almost looked hopeful.

“Tracy, your worth every cent of five-hundred dollars. I don’t want to screw you, I want to fuck you.”

She hung her head, mentally giving into the inevitable. One time, and everything would be fixed. She started to undo her blouse.

“No, no. Not here.”


“No offense, but you’re a mess. Your heart’s not in it. Besides, you have some outfits that, um, I find more exciting than this one. Now, you’re going to go home, put on your sexiest bra and panties –something silk or satin, and that tight, low-cut blue top you have, you know, the one that amplifies your breasts and can barely control your cleavage . And your black miniskirt. Yes, that should do. Then, you’re going to come over. You’re going to fuck me. Not let me fuck you, but actively fuck me. You’ll do as I say, when I say. And not just once, but until I’m satisfied, even if that’s the whole night. When we’re done, I’ll give you five-hundred dollars, drive back here, and return the five hundred you took from here. Sound like a plan?”

What choice did she have?


“See you at seven.” Jack leaned in, pulled her close, and kissed her lips.


It took all of Jack’s strength not to rip his pants off and jerk off has he waited for seven o’clock. His cock raged with hardness. He was going to fuck Tracy! He was going to fuck her!

No, he was going to rape her. He was going to take her and hump her with all the wild frenzy he could imagine. Yes! It basically was rape. It was against her will! But the struggling was over. He had complete control of that beautiful body.

He wasn’t just going to rape her, he was going to rape every part of her. He was going to rape her tits, he was going to rape her legs, he was going to rape her mouth, and, of course, he was going to rape her cunt.

Seven took ten years to arrive, but finally, it did. Tracy walked in. The signs of tears were gone. The makeup was perfect. The shirt the exact item he specified. And the miniskirt, so tempting as her bare legs extended from its shadows.

Jack slid off his pants, somewhat surprising Tracy. She had expected some small talk, or at least gloating. He began lightly stroking his cock, staring at the cleavage that could only be formed by a pair of oversized breasts. “God, I want to fuck you.” He said. Tracy wanted to answer with “here’s your chance” but didn’t. God, she hoped she’d excite him so much he’d cum before he ever got inside her. And if he did get inside, she wanted to make it quick.

Tracy began pulling of her top, but Jack motioned for her to stop. He wanted to savor every moment of the fucking, including the act of undressing. He stepped up to her, and in a quick motion grabbed and squeezed her right breast. Tracy looked up at the ceiling s if not witnessing the ravaging of her body would keep it from being true. Jack felt through the fabric for her nipple. He could sense the lace of her bra through the top, and felt his cock absolutely yearn for her. No woman had ever captivated his sexual imagination quite like this…

Me moved his hands and brought put his fingers in Tracy’s cleavage. Her breasts were soft and firm. The sensation if them on his fingertips was pure magic. No other feeling could compare. The plunging neckline made him instantly reminiscent of all the other tops she had worn that were similarly revealing. He had stolen glances down her shirts countless times, noting the smallest details from the placement of goosebumps to the extra curvature of the flesh that strained against her bra. She had inspired countless masturbations, and now he was going to fuck her.

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