Timestopper Ch. 10: Jackpot

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After a night of running and weightlifting Zach headed back to his room around sunrise, pausing time as he flopped back into his bed and slept off his aches and pains. Once he was feeling refreshed he restarted time, pulling out his phone to play some chess with someone somewhere in the world. It’d become one of his go to ways to pass the time in the mornings when he waited for Mike to wake up.

Around 8am Zach heard Mike groan as he stretched awake in his bed. Mike turned an eye to Zach as he pressed his face into his pillow and asked groggily, “Do you even sleep dude?”

Zach chuckled but made a mental note that he should let Mike occasionally wake up to find him sleeping, “I don’t need too much sleep. Bout 4-6 hours usually does it for me.”

“Weirdo,” Mike said closing his eyes again. Zach looked over admiring his toned tanned body lying against the bed. Mike wasn’t on any sports teams but he played pick up basketball with his friends a lot and was well built.

“Jesus,” Mike said muffled by his face in the pillow, “I almost forgot. I’m fucking naked aren’t I.”

Zach laughed as he castled in his chess game, “Don’t be weird about it dude.”

Mike smiled at that, “Not gonna lie, it was pretty hot.”

“I liked it,” Zach said casually still playing his game. Mike had been clear he wasn’t interested in anything complicated, so Zach figured his best chance at getting Mike’s dick again was playing it cool.

Mike started stretching in his small twin bed, pressing his body sensually against it. Eventually he turned over onto his back and kicked his blankets down to his feet, revealing his naked body and morning wood pointing at the ceiling. Zach dropped his phone and stared.

Mike took his hardon in hand and started slowly stroking it. He looked over at Zach, “Well don’t be weird about it then man, come help me out.”

Zach didn’t need to be asked twice, he hopped over between Mike’s legs and didn’t waste any time sucking his dick. Mike closed his eyes and kept his hand lightly on the back of Zach’s head as Zach went to work, loving the taste and smell and hardness of Mike’s morning wood. It took longer than it had the night before but not long at all till Mike’s toes curled as he shot his load on Zach’s tongue, Zach eagerly sucking it down.

“Fuck,” Mike said rubbing his eyes in his palms as Zach sucked off the last of his cum and then climbed back into his own bed, “I think I could get used to that.”

“Me too,” Zach said, loving the idea of being his roommate’s cumdump morning and night.

As Zach got back into his game Mike wrapped a towel around his waist and went to shower. Around 8:30 he got a text from Dion.

D: “np bud sorry if it was bad timing. I’m gonna head to the cub [AN: college union building] for some coffee, I’ll meet you guys there then we can head to the gym if that’s cool”

Zach sent him a thumbs up emoji as he got changed into a clean set of gym clothes, unable to help himself from admiring the outline of his dick that was visible through his tight briefs. Around 9 Zach texted Sean and Jake that they should all get some coffee before climbing and waited for them in the hallway. Sean was out first, and Jake a couple minutes later, all fresh and ready to get started on their Sunday.

“We gotta meet up with my friend Dion,” Zach said as they walked outside.

“That’s the guy who invited you to sig chi right? The one who ran to get you after auditions?” Jake asked.

“Yep,” Zach said.

“He seemed pretty cool. But wait, is this also the guy Sara was going on about you two yesterday? The one with the girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” Zach said blushing a little, “but he’s really chill.”

“I’m totally out of the loop right now,” Sean said adjusting his gym bag on his back.

“He’s the student theater president,” Zach said, “I met him at auditions Friday. And he’s also the rush chair at sig chi, he invited me to their rush. We won the house beer pong tournament together.”

“And what was Sara going on about you two? And his girlfriend?” Sean asked with a slight grin.

“Why I need to learn to keep my trap shut,” Jake mumbled.

“Nothing. I mean he has a girlfriend. But uh,” he hesitated a bit as Sean looked at him inquisitively. Even with their reconciliation yesterday Zach couldn’t help but be concerned with how Sean would react, “He’s also bi and we messed around a bit Friday night.”

Sean laughed brightly and Zach immediately felt better. “So you’re a side piece huh? Is he that bored of his girl already?” Sean asked.

Zach punched Sean’s arm which just made him laugh more, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m sure they have a great relationship,” Sean said still laughing but rubbing his arm.

“I can hold him if you want a few more shots,” Jake said.

“I’ll just Mufasa him off the wall later,” Zach said.

“My god, hakuna matata bitches,” Sean said as they made their way to the cub.

They all grabbed some coffees and then found Dion sitting in the outside porch Cebeci Escort with Katrina, Dion reading the bi-weekly school newspaper and Kat looking at her phone. When he saw Zach and the guys approach he stood up.

“Good to see ya man,” Dion said as he embraced Zach in a bro hug. As soon as he let go Katrina was there smiling and gave Zach a big hug too.

“Good to see you too. Or good to see you two too actually,” Zach said smiling back at them, then he gestured to his friends, “I wanted to introduce you guys, Jake and Sean, this is Dion and Katrina.”

They all shook hands and exchanged greetings then Dion invited them to sit and finish their coffees together.

“I’m so excited for rehearsals to start Wednesday Zach,” Katrina said, “we should really plan some private practices, we have a big scene together.”

“Definitely. Especially considering we’ll have half the cast waiting on us in the scene, would be good to practice with just the two of us,” Zach said. He turned to Dion, “So what part are you playing?”

“Nuh uh, I already broke protocol telling you two your parts, you’ll find out tomorrow with everybody else,” Dion said sipping his coffee. He looked to Jake and Sean, “But we’ll have plenty of time for theater shit. Tell me about you guys–play any sports, in any clubs? Girlfriends? Major picked out yet? I think those are all the generic questions you’re supposed to ask haha.”

“We’ll I’m single and he’s engaged,” Jake said pointing to Sean.

“Oh shut up dude,” Sean said blushing a little with embarrassment.

“Are you really engaged?” Katrina asked.

“No,” Sean said, “but I am in a long distance relationship.” Sean was sounding far more reserved than he usually did, almost shy. He quickly added, “And I’m on the soccer team. No idea what major I’m going for yet.”

“Ah, so lambda bro huh?” Dion smiled, “I’m good friends with Mark, he was my RA freshman year. He’s still pissed I pledged sig chi though.”

“Oh, nice,” Sean said. He saw Jake and Zach’s confused look, “Mark is the team captain.”

“He’s gonna run you ragged you know, last time I ran the track with him he lapped me it was embarrassing,” Dion laughed, “and how bout you Jake, besides your bachelor status and all?”

“Wrestling,” Jake said setting down his empty cup, “and probably history. I want to teach and coach.”

“That’s awesome,” Katrina said.

“I’ve always thought the world would be a better place if we all just wore spandex one pieces all the time,” Dion joked.

Jake laughed and said, “Unironically dude they’re the comfiest fucking outfit, next best thing to being naked.”

“Who do we got on the wrestling team,” Dion snapped his fingers as he struggled to remember, “Tyler that’s it. He’s a sophomore. Although you probably don’t know him, practice doesn’t start for a couple weeks yet right?”

They ended up sitting and chatting much longer than they’d planned. Jake took to Dion right away, and while Sean was surprisingly reserved for awhile eventually Dion and Kat coaxed him back to his usual ebullient self.

After they’d finished their coffees and while the conversation just kept going eventually Katrina said, “You guys are gonna lose the morning, it’ll be too crowded soon.”

“She’s right,” Dion said as he checked his phone, “as fucking usual,” he added as he leaned into her and kissed her neck and smelled her hair. Zach found their open sexuality incredibly hot, hotter than even the pang of jealousy he felt watching Dion’s lips at her neck. Jake seemed to be enjoying it too grinning openly at them, but Zach noticed Sean blush again.

Katrina pushed Dion away with a smile, “Go on, have fun guys. I need to do some reading anyway.”

“Ready if you are gentlemen,” Dion said as he stood up and the guys followed him to the climbing gym.

There were a couple other students there but the 4 of them were able to get a wall for themselves. They chalked up and started climbing, freestyle climbing to begin but as they got warmed up they came up with challenges for each other or would race to the top of the wall or would time each other as they climbed across it. Zach had spent a good bit of his nightly workouts practicing at climbing and he was much better than he was the previous week, much to Jake’s chagrin when Zach barely beat him to the top of the wall.

“Jesus,” Jake panted as they both hopped down from the wall, “When did you become a monkey?”

“Pretty sure we’re all monkeys,” Sean said, “He’s just better at it.”

“Ahh so that’s why he was flinging his shit at our pong opponents, I just thought it was psychological warfare,” Dion said.

“Fuck, I was that drunk huh?” Zach said and the guys laughed. “Alright, you guys are up,” Zach said to Dion and Sean. The two fist bumped before Jake counted them down from 3 and then they were scrambling up the wall.

Zach appreciated the view. He hadn’t realized how similar Dion and Sean’s body types were, both about 6′ and skinny but Kolej Escort fit with long arms and legs that weren’t quite gangly. They even had similar short hair cuts. It was like they mirrored each other and only the color was different, Dion’s smooth olive skin and hair such a deep brown it was almost black, set against Sean’s freckled pale skin and fiery hair. Also both their asses looked fucking fine stretching against their shorts.

They started up the wall at a similar clip, but about half way Dion started taking bigger leaps up the wall, jumping for handholds he could pull himself up from while Sean methodically found a path he could push up. It looked like Dion was going to beat Sean by a landslide but on his last jump to the top rock his grip slipped and he crashed 10 feet to the well padded ground.

Zach and Jake ran over to check on him and Dion held his belly on the ground, the air knocked out of him, till he eventually choked out “I’m good. No problem here.”

“You got cocky,” the guys looked up at Sean, his legs wagging beneath him as he sat on top of the climbing wall grinning down at them. He made eye contact with Zach and gave him a wink. *Fuck why do the winks always get me,* Zach thought.

Dion pulled himself onto his feet and, smiling through his discomfort, gave Sean a slow clap, “That I did dude, good game.”

Sean hopped down and joined the rest of the guys, Sean and Dion bumping their elbows together to seal the no hard feelings.

The climbing gym was starting to get crowded, and all the guys starting to feel sore they decided to call it a day. Walking out together sweaty but still energized they decided to get lunch. They grabbed their sandwiches and soda and found a shady patch of grass in the middle of campus. They talked awhile, mostly Dion telling them crazy stories from his last couple years at the school and the freshmen guffawing at them.

As they were finishing up Dion said, “So did Zach tell you guys about the poker tournament tonight?”

“Nah I guess he’s trying to avoid us,” Jake laughed giving Zach a light shove.

“Hey it’s not my party,” Zach said.

“Feel free to bring anybody you want to rush events man,” Dion said, “but for this one I’m inviting all you. Free beer and burgers, $10 buy in. Starts at 6 and cuts off at 11. You guys wanna come?”

“I’m in,” Jake said through the last bite of his sandwich.

“I don’t think lambda’s doing anything tonight, so yeah, I’d come,” Sean said.

“And you’ve already committed so no take backs, even if you were just trying to get away from these guys,” Dion said to Zach who flipped him off with a smile. Dion smiled back.

“So, you all have any plans the rest of the afternoon? I’m free, would smoke you up if you’re interested,” Dion said as he stood up.

“I wish man, I’m way behind on my readings,” Jake said.

“Same, calcs a bitch and I haven’t even started on psych yet,” Sean said.

“I’m finished up with both if you want some notes,” Zach said to Sean, who replied, “That’d be awesome man.”

“So studious, good shit,” Dion laughed, “Work hard as underclassmen so you can not give a fuck as upperclassmen. Another time then, and besides we’ll see you tonight.” The guys got up, brushing off the dirt and sticks from their shorts and legs as they prepared to head their separate ways.

Zach was disappointed to see Dion go but as the guys were saying goodbye to him Dion snapped his fingers and looked at Zach as if he just remembered something, “Shit man, I totally forgot, I washed your beer clothes in my last laundry load but totally forgot to bring them, you wanna come pick ’em up real quick?” He turned to Jake and Sean, “Zach struggled learning how to shotgun, made a bit of a mess.”

“Shotgunning–is that what they’re calling it these days?” Jake said laughing. Zach punched his arm, “Ow you’re so violent,” Jake said as he rubbed it.

“And you’re an asshole,” Sean said quietly to Jake, looking obviously uncomfortable as he kicked at the dirt.

Dion looked confused at Zach who blushed, and then Dion burst out laughing, “Nah, in this case shotgunning beer was just shotgunning beer. The rest of it wasn’t that messy,” he mussed up Zach’s hair with his hand as he laughed again.

“Ugh, don’t be cute with him, he’s too cute already, a wingman’s no good if he soaks up all the attention,” Jake groaned and then he grabbed Zach in a headlock and messed up his hair even more making it stand on end, “there ya go, hobo look should help.”

“Dick,” Zach said pushing him away smiling and trying to get his hair back in place, as Dion and Jake laughed and even Sean grinned a bit. Secretly he really enjoyed being surrounded by these bigger guys who could tease him at their leisure. He turned to Dion, “But yeah, I’ll come get them.” Then he said to Sean, “I’ll catch up with you in a bit dude, gonna take awhile to do the calc equations anyway, but don’t bother reading for psych I got great notes.”

“Sounds good Yenimahalle Escort man,” Sean said in a light hearted tone.

“It was awesome to meet you guys,” Dion said as he gave them both bro hugs, “I’ll see you tonight.”

The two pairs of guys parted ways. As Dion and Zach started walking Dion rested an arm across Zach’s back and shoulder. “Anybody ever tell you you’re the perfect height for an armrest,” Dion said casually.

“I don’t think so,” Zach said, a little uncomfortable at the bro-ey pda but also loving it. He figured fuck it and leaned into Dion.

“Your friends were awesome,” Dion said, “They seem like really nice guys.”

“I think they’re pretty cool.”

“And you really did work that wall like a monkey, it was impressive.”

“Didn’t have a fall as impressive as yours, though,” Zach responded sarcastically.

“Cheeky fuck,” Dion said and the hand that was hanging off Zach’s shoulder turned under Zach’s armpit and started tickling him. Zach tried to pull away but Dion tightened his grip around him as Zach giggled.

“Alright, alright sorry,” Zach said between laughs and Dion stopped tickling him but kept his arm around him. They quickly made it to sig chi and ignored the crowd they heard in the common room to head right to Dion’s room.

“So,” Zach said turning around as Dion closed the door behind them, “if you give me those clothes I’ll get out of–” but Dion’s hands grabbed his face and he was kissing Zach’s open mouth. Zach eagerly kissed back as his hands explored Dion’s body, pulling them closer together, Dion’s tongue searching out Zach’s.

They stumbled together still kissing towards the bed. Dion grabbed Zach’s legs and lifted him up, Zach wrapped his arms around Dion’s neck and legs around his waist loving the feeling of being held as they made out, especially as Dion’s hand started to reach underneath Zach’s shorts and grab his perky little ass. Then they fell into the bed, Dion laying on top of Zach, letting his whole body weight rest on Zach as one hand ran through his hair and the other explored Zach’s body under his clothes. Zach reciprocated, grinding his body against Dion’s and reaching under his shirt.

Staying on top of him Dion pulled back from the kiss and looked deep into Zach’s eyes. Zach hadn’t appreciated how pretty Dion’s eyes were, a light amber brown.

“Do you have any fucking idea how bad I’ve wanted to kiss you the last 3 hours?” Dion’s usual grin and joking demeanor were gone, he spoke softly but earnestly, “I felt like I could barely even look at you all morning, I wanted it so bad.”

Zach smiled shyly laying a hand against Dion’s chest, “And how do you think I felt? At least I didn’t make you watch me kiss anybody else.”

“Ah,” Dion said, running a hand through Zach’s hair, “I did do that didn’t I. Does it bother you?”

“I don’t know I’d say bother,” Zach said gently rubbing his hand against Dion’s chest, “made me a little jealous. Not necessarily in a bad way, though. You’re really hot and it’s hot seeing you turned on. You go all in. It’s sexy. And you’re giving me that same look now and I feel like my insides are melting.”

That brought Dion’s grin back. “I can’t help myself,” he said and then he was kissing Zach again, grinding his body into Zach’s, their hard dicks rubbing against one another through their gym shorts.

Dion pulled out of the kiss and got on his knees over Zach, “Too much clothes,” he said as he stripped off his tshirt revealing his lithe fit torso. Immediately Zach’s hand were all over it but he had to stop when Dion pulled Zach’s shirt off of him, and then they were back to grinding and kissing but now enjoying the feeling of their bare upper bodies touching. Then Dion got on his side next to Zach and started taking off his shorts and underwear, and Zach followed along.

When the boys were naked they stopped kissing for a moment to admire one another, drinking in their curves and their muscles and their hardons as their hands explored each other.

“Fuck you have such a hot body Zach.”

“You’re telling me,” Zach replied as his finger traced along Dion’s dick and balls.

“I wanna try something,” Dion said as he got on his side and pulled Zach onto his side so they were facing each other. Dion lined his dick up with Zach’s so their heads were touching, then he gripped Zach’s foreskin and stretched it over Zach’s dick and then slowly worked it over his own dick. Zach had spent countless hours playing with his new dick and foreskin, but he could still barely believe how much stretch it had as Dion was able to pull it past the head of Dion’s own dick and a couple inches down the shaft. Zach shuddered as he felt Dion’s dick slide over the head of his own, outlined against his foreskin like it was a condom.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Dion said as he gently moved Zach’s foreskin up and down their cocks like a sleeve and it started to get wet with both of their pre, “God I’m so jealous dude fucking built in fleshlight.”

“Fuck yes,” Zach breathed, barely able to stand how sensitive the head of his dick was as Dion’s ran against it.

“Sooo waddya wanna do?” Dion asked as his hand gently stroked their dicks together, “figure we got a little bit of time before you get to your study sesh right?”

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