Spicy Movie Date

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My date brought me to the movies. We have been talking for a while, and he and I finally agreed to meet up. He was a very good looking man, and I was attracted to him, but never really knew if he felt the same about me.

It was 10:45, and the darkness outside was so persistent. We had just gotten out of an almost three hour movie. The tension was high…

In the theater, we had been cuddled up as close as the two seats would allow us to be. It’s always uncomfortable but somehow we managed to get cozy.

Every once in a while, I would feel a sweet little kiss on the top of my head, and I would turn so he could kiss me on the lips instead. When I turned my head back to watch the movie again, he would kiss my neck, sucking a little bit, but not enough to leave a mark.

As we laid there in the theater, he unclasped my bra and held my boob in one of his hands. He would tease my nipple with the tip of his finger, circling it and pinching. Sometimes he would pull or squeeze extra tight which made me realize how much both of us weren’t really thinking about the movie. I looked at him and he kissed me softly, not trying to make a lot of noise during the movie.

He pressed on my lower stomach once in a while, and that shot waves of heat through my body. He was teasing me, but I couldn’t let him know how turned on I was from what he was doing to me.

Halfway through the movie though, he teased me even more. He took his hand and caressed my skin and brought his hand down to my pants. He slid in between me and my underwear, I’m sure he felt how wet I already was. He found my clit and rubbed it for what seemed like only seconds. Then he moved Sincan Escort and found my opening, stuck one finger in, and only fingered me for a minute or so. He took his hand out and said to me “Just you wait”.

That got me excited, but I was already done with the movie. It could’ve ended right there and I would’ve been just fine. He moved his hand back up to my boobs and kissed me more. This time he stuck his tongue strongly into my mouth and a soft moan came from my throat. I knew how much trouble we would be in if they caught us.

The movie couldn’t have ended any sooner, and when it was finished we left the screen room, stopped to use the bathroom, and headed straight for his car. It was 8 degrees outside, and we had parked toward the back so we could kiss each other before heading in. But there was a car parked directly next to us. We got in, cranked the heat, and he drove us to the most secluded spot in the entire parking lot. He was determined, you could see a flame of desire in his eyes. He parked the car, and turned on music that would set the mood.

He got in the back seat. He grabbed my hand and pulled me, which told me how much he wanted this. I knew I was going to be so late. It was almost 10:45 already. I climbed into the back, and sat in his lap with my legs perpendicular to his. My asscheek could feel his hardness and as soon as I realized, I could feel his lips against mine. He pushed me back, and we kissed with our tongues dancing together. Our hearts beat so fast together.

He unclasped my bra yet again, this time it fell off and I took my sweatshirt off too. I had Etlik Escort a tshirt on, but it was around my neck most of the time. He would trail kisses from my mouth to my boobs and then back up again. He looked at me and I nodded. He trailed back down again, but didn’t stop at my boobs. He would travel down my stomach and I flexed, I knew he wanted to go further.

He readjusted me, and my head was against a door, then he pulled my pants and underwear down. He put his head in between my legs and his tongue moved around my clit. I put my hands in his hair and couldn’t help but moan. He used so much force, and I couldn’t keep myself together. He would press my clit, then move down to my opening and stick his tongue violently into me. I was getting so tense, and he realized it and moved back up to my clit. He removed his hand from underneath me and then inserted his fingers into me. I gasped, as he went to work right away. He was so good at what he was doing. I came so easily, and he sucked up all the juices and smiled at me when he was finished.

He gave me a gentle kiss.

Not too much longer than that and he pulled out his wallet, in his wallet was a condom. He moved my legs, and we both ripped his pants down. It was pitch black out, but no tint was on the windows. If somebody drove by they could have seen us, but the tension was irresistible. He got himself together and moved me across the backseat. My heartbeat was pounding in my head. I was so ready for him. He didn’t waste any time either, and found my opening right away. One forward thrust and he put all of his member into me. I moaned so Çankaya Escort loud, he was so big and I wasn’t ready for all of it at once. He stayed in me for a moment and lifted up my shirt to suck if my nipples some more. He licked him in circles as he moved in and out slowly. I knew I was gonna have an orgasm. He hit the sweet spot every time. I grabbed his shoulders as he pounded me, I’m sure the car was shaking but I had no care in the world. He kissed me on my neck in one spot and only that spot. It’ll be his spot from now on.

I pushed my hips into him, and he moaned. I wanted us to come together. I wiggled my hips around as he kept fucking me, and he drove his tongue into my mouth. I was breathless, and it was so hard to keep quiet. He used his thumb and rubbed my clit and I exploded. I was shaking and my juices flowed out of me onto the blanket on the seat. He kept going, and he was so fucking hot, his chiseled muscles flexed as he drove all the way into me.

I slid his shirt off, and scratched him all over, I couldn’t help but dig my nails into him. I was still shaking as he continued to fuck me.

Moments after that he came. He had a condom on, but so much seed erupted out of him. I had yet another orgasm as I felt him pulse inside of me. He pulled out and licked me clean. He kissed me not gently, but not forcefully. And I could taste my juices on his tongue. We were both panting as we settled down and pulled our clothes back up.

The rest of the way back to my house to drop me off he had his hand on my thigh, and he would tease me some more with his pinky pressing against my clit through my pants. He would watch my reaction and the more I reacted, the more he would press on me. He was good at what he does.

We made out before I got out of the car, he squeezed my breasts as we made out and he was so touchy I moaned. He clasped my bra back together, and when I got out he smirked.

Instantly, I had a feeling this wouldn’t be the only movie we saw.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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