Seeking Eldorado

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Author’s Note: This poetic vignette is published as a Writer’s Challenge, 750 Word Project 2023. This difficult challenge is to write a meaningful story using exactly 750 words – no less, no more. May you find this story to be poetry in motion, as well as short and sweet as intended. Join Luna as she boldly rides in search of Eldorado. –Sandy


I needed an A if I was going to have a shot at grad school. I’d thought, ‘How hard can a class in rhymes be?’ Especially since it was taught by a cute, young professor with the poetic name, Sonny Shade. But, I wasn’t doing well.

“Luna? May I see you for a moment?” My heart jumped.

I dreaded the conversation we were about to have. “Luna, I haven’t seen your final assignment. It’s due today.”

“If I get it to you by early Monday, would that be OK?”

Somewhat sympathetically, Professor Shade asked, “Are we having problems with the assignment?”

I nodded.

“Where are you stuck?”

I thought for a moment, then tried to explain myself; “You keep saying we have to feel the eroticism of the poem in our core. My problem is that I only think about the words, but I don’t feel Elvankent Escort that erotic connection.”

“Luna,” he said, “your name means moon. The moon has always been an object of fascination for us poets. Channel that poetic connection in your name, use it as inspiration. If you seek a poem’s meaning, seek and feel for the eroticism in the poet’s words. That’s all you’ll need to properly interpret Poe – and if you’re going to pass.”

“I’ll be working late in my office tonight. I need your interpretation of Eldorado, or you’ll fail. Let’s not wait ’til Monday.”


Chastened, I left with a weak smile, reciting in my head the assigned poem, Eldorado:

“Gaily bedight, a gallant knight, in sunshine and in shadow,Had journeyed long, singing a song, in search of Eldorado.

But he grew old, this knight so bold, and o’er his heart a shadow,Fell as he found no spot of ground that looked like Eldorado.

As his strength failed him at length, he met a pilgrim shadow;Shadow said he, where can it be, this land of Eldorado?

Over the mountains of the moon, down the valley of shadow,Ride! Boldly Beşevler Escort ride the shade replied, if you seek for Eldorado.”

I needed that A. I needed to have an outstanding interpretation – and soon.


T’was late at night, yet the light in Professor Shade’s office still burned. I stole up to the third floor, softly tapping, gently rapping at his chamber door.

“Open,” said the voice inside.

I shut the door behind me. “I’ve considered what you said about how to understand poetry, that I shouldn’t focus on the words but feel the eroticism at my core. I’ve done that. I have my interpretation to turn in.

“Wonderful,” beamed Dr. Shade.

“Except, my printer is out of ink,” I lied. “So, I’d like to give my interpretation of Eldorado to you tonight, personally. Is that OK?”

My professor smiled as he looked me over, dressed in a short skirt and heels. “Let’s see what you’ve got, Luna.”

I began interpreting Eldorado; “The knight is on a quest, ‘in sunshine and in shadow;’ I see this as someone being in Sonny Shade’s poetry course.”

“You’re a suck-up,” he chuckled.

“He’s Cebeci Escort seeking the land of Eldorado. But doesn’t yet realize Eldorado is not a physical location, Eldorado is a sublime goal, an intangible pleasure. Eldorado could be interpreted as getting an A, or even something like an orgasm.”

He nodded approvingly.

“‘Gaily bedight’ isn’t to be taken as ‘gay’, but dressed in an appealing fashion,” I said, striking a pose that accentuated my breasts.

Using a sultry voice, I recited the second stanza, teasing at my buttons, until my shirt dropped to the floor, exposing my titties trussed up behind lacy cups. Unfastening my skirt, it too fell to that spot of ground.

Spying the bulge between his legs I fell to my knees, pulling his trousers to his ankles, releasing his erect cock.

Standing before Professor Shade, I cradled my twin peaks; “Over the mountains of the moon…,” I cooed, brushing off my straps, rolling my palms across my bare nipples. Pulling aside the crotch of my matching lacy panties, I quoted, “…and down the valley of shadow,” running a finger inside my vagina, opening my pussy lips for him.

He pulled me to his lap. Mounting his cock, I thrust my mountains into his face as he galloped into my valley. I fucked him hard.

“Ride! Boldly ride,” Professor Shade cried, “if you seek for Eldorado.”


“Original and innovative interpretation, B+.”

“B+?” I moaned.

“Yes, B+; but with an extra credit oral exam, you’ll find Eldorado.”

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