Riding the Roads

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(Note: This story is based on real events. All characters who appear in it are over the age of 21.)

It takes me more than three hours of driving to get there. It’s a hot day, and the air conditioning decides not to work when I’m only twenty minutes into the trip. I curse under my breath, and decide that this rest stop better damn well be worth it.

I’ve heard about it from a friend who knows about these things. He’s a lifelong cruiser of truck stops, public parks, forest preserves, rest areas, beaches, college restrooms, any place you can think of where he can find plenty of anonymous cock to suck. He’s a real connoisseur of the seamy side of life. Nothing turns him on more than coupling with strangers. The married men getting thrills on the down-low. The loners who can’t connect. The bruised and broken rejects of society. The middle-aged guys with paunches who hide their secret kinks from their families back home. The country hicks who drink beers with their buddies on Saturday night and prowl for cocksuckers on the sly. And especially the truckers, so horny and strung out from feeling their rigs rumble beneath them that they’ll stick their dicks into anything to get their rocks off. My friend doesn’t care if the next guy on the horizon is twenty or sixty, tall or short, hairy or shaved, fat or thin, washed or filthy. Only one thing is required: a hard cock, ready to plug itself into his mouth.

So he knows all about places like the one I’m driving to now. He says it’s a sure thing. He guarantees there’ll be activity any hour of the day or night. He guarantees the cops won’t show up. He better be right. ‘Cause it’s a long fucking drive, and I’m devoting my whole day off to this. But I can’t stop myself. For two weeks now, the need to feel the touch of a man has been growing inside me like an itch beneath the skin. I’ve been walking around my office at work, trying to make the numbers on the sheets add up, but the pages swim before my eyes and all I can see is the phantom of some unknown cocksucker’s mouth opening in front of me. I can see his eyes raised up to mine, pleading for contact, as his lips stretch wide and his hands start to slide up under my shirt. I can feel his fingers rising up my ribs as his mouth moves toward my engorged meat. Oh man, I need to be sucked off so bad.

And that’s why I’m here. Pulling off the interstate, driving down the access road, heading toward the strip of parking spots that hide here, sheltered from the road by a thick line of trees. I can see four cars parked there already. I slow my car to a crawl and give myself a chance to look inside each of them as I drive slowly toward the head of the line. The first one is empty. The driver is either laying down, or already out hunting for cock in the woods behind the parking strip. I zero in on the second car. Sitting behind the steering wheel is a guy with dark hair and a real moustache. He looks Hispanic. He looks incredibly hot. I stare at him as I slowly drive by his car, and he stares back. His shirt is red, and our eyes tell each other that we’re after the same thing. My car keeps moving, past the third car now. The guy has his head down, won’t look at me — can’t tell much about him. The fourth car has the driver’s window rolled all the way down. He’s staring out at me as I pass him, eyes level, with the unmistakable sex-hunt look on his face. My friend was right. This place is full of guys ready to play.

I pull my car over to the verge of the grass and just sit for a minute. I look in my rearview mirror to see if anybody is moving. After three or four minutes, I see a door open. It’s the Hispanic guy in the second car. He stands beside his open door for a second, looking at the other cars in the line, running his eyes all the way down to where I’m parked at the end. He closes his door quietly, turns his back, and starts to walk at an angle toward a path into the woods. He stops a couple of times to look back over his shoulder, to see if anybody is following him. I can’t resist this. The second time he stops to look back, I open my door and step out. He sees me standing there, looking in his direction. Our eyes connect across the distance between us, and then he turns again to head down his path. I lock my car and start to stroll in the same general direction. But I don’t follow his exact route. He took a slanted walk across the grass — I head quickly into the edge of the woods. Almost immediately, I’m swallowed up in the trees. It’s a whole other world in here. The front line of trees creates a private world, set apart from the parking strip and even more completely from the interstate that roars by a few hundred yards away. The light in here is shadowed, and the path is rough. In places it’s well trodden and obvious, then it disappears under the leaves and fallen branches. It divides and heads in multiple directions, and there are areas beside several trees that have been trodden flat by the feet of the many men who have preceded me here. Trash lies on the ground near these rendezvous spots– cigarette packs, soda cans, discarded newspapers. Demetevler Escort It’s clearly a place where men come to loiter, to watch, to meet and play, to fuck.

I stroll down the path, heading in the direction I saw the Hispanic guy go. It’s not too long before the track rises just a little and I move into an open area. It’s right on the edge of the woods — the parking strip is visible through the break in the trees, the screen of foliage here thin at best. And two guys are standing there. One is off to my right. I hadn’t seen him when I pulled it. It must be the guy who belongs to the car that was empty. He’s about 45 or 50 years old. Lean, tall, brown hair. Attractive, but nervous looking. He glances at me quickly, then looks away toward the parking lot. His head is down, his body not really comfortable. Straight ahead of me is a guy leaning his shoulder against a tree. He’s looking at me, direct and intense. It’s my Hispanic friend. I can see his whole body now. He’s slightly hefty — meaty in the way I like. He’s wearing cut-off jean shorts, and the legs they ride on are columns of flesh covered with swirling dark hair. Nice round knees. Perfect for kneeling.

I stop. We smile at each other. I glance at the nervous guy, then swivel my eyes back to my new friend. I’m wondering if he has a read on this other guy. If we can trust him. If it’s safe. Hell, I’m trying to figure out the dynamics here. Who is going to do what with who? Am I intruding on a game they’ve already started to play?

We stand that way for a little while. The nervous guy finally looks up, his eyes darting between the other two of us. He smiles. His body seems to relax. He places his right hand on his crotch and starts to caress himself. The signal is given.

I look back at the Hispanic guy. His smile broadens as he moves a few steps directly toward me and speaks. “Hey, how ya doing today?”

“Good,” I say. “Just enjoying the day. It’s been a hard week, and I’m looking for some relaxation and a little fun.”

He comes closer still. “Yeah. Me too. Just wanna have some fun. So, uh….what do ya think is fun?”

I glance again at the nervous guy to gauge his reaction. He says, “Go ahead. I just wanna watch for a while. I’ll keep a lookout for you. I’ll let you know if anybody’s coming.”

My body turns to fully face my new friend. I say, “Well, I like lotsa stuff. I like to share hand jobs. I really love to have my cock sucked. And it’s always fun to fuck a nice guy’s ass.”

“Looks like we’re well matched, then. ‘Cause I live to suck cock.” And while his eyes stay riveted to mine, he sinks straight down to his knees. His hand reaches up to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants, then he opens the flap at the front, reaches into my boxers, and hauls out my dick and balls. I’m half-hard already, and he doesn’t hesitate even for a second before he takes me completely inside his mouth.

This guy knows how to suck cock. The inside of his mouth is soft like velvet, wet and warm and sweet. He puts both hands on my thighs to brace himself and to use as leverage to help pump my prick in and out of his mouth. This guy is really unbelievable. The space inside his head feels better than any place I remember ever sticking my cock into before. The head of my dick slides easily through the opening at the top of his throat, and he is deep-throating me from the very start. What a fucking pro. I put my hands on the back of his head. It’s not that he needs any help or any encouragement — he’s doing more than great on his own. It’s just that I want to feel his head piston back and forth, I want to know that my hands and dick frame this beautiful cocksucker’s skull.

I look over at the nervous guy. Any plans he had to play look-out have vanished. He walks up close to my friend and I, staring intently at my cock as it runs in and out of the cocksucker’s mouth. His mouth is hanging slightly open and his eyes are wide as he watches us. He unzips his pants, pulls his dick out, and starts stroking himself. His stroke is slow, but I can see that he has a really tight grip on his meat. His hand holds his cock hard, and he jams the base of his hand hard against his groin on every downstroke. Knowing that he’s watching us doubles the excitement for me. The whole situation really flips the switch for my exhibitionist side. Here I am, standing in a public rest stop with my pants open, one beautiful guy hanging off my erect rammer and another guy playing peeping-Tom on us. I realize that I want more guys to come into the clearing. I want a whole fucking audience. I want to stand at the center of a ring of cocksmen, all of them jerking and sucking and fucking each other as they watch me get my rocks off in a stranger’s mouth. I start pumping harder, hoping to make my cocksucker choke on the meat I’m feeding him, and I feel his excitement level rise with mine.

Our watcher is crouching now, his face only inches away from the juncture where my dick is riding in and out of my sweet cocksucker’s mouth-hole. Otele gelen escort My friend ignores him, his total focus on giving pleasure to me and to himself. He starts to rotate his head as he sucks, creating a corkscrew effect with his mouth and throat. The sensation is unbelievable. I can feel the head of my babymaker slide over his tongue, along his cheek, into his throat, back out, onto his other cheek, over his tongue, taste his lips, and slide back in again. It’s like fucking a vortex of hot dripping flesh, and I’ve never felt so turned-on in my life. I never want to leave this place. I want to live the rest of my life inside his incredible head.

Our watcher is talking now, and it increases the pleasure for me to hear him urge us on. “Oh yeah, that’s so nice. Such a beautiful dick. So big and hard. Look at it slide in between those fat pouty lips. Ahhh, baby, that’s fantastic — your cheeks all puffed out, your eyes locked on that cock you’re sucking. The shaft is so wet and shiny. So fuckin’ sweet. The head’s in your throat right now, isn’t it? Yeah, I can see your throat working it. Your throat’s all bulged out from that cock you’re blowing. How many men is this for you today, anyway? Your tenth? Your twentieth? More? Bet your tummy’s all full of cum right now, isn’t it? Can you feel all that white cream you’ve swallowed today slopping around in your gut? All those babysperm filling you up, stuffed inside your belly? And you just want more, don’t you? You can’t get enough juicy jizz, can you? Yeah, that’s it. Pull it out — make him cream in you. Man, I love to watch a great cocksucker in action. Blow him. Take that load.”

His words, combined with the amazing mouth I am steadily pumping, take me to the edge. No matter how much I want this to last, the need to let go is just too strong to deny. I rasp out, “I’m gonna cum. Do you want it in your mouth, or on your face?”

My cocksucker pulls off my dick just long enough to look up into my eyes and say, “Either way. I just want your cum. You decide how and where.”

“Swallow it, then, you sweet son of a bitch. I want to drain it down your throat.”

His intensity picks up just that little bit more that I need. Our watcher drops to the ground and starts lapping my sweaty balls — and that gives me the final trigger I’ve been waiting for to blow over the edge. My dick buried deep in the cocksucker’s throat, I start to pump out the load I’ve been building up for days. I can feel it rising up through the tube of my meat. It is thick, and heavy, and rich. I’ve tasted it myself plenty of times, so I know that the jizz I’m feeding him right now is sweet and creamy, delicious to the taste. My body starts to jerk with each shot I feed him, and he pulls back just enough to savor my juice on his tongue before he takes the head back into his throat again. Our watcher stares at it as it happens, chanting “fuck yeah, that’s it, dump it down his throat. Stuff his tummy full of your seed. Come on cocksucker, swallow that load, taste that cream, eat it, yeah buddy, eat that nice thick dick pudding. Swallow it. Swallow every fucking drop of it. Feast on it, buddy. Suck it all down, every tasty sperm.”

As he savors the last drops of cum that I have to offer him, I hold my cocksucker’s head tight against my groin. I just don’t want to let him go. And he shows no sign of wanting to pull off my dick. He continues to nurse gently on it as it softens inside his head, and I stroke his hair as he feeds on me. Our watcher stands, edges his body toward me, and moves his head in just enough to let me know that he wants to kiss me if I’ll allow him to. Sure. Why the fuck not. I open my lips and he swoops down on them. I slide my tongue into his mouth and we begin to lazily roll our tongues over and around each other, our lips caressing each other as I taste the sweat that’s dripped down his face. And we just stay like that for a long while, lost in a post-fuck world of pure male bliss. I am covered with the mouths of men — one on my lips, one on my cock. The world is wet and warm, and I love it here.

But everything has to end. The watcher pulls back, and I bend down to help my beautiful cocksucker stand up again. I place my hands in his armpits, and help him rise. Our eyes gaze into each other, and now I’m the one who leans in to him for another kiss. I can taste my juice on his lips, in his mouth. We wrap our arms around each other there in the wooded glade while another faggot watches us, and we clutch each other tight and make out for long minutes on end. I put my hands on his ass and pull his crotch tight against me. His dick is hard. I can tell it’s smaller than average, but thick.

And I think about it. I hardly ever suck cock. I mean, hardly ever. But this is such a good guy. And he’s made me feel better than anybody else has in a long time. And I know he wants it. For all I know, the watcher’s right. Maybe my cocksucker has been here all day, coming into the woods with one guy after another. Maybe his stomach is churning Balgat Escort right now with a dozen or more loads that I’ve just added mine to. But whether I’m his first fuck of the day or his thirtieth, it’s obvious that he’s erect and needy right now. And good cocksuckers deserve good friends.

So I put my hand down on his crotch and start to stroke it. His eyes widen — this wasn’t what he was expecting from me, I can see that. And I can feel his lips against mine as they start to curve into a smile.

“I want it,” I say. “Give it to me.”

Our arms release their hold. Looking him straight in the eye, I reach down to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly. He’s smiling broadly now, so grateful for the gift I’m about to give him. And I give it willingly. I give it eagerly.

It’s my turn to fall to my knees. But I’m not satisfied with the limited contact his opened fly allows. I unbutton the metal stud at the top of his shorts, and pull both them and his briefs down his husky legs. His cock jumps up in front of my face. I was right. It’s only about 5 inches long, but gorgeously thick. The balls beneath are enormously fat, huge round fuckers that look like melons suspended beneath his dick. My eyes start to swim. I fuckin’ love big fat balls. I dive into his crotch and start to root around in it like the sex pig I feel myself turning into. I lap and wash away the sweat that’s gotten caught under and around his gigantic orbs. I can feel the third guy watching — watching me now as I demean myself below this stranger’s waist. I glance up at the watcher — and see that the nervous look is back on his face, that he’s stepped a little away from us and is looking behind me. I hear a rustling on the path behind me, and know that somebody else is walking into our thinly shielded space. Shit. It better not be a cop, or I’m really fucked. Caught on my knees, sucking some guy’s dick. Shit.

I freeze in place. So does my Hispanic friend. But I can see the watcher relaxing now, a smile appearing at the corner of his mouth. His hand is stroking his dick again through his pants, and I know that means we’re okay. Whoever has joined us is one of us. He’s another guy looking for new friends to play with. And all the sex-juices jolt back into my head, knowing now that three guys are seeing me on my knees, crouched down there in the dirt, my face buried in a big guy’s groin.

I run my tongue around my buddy’s bulbous cockhead. He’s circumcised, and the knob on the end of his dick is enormous. From where I’m kneeling, it looks like I’m being asked to swallow a fucking doorknob. What a treat. His piss slit is leaking a little, and I lap up the thin liquid dripping from it. Wanting all I can get, I dig my tongue into his gaping slit, using the tip of my tongue to scoop up every drop he’ll give me. He moans and pushes his hips forward. The watcher has taken his dick out of his pants again and is stroking once more. His tongue is running around his lips, and it’s pretty clear he’s really enjoying the show. I hear footsteps behind me, and I can feel the new guy walking slowly up behind me. He stops real close to me, and I still have no idea what he looks like. Not, I might add, that I give two shits about that at this point. The closer he gets, the more he can see. The more he can see, the more excited I’m getting. The more the merrier, I always say.

I open my mouth into a nice big “O” as my buddy again slides his dickhead into my mouth. The head is so big that I have to work to stretch my lips extra wide to let him in. With a little effort from both of us, he finally pops through and I’ve got him in my mouth. The end of his battering ram slides forward and I happily run my tongue over and around it. He’s really drooling pre-cum now, and the taste is delicious. I hold my head still and let him control the face-fuck he’s taking from me. He puts his hands on my shoulders and begins to pull my body forward and push it back in a steady rhythm. I’m rocking back and forth on my knees like a puppet as his dick jams itself in and out of my mouth. Suddenly, I hear a zipper opening behind me and I know the new guy is taking his cock out of his pants. Then I feel his meat as he starts to slap it back and forth against the back of my head and neck. This inspires the watcher, who moves in close from my right side. Like he’s playing follow-the-leader, he also starts to beat his cock against my face as my Hispanic buddy continues to pump his meat inside my mouth. Part of me feels like it is watching from above, seeing my body down on its knees on the ground, three horny guys pounding the inside and the outside of my head with their stiff pricks. I could almost faint, that’s how high I am on the feeling.

My buddy’s thick shaft is like a plug in my mouth, and I’m beginning to feel deprived of air. There’s no room around his bloated hog for me to pull air into my lungs, and I feel slightly dizzy. His big fat balls are bouncing against my chin, and I reach up to work them with my right hand. The weight of their fat fullness in my fingers makes me shudder with lust. Meanwhile, my left arm wraps itself around the leg and up to the ass of the new guy as I make an effort to pull him still closer to me. His dick is really whacking me hard now, and I can hear him groaning in pleasure. The watcher is hunching lower in his stance, rubbing the head of his cock all over my cheek, smearing his bubbling pre-cum on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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