New Neighbour Susan

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Big Tits

Fall arrived and with it the annual ritual of moving, people seeking new places for the winter. This year the usual influx of students was curtailed by the ongoing “emergency”.

Of interest to me was a flurry of activity next door. A moving van, people bustling around, unloading, carrying boxes and furniture inside, could this be new neighbours?

The house had stood empty for four months. The backyard was a wasteland of discarded clothes, toys and broken furniture. Contractors had cleaned out the house after the previous tenants had moved out one night. More contractors came, repairing, painting but the debris remained. Picked over by scavengers it was s**ttered all over the yard. Finally the gate was locked and the house stood, silent and devoid of life.

For the next few days I didn’t see or hear anyone and began to wonder if the house was just being used for storage. Until one day I noticed someone cleaning up the yard. They didn’t look like a contractor as there was no truck or anything to cart away the debris. Being friendly, and yes a little nosey, I popped out to say hello. The usual pleasantries exchanged, Susan, my new neighbour accepted my offer to help clean the yard and haul everything to the dump. We filled both of our wheelie bins with the smaller stuff and then loaded the larger and heavier things into my truck. I made the run to the dump and returned home happy to have been able to help.

A few days later Susan knocked on my door with a thank you gift of baking. I invited her in for coffee. As we drank our coffee and sampled some of her delicious baking we found we were both separated, divorced with grown c***dren finding our way in our new realities. Susan was in her mid-fifties and me approaching retirement age. After a few laughs and a pleasant chat we each returned to our lives.

Over the next few weeks we exchanged pleasantries in passing, each getting on with our lives. Raking the ever growing carpet of leaves and generally preparing for winter.

One evening late in October everything would change…

Headed to the kitchen, the corner of my eye caught movement in Susan’s window. Naturally I turned to look and discovered an entirely different Susan to the one I had come to know. The Susan of jeans and sweaters, pleasant conversation and easy on the eyes had been replaced. This was the Susan of lacy underwear, brunette hair let down and pleasing curves. I knew I shouldn’t be staring, peeping through her window, but this Susan brought out the naughty side of me. However good sense prevailed and I continued to the kitchen for my tea and biscuits. When I returned she was gone, was it an over active imagination? Or did I really see a sexy vision of loveliness?

What if she had seen me? Remembering I was in my usual state of undress when alone in the house, would she be disgusted and never speak to me again, accusing me of being a peeping tom! There is a voyeuristic side of me that enjoys the glimpse of exposed female lingerie and flesh in private or in public. There is also a part of me that enjoys being nude in my own home.

I went to bed conflicted, the naughty side of me wanting to see more, the decent side of me arguing that it was wrong and an invasion of privacy. But not conflicted enough to prevent my subconscious from having pleasant dreams that night with Susan as the star attraction . As the next few days went by, my decent side prevailed, well, at least most of the time. I made an effort to not stare at the window, turning on the light so Susan would be aware I was home. However that in itself played to my exhibitionist side as I didn’t always dress to pass from one room to the kitchen. I’m in the privacy of my own home right? But every so often my curious naughty side came out and leaving the light off I would chance a look. This way I caught the occasional glimpse of Susan in her underwear and on one memorable occasion her bare back and bottom as she exited her room. Now that made me wonder, did she enjoy the same tendencies as me?

The following evening I had my light on, nude as usual as I passed through to the kitchen; on my return I caught a movement as Susan turned away from her window, had she been watching? Was she really a voyeur too? Or was it just an innocent event? My curiosity aroused, even with the light on I took more peeks at her window. Susan appeared to be in her underwear more often, from plain, but pretty every day panties, to downright sexy lingerie. She always seemed to be passing or facing away, although a few times it did appear she had just turned around.

On one occasion she had a towel wrapped around her as if just out of the shower, as she exited the room it slipped off, showing her lovely bottom again. And that reminded me of something similar happening many years ago. Now I was sure there was a teasing game going on, should I leave it at that, or see if it goes further?

I decided to invite Susan over for coffee. My intention being to apologise for my behaviour Çankaya Escort and hope I wasn’t causing her any discomfort. There was a knock at the door. When I answered it I was momentarily struck dumb, gone were the jeans and sweater and hair in a bun. Almost speechless I took her proffered coat and hung it on the adjacent hook. My first word was, “wow” followed by, “hi Susan, please come in”. This was definitely the new Susan. She wore a cardigan and blouse over a skirt and stockings, with her dark hair down and flowing over her shoulders. Her blouse was open enough to show some rather pleasing cleavage. She smiled at my confusion, offering a casserole dish and bottle of wine.

“I hope you don’t mind but I thought I’d bring something for later”.

I led the way through to the living room and invited her to take a seat while I went for the promised coffee. After setting the cups down I apologised for staring when she arrived and complimented her on how wonderful she looked.

“Thank you, I was hoping you would like it”, she replied with a smile in her eyes. We continued with the usual how have you been, anything new and interesting kind of conversation. We were feeling relaxed and comfortable with each other.

I turned more towards her and said “I believe I owe you an apology”.

“Oh,” she replied, “and why is that?”

Feeling a little awkward I responded “Well, I like to be nude around the house and fear you may have caught me a few times”. She laughed and admitted that indeed she had.

“Well I hope I haven’t offended you by doing so,” I replied. “And as if that isn’t bad enough, well, I may have looked in on you in your undies.”

She laughed again and said “I wondered how long it would take you to notice!” Then she went on to say “I spent a lot of time in front of that window, waiting for you to catch me. When did you first notice?”

“It was the black lace bra and panties with matching stockings and suspenders.” Now it was my turn to laugh and explain how I had berated myself the first time for being such a peeping tom.

Susan replied, “That was fairly early on, I didn’t know for sure until you started leaving the light on and I got to see you; whilst trying to not let you see me looking, of course.” She looked at me and then added, “I’m glad it was that lingerie set”

“I loved the bare back and bum”

She looked at me a little strangely and asked “with the towel?”

“No, earlier, you were walking away.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that, you are a naughty boy”

I looked her in those lovely emerald green eyes and said “young lady, I do believe you have set your cap at me”

“I have a confession to make too, and maybe an apology.” She blushed and looked down, “after I met you when you came to help I thought I had seen you and your truck somewhere recently.” She then went on to explain how she thought it was on a porn site she visited, blushing wildly. She went back through her search history. Sure enough she had seen my pics from my mountain trip. She had thought of sending me a friend invite but after reading my profile thought it would be more fun to tease me. To appeal to my voyeuristic nature and to my playful side.

She looked at me, a little downcast and said “I hope I haven’t upset you now and if I have I will leave and maybe we can continue as good neighbours.” Inside I was laughing, but knew this needed to be handled carefully and sincerely.

Gently I lifted her chin up and looking her in the eyes I said “Susan, that is the most delightful and enterprising thing anyone has done for me recently. So the towel drop was deliberately done from my story, by the way you did pick the real one.” Her face lit up and she nodded yes.

Feeling we had crossed our own Rubicon, I ran my fingers along her stocking covered leg until I felt bare flesh, at which point she playfully slapped my hand away.

She snuggled up to me and quietly asked “so, we are all good?”

“Oh we are more than good, you are a delightful woman to be around, I enjoyed working with you and our conversation. Then you tease me and show up at my door dressed like this, WOW.” I hugged her to me and kissed her lips, gently at first, then more firmly as she responded to me.

Breaking apart I asked “more coffee? I can make some fresh.”

Susan replied “yes, but can we put the casserole in the oven first? I’m getting hungry.” I glanced at the clock and noticed it was getting close to supper. I was amazed at how quickly time had passed.

With the casserole in the oven and fresh coffee I had to ask about Susan’s experience on our mutual site. She responded that since her divorce, and even before, she wasn’t being fulfilled sexually and needed some stimulation. She blushed at admitting this. I assured her I felt there was no need to be embarrassed about her natural urges and was quite impressed she was open about her needs.

She explained she had always been a little Keçiören Escort bit of an exhibitionist, well, maybe a lot actually. She enjoyed wearing lingerie and allowing glimpses of her stocking tops and sometimes her panties, when she was wearing them. “Oops, that kind of slipped out,” she gasped at her own candor.

“As well as my breasts,” she said, as she leaned forward to emphasise her nipples pressed against her blouse. She enjoyed reading the stories and found a lot of them quite stimulating. At that point she looked me in the eye and said, “I actually had some lovely playtime reading yours.” She winked suggestively.

“Bing!” went the oven timer. Saved by the bell, I thought, as I was getting quite aroused listening to her soft and sultry voice.

Grabbing the wine and our glasses we adjourned to the kitchen table. “I’m glad you thought to bring something to eat, how did you know?” I asked, as we placed our chairs side by side to eat.

She winked and said, “I’m hungry and need filling.”

“Well, eat up,” I replied with a grin.

I began to wonder about our seating arrangement as I felt a hand slide over my leg. Susan replied, “oh, I will, I will indeed,” as she grasped me through my pants.

Not to be outdone, I slid her skirt up and once again felt the bare flesh above her stockings. But this time I went higher, until my fingers brushed against her panties and I said, “I’m sure I could handle some dessert too”.

When our plates and glasses were empty Susan leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I think I’d like that.” Then she licked my ear and slinked round to kiss me, this time a full on passionate kiss; a hands caressing and tongues exploring kind of kiss. As she straddled my lap, my hands went behind her, lifting her skirt and grasping her delectable bottom. The one I had dreamed about but never thought I would have the pleasure of holding.

We danced, tripped and stumbled our way back to the living room, locked in our embrace. With one final tongue tangling kiss we broke apart.

“You sir, are overdressed, your house rules” Susan barked at me as she proceeded to pull up my shirt, over my head and off. She kissed her way down until kneeling in front of me she began to undo my belt, then my pants, tugging them down as I stepped out of them. Looking up at me she took hold of the waistband of my briefs, and then continuing to gaze in my eyes as she slowly slid them down. As my modest cock was exposed she leant in and kissed it. Before she could do more I pulled her up.

“You young lady, are also overdressed, my house, my rules” I sternly told her as I reached behind and undid the button and then the zipper on her skirt. I stepped back and let it fall to the ground, now her panties, stockings and suspenders were revealed. I understood why she was glad my first glimpse was of her black lacy lingerie; she was wearing the same set today.

After admiring her lower partially clad body, I turned my attention to her blouse. Slowly popping each of the buttons undone from the bottom up, I slid it off of her shoulders. Now I could appreciate her full breasts, nestled in her lacy bra that allowed her nipples to poke through.

I am no master of the one-hand-blind-bra-undoing technique, so I turned Susan around, undoing it where I could see what I was doing. She graciously held it in place until I slipped my hands around her under her bra to cup her bountiful breasts. They felt so good in my hands, as she leaned back into me. I took her nipples between finger and thumb and rolled them around making them fully erect.

Susan wasn’t idle either, reaching behind herself to grasp my hardening cock to rub it against her lace covered bum. Pulling her panties aside she rubbed me against herself. I gasped as I felt the hair and then wet lips of her pussy as she angled her bottom back at me. I playfully slapped her bum, and then whispered in her ear, “not yet, I haven’t had dessert.” I licked her ear before turning her around for another kiss.

It was my turn to kiss my way down her beautiful body, to explore those wonderful mature curves. To kiss and lick each nipple, to kiss around each breast, down to her tummy, into her belly button then down to the top of her panties. Like Susan had done to me I looked up into her eyes as I slid her panties down, like her I leaned in and kissed her pubis, delighting in her bush.

She looked down and said, “I was going to shave like my ex always wanted but then read how you loved a natural pussy, I hope you like.”

“You are beautiful, your bush is wonderful and now it’s time for dessert,” I responded. Grasping her buttocks I extended my tongue and licked around her pussy, kissing her bush.

I laid her down on the couch, sprawled across the cushions with one foot on the floor and her other leg extended along the back of the couch. Her pussy was delightfully spread open as I began to lick up one side and down the Etimesgut Escort other, getting closer and closer to her center. Her inner lips were quite prominent when aroused and I spent some time licking and sucking on them. As I licked and kissed along her core her clit came out of hiding, wanting some attention too. The aroma and taste from her pussy had me fully aroused. I thrust my tongue into her pink inner folds then up over her clit. I began to alternate, sucking on her lips, tonguing her opening and sucking on her clit, listening to her moans and then her commands as I found the sweet spots.

“Suck my clit, now finger my cunt, do it, I need to cum!” I slipped one, then two fingers into her dripping opening, curling them up searching for her inner sweet spot.

“There! Right there! Now lick my clit,” she ordered me, “make me cum, I need it so badly, so long, yes fuck my cunt! Oh shit I’m fucking cumming! Yes, yes, don’t you fucking dare stop! Lick me, suck me, fuck me o-oh! Cumming, cumming!” Susan’s pussy tightened on my fingers as her body began to shake. “Oh fuck so good, so good, fuck yes.” As she relaxed I gently licked around her pussy, savoring the cream from her inner being. Then I kissed my way up her body, ending with a sloppy kiss on her mouth, letting her taste herself. She hugged me to her as her leg flopped down onto the couch. “I needed that so badly, thank you.”

I went and retrieved the wine bottle and glasses, one more round each, as I sat beside her, stroking her warm body. Her soft, smooth, oh so feminine body. Down over her belly my fingers running through her pubic hair, stroking it, tangling my fingers in it.

She looked at me with a smile and murmured, “you really do enjoy a hairy pussy don’t you? I see how you play with it, how you licked it along my lips, nobodies done that before”. Then she continued “When I was younger, boys refused to go down on me, but they expected me to suck their hairy dicks!”

I nodded and replied, “yes I do, my first glimpse of a naked woman, coincidently a neighbour, she had hairy arm pits, and once I spied her hairy pussy too. It was normal then and even later for women not to remove body hair over there.” I continued to tell her that was probably the start of my voyeurism and love for natural women.

As I was fondling her she reached over and took my flaccid cock in her hand.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you naked, with him just dangling out front.” Having said that Susan began to stroke my cock, up and down, rolling the foreskin over the head and back, stretching it out.

“Is that something else that’s normal in Britain, uncut cocks?”

“Probably more so than here or the US,” I replied. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah, I do. I’ve never played with one like this before. Kind of like my… lips down there, they’re longer and puffy and I like to play with them. And you do too; I think you like my clit too.”

“Guilty as charged, same for me I’ve never had full lips or a clit that shows itself to play with before.”

Due to Susan’s ministrations my cock was now fully aroused. She moved herself around until she had her mouth hovering over me. Slowly she lowered her mouth, sliding my cock over her supple lips and tongue. Then she sucked, oh fuck, oh fuck, never had I felt this before. Having the head sucked and licked yes, but never my entire cock.

“Fuck Susan, that feels so good, please, don’t stop.” She didn’t, but she did start bobbing up and down while continuing to suck. Then she went all the way up, licked around the head and over my urethra, her tongue teasing it open, then down again all the way. Her breasts were bouncing as she went up and down; always sucking and licking.

“Fuck girl, you’re going to make me cum! It feels so good, so good, oh fuck! Shit, can’t stop.” She squeezed the base of my cock and held it tight, keeping her mouth over my cock but no longer sucking. Once I had calmed down she began again.

“Why?” She took her mouth off but kept stroking her hand up and down, tight and loose.

“Trust me, it will be so much better, relax and enjoy.”

Again she licked around the head, just under the crown where it is most sensitive, then took just the head in her mouth. She held it in her teeth while her tongue lapped over the head, lapping at the tip. As my cock began to pulse a second time she swallowed it down and began sucking.

“Oh fuck, suck my cock! That’s it make it cum, fuck I’m going to cum! Suck me, oh fuuuuuuuck!”

She pulled back as my cock began to spurt into her mouth and throat, my body rigid and thrusting up at her as cum erupted. Still sucking she took it, swallowing all my cum. Tenderly, she licked me clean. I pulled her up into a hug and kissed her, tasting myself on her lips and tongue.

I enjoyed her lying on top of me, her breasts pressed to my chest, my relaxed cock nestled in her bush, our legs entwined. She was about an inch shorter than me so we matched up perfectly, allowing us to comfortably kiss and cuddle.

Susan enquired about my experience on our mutual site, I told her that as sex disappeared from my marriage I had turned to porn and finally settled on this site since it had a fairly decent variety. I enjoyed the stories too, at least the believable ones without the monster cocks, at which she laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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