New Beginning For Old Friends

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First Date.

The buzzer rang and my heart skipped a beat. I had not seen her since our last conversation in front of her apartment where she gave me the ultimatum of either being fully committed or ending the relationship. I was never one to respond positively to ultimatums, especially where my free time was involved, so I chose the latter. We were both convinced this would be the last time we would ever see one another and while I was sad, I had gone through enough break-ups to recognize this was not one that would devastate me. Just another scratch on the bumper from a shopping cart in a Target parking lot.

And now here she was, the result of an online relationship I had forged with a complete stranger who asked me to renew this relationship. I will have more on that in another chapter, but she had requested that I make a date with Dina, cook her dinner, and then present myself wearing a cock cage to see her reaction. It was a risk, but when you’ve given your heart and soul to a complete stranger online, that’s much less risky and, let’s be honest, after a year of living in a pandemic if she had asked me to put my cock in a salad spinner I probably would just to end the monotony. That’s not to say this stranger wasn’t everything I loved in a person, it spoke more to my own need to find an outlet for my creative impulsivity.

Dina entered my apartment and she smelled as she always did; of fresh air, French perfume, and for some reason I could never understand, cinnamon gum. She never chewed it, but she always seemed to have the slightest scent of it on her. We used to joke that she had a boyfriend in the 7th grade, but that started to get weird when one news story after another broke about women teachers fucking their students. It became less “hot” and more “social commentary”.

We smiled at each other and I felt a familiar stirring in my stomach and my cock twitched. This reminded me for the first time that I was in my cage which had taken me almost 45 minutes to get into. It involved lubricant, pressure, and Archimedes level understanding of leverage, fulcrum, and displacement. She always had this effect on me both for her smile and for the remembering of our sexual adventures. We had this understanding that she could be as cruel as she wanted and it would only draw me to her more; there was nothing too cruel or line she couldn’t cross that wouldn’t make me desire her to greater levels. This did not include verbal abuse. For me there’s a difference between listening to a woman you’re dating fuck a guy on the phone and her calling you an ugly piece of shit with a small dick. Some men like that, it’s just not my thing.

“It’s good to see you again.” I offered meekly.

“Yeah. It’s good to see you too.”

I leaned in and we kissed quickly, but then, in the orbit of each other’s intimate space, the gravity of our past pulled us in for a longer, more lingering exchange. Our tongues reintroducing themselves in a familiar dance as our lips touched, the skin connecting and burning as our mouths drank each other deeply searching for the feeling we once had.

We broke and she casually moved into my living room. She looked over her shoulder and smiled with her eyebrows arching. “At least we know some things never change.” The cage was now burrowing into my hardened flesh.


It took a second to realize that was a question and not a challenge. “Oh, yes. It’s almost done. Sit down.”

She took off her coat and tossed it onto my couch. “Wine?”

“Right. I’ll get it. White?”

“You remembered.” She smiled.

“I had a 50-50 chance.”

I went into the kitchen and poured her a glass and returned to the living room where she made herself at home on my couch. She took the glass from me and smiled upwardly. We had a moment, like so many others, that were sexually charged waiting for one of us to make a move. The fun was in seeing who would break first. She usually did, but tonight, after what she saw as rejection, her ego would not allow that. Tonight I would have to make the first move and, did I ever have a plan for the as directed by my online domme.

My stomach was filled with excitement as I returned to the kitchen to fulfill my first command which was to serve her the food wearing only my cock cage and my shirt.

“Why don’t you take a seat at the table and I’ll bring you dinner.”

I removed my pants and underwear and looked down at the steel contraption encasing my hard cock and took a deep breath. This was unlike anything I had ever done in my life and for someone I had never met and it was exciting beyond measure. I grabbed our plates and thought to myself: “Here we go.”

The walk to the table from the kitchen was longer than I remembered as I took in every sensation. Especially the feeling of the cage bouncing against my thigh and the glorious look on her face as her eyes widened to saucer shapes and her mouth opened to begin her shocking laugh that followed.

I kept a stoic face as I laid the plate down before her. She took her Demetevler Escort cue from me and pretended, with comic flair, that nothing was askew.

“Okay then. The chicken looks … very plump.” She laughed as I sat down and behaved as though nothing were out of the ordinary.

“I’m trying something new.” I offered taking a bite of the chicken.

“I see that. It’s pretty bold. I mean, you don’t even know if I like chicken.”

“You’ve eaten chicken before.”

“Free range. Never caged.” She looked down at my tumescent cock.

We stared at each other smiling and waiting, once again for the other one to give in. I decided giving in was what my mistress wanted so, despite my natural inclination to rebel, I did as she would have commanded to keep the evening on track.

“I missed you.” I almost whispered.

“I can see.” She reached over and fingered my cage with my flesh pressing through the bars. “So, besides dinner, what did you have in mind?”

“Just this. I wanted to offer you myself in whatever way you want me. I wanted to give you my cock to do with whatever pleases you.”

“And what about our previous conversation?” Her fingernails delicately scratched my balls.

“I am willing to try.”

“That might be a little tricky. I’m sort of fucking someone else now.”

My cock swelled up even more.

“I sort of figured it would have that effect on your cock.”

She sat back in her chair with a cunning smile.

“So. You thought you could just wave your dick in my face and I’d come running back?”

“I don’t know what I thought. I hoped we could work it out and sex was our language. This was the way I thought would work best.”

She sighed and thought for a long moment as my fear of disappointing my mistress heightened. I wanted to report back to her something erotic. Something she could finger herself to orgasm with. It would be the closest I would ever get to being with her and for that reason I wanted Dina to consent.

“If we do this, you know I’m going to use you, right?”

I nodded.

“I’m going to fuck anyone I want and you’re going to stay in that cage. You good with that?”

I nodded again, never breaking eye contact with her.

“You know what I like better than chicken?” She asked.

“My cock?” I replied.

“No! God that was lame. I like torturing you. You remember.”

“It rings a bell.”

She set her plate aside and stood up slowly unbuttoning her shirt looking at me. She knew how much I loved her breasts. They were B cups pointed with exceptionally sensitive nipples. Often times I would bring her to the edge of orgasm with only my tongue and fingers, edging her closer until either bringing her off or backing off to make her crazy. And she would do the same to me.

We often played a game where we would set a timer for 5 minutes and we would attempt to “break” the other person’s will by making them beg for release. She always lost because her nipples. Mine were also excruciating sensitive and she worked me like a fucking Stradivarius.

I sat in my chair and watched as she removed her bra and stood before me half naked.


I nodded and swallowed. I had no idea what she would do next and I felt like I was falling into an abyss of uncertainty.

“Let’s go lay down.”

She didn’t wait for me but instead walked with purpose into my bedroom. I followed.

When she entered the bedroom, she took it all in again as though greeting an old friend. Her hand wrapped around one of the wrought iron posts and reminisced thinking how many times we had one or more extremities tied to it.

“Lay down.” Her voice was stern and playful. Challenging me to play her new game.

I did as she told me, my heart still pounding.

She kneeled next to me as though at a smorgasbord. Her fingers dragged over my torso. I reached to play with her breasts and she bat it way.

“No. Not now.” She sighed. “We spoke for so long about doing this. Putting you in a cage. I’m so … shocked … it’s happening. I’ve thought so much about sending you videos of me fucking this guy just because I knew it would make you crazy. But now … well now I’m definitely going to.”

Her face turned serious. “And you’re sure this is what you want? Because I’m going to do this. All of it. All of what we talked about. This is what you want?”

“Yes. I want you to own me.” I reached up and caressed her nipple. She closed her eyes and moaned. I reached up with my other hand and slowly rubbed the other. Her head fell back and she moaned with more intensity.

“Fuck I love that.”

I leaned in and took one in my mouth and gently sucked it between my insistent lips. She gave in and lay on her back. My cock started to truly ache as the cage did its work.

“Make me cum.” She commanded.

My thumbs gently rubbed the tips of her nipples as I licked the outside of her ear softly. Her breathing grew more shallow and she groaned at how slowly Otele gelen escort and deliberately I was teasing her breasts. Back and forth. Achingly slow. My fingers stroked just over the tips of her nipples and then, after some time, I would pinch them very easily, bringing them up with the smallest amount of tension and twist them so delicately, barely at all. Only enough to make the skin taught.

“Shit. God. Please.”

She wanted me to suck on her pussy now, but I knew she was going to torture me after her orgasm and if I worked her over now, she would really be sadistic. I thought how much my mistress would enjoy this. I rolled her nipples with a little more tension and then covered one with my hot, eager mouth. First licking one, and then the other.

Her hands gripped the sheets trying to compose herself.

“We don’t have a timer, so this may take a while.” I reminded her.

“You’re such an asshole.”

Her anger excited me. And her.

I pulled her left nipple into my mouth harder as we looked each other in the eyes. My face was a mask of interest and hers one of building climax. While my mouth sucked one, my fingers pulled the other lightly but firmly. Her hips started to buck uncontrollably, her climax was approaching.

I stopped and slowly pulled her pants and underwear off revealing a visibly wet pussy. Her fingers rubbed her clitoris in an effort to finish.

“Is that how you want to cum?” I scolded her.

“Just fucking do it!”

I had enough. I put my mouth over her pussy and licked her labia up and down, circling her clit gently. Dina always had a little hair on top which I loved and her pussy always tasted of honey. I loved drinking every drop she produced and her scent which was a beautiful, strong musk that made my cock spring to life. She groaned and rotated her hips against my face to a building rhythm. This wouldn’t take long. I grabbed her ass and held her in place as I sucked her clit between my lips gently pressing my tongue against it.

“Oh God. Oh fucking God.” She bucked and then, after a moment of frozen passion, her muscles tightening, I could feel her pussy throb and then flood my mouth.

I kissed my way up her body and lay next to her watching the ebbing excitement on her face, her cheeks flushed with a powerful post-orgasm.

“Shit. That was the second best orgasm someone gave me today.” She smiled and then looked at me. “So, this is mine?”

She reached down and grabbed the cage.

“If you want it.”

“Oh. I want it.”

“Is this other guy serious?”

“That’s not your business, is it? You made your choice and now I’m making mine. If you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to. But it’d be a shame since you got the cage and all.”

I couldn’t disagree with that logic.

“That’s fair. So … now what?”

She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. “Now we can just have fun.” Her fingers lingered over my nipples. “You know, I missed playing with your body so much. Teasing you. Making you desperate. All those fantasies we shared about doing this and now … it’s like something somewhere just clicked.” I smiled thinking about my mistress who commanded this entire scenario.

Dina sat up and placed herself on my stomach, her legs astride me on either side. She unbuttoned my shirt one painful button at a time. When it was open enough she put each of her thumbs in her mouth sucking on one and then the other before placing them on my nipples.

As I hissed with intense pleasure, her expression was one of feigned surprise. She knew that made me crazy. “Oh? Was that okay?”

“Fuck. You know what that does to me.”

“No. Why don’t you tell me.” She then wet her thumbs again and placed them on my hardening nipples. Stroking them as I had done to her minutes ago.

“It’s like electricity to the head of my cock. Fuuuck.”

“And that can’t be too comfortable in that cage, can it?”

She kept rubbing gently, over and over. My body arching with frustration and pleasure that was burning every inch of my nervous system. My cock was dripping and throbbing with anticipation. She slid down so her pussy was just below the cage which bobbed in excitement.

“Poor baby.” She rubbed my balls gently. “This is going to be hell for you. You know why?”

“I have a pretty good idea.”

“Yeah. You do. But now it’s real. Before we just fantasized.”

She continued to play with my nipples, rubbing them with just the tips of her fingernails. “You know what’s so great about this? I get to leave you hard and unsatisfied, but I get to get fucked good and hard and feel someone cuming inside me. That’s so hot.”

My breath was coming in gasps. My brain was being overloaded as fantasies and reality smashed into each other like electrons in the Hadron Collider.

“His cock is fucking magnificent too. Thick. Thicker than yours. You know what that does to me. And also, he lasts a long time. Well, he’s ten years younger than you, so you Balgat Escort can imagine he’ll fuck me seven ways until Sunday before he cums in me. And he cums hard. Does that make you jealous?”

“Yes.” Was all I could reply between her slow, gently ministrations of my nipples and the image of her being fucked by someone else.

“I’m going to leave you like this tonight. I’m not going to make you cum. I’m not going to take the key this time. I want you to think about it. Because once I get that key from you, I will truly own your cock. Seriously. I’m not playing around.”

I nodded staring into her eyes.

She got off me and lay next to me with her head at my cock so she could examine it more closely. She fingered my flesh squeezing through the bars. Her head moved to the cage and she took my cock into her mouth making sure to lick any exposed skin in her mouth.

“You know he’s sensitive like you.” She said before engulfing my cock in her mouth again. “I make him crazy. Just like I do with you.” She took me in again. “Only with him, I milk him dry every time we fuck.” This time she swallowed me to the balls her eyes never breaking contact with mine to let me know how serious she was. “I want you to know that so you can imagine it when I fuck him this week. I’m going to text you when he’s coming over and that five minutes after that text, he’ll be inside me.”

Her mouth sucked me again. I could feel my balls tighten with an orgasm. She could too. She slowly wrapped her fingers around my balls and tugged.

“Oh no, baby. The only cum I’m drinking is his. And I will. This week.”

She sat up straight and caressed my stomach.

“I’m glad you called me. I really missed you.” She smiled. I smiled back between gasps and trying to subside my raging erection.

“I think that’s enough for tonight. I don’t want to kill you.”

I groaned in absolute frustration. My cock aching. My balls full and wanting release. My nipples sensitive and on fire. And even with all of this I could only think about my mistress whom I hoped this would please.

Second Date.

I opened the door and Dina entered. She was wearing a long coat and I could see she was wearing the long leather boots that I loved so much when we were dating. When she rode me, I loved seeing those boots pressing against my thighs.

She came in and I poured her a glass of wine after which we both sat down and talked about our weeks as though we were on a first date. I asked if I could take her coat and she consented, standing up and unbuttoning it. It was then that I saw she was wearing a very low cut black dress which came down just below her hips and barely covered her ass.

“You like?” She asked.

I swallowed hard and nodded. “I like.”

She smiled and sat down again and I could clearly see her pussy as the dress rode up slightly. She knew it and made no effort to adjust it, just looked me in the eyes watching me struggle not to stare.

After a few minutes of small talk, she casually said, “You’re such a gentleman. You can look at my pussy.” I did and my heart skipped a beat.

“So,” she said, pausing for just a moment, “what happened?”

“I broke our agreement. I’m sorry.”

“No. You’re not sorry. You’re going to be sorry. Stand up and stand in front of me.”

I did as she commanded and once in front of her, she yanked my pants down without ceremony displaying my cock, now fully hard, contained in its cage. She reached out and squeezed my balls with a firm grip.

“These are mine. I am the only one who can empty them. You got it?”

I nodded.

“YOU were the one who came crawling back to me with your pathetic dick in a cage. YOU were the one who offered me your cock. YOU were the one who told me I owned you. Not me. So, if you’re going to go back on your word, we’ll just stop now and that’ll be the end of it.”

“I understand and I will not disobey you again.”

“Good boy. Now I want you to get the crop and bring it out to me.”

I did as instructed.

“Bend over the ottoman.” She whispered.

Again, I did as instructed, my knees on the floor and my ass presenting like a gift to her.

She whipped me and I gulped my scream.

“Remember when you said I could never make you beg by denying you orgasms no matter how long? You were too proud, you told me. I wonder how long it will take you to make you beg for me to stop. I’ll bet you won’t be too proud when your ass is a huge pink welt.”

She whipped me again and again. I gripped the sides of the ottoman clinging like someone floating out at sea.

After 15 or so strokes, she laughed. “Time to use my right hand.” She brought the crop down again and again and tears welled in my eyes until, after at least 25 or so I cried out “Please! Okay! Stop! Please!”

She stopped and the room still echoed with my cries.

“Good boy. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? Begging? I’m going to get you to like it after a while. Why don’t you go inside and lay down.”

I got up very carefully, my ass inflamed, and limped to the bedroom where I laid down on my stomach. She came in a moment later and laughed.

“Oh no, baby, turn over.”

I winced and turned over, the sheets burning my welted ass. She sat on the edge of the bed, her legs dangling over the side as she looked down on my face struggling to hide my discomfort. She stroked my cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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