Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 10

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed.

Please be aware that that chapter may be considered more intense and negative.


That evening was difficult for Nicholas. He had taken quite a while in the room, before getting dressed and heading out to his aunt’s car. For a moment, things had felt very surreal to him. Just another evening, everything was the same as usual. Except him. Something was profoundly different with him. His aunt had smirked at him when he returned, asking if he had had a good time and he had blushed. The ride home was quiet, as he digested what was going on. He had liked his evening, and not liked it as well. But he would consider it again, and the thought both frightened and excited him.

He showered and simply crawled into bed. It was early yet, but he just wanted to sleep. That sleep did not come, and he spent the entire time replaying what he had done. What he had felt. Eventually, he got out of bed and sat in front of his computer.

Cynthia watched from back at home. She watched him masturbate with futility for several hours. The problem was, it was all straight porn. Hot little teen girls, porn stars, amateurs. Pussy after pussy. The blowjob videos seemed to stir something in him, but that didn’t do it either. He went through a playlist of popular kinks and fetishes, but he couldn’t keep his erection going. The evening’s entertainment had seriously affected her nephew and she assumed he was trying to cling to some semblance of not being gay, rebelling as best he could.

There was just one issue: it wasn’t working. She had filled his mind with too much gay sex. Too many powerful emotions. He enjoyed masturbating through his panties, and he had liked everything he had done, to one degree or another. Eventually, she took pity on him. He must be have been sore from all that tugging. Maybe he’d get there. Instead, she sent him a copy of the video taken from his most recent encounter. Whatever resolve he’d had left to keep going with his straight porn melted when he realized what she had sent him. She sent a quick text “For your memories! Only one week left!”

Nicholas did what she knew he would, he started watching. It was fairly long, and he ended up smoking a joint as he watched. He kept going back to the part where humped the man’s leg. He didn’t even know the guy’s name. Nicholas quickly filled his panties with cum, not even bothering to have removed them, and texted his aunt to thank her for the video. No response came.

Her nephew was in a very compliant phase. He was not going to fight anything she was going to ask of him, not after how far he’d come, after what he’d experienced. He wore his panties, notified of her his masturbation sessions. He’d sucked and fucked everyone she had asked him to, and more. She couldn’t imagine the inner turmoil he was experiencing. She was effectively reversing his sexual orientation, permanently. It turned her on immensely.

That’s why for this final week, she had no need to push him further. She’d do that, herself. No, the thoughts and reality she wanted planted inside him were there now. She needed them to grow and expand. To never be far from his thoughts. She texted him to let him know to expect a man over on Monday evening. And another one Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. He simply accepted her requests. Cynthia spent quite a bit of time screening candidates for Nicholas’ partners. She needed nothing extreme. Age, ethnicity, none of that mattered to her. What she needed were men. Taller men, bigger men. Bald heads and beards. Men who just wanted to use a young gay man. What they all had in common is they were more masculine than her nephew.

She made sure to be nearby, just in case anything happened, while she watched it all live from her phone or tablet. True, he was a faggot, but she did find herself oddly attached to him. These men were all physically larger than her nephew, and she was becoming as protective of him as she was controlling. As she had hoped and predicted, Nicholas became a more active participant in his homosexual encounters.

They were all similar, blowjobs and getting his ass filled with cock. There was little conversation, but there was a definite enthusiasm on her nephew’s part. He was showing a very nice fondness for performing fellatio. He was certainly no professional, but he was clearly deriving pleasure from the attention he was paying to one mature gentleman’s package. He had found it easier to bend his knees when they fucked him on his back, actively hooking them over his partner arms.

This was not completely lost on Nicholas. He clung to his normal life with intensity, his classes and homework and the coffee shop. Because there, no one knew what he was thinking, what he’d Büyükesat Escort experienced. He’d serve a customer while wondering what they’d think if they knew he had thought about their dick. Or why it turned him on that he thought about it. By the time his day had ended, he was eagerly awaiting his next sexual partner. He would sleep with his aunt soon enough, but each night was a further reinforcement that he was enjoying sex with male partners. Many male partners.

Nicholas himself slogged through the week. He would flip from being completely ashamed to excited to aroused and back to shame. Having sex with a different partner every night was terrifying and thrilling. Often it was men he would never even look at, would never have considered to have sex with, and the thought bothered him… but not enough to stop him from squeezing their cocks with his hands, sucking them with his lips and swallowing them with his ass. He often found himself fantasizing about what kind of dick he would see that night. It definitely scared him that he was recognizing his growing fondness for male sexual genitalia. He would rate them in his mind, some were ridiculously hard, and he felt harder than he had ever been. He would kiss them and lap at their balls like a dog while he played with himself. Everything had become very permissive, and each step seemed like not such a big deal, and by the end of the week was gladly deepthroating his last cock of the week. He hadn’t quite mastered it, and saliva was dripping out the corner of his lips. He had even started degrading himself in his head, missing the way his aunt was able to trigger that part of him. Again, after coming down from his orgasmic highs, there was the shame, waiting. But he was a very sexually active young male, and his penis kept interfering with his negative feelings.

Once Nicholas informed her he had his last gay sex encounter on Friday, she tapped her nails along an armrest. It was early in the evening yet, and she sat at home, watching her nephew. He got stoned several times, but did not masturbate. Probably hoping to be prepared for tomorrow, given his last attempt with heterosexual porn. His hand would stray to his crotch, and he would stop himself, which must have been a powerful effort on his part. She pondered for the thousandth time how tomorrow would go. Her plans had grown and changed as she ushered her nephew into his new gay life. And for the first time, she allowed herself to question if he really had no choice. Certainly she would shatter any illusions he would have anything resembling a traditional relationship with a woman, that was without question. She wondered if she had brought him close enough to the edge. Too far from the edge, and her push would knock him on to the floor. But just close enough? He’d plunge off.

Cynthia herself held back from any sexual release that evening, texting him back to be by her place tomorrow afternoon at four to collect his “prize”, she would make sure it was a great one. Her sleep came slowly, as she was too excited. In the morning as she went about preparing herself, she watched her nephew. He had fretted over which panties to wear, trying on several. No doubt in an attempt to please her, which did actually please her. She sprayed herself carefully with a light perfume as he stared at himself in the mirror for several minutes. He looked nervous, furtive to her eye. She was practically counting the minutes as he left his apartment. She triple checked to make sure her recording system was working perfectly. Her heart was pounding, and she looked herself over in the mirror, willing herself to calmness.

She waited by the door, and when he rung she waited just a few moments before opening the door. While her nephew had seen her many times, this time was somehow different. Her hair fell straight around her shoulders and she was in a light purple satin robe, but he could clearly see the swell of her breasts, her cleavage showing. She had stockings on, all the way down to her heels. He looked at her, nervously, now that it was actually time, as he closed the door behind him. When he turned back to face her, she took his hand in hers.

“Nicky… Well, you’ve done your part. You took everything I threw at you, so I’ll do my part.” She smiled at him “C’mon, let’s go to my bedroom. I guess it’s time you get to try pussy!” and she lead him into the bedroom. Despite being naked in front of her, sucking dick in front of her, being fucked in front of her, this was different. He could smell the perfume on her, so different from the smells he was now associating with sex. She sat him down on the foot of the bed, standing across from him.

“Are you sure you want this, Nicky?” she asked him.

Nicholas laughed, “I’m sure. I told you, I like women.” He said with surprising confidence. She tilted her head for a moment then shrugged her shoulders, her robe falling to the floor around Beşevler Escort her. She was wearing a light colored bra that only half covered her breasts. And while she had on stockings, her vagina was completely bare, almost completely shaved. She stepped forward until his knees on the foot of the bed were between her legs, and slipped a hand behind her back and her bra was on the floor and Nicholas was face to his aunt’s tits, if he angled his neck up just a bit.

She reached up, cupping one of her breasts “Is this what you wanted to see? Did you ever think you would get to see a woman’s tits without paying for it?” Nicholas gulped in a breath of air, uncertain. His nervousness was interfering. The things she had said before, implied, well, that no woman would want him. The things from las weekend. But here she was, doing them. She slipped down to her knees and her hands reached up to his belt, unbuckling and unzipping him. She hooked her fingers over the top, tugging and Nicholas got the idea, making it easier for her to pull his pants off, over his shoes. She tossed them aside, then proceeded to do the same for his panties, a cute pink one, with swirly lace design, sheer. His flaccid penis popped out, and she made sure to simply quietly eye it, look at it. She wanted him to know she wasn’t impressed, more like curious. She let out a sigh quietly. She crawled onto his lap, her legs on the outside, urging him further back.

Once Nicholas was flat on his back, she moved up, leaning down over him, her hair brushing against his face, and he could smell her perfume stronger. It wasn’t what Nicholas was used to, it was different, and she wanted to ruin it for him before he knew it could be fun. She sat back up and Nicholas looked at her, straddling him, her breasts resting on her chest as she leaned back and he could clearly see her pussy.

He was less excited than he thought he would be. It was just there. He could see where a cock fit, but he found it difficult to be excited about it. The situation excited him and terrified him. He was aroused, but it was different. She lowered herself carefully, so their genitals would be touching. The only time in his life this would happen. That part of his life would be over in a few minutes. She took a light touch, very gently teasing the tip of his penis against her pussy. A touch here, then lifted herself off, a few seconds, a gentle massage. It was softer than anything he had known, he felt the warmth of sexual arousal, but he simply didn’t know what to do next. He didn’t know how to take the lead, didn’t know what was expected of him when he wasn’t sucking or taking it up the ass. He had no idea she was just barely teasing him, and he wondered again about his sexuality. Several moments passed and she paused, resting her pubic mound directly on his semi flaccid dick, looking at him “Huh. They’re usually pretty hard by now.”

Nicholas didn’t know how to react. He should be hard. He was able to get hard last time he looked at straight porn. He hadn’t masturbated in almost a day, and he had gone through so much for this. He stared at her tits, willing himself to get hard. His cheeks flushed a deep red for a moment as he realized he was trying to make himself aroused for a woman, and it wasn’t going as planned.

Cynthia caught his stare, and said “Well, this ought to do it then, slipping down his body, pressing her breasts against his thighs then squeezing them together. It took some work to get his penis between them, but the result was simply a slight shifting in his penis. It was as if the longer she pressed her breasts into his penis (he was frankly too small for her to get any traction with a good old fashioned tit fuck), and it didn’t completely harden, things got worse. “Aren’t aunt’s tits nice enough for you?” she asked. “I can sort of feel your penis.”

Nicholas was nervous when they had started. Now, he was scared. What had started out as erotic was now turning into something he couldn’t accept. He simply waited, trying to enjoy what his aunt was doing. He was with a woman! He could pay her back for all those remarks, so why wasn’t he getting hard? The longer it continued, the deeper his shame burrowed.

Cynthia knew her way around dicks very well. Nicholas knew nothing of what it was like to be with a woman, and she had barely teased him, barely petted him with her pussy. Now, she knew normally any straight young male would eventually give in even to what little she was giving him. But after the last month, what she had put him through, all those doubts about his sexuality, his inability to question his growing fascination with men and especially their bodies and how they made him feel, coupled with how he had been treated by women, had made it excessively difficult to actually get turned on. Perhaps it could be undone. Perhaps with a caring, loving hand and time, he may have been able to do it.

It was time to make Cebeci Escort sure that didn’t happen. It was time to finish what she had started. She looked up at him, from between his legs, the last time he’d see a woman in that position. “Um… Nicky.” She said quizzically, waiting for him to respond. She kept her breasts pushed into his penis.

“I don’t know.” He muttered. He gently tried pushing his penis into her breasts, and she looked rather unmoved. His failure was written all over his face, but he kept trying. She counted silently in her head, thirty long seconds then she straddled him at the hips again, leaving her pussy pressed into his penis. He lay there, frozen, as she looked down at him.

“I think I know why you’re having this… little problem.” she said casually.

“Why?” he asked, wishing a second later he hadn’t. It had just popped out of his mouth.

Cynthia looked down at him, locking her eyes on his, inhaled slowly. “It’s because I made you gay.”

It wasn’t what Nicholas was expecting. He was snapped out of the moment, “What?” he said, his eyes squinting, as if he was trying to understand something that didn’t make sense.

“I made you gay.” She repeated again, as if it was obvious.

He looked at her again, less sure of himself somehow. “But I’m not gay.” He said, and as he did, he had the image of a dick in his mind. He thrust with his hip, grinding his penis into her, as if to prove a point.

She barely even budged, as if she had not even noticed. “Honey, I’m a dominatrix. I know what a hard cock is like, even small ones like yours.”

Once again, this was somehow different. She wasn’t teasing him, calling him names. She sounded very serious, and suddenly, everything was very, very real. She was a dominatrix? And she’d made him go through… go through all the things he had gone through!?

“If I’m wrong, show me. Why isn’t your cock hard? I’m waiting.” She said expectantly. It’s as if the words killed his arousal. They made him very aware of his failure. He had thought she might have even enjoyed it, but he hadn’t even gotten hard enough to get inside her. He looked at her, pressed into him, and felt a deep and permanent memory building.

His face scrunched just a bit as he tried to digest what was going on. You couldn’t make someone gay, but you also couldn’t get him to believe he wouldn’t get turned on for pussy. He had masturbated hundreds of hours to all kinds of heterosexual porn, with many content orgasms. He had been rather desperate, imagining what girl would be his first. Now he had one, and it wasn’t happening. The way he felt about himself was changing, shifting.

She began to explain it to him. Her ex, his cheating mother and others, the divorce, her petty revenge against her ex-husband. That had turned into pleasure, something she enjoyed, and she had become a dominatrix. She explained how at first it was exciting, and still could be, she had wanted more. Her clients came to her for fantasy, but she had had enough of fantasy. She had wanted reality.

“And well, when I got those notifications of what you were using the work computer for… Well, it was as if the stars had aligned. You were just the perfect person. I mean, it did take me some time. But I just had to have you. I had to make you gay.”

He knew everything he had done. He had thought… well his aunt was a perverted, twisted lady. She only had eight years on him, but she seemed older. The apartment, the free things… They were nice. But he had wanted to fuck a woman. He had felt pressured to lose his virginity. It didn’t matter what he had to do, because he felt he wouldn’t have had a chance. In truth, he knew he had never really put himself out there. And it had just sort of escalated from there. He never would’ve done anything, if it weren’t for his aunt. “But… I’m not gay.” Is what came out of his mouth.

“Honey, I care about you. Kind of. You’re gay. I made you gay. Saying you’re not doesn’t change that fact.” She explained to him. She could feel his penis start to stiffen under her.

Nicholas didn’t understand. This was starting to feel like it did when she said the things she said. Was it a game, and he had to catch on? But she had seemed so serious. The thought was suddenly arousing and frightening. Had she done what she said she’d done? He felt his arousal returning, though logically he wished it would go away. “But I can’t be gay.” He said.

Cynthia’s lips parted in a wide grin, “Why not? You were straight. Maybe a little bit curious, but who hasn’t been at some point. Curious is one thing. But you’re gay now. I mean, maybe one time, to fill your curiosity. But, I mean… wow. Do you even know how many cocks have been inside of you?” she asked smugly.

Nicholas started to squirm beneath his aunt, and he was quickly starting to stiffen. This was real, he thought. The shame was constantly there. He hadn’t had a problem with gays, he just wasn’t one. It was just this thing, with his aunt. He was struggling with but leaning towards being alright with being bisexual. That was somehow better to him. He really didn’t actually know how many cocks he’d had. Sucked only? Or sucked and fucked? Or the ones he’d only fucked? “But… I can’t be. I want to get…” he trailed off, his mind getting ahead of his words.

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