My Yearly Physical

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Today was the day of my annual physical exam. Ordinarily, that would be of no concern. I am a healthy, 5 ‘ 10″; 180 pound, male with no significant bad habits that would influence my overall health. However, today, I had some anxiety associated with the exam and that stemmed from the previous year’s physical.

The anxiety came from the fact that I think my physician, Dr. Joll, made a pass at me. Actually, it was a lot more than a simple pass. It happened so fast that it was hard for me to really believe that it happened at all. Consequently, I was unsure what to think or do about it.

At the end of the previous year’s Digital Rectal Exam [DRE], as the doctor was withdrawing his finger, I felt him give me a couple of extra pokes while his finger was still inside my butt. A quick finger fuck if you will albeit on top of the longer virtual finger fuck that was the prostate exam. Complete disbelief overtook me. I was so shocked that I made no comment regarding it, disbelieving what I had felt.

I am not attracted to men. I have no homosexual desires. I don’t want to kiss another male, visit a glory hole or seek out any contact, emotional or physical, with another man. However, the thought that my physician had a thing for me is both puzzling and intriguing.

This is the story of today’s exam. I left it a changed man.


The physical had progressed normally. I had been prodded, measured, questioned and lectured. All that remained was the greasy glove.

The DRE began in the traditional manner. I stood against the exam table with my legs slightly spread apart. I was bent at the waist with my elbows resting on the table. The examination gown was open to the rear. My rear was open to the world. An index finger was inserted into my rectum and the doctor started doing whatever it is they do when they have a finger in your ass.

After many seconds of penetration I ask, “Is everything OK back there Doctor?”

“Everything appears to be normal Mr. Mills.

Many more seconds pass with his finger in my butt. “Is my prostate OK?” He continues the examination; index finger still searching. I then ask, “Do you feel something? Is it hemorrhoids?”

This results in more fingering. The fingering continues with no more words spoken between the two of us.

Eventually, Dr. Joll asks if I am having any discomfort with the exam. I am not, so my reply was “No. Everything feels normal.”

After a few more seconds, I feel his middle finger join the index finger in my butt. I flinch with the intrusion. He asks, “And now?”

“Well, I feel full and a bit stretched but no pain.”

The two fingers withdraw completely but are soon replaced with a middle finger and ring finger. He repeats, “And now?”

“Relief when the fingers left me but then much as before on their return. Full, stretched but with only minor discomfort. Is everything OK Dr. Joll?

I hear the rubber glove snap as it was removed. “Yes, Mr. Mills, I think everything is OK but based on the exam and on your responses, I think an extended exam is in order. This exam will be a bit more invasive as it uses a larger probe. You will feel some pressure and maybe even some discomfort. If you are OK with that we can get started. That’s OK with you isn’t it? I want you to commit to it before we start.

“I guess so. If you think it is the right thing to do then OK.” My head was spinning. What were we talking about here, a flexible sigmoidoscopy? A colonoscopy?

I saw a condom land in front of me on the exam table. “I’ll need your help with the probe preparation. Once the probe is completely extended, I will need you to put the condom on it. You agreed to the procedure so let’s get started without any hesitation.”

Taught to respect authority, I nod my consent, totally unable to voice an objection against my physician and his plans for examining me.

“I want you to follow my instructions. We will go slow so that we get this right. Initially, take two paper towels and put them on my exam stool seat. That will protect the seat from any lubricant left on your butt. Next, open the condom package but don’t remove it yet. Place the condom where you can easily reach it. After the towels and condom are in place, take a seat on the stool and face me.”

My heart was pounding. I could feel it pulse in my throat. This was almost like an out of body experience. It was happening but curiously unreal at the same time

“Let’s start by unbuckling my belt.” [The part of my brain screaming “stop and get out of here” was ignored.] I unbuckle his belt and left the ends supported by his belt loops.

“Now, lower my zipper.” I grab his zipper with one hand and his pants with the other. I pull the zipper away from his body as I lower it.

“Unbutton my pants and lower them to the floor.” [Oh god.]

“Now pull my boxers all the way down to the floor.”

He was now fully exposed. I looked at his package and froze. It was impressive. Length, Demetevler Escort girth, sheen, circumcised foreskin, veins, ball sack, hair, all perfect. What stood out though was the ridge on his coronal glans. It was angular, sharp and hard. A real helmet. I stared. His cock was slowly stirring to life. I swallowed; my mouth watering.

“Now, let’s see if we can get the probe extended. Take it in your hand.”

I swallowed my fear and reached out to take his shaft in my right hand. It felt thick, hot and heavy.

“Use your left hand too. We don’t have all day.”

I lifted his cock and held it against his stomach. As instructed, my left hand reached out and cupped his balls.

“Good. Now move closer.” With those words, the doctor placed his hand on the back of my head and guided me towards him.

The stool rolled closer. His hand continued to move me towards his cock and balls. Soon, I was close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body.

His hand continued to force my head lower. The light resistance I put up did not prevent my head from being lowered to his balls.

“Kiss them.”

I leaned forward and softly kissed his left testicle. His hair tickled my nose.

“And the other one.”

I moved to the right testicle and kissed it too. His balls felt smooth and massive against my lips. There was no smell or taste to speak of. He was clean and not even the least bit clammy.

I paused momentarily and then sucked his right nut into my mouth. While maintaining the suction, I pulled my head backward, away from him until his nut was pulled past my lips. There was an audible pop as his nut was released from my lips. I heard Dr. Joll mumble, “You’ll pay for that.”

I slid to the left, my tongue lapping at his sack on the way over. When I reached his left nut, I did the same thing to the left one as I had to the right. A second threat was spoken, “…and for that one too.”

“This will take all day if you are just going to just play around. My time is valuable. Either apply yourself or we can stop here and now. “

Chastised, I did as he asked and applied myself to the job. I left the stool and fell to my knees in front of him. The exam gown fell open and my butt was exposed to the cold exam room air. It made me feel free.

My hands were on his hips as I swirled my tongue around his ball sack and raised my eyes to him. With his cock pressed against my nose and forehead I ask, “Dr. Joll, do you want my cherry?” Before he could answer, I closed my eyes and swirled my tongue up his shaft from balls to head and back.

I opened my eyes to reestablish eye contact. His cock was against my nose and forehead again but was now shiny wet with saliva. His wet cock pressed on my right eyelid. “Dr. Joll, will you put a baby in my butt. Will you breed me?”

My hands had changed position and now cupped his butt cheeks. I stiffened my tongue and lashed horizontal passes up and down his cock. I returned to his cock head and gave it a quick suction pop as I had done to both his nuts. The size of his corona made the pop louder than what his nuts had produced. I heard no complaint this time.

Again, eye contact was made. My tongue performed figure “8” drills on the underside of his dick until I asked “Dr. Joll, will you mount me and fuck me? Finish what you started with your fingers?” I took him deep throat for five full strokes. I stay impaled on the last of the five and let my tongue and throat muscles massage his cock. My hands pulled his butt to me as I serviced him.

With his cock swallowed, I lifted my eyes to look up to him. Dr. Joll had his hands on the sides of my head. His hips are rocking slightly and his eyes were closed.

“Mr. Mills, I think the probe is ready now. Apply the condom. After it is in place, return to the exam table so we can complete the examination. I will apply a bit of lubricant to the probe. Your rectum should still have sufficient lubricant remaining inside it from the DRE.”

I opened the condom, checked which way it would unroll, placed it in my mouth and used my lips to slide the rubber over his cock head and down his shaft. I had to use my hands to get the very end unrolled because his cock lodged at the back of my throat, preventing my lips from reaching far enough down his shaft.

With the rubber in place I let his cock slide out of my mouth. I kissed both balls again before standing and returning to the exam table. I felt his gaze on my open gown. The thought of my ass on display pleased me. I tightened my butt as I walked to the exam table.

“Chest on the table. Legs apart and feet turned inwards. I want you to raise up on your toes and arch your back. This will do a better job of presenting your butt to me for the exam and help with the probe entry. You will likely feel some pressure. Just try to relax while I insert the probe.”

I felt him move behind me. His feet were between mine. His knees forced my legs Otele gelen escort farther apart even though he already had easy access to me. It left me off balance and vulnerable.

He stepped up to me and put his hand on my back. His cock rested between my butt cheeks. I felt it bouncing in anticipation. Each pulse transferred lubrication from his sheathed cock to my cheeks. His cock began to probe towards my hole .

He placed his hands on my butt with his thumbs toward my hole and then spread my cheeks apart. The cold exam room air hit the left over lubricant on my rosebud and gave me a shiver. His thumbs re-positioned and forced my cheeks further apart. One hand left my ass cheek to help force his cock head into my hole.

I felt his cock touch my hole. My opening was still loose from having his fingers probe me. Even though I clinched my butt, his cock head parted my opening and begin to enter me thanks to a bit of force on his part. With the head in, he massaged my butt while slowly forcing the rest of his cock into me.

Pressure began to increase as more of his cock plowed into me. He kneaded my ass cheeks as he leaned into me. Penetration was slow and relentless. I felt the pressure build as he reached and pushed past my first ring. I could tolerate this amount of penetration.

However, passing the second ring was a different story. When the pain was near unbearable levels, Dr. Joll sensed my distress and began to alternately pull my right butt cheek to the right and the left to the left. This both distracted me and allowed for some further entry of his cock into my ass.

With these manipulations, his cock began to pass both rings. I began to have hope that I would survive the exam intact. Just when his head passed the second ring and as I released the breath I had been holding, he slammed me full depth. In one stroke, he was balls deep. I went rigid.

A white hot pain flashed over me. I clinched, raised up on my toes and arched my back. While this did nothing for me it must have done wonders for Dr. Joll. “Lift that ass to me baby. I’ve wanted that butt for the last 5 years and today is the day that I have my way with it. I am tired of your teasing” [What had I done? When had I teased him?]

All the muscles below my waist screamed to contract and expel the invader while my brain was fighting to get the same muscles to relax before they were torn. Slowly, the pain subsided and I realized I was whimpering “Oh god, Oh god, Oh god.”

Dr. Joll was obviously enjoying his victory over me. His hands had grabbed my hips and were pulling me to him. He was slowly rocking against me. There was no real movement within me, just a rocking motion that rolled his balls against mine. His nuts nuzzled mine with an intimacy that was reassuring. I could feel his hair brushing against my ass. It made me flex my ass muscles in recognition of his cock’s intrusion into my butt.

After a bit he began to thrust. A regular pattern was started using shallow thrusts followed by a deep penetration and full withdrawal. It was dizzying.

This continued for some time until I felt his hands leave my hips and reach down to the inside of my legs. He rubbed his thumb nails against the inside of my legs from my lower thighs up until the edges of my butt cheeks. He then let them slide up my crack before starting over on my thighs.

Each pass of his thumbs against my legs was an invitation to lift my butt to him and give him more access for his cock. I tried to oblige even though it made me feel exposed and all too available. At this point, my forehead was against the table and each hand was clinching a side of the table padding. I worried about what was to come.

He began to fuck me in earnest. Toying with me initially as he would alternately swing his hips left and right so that his balls would rub against mine. He then followed that by pulling his cock almost to the point of slipping out of me.

Penetration was alternately shallow then deep. He repeatedly passed his cock head back and forth over my rings before burying it deep inside me. He seemed to delight in pushing his cock head past my sphincter; teasing the area that he had just conquered. Each time he penetrated my rings, he would flex his cock to get his helmet to swell and his shaft to stiffen. Then, with that impressive crown swollen to the maximum, he would withdraw and take my sphincter with him.

I tried to clinch and grab his cock with my butt muscles but he would always simply slide past and slip away.

Dr. Joll said, “I think we are almost through with the examination; just a bit more.” That was true. The exam was ending but only because the exam turned into an all out assault on my ass instead.

Dr. Joll flared his knees against my inner thighs to spread them even further. I had to go on tip toes to support myself with my legs flared. His left hand grabbed the hair at the back of my head and pulled back with it. Balgat Escort His right hand pressed down at the small of my back and locked me into position against the table.

He began to jackhammer me. I was helpless. Earlier, his balls had brushed mine with his thrusts but now the impact was hard, violent, painful.

I tolerated the assault as best I could. I had no real choice in the matter. My head was pulled back by his hand in my hair. I was helpless; unable to defend myself or participate in the coupling. With my head pulled back, he twisted it to whisper in my ear. “Say it” were his only words.

His thrusting continued. When I did not respond, he pulled, twisted and then growled his command again. “Say it cunt.”

I knew what he wanted so I gave it to him. “Fuck me Dr. Joll. Fuck me good. Drive your cock up my ass until I scream. “

My words pushed him over the edge. His pace increased again but soon faltered. While his rhythm became erratic, the violence of his thrusts stayed strong. His pounding was slamming my thighs into the exam table and lifted my ass off of it. My cock and balls were being driven into the table along with my thighs. Bruising was inevitable. The strength of his erection seemed able to lift me off the table on its own.

His hands left me to grab handfuls of the exam gown. His right hand grabbed gown from my left side and his left hand grabbed from the right. Crossing the ends over my back locked the gown and provided a sling for him to leverage and control my body. Using the gown, he pulled me slightly away from the table and tight against his balls for maximum penetration.

My chest remained in contact with the table but slid with each of his thrusts. I used my hands to hold on to the table. It was the last bit of control that I had.

His hips provide his power while his hands used the gown to hold me against him. I missed his hands on my hips and ass. My cock and balls were swinging freely now and were slapping against his nuts while he pounded me. My feet left the ground with each of his thrusts. He felt like a bull behind me and I was a ragdoll in his hands.

After a dozen more massive thrusts he had his orgasm. He shuddered deep inside me time and time again. I felt each flex of his cock and imagined his seed flowing from his balls, up through his cock and being released within me. [Damn the condom for separating him from me.]

As his orgasm continued, he pushed me back to the table and then collapsed on top of me. His weight was pressing me to the table but I barely felt it. I could feel his heart pounding against my back and his cock pulsing in my ass. Within half a minute, his cock withered and began to withdraw from me as his breathing returned to normal.

After a bit more time to rest, Dr. Joll gave me his final instructions while still mounting me. “When I pull the probe completely out of your rectum, I will use a gloved hand to carefully remove the condom from the probe . Once the condom is off, give me a moment to insert a medicated/lotioned tampon into your rectum. This will help you with any irritation from today’s exam.

“Keep the tampon in place as long as you can. The tampon string will be a shorter than normal because I have tied the end into a bow. The bow may tickle you some throughout the day. It should remind you of what we accomplished today. Once the condom has been removed from the probe and the tampon is in place, I want you to clean the probe.”

He pulled the last bit of his cock out of my ass. My sphincter clinched at its absence, struggling to recover. His cock was soon replaced by the tampon but it seemed to be a poor second.

I heard glove sounds again and the sound of a trashcan opening and closing.

With the butt work completed, I dropped to my knees in front of him and carefully used my lips and tongue to gather his cock into my mouth. There was a residue of semen present for me to clean away. I swirled cock and balls in my mouth and swallowed until I was sure he was clean. I felt like I was worshiping. While still on my knees, he handed me a cup of water and told me to swish and swallow. “No need to leave nasty DNA samples around for mischief makers.”

With the probe cleaned and my sphincter recovering, Dr. Joll said, “I think you are fine. I didn’t find any issues with the extended exam. You can come see me again in a year. As always, if you have any concerns that need addressing, make an appointment and we will get it taken care of. Just be sure to schedule late in the day and to allow enough time for a complete examination.”

I could not speak and left the office with my mind in a fog. I don’t remember dressing.

I didn’t even think to clean the lubrication from my butt. I could feel my butt cheeks sliding together on the lube as I drove. It was an embarrassing and erotic reminder of what had just happened. I felt sure that the lubrication had spotted thru my pants as I walked to my apartment. I wondered who was looking and what they concluded about what they saw.

Once inside my apartment, I began to question what had happened. Am I now gay? By definition, I guess I am. That was sex with another male unless I choose to think of it as nonconsensual; i.e. rape, but how could it be rape after what I had said to him? Even so, even with my actions today, I have no desire to be with any other male. No. No way.

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