My Teen Stud Nephew – Day 02

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I woke up the next morning after a terrible night of sleep. I had to admit to myself that the spare room left something to be desired. The bed was firm to the point of painful, the room freezing cold, the blanket thin and itchy, and the pillow small and lumpy. Not only that but I was kept up from thinking about events of the prior day.

My teenage nephew Ryan had arrived and my daughter seemed to be drooling all over him. What’s worse, I thought Ryan may have mistaken my presence outside his shower looking at his naked…huge…strong…hard…

…at his body as me meaning to spy whe…when, really it was simply a matter of the wrong place at the wrong time.

I limped downstairs and was drinking my morning coffee and reading the paper when I heard giggling. I glanced up at the ceiling. Jesus, what now? Tracy always slept late and generally wasn’t up for another hour or two at least.

I continued reading the paper and fought my instinct to go storming upstairs as the giggling continued. Soon, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Ryan stepped in, wearing a sleeveless white dry-fit shirt and similarly styled shorts. He had his phone strapped around his arm, the tightness of the strap accenting his bulging bicep, and had laced up sneakers to go, obviously, for a run. My eyes were soon pulled away though by Tracy stepping into the kitchen.

I gawked. She wore a pair of skin tight grey spandex jogging pants that ended just below her belly button, hugging the curves of her waist. That was where her clothing basically stopped. The only thing above it was a strappy spandex sports top that was smaller than most bras I’d ever seen, revealing her perky cleavage and flat stomach. I’d never seen her in such skimpy clothing in my life. Heck I didn’t even know she owned these types of outfits. In addition, her skin was gleaming, as if she’d applied moisturizer all morning, and her hair and makeup look like they’d taken hours.

Together, the two of them looked like homecoming king and queen, albeit in training clothes instead of tuxes and gowns.

“Good morning, Tom.” Ryan said. “Thanks for the bed last night – super comfortable.”

“Of course, Ryan.” I responded cheerfully, not without effort.

“Hey dad!” my daughter said happily. “We’re going for a run!”


“Yeah, Ryan mentioned yesterday that he runs most mornings and I thought I’d join him!”

I didn’t think Tracy had ever gone for a run or worked out in her life…

“It’ll be great to have the company.” Ryan said, putting his huge arm around Tracy’s thin waist as he said so. She visibly swooned at his touch, her eyes fluttering before glancing up at him with a dazzling smile. She looked so small next to him.

Ryan grinned at me and the moment dragged out.

“Right…” I replied uncertainly.

“Okay, we’re off. See you, Tom.” He let his arm fall and walked towards the front door. My eyes dropped to his muscular ass, each cheek outlined by the tight white shorts.

Tracy gave me a quick peck on my forehead. “Bye dad,” before scampering after his broad form.

I sighed. I got up and walked to the living room to look out to the street. As Tracy caught up with him, I saw Ryan give her ass a hard slap. I could hear her squeal as she looked at him and playfully smacked his arm. They passed the street corner and fell out of view.

I felt myself flush with anger. This wasn’t happening. No way. Not while I was the man of this house.


Forty-five minutes later or so I was working on my laptop in the living room when I heard the front door open and close. Ryan and Tracy walked in.

“Hey guys, how was?” I asked, trying to be polite. Ryan was covered in a light layer of sweat and his shirt clung to his defined musculature. Tracy, on the other hand, was disheveled, flushed, and had her hands on her knees while taking deep gasps of air.

“It was great. Fair bit slower a pace than I normally do but was good to have company.” Ryan turned and winked at Tracy. At his movement towards her, Tracy stood up, straightening her posture and pushing her chest out. She smiled at his words, seeming not to pick up on the insult embedded in his words.

I scowled. Ass hole.

“Well, glad you kids enjoyed.” I said slowly.

“Oh yeah, definitely. Trace and I had a blast.” Ryan answered, using Tracy’s despised nickname again. Again though, she simply nodded at him. “I’m going to grab a water.” She practically gasped. “Can I get you one, Rye?”

Rye? I thought. She had a nickname for him now?

“Maybe a coke or something?” he answered.

“Umm…maybe we have one in the basement fridge? Dad?” I shrugged, not knowing the answer.

“I’ll go check!” she said.

“Cool,” he replied simply. No thank you.

I watched her walk towards the basement steps and turned back to Ryan, my scowl even deeper now.

“You know, Ryan in this house….wha….what are you doing?”

Ryan was standing very close to me, perhaps 4 feet Çankaya Escort away, facing me as I sat on the couch. His thick legs spread wide and straight, planted firmly on the ground. His arms were extended outwards as he rotated his shoulders around and around. His giant mounds of muscles in his upper body stretched and contracted as he raised and lowered his shoulders, breathing deeply.

“Just some post-run stretching.” Grunted Ryan.

He rotated his torso, twisting left and right. His sweaty shirt, already clinging tight to his body, stretched and clung even tighter, revealing the apparent definition of his obliques and core.

“Dooooo you have to do this…here?” I stuttered.

“Oh, would you like me to stop?” He asked.

His placed his hands on his hips and leaned his torso back while thrusting his hips forward, holding the pose. Sitting on the couch, I was now staring right at the massive bulge between his legs. it wasn’t possible it was that big, was it?

“Uh…” came a soft reply from me.

He shifted his hips to the right now, and my eyes followed the prize. Then he did the same to the left, and soon was gyrating his hips around and around.

The basement door banged open and Tracy came flying into the room. I stood up abruptly as she approached Ryan. “Sorry, no coke Rye. Only Pepsi…”

“I think I’ll work in my office.” I announced louder than necessary and walked out of the room.

Without a backward glance I walked upstairs to my office and sat down. I immersed myself in work and within 10 minutes had pushed the entire encounter downstairs out of my mind.

Shit, I realized. I left my laptop charger in the living room. I stood up and walked towards the stairs, finding myself nervous for some reason.

I walked down the stairs and stopped as I turned into the living room. I heard Tracy let out a soft groan, “Mmmmm…How’s this, Rye?”

“Little higher, maybe Trace.”

I peaked around the corner and my jaw dropped.

Ryan sat on the couch, leaning back and smirking down at Tracy, who was on her knees between his legs. That arrogant little (okay…huge) prick looked like a fucking king on his throne. Sitting confidently and relaxed, his eyes taking in my daughter like she was a piece of his property.

Tracy, meanwhile, had her small hands on Ryan’s huge muscular legs and was rubbing them up and down. Her gaze moved up and down Ryan, drinking in the huge form of her younger teenage cousin with a look of pure lust and adoration.

As I watched, at Ryan’s suggestion, she began to slide her hands from the top of Ryan’s knees, upwards towards his waist. She bit her lip as her hands continued their slow progression up Ryan’s granite quads.

“God…” She sighed in awe. “You’re so fucking big. And you’re hard…everywhere….” Her fingers flexed as she tried, and fail, to dig them into his unyielding muscles.

“I am big, Trace. But not all of me is hard, not yet at least.” Ryan winked at her. Most people couldn’t pull off a wink but with Ryan it somehow flaunted his innate sexiness and aggressiveness. Tracy, of course, giggled furiously. Her eyes, which had been sweeping across Ryan’s broad chest, fell now to his lap. She stared at an impossibly large mound to which her hands inched closer and closer.

As I watched my daughter’s hands come closer and closer to my nephew’s giant cock, I finally broke my frozen stare.

I stumbled into the room. “Hey..hey…what? What the hell is this huh? What do you think you’re doing!?”

I stared angrily at Tracy, who had stood up abruptly and whose eyes fell to the floor guiltily.

“Well?” I asked, my stare shifting to Ryan. Ryan hadn’t moved and looked as relaxed as before, though he wore a slightly annoyed expression now.

“I train hard, Tom. And usually, after a run, I get a massage. Tracy was around, so I thought I’d see if she was good at massaging. She was eager to help out.” He shrugged innocently, but I could swear there was a glimmer in his eye.

“Tracy…I think it’s time that you leave.” I said menacingly. She looked increasingly nervous but still she hesitated. She looked desperately at Ryan, for some reason. He gave a slight nod and she put her head down and walked passed me out of the room without another word.

I stood glowering at Ryan as he looked back at me calmly, his arms spread out and relaxed on top of the couch.

“You need to watch yourself, young man.” I said sternly.

Ryan stood up slowly, maintaining eye contact. His face remained calm but as he stood his presence took on a menacing character. I found myself shrinking back slightly as he towered over me. The corners of my eyes caught the movement of his tight sweaty shirt stretching around his broad muscles and my focus was drawn away from his face towards his incredible chest. He took a step towards me, but my eyes remained glued to his round bulging pecs, even as I shrank further away.

“I dunno about that, Keçiören Escort Tom. Seems like you’re watching me enough for the both of us.”

My eyes bounced back to his handsome face, which was staring at me intensely. He seemed right on the edge of anger but remained calm.

With another step he was past me. As I exhaled, I felt Ryans large strong hand grip my left ass cheek. I yelped in a high-pitched squeal. Ryan’s hand fell away.

“Hmm…not bad…” I heard him say as his footsteps faded away. I didn’t dare turn around.


That evening I ordered pizza for delivery. We ate together around the table and I tried not to gag on my slices while Tracy played with her food and stared dreamily at Ryan. Ryan dominated the conversation with talk about the schools and areas of study he was considering. Tracy hung on to every word and responded enthusiastically when prompted, including by agreeing with Ryan that “we should really have some more home cooked meals around here” and that “too much pizza and heavy food isn’t good for a woman’s figure.”

I rolled my eyes at these, incredulous that Tracy was playing along. Dinner couldn’t end early enough and Tracy left, looking crestfallen that she wasn’t able to cancel getting together with an old friend for a few hours tonight.

After Tracy left, Ryan eased himself onto the couch. “Oh man….I could really use a massage right now…”

I glanced at him from the sink where I was doing dishes. “And I could really use some help right now, Ryan.”

“Dishes?” Said Ryan. “No offense but that’s a woman’s work.”

My face turned red. “Well, it’s here and someones got to do it.”

“And you’re doing a great job! It suits you.”

I ground my teeth in frustration.

“By the way, Trace says your girlfriend recently broke up with you? What went wrong?”

“If you don’t mind, Ryan. I’d rather not talk about it.”

“Suit yourself.”

I finished up the dishes and walked by Ryan without another word. I went upstairs to my office to finish up some leftover work.


A couple hours later, I exited my office, turned the corner, and there were Ryan and Tracy. Tracy was standing with her back against the hallway wall. Ryan stood directly in front of her, leaning towards her with his hand propped right next to her. Ryan now wore a wife beater and his profile was imposing in the dim, shadowy lights. The ridges of his huge defined shoulders and biceps cast long shadows, outlining his strong form. Tracy had a hand on Ryan’s bulging tricep and was smiling excitedly at Ryan’s face, which was only a few inches from hers. She was also wearing a pink, short, and slightly sheer nightie. Another item of clothing I’d never seen her in.

“AHEM” I cleared my throat loudly.

They both glanced towards me but unlike before, Tracy didn’t look scared or embarrassed. Instead she looked at me with an angelic look on her face – as if in an incredibly blissful trance. She hesitated for a second looking at me, but Ryan put his finger on her chin and guiding her face back slowly so it was pointed at his again. Ryan glanced at me, smirking, then whispered something that made Tracy’s smile falter as she bit her lip. Her gaze shifted from his eyes to his lips.

Then, right in front of me, Ryan lifted Tracy’s chin just slightly and her lips pressed against his. She seemed to melt all at once into him, pressing against him and seeming to lose all ability to hold herself up at the same time. Ryan’s arms encircled her as she brought her hands up to hold onto his shoulders.

The kiss may have lasted a second, or 5 minutes, I had no idea as I stared at them, open-mouthed. But it seemed like it had been an eternity when their lips parted. Tracy let out a long, contented sigh. Ryan whispered something to her again and she nodded her head, looking somewhat disappointed. Ryan stepped back and she turned and walked past me without making eye contact.

I stared after her before turning back to Ryan. He stood facing me with his arms crossed, huge and imposing. Pressed up against his body, his bare arms looked impossibly huge. He gave a slight head nod towards his room and walked in.

I looked at the empty place he just occupied. He wanted to talk to me? Well goddamn I would give him a piece of my mind.

Shaking myself out of my stupor, I stormed towards Ryan’s room, no MY room, it was my own goddam room for christ sake.

I took slow steps towards Ryan’s – fuck, MY – room, working myself up, fomenting my anger. As I stepped through the door, I contorted my face into a look of grim determination.

Ryan sat on his…my…bed, taking off his shoes. “Ryan, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Ryan continued to calmly unlace his shoes. After a moment he said “Well…I thought I’d get ready to go to sleep.”

I spoke slowly, cold fury in my voice. “That’s. Not. What. I. Meant. And. You. Know. It.”

Ryan cocked an eyebrow at me, Etimesgut Escort then seemed to dismiss my tone (and my question). “Thing is, my legs are still really sore from that run this morning. You see, I wanted a massage, but that was cut short.”

This fucking ass hole. “Tracy is not a masseuse, Ryan. She is your cousin. I do NOT approve of the behavior you two have exhibited the last couple days. I am afraid that I will have to call your m…”

Ryan interrupted. “Thing is, I’ll cramp in the middle of the night if my quads aren’t worked out before I go to sleep.”

I stumbled, thrown off my Ryan’s continued interruptions. “R…Ryan, you do not seem to be getting it.”

“No, it’s you who don’t get it, Tom.” Ryan fixed me with a stare that locked me in place. Staring at his intense, penetrating, deep blue eyes, I forgot the words of my lecture I had been storing up. His eyebrows were just slightly furrowed and his full lips turned down slightly. I gulped.

“I’m going to need a massage before I go to sleep, Tom.” Ryan continued in a dangerous tone. “I know at least one person in this house who has just demonstrated that she will eagerly provide anything I ask for. Can you think of anyone?”

I stammered. “If you think Tracy…she won’t…I won’t let…”

“I think we both know she will, Tom.” Ryan smirked and my blood boiled. “As for you, are you going to camp outside my room all night? Tomorrow night?”

“If…if I have to, I will.”

“It won’t even work, Tom. If I want it – you can’t stop it.”

“Listen, you…”

“Or.” Ryan interrupted again and I stopped talking, yielding to his commanding tone. “We can work something else out.”

I paused, trying to imagine what he meant. He lowered his feet to the ground, still sitting on the edge of his bed. My…my bed. He leaned back onto his arms and looked me up and down.

“I think there’s another candidate for a masseuse under this roof.” Ryan said, a slow, handsome grin spreading on his face.

That’s what he wanted! Jesus. I couldn’t suppress a short bark of a laugh. “Ryan, you’re crazy if you think I’m going to massage you.”

“Okay, I’ll text Trace.” He pulled out his phone.

I stared at it, watching his fingers type, frozen by fear and indecision. Finally, I mumbled. “Wait…”

“Sorry? What’s that Tom?”


Ryan Waited expectantly, his thumb still on his phone screen.

“If I do this…you…you will leave Tracy alone.”

“So long as you do what I say, Tom.”

I considered his vague answer. “Just this once. And you’ll leave Tracy alone, yes?”

Ryan just sat looking at me. I took it as a yes.

I let out a long slow sigh. “Fine.”

“Good.” He stood up and, right in front of me, unzipped his fly. I quickly glanced away, my cheeks flushing and my body all the sudden warming up rapidly. My heart beat rapidly in my chest.

I glanced back and Ryan stood in his wife beater and a pair of tight white calvin klein boxer briefs. I immediately shifted my focus downwards again. What greeted my gaze were the widest, most defined quads I’d ever seen in my life. Hugely muscular and yet sinewy at the same time, I marveled at the power they displayed.

“I don’t…I don’t think it’s necessary that you get undressed.”

Ryan sat down, spreading his legs slightly. The muscular lines on the inside of his legs seemed to stretch and grow as I watched.

“On your knees.” He ordered.

I glanced towards his face, glowering. I was met with his intense gaze and swallowed my attitude immediately.

“What? There? Umm…” I stammered, looking at the space on the floor in front of him.

He just waited.

Slowly, I stepped forward. Avoiding looking at Ryan, I fixed my focus on the floor instead as I guided myself to my knees between his legs.

I grumbled. “This is just so you leave Tracy alone, you ass hole.”

“Uh huh. Right.”

Still looking down, I brought my hands up and gripped the huge pillars that were Ryan’s calves, suppressing a surprised grunt. The dense muscles barely yielded to my touch. I ran my hands around the back of his legs and as I pressed up into him the weight of his calves became obvious. Slowly, I ran my hands up and down his calves and shin, feeling their contours and size.

“I hope you’re enjoying yourself.” Ryan interjected, “but how about my massage now?”

“oh…sorry…” I mumbled, still fixing my gaze on the ground. I began squeezing his legs, with minimal effect. After a minute on his calves I slid my hands slowly over his knees and onto his quads. My god they were big. I slid my hands circularly around his quads, just above his knees, feeling the bumps and ridges of his muscle definition.

A soft and unspecific sound left my mouth. “Urrrhhh…”

“The massage.” Ryan reminded me again.

I dug my fingers in and began running my hands up and down his thighs. I moved further between his legs now for leverage, still looking down at the floor. The feel of the granite muscle in his legs was unbelievable but I resisted looking at what I touched and caressed. My fingers hit the edge of the fabric of his underwear.

Without thinking, I began to slide my fingers under the edge of his briefs, instead of over, keeping the skin on skin contact. Sliding up and down, one knuckle passed under the fabric, then two.

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