My Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 3

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My first four months of college had been very good, three of them especially good because of my roommate Will. Him and I had become very close. Now it was soon Christmas and he was heading home along with most of the students. I had at first planned to go home but when I called my parents they told me they were going on a trip to Jamaica. I didn’t want to go home to an empty house so I just decided to stay at school.

The night Will was leaving I wanted to be by myself for a while so before he came back to pick up his things to go home, I went out for a walk. I was never one for good-byes and I didn’t want to think of spending the next two weeks without him. Truth was I loved him. It was hard for me to admit, and felt strange to admit, but I was in love with another man.

I walked off campus grounds and down the street looking in the store windows. Shopping is my passion and always makes me feel better when I’m down.

I got almost to the end of the street when in front of an electronic shop stood two gorgeous guys! One was about my height, 6′, with brown hair, brown eyes, chiseled jaw, and the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen next to Will. His companion was only about 5’9 with red hair and blue eyes. He wasn’t bad looking either.

They stood watching a soccer game on the big screen TV in the display window. I stood beside them and pretended to be interested in the game, but I was really more interested in them. I inconspicuously glanced over Ankara Escort at them from time to time. I was soon aware of a bulge in my jeans. I was praying that no one would notice.

The handsome brown hared man looked over at me. I could tell by the look on his face that he noticed that I was looking at him and he noticed the bulge I got from it! He tapped his friend on the shoulder and nodded over toward me. They advanced toward me backing me up against the wall. “Well well Jordan, look what we have here,” the tall man said.

“Jake, I think we have a little queer trying to check us out,” Jordan said.

Jake grabbed me hard by the arm and pulled me back into the dark alley. They both looked around to see if anyone could see us. They both began to punch me hard with clenched fists. Jake pounded my face while Jordan did a number on my stomach.

Jake grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. “Okay you little fag, you’re going to do just what you wanted to do!” he said as he reached in his pants and pulled out a hard 9″ piece of meat. “Open your mouth!” he commanded.

In fear for my life at this point I obediently opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in. He pushed it all the way in. I was gagging and couldn’t breathe but he didn’t seem to care. He took a firm hold of my head and fucked my throat like a mad man. Right as I thought I would pass out he threw his head back and Sincan Escort spilled his seed down into my throat. I swallowed it because I didn’t know what else to do.

He pulled out and stuffed his now limp cock back into his pants. “Very good you little cock whore!” he said as he pulled me to my feet and pushed me over to his friend. Jordan grabbed my neck and slammed me face first into the brick wall. He pulled down my pants exposing my ass to the frigid night air. Now I was really scared. I had fucked Will many times and I knew he loved it, but I was a virgin when it came to fucking. Will was too large for me to even consider letting him take my virginity. That was no longer going to be an issue.

His cock rammed the whole way up into me. The pain that shot through me was unbearable. I felt that my poor tender ass was being ripped apart. He never even gave me a second to adjust to his size he just pounded hard.

“Jake, this little whore sure is tight,” he grunted.

All I could do was cry silently to myself and pray that it would soon be over and they wouldn’t kill me. Blood was running out of my nose and mouth and down my neck and chest along with my tears. I could taste a little in my mouth too.

After what seemed like an eternity he let out an animal cry and I felt him cum in my ass. He pulled out and put his cock back in his pants also.

He gave me another good hard Etlik Escort punch in the stomach and I slid to the ground. His friend kicked me in the face and they turned to leave.

As if it were all a dream, a tall figure blocked their way. The figure stepped forward. It was Will! “What the hell do you think you two or doing?” he yelled.

He looked over at me lying on the ground. He swung his fist and a bone shattering punch on Jake’s face. He flew backward onto the ground and didn’t move. He then turned his attention to Jordan. “I asked you a question!” he screamed in his face as he backed him up against the wall.”

“We were just having some fun!” he cried

“Oh really! Well, I’m a fun loving guy, why don’t I join you!”

He pushed him into the wall and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He pulled his hips back toward him a little. H pulled his monster 12″ cock out of his pants and shoved it up Jordan’s defenseless ass.

Jordan screamed in terror and pain. Will put his hand over his mouth to muffle the screams. He pounded into him like an animal. “So how do you like it!” he yelled. Jordan only whimpered.

Will pounded for quite some time before he threw his head back and let out a deep groan. He pulled out and threw Jordan to the ground.

He ran over to me and picked me up in his arms. “Are you all right?” he asked with concern in his voice.

“What are you doing here?” I asked weakly.

“When I came back and you weren’t there I really wanted to say good bye to you before I left. I wanted to come look for you and I know how much you like to shop. Now just rest.”

He kissed me softly and made sure the two guys were watching. “You’re coming with me,” he said as he scooped me up in arms and carried me to his car and laid me in the back seat.

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