My New Friend Pete

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I had spent the month following my high school graduation searching for a place to chat with other guys. Searching all over the web for a website that didn’t look like it was made by a 10-year-old. Once I found the right one, I began talking to all sorts of different men. Actual men, gay, bi, even straight men like me. It was only after I graduated that I began to question just how “straight” I actually was.

I started chatting with Pete. He was quite a bit older than my 18-year-old self. In his early forties, a husky man, but short, even shorter than me and I’m very average height. We began chatting about this and that, getting to know each other a bit. After breaking the ice, we began expressing our sexual desires. The one’s that included sucking one another’s cock, and jerking off to whatever type of porn we could actually both agree on. This man was fascinating, or maybe it was just my naïve personality at the time. It seemed like we had so many things in common and that I’d be comfortable meeting him, yet I was scared shitless to blurt it out…but finally I did. I searched deep down and realized I really, truly wanted this, to commit sexual acts with another man and finally give myself the answer I had been searching for.

We both decided we’d like to Kolej Escort meet each other, even if it was to just say hi and shoot the shit. We left the previously described acts on the table as a sort of incentive, one of those “if it gets that far” type of things that so many other men are familiar with. Neither of us could meet at our homes, so we decided to add a bit of excitement to this encounter and meet somewhere outdoors. After all it was summer time and the heat of the season was obviously getting to me if I was this anxious to touch another man’s penis. We came to an agreement to meet at the golf course near my house and walk over to the woods next to the park across the street.

“I drive a black Cadillac” Pete said, “keep an eye out for it.”

I spent the whole night before thinking about what it would be like, my first sexual encounter with another man. The thoughts running through my head were indescribable. I didn’t sleep that night. Then the morning came and the hours ticked by and we were getting closer. I got to the golf course early to mentally prepare. I sat on a lawn chair, eyes fixed on the parking lot looking for his car. For what seemed like forever, I waited and waited, then finally…the Rus Escort black Cadillac pulled up.

I surprised myself and made my way over without being too sheepish. I walked up to the car and once Pete saw me, he got out. I was surprised at just how much shorter he was than me in person, at least seven inches. A small, stubby little guy who was starting to show some grey in his short, black hair. He was dressed in gym shorts and a nice pair of shoes with a blue t-shirt. We shook hands and introduced ourselves then decided to take a walk. I was shaking but doing my best not to show it. We walked over into the woods and almost as if nature was expecting us, there was a downed tree, perfect for sitting on in a nice quiet spot where no one could see us.

“Wanna sit down?” Pete asked.

I took a load off next to him and he immediately put his lips to mine. He kissed me gently at first and then began to get a little more forceful. After a second, I felt his tongue begin to explore mine.

“Wow” was the only thought going through my brain.

He then offered to give me head. We were going at such a fast, exciting pace that all I could do was nod to answer his question. I stood up in front of him, Yenimahalle Escort still sitting down on the tree and he undid my belt and my shorts fell down around my ankles. He took a second to admire my cock, at full attention by this point, then he devoured it. His tongue worked expertly around the tip, I was squirming a bit, not sure where it was going next and before I knew it I blew my entire load in his mouth and he swallowed it whole. My heart was pounding, I was speechless.

“Can I jerk you off?” I asked, not knowing where the thought came from.

We switched positions and I sat down on the tree and he dropped his gym shorts revealing his beautiful cock. I touched it gently at first, not knowing how much pressure to use. I began jerking him slowly then began to up the tempo a little at a time. He closed his eyes and his mouth gaped open and let out some moans that told me I was doing my job well. Much to my surprise, he came even quicker than me, I didn’t want to walk around with stains on my shirt after so I pointed his cannon the other way. We kissed again afterwards with so much vigor. I wanted this man in so many ways, but I couldn’t decipher exactly how through my wildly racing mind.

“Someone’s coming” Pete whispered.

I turned and saw a group of people coming right towards us. We calmly scrambled over to the parking lot and said a quick goodbye before his black Cadillac drove away. I texted him later on once I knew he had made it home.

“I had fun today. It was nice meeting you,” I said.

“Just wait until next time,” he replied.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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