Lust in the Afternoon – Hyderabad

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Smita came a little after lunch on a Sunday.

She was dressed in a simple sari. It was the beginning of summer and the afternoon sun was strong and I had drawn all the curtains to keep the heat out. The room was quite dark except for the flickering glow from the TV screen. Although she had said she would come, I was not sure she actually would. So I had started watching a porn video on the VCR. I paused the video and opened the door to let her in.

I asked her to sit on the sofa facing the TV. It was some time before she got used to the darkened room and noticed the paused video. It had the woman with legs spread wide and the man eating her pussy. But the picture had TV fuzz lines which is usual when a VCR is paused. She had earlier hinted she wanted to watch porn. She made no comment and I went to fetch her a glass of water..We were making small talk but she was completely distracted by the TV, glancing often at the paused screen. I suggested that we could watch the video and she nodded her head in agreement.

I pressed the PLAY button, lowered Keçiören Escort the TV volume, once again drew the curtains tight and sat next to her on the sofa. Smita was about 40, taller than average and had a nice, nearly voluptuous figure. She had married early with a man much older than her. She worked in a call-centre. Her husband was an alcoholic and presumably showed little interest in her. She normally wore salwar-kurta or sari. Her big heavy 38 C size boobs were a big magnet for me.

Meanwhile the action on the screen was hotting up. The woman was sucking the man’s dick and I was getting hard. To get more comfortable I got up and lay down on the rug. Smita was completely absorbed in the video.,,probably the first porn video she had ever seen. The woman on the screen was now busy sucking dick and the man was fingering her. I started rubbing my cock to enjoy the moment. The room was dark but I knew she was watching me even though she pretended to be absorbed in the video.

To provoke her I unzipped Etimesgut Escort my pants and slowly slid them down a few inches exposing my hard dick. Next I started stroking it.Smita did not say a word. I think she was as absorbed in the video as she was in watching me stroke my cock. After a while I zipped up my pants again and asked her to lie next to me to get more comfortable. I have her a couple of pillows and she lay down next to me.

Now we were both lying on the rug watching the action on the screen.I took her hand and placed it on the mound that my cock was making in my pants. She was a little hesitant but at my prodding started giving my dick gentle squeezes. I guided her hand to rub my cock and she quickly understood. Now it was my turn. I placed my hand on her pussy and gave it a gentle rub. I could feel her stiffen for a second but she went along with it. Soon I was rubbing harder..feeling the heat from her burning pussy. I stopped the rubbing for a moment and caressed the bare skin Demetevler Escort of her tummy…teasing her navel. Then slowly slid my hand under her sari reaching down to cup her shaved pussy in my palm. SHE let out a little moan of pleasure as I dipped my finger in her very wet pussy and started stroking her clit.

She was soon arching her back and hips. It was clear that her clit had never been pleasured before.I asked her to sit on the sofa again and lifted her sari to above her thighs. I kissed her thighs, pulled her panty to one side and started licking her pussy, my tongue caressing her lips and clit. She had thick pussy lips, now even more swollen with sexual excitement. Her shivering thighs told me she was now close to orgasm.

So I stopped licking and slid her panty off her hips and legs. Spreading her legs I placed them on the arms of the sofa and knelt down with my head between her legs to pay full attention to her sweet n wet pussy.It wasn’t long before I felt her thighs shiver and her moans told me she was orgasming. But I continued eating her. Dipping my tongue in, sucking her clit and gently chewing her pussy lips. Her pussy was now dripping, juices flowing down her thighs. I inserted 2 fingers and continued eating her. Soon she had another orgasm. It was stonger than the first one and she gripped my head and pushed it down on her pussy as she arched her back.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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