Lot 27 Ch. 01

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It was going to be another hot day. Tom could tell as he lay in bed with a hangover from hell. Why did he let them convince him to go out on school night? And, more to the point, why did he say yes when they all headed off for Heaven?

The scene had never been his thing, but when Lawrence, the group adonis, puts on his puppy-dog routine, Tom just can’t say no. He opened a bleary eye, shielding his face with his arm as sunlight streaming in through the blinds, and peered over at the alarm clock on the table.

“Fuck,” shouted Tom as the clock came into focus- 8:12am. He flung his naked torso out the bed dragging the duvet off as he went, and that’s when the man lying in bed next to him grunted. Tom stopped cold, turned round and saw Lawrence spread naked across the bed, his jeans hanging off the side.

He sobered almost immediately as he drank in every inch of the 6ft 6in chiseled torso lay before him. The strong and well-defined arms splayed above his head, the developed pecks that rose and fell with the steady pace of his breathing, those firm abs that only a fitness instructor could ever have, and the trail of hair on his perfect v-section that led to 8 inches of nirvana laying against his stomach, calling to Tom.

Panic, confusion and lust all set in. Had we? Did I?

Blood throbbed into his dick at the very thought of it. As his cock jutted out from his stomach, it was all he could do not to wrap his lips around Lawrence’s dick, spread his cheeks and thrust that perfect cock balls deep right there and then. A bead of precum appeared on Tom’s dick as he bit his lower lip, torn between putting that awesome cock in his mouth or running for the hills.

As the clock ticked over to 8:13, his mind came up with a plan: store the image in your mind, have a wank in the shower, and get to fucking work before they fire your ass. He lingered, making sure he remembered everything, before turning and heading towards the bathroom. “Where do you think you’re going?” came the voice of Lawrence as Tom stopped cold.

Caught. As his cheeks flushed deep crimson, he turned and said, “erm, take a shower then get to work” in a weak and cracked voice, betraying his true convictions.

“Not til you’ve taken care of this,” said Lawrence, a grin spreading across his face as he reached down and took his growing cock in his hand. “You were so eager last night- Çankaya Escort right up until you passed out.”

Tom was transfixed as he subconsciously licked his bottom lip. Whilst thinking he shouldn’t be doing this, his legs moved towards the bed slowly. Kneeling astride Lawrence’s long, toned legs, he stared at the growing cock of his friend, already 9″ and hard with a large engorged head nestling underneath his foreskin.

As he looked deep into Lawrence’s eyes, he felt desire swelling inside. He yearned to please this god of a man and was desperate, so desperate to take his cock in his mouth, and yet he was frightened.

The last time he’d sucked a guy off, he’d been thwarted by his gag reflex and ended up throwing up into the guys lap. He didn’t want that, not for the man he’d worshiped from afar. As he breathed heavily open-mouthed, Lawrence lifted his hips and thrust the head of his cock inside Toms mouth. The heat in his prick startled him, and he tried to get up, but Lawrence grabbed the back of his head and pushed him back down onto his throbbing, waiting cock.

Tom felt blood rushing to his head as panic started to set in. As Lawrence pushed his head further down his prick, he could feel his gag reflex kicking in. “Look at me,” said Lawrence, “look at me.” Tom lifted his eyes, and felt his lust rising, and his heartbeat matching Lawrence’s.

As he tasted the slightly salty precum at the tip of his cock, he moaned and started lapping at it with his tongue which got a groan of approval. His heart leapt at the sound of Lawrence enjoying his mouth, and parted his lips before slowly working his way down his cock, inch by inch rubbing his tongue delicately along the underside of his cock as he went. The musky, masculine scent of Lawrence rising from his crotch was heady, and sent Tom into a head spin of lust.

God, he loved that smell. Determined to please him, Tom took more and more of his delicious prick in his mouth, taking almost 7″ before he was right at the back of his mouth. He could feel his gag reflex kicking in, and so could Lawrence. As Tom started to cough and splutter, Lawrence waited for the time to strike.

He gave a big cough, and Lawrence took his cue, ramming his face onto his dick, forcing it down Tom’s throat. “Fuck yeah,” cried Lawrence as Tom struggled to accommodate Keçiören Escort his pulsing cock as his chin reached his balls. As he thought his head would explode, Tom could feel the bile rising, but he forced it down trying not to pass out. This was the most he’d ever taken, and he was damn sure he was going to please him.

Lawrence let go his grip, and Tom backed off a bit feeling the slide of his cock as it went. “You’re such a good cocksucker,” said Lawrence, and Tom took it as his cue to carry on. He started bobbing up and down on his cock, feeling it pass his now opened-up throat, his gag-reflex only making mild protestations.

He was getting into a rhythm now, and Lawrence just laid back, his hands behind his head savouring every moment. “This is fucking amazing” he panted as sweat started to make his body glisten. Tom looked up and, with the sunlight bouncing of those glistening abs, he was in heaven- dick heaven.

His tongue was working overtime as it flicked its way up and down. Swallowing his way back down, he took Lawrence’s balls in his hand and started massaging them, teasing them, his other hand heading towards his own dick which was throbbing and dripping mercilessly.

“Oh no you don’t,” came Lawrence’s voice as he grabbed at Tom’s arm placing it on his abs- he wanted all of Tom’s attention on him, and smiled as he got the hint, gently rubbing and caressing his abs. He could feel he was getting close as Tom carried on sucking his dick as though his life depended on it. He could feel his orgasm creeping up on him. As a tingle shot from his balls to his feet, he knew that he was building up to shoot.

“I’m gunna cum,” said Lawrence, but Tom wasn’t listening. He worked harder still with his mouth. His jaw ached but there was no way he was going to stop now. He was determined to make the very most of this, and moaned deeply from the pit of his stomach, driving Lawrence wild with lust.

He felt Lawrence’s large heavy balls retract out of his hands right up to his dick , and knew that any second Lawrence would be over the edge and spilling his load for him.

He withdrew right to the tip of the head and then sunk his nose right into Laurence’s pubes driving him wild. As Tom began to try and swallow his dick, Laurence let out a guttoral roar as his dick began pumping Etimesgut Escort stream after stream of hot ribbons of cum down Tom’s throat. He didn’t pull off, just keep swallowing and licking, swallowing and licking.

He’d never tasted anyone else’s cum, and had certainly never swallowed a load like this. Lawrence just kept shooting ribbon after ribbon of cum as it started leaking out the side of Tom’s mouth. He was swallowing as fast as he could but just couldn’t keep up with the pace.

As Lawrence began to calm, Tom swallowed every last drop before slowly taking his cock out of his mouth, sucking it clean as he did. He looked up and saw waves of pleasure cascade over Lawrence before kissing the head of his cock and smiling.

His own cock was desperate for attention, so he took his right hand and began furiously pumping his own cock. In a couple of strokes he arched his back, thrashed his head wildly, and shot the biggest load of his life into the sheets. Cum covered his thighs, sheets, and Lawrence’s calf. “Shit Tom, what the hell?” said Lawrence has opened his eyes and saw the cum on his leg.

“Sorry Lawrence,” Tom managed to croak as he basked in a post-orgasm haze. Before he knew what came over him, he bent down and began to lick his cum off Lawrence’s leg, before lying down next to him, a smile spreading over his face.

“You’re pretty good at that,” said Lawrence.

“Thanks. I’ve never been able to do that before- must be you that brings out the best in me.”

“Don’t be getting all clingy- it was a blowjob, not a marriage proposal. Anyway, aren’t you running late?”

FUCK. Tom looked over at the clock. 9:02am. He was definitely going to get fired now. He leapt from the bed and dashed into the shower, his face contorted, but inside he was still doing cartwheels.

He was in such a rush getting clean that he didn’t even hear the door as Lawrence left. Working on what excuses he could use for being late, he stepped out of the shower, dried his hair, and wrapped the towel round him as usual before heading back into the bedroom.

He was half-dressed before he even remembered Lawrence, and turned expecting to see him still in bed, but he’d gone. His heart sank, before turned round and finishing getting dressed.

He grabbed his briefcase, bottle of water and an apple on his way out before sprinting out the door and heading for the tube station. 9:20am. FUCK. He sprinted the half-mile or so to the station. Taking his oyster card out he realised he’d left his phone on the bedside table. DOUBLE FUCK. It was too late now, he’d have to cope without it.

He could feel it already- despite the amazing (albeit hungover) start, it was going to be one of THOSE days.

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