Last Day in Vegas

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I was in Vegas for my Birthday. It was a usual thing back then. Some food, drinks, gambling, a fuck buddy of mine, prefect right?

I shared the room with a casual buddy, Enrique to save on money this trip. Enrique wasn’t really my type, but he had sucked my dick the previous year we visited Vegas while we were hung over one morning. Sex is great for hangovers -don’t get me wrong- but I just really wasn’t into him and couldn’t get off. He was more of a bear cub and had a skinny 4 inch cock and was not into bottoming.

We were cool about it though, otherwise we wouldn’t have shared a room this year.

My fuck buddy, Jason was the real reason I was in Vegas this year. He and I were trying to figure out how and when we would fuck with a roommate. Jason was fit, kind of short, but that was fine by me. Smaller Bottoms have always been easier to position. He wouldn’t like being called a bottom though. He was more top vers and super tight. The last time I fucked him it took a good hour to relax him hole enough to do the deed. He had a decent cock for his build. Cut and an average 6 inches, but also about 5 in girth, and a nice plump head on it.

I guess you could say his cock was my younger twin. Our cocks looked pretty much identical by proportion, except mine 8×6, again with a large mushroom. I would often look at my cock in the bathroom mirror and compare Çankaya Escort it to the door knob. When comparing cocks with Jason, it looked like his would one day grow up to look like mine visually, but Jason was 30, so that wasn’t likely.

The 3 of us went out that night for some drinks on the town and all got pretty lit. We made it back to the hotel and all decided to take showers and call it a night. I went last.

As I finished my shower, I heard the familiar sound on someone slurping on a cock. I walked out of the bathroom to find Enrique servicing Jason’s dick. I wasn’t bothered by this. Jason and I kind of thought if we’re were going to fuck in the hotel, we might need to include our friend.

I removed my towel and positioned my large cock in front of Jason’s mouth and he sucked me sweetly while Enrique was slurping down his cock like a hungry pig.

After a while the position changed and a Jason started kissing Enrique. I offered my cock to both of them while they were kissing, but it was clear Enrique was more interested in Jason.

I suggested that Enrique prep Jason’s hole for me. I will tell you I have never seen someone so hungry to eat ass before. He did a phenomenal job and Jason clearly was in ecstasy.

Enrique came while jerk-off tongue deep in Jason’s hole. Enrique cleaned Keçiören Escort off and pulled the covers over himself to pass out. It was after all 4am. Jason went over to the other bed and positioned himself doggy style to receive my large cock.

I pushed my big dick against his hole, but it was too damn tight. I tried and tried to loosen him for what seemed like an hour. I could only get my large head in. With every push more he winced with pain. We used a ton of lube, but it was becoming clear that this wasn’t going to happen. It had been a year since he had me inside of him and he cough handle the pain. Jason’s sphincter was very sore from the attempts and we went to bed exhausted, horny, and drunk.

The next morning Jason left early for work, my roommate also had an early flight out, and I had the room to myself for a few hours before my flight. My balls were aching and desperate for release.

Jason texted me from work and said that his ass was still burning and he would not be able to meet back up with me before my flight.

I had the overwhelming to nut inside someone… Anyone. I pulled out the dating app and almost immediately got a hit from someone in the same hotel. They said that they hard to go to a work conference in 30 minutes, but if I wanted to come to their room and get sucked Etimesgut Escort off real quick, they would be in the shower waiting.

I knew this was risky, not really knowing this person but from their picture they looked alright. I was usually more cautious about meeting strangers for sex. I went to their floor to find their door open with the deadbolt latch holding the door open and could hear the shower running inside. I was so nervous but also rock hard as I pushed open the door and entered the bathroom.

I unbuttoned my clothes and got completely naked. I pulled back the curtain to find a cute, fit, 25 year old Latino on his knees in the shower ready to blow me. He stroke his 9inch Uncut dick that was completely hard. I hopped in and he immediately begin deep throating my cock. I couldn’t believe how well he sucked my large cock to the root. Most guys cant handle it that well. I could feel my mushroom head stretching this throat very deeply. I didn’t need ass at this point, this throat felt incredible and he was desperately trying to get me off in time for him to make his conference. The excitement from what I was doing with this stranger was too much. I came deeply down his throat in just about 5 minutes in. He began to choke on my load but forced himself to enjoy it. I pulled my dick from his mouth and continued to cover his face in an eruption of ejaculate. I need this so badly. I could feel my balls draining and the relief from the aching pain of blue balls made the orgasm so much more appreciated. The cocksucker moaned and shot his load in the tub of the shower. We dried off and I thanked him for helping me out. He said he was just glad his coworker didn’t come knock on his door during the deed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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