Last Birthday Present

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What an amazing birthday so far. You had a good breakfast with some friends, a nice lunch with a few family members and the night has so far been lots of fun at your place. There has been a bit of alcohol, but it seems everyone is enjoying themselves. You are sure the night will have to end soon though, a few people have left already, but it is getting late.

The music is a bit loud, but everyone has had a good night. One more of your friends gets up to leave with a hug, a last happy birthday wish and a quick hug. As your friend leaves you seem to catch the rest of your friends look around the room a little suspiciously. Might just be nothing, but it gets your attention.

The party continues though, with a few less people it is starting to wind down a little. One of your friends step outside to make a phone call. Who does she have to call at this hour? Don’t know; might be none of your business anyway. She comes back soon and re-joins the party. Everybody is having fun still. Somebody mentions that she is hoping to get laid tonight. A brief laugh spreads across the group.

You catch yourself thinking that you would enjoy a bit of attention of that nature too. About the only thing you haven’t done today is get some attention from a big man. The party continues with little change. After a while there is a small break in the conversation. One of your friends says, quite loudly “Well I think I have to be off; it has been a great party but I should go and leave everyone else to their night.”

It is a little suspicious to you that it does not take long for everyone else to get up and leave soon. They all say that you have had a good party and wish you the best for the rest of your birthday. There is strange looks on everyone’s faces as they leave though. You wonder what is going on. Maybe they are just a little drunk but that might not be why. Maybe you should think nothing of it.

You see the last friend out and close the door behind her. You go to sit Keçiören Escort back down on the couch, being a little surprised at how quickly everybody left. You have barely sat down when you hear a knock on the door. Maybe one of your friends left something here. You open the door and are surprised by the sight you see. I stand in the door, a big strong man that is just your type. “I am told you were looking for a last birthday present” I say.

You are so surprised that you don’t even speak for a moment. I am just the kind of guy you could certainly spend some time with. It clicks in your mind why everybody seems to have left suddenly and why your friend was on the phone before. My presence here had been arranged beforehand.

I stand in the doorway, taking up most of the space available. You cannot help but invite me in now that you know why I am here. I may just be the present you were hoping for. You feel a little awkward as I walk in with all confidence. You can’t help but wish the room was a little cleaner and more organized. You turn around a moment to pick up a few cups, plates and empty bottles. After clearing that little bit of rubble, you turn around to see me naked, giant cock exposed for you.

Once again, you find yourself quite shocked, but you really enjoy what you can see; a chiselled giant body with a cock that you are not sure will fit in you. “How would you like me babe?” I ask. “Should we go to the bedroom for a nice slow meet up or would you prefer something rough and tumble on the couch right here?”

Moments after you mention that you would like your destination to be the couch, you find me with my entire naked body up against you. I step close to you and wrap my powerful arms around your body. I slide one hand up under your shirt and the other just a little down the back of your shorts, suggesting where my destination is next. You feel my lips press strongly against yours as Etimesgut Escort I lean toward you, pushing you gently towards the couch. I lean forward a little, forcing you to sit down.

Both my hands now slide down your shorts and grab your butt tightly as my kisses venture to your neck. You cannot help but gasp as the pleasure meets somewhere in the middle of your body. I grip you tightly, urging your desire forward.

My hands move further down your body and gently but quickly slide your shorts and panties down your legs, exposing the gentle wetness of your pussy to the world. As I slide my body downwards, pulling your panties down your legs my face ventures down your body, kissing you quickly through your clothing. You slide your legs open for me as you become completely naked from the waist down. My kisses begin to intensify as they venture all around your hips, legs and belly. I am teasing you.

You can feel my breath hover over your pussy. You cannot help but try and steer my head toward it. You want me there, need me there. It doesn’t take long for my mouth to open and plunge onto the dripping wetness that is your pussy. You feel my tongue play around your clit, tasting everything you can provide. You cannot help but gasp with pleasure as you desire for more. You are sitting on the couch with this giant hunk of a man eating you out. You can hardly believe it.

My hands grip your ass and pull your hips toward me. I voraciously eat you out. The waves of joy crash around your body. You cannot help but whimper as an orgasm builds within you. You are not sure how long I spend with my face between your legs, but you enjoy every moment of it, feelings growing within you.

You give a cry of animalistic joy as your pussy juices cover my face in your pleasure. You cannot help but roll around in the couch as you lose control of your body.

You feel my hands grip your hips again and gain Demetevler Escort control of you, seeing as you don’t have control of yourself anyway. I seem to be even stronger than you thought I might be, quickly rolling your body around. You find yourself with your ass in the air, your legs draped over the arm of the couch. I stand behind you as I slip my hand between your legs to make sure you are opened up enough for me.

You feel the tip of my cock rub over your dripping pussy, once again teasing you for what is going to happen next. My hands hold your hips tightly as you feel my giant cock slide into your gushing pussy. You hadn’t actually seen me hard yet, so you are a bit surprised how deeply my cock ventures into you. You can hardly breathe as the ecstasy of the moment takes control of you. I begin to push my giant cock into you.

I do it slowly enough that you cannot help but wonder how deeply I will go. I seem to keep pushing, sliding deeper and deeper into you. I seem almost to push all the air out of you as I just keep going further and further into you. You finally feel my body press up against you. I cannot go further, but you don’t care, I have gone so deeply into you that pleasure is all you can feel right now. I begin to pull myself out again.

You cannot help but think my cock is finding parts of you that you didn’t know were there; it is just so big. You can feel my tip rub up against you, almost pulling out before I plunge myself back into you. I push faster than last time, my body pushing against yours, my hands still gripping your hips tightly to brace you against me.

The pace seems to quicken, each time I push into you I seem to go a little deeper, finding more of you, rubbing through your body and building the desire gushing from you. You cannot help but cry out with each thrust, hoping to urge me on further.

Your voice seems to ring around the room, echoing almost, as each time I push into you stirs you closer to orgasm. You feel your body quake in joy as another orgasm after another explodes within you.

You feel my cock drill deeply into you one last time. I hold myself inside you for just a moment longer as my cum explodes out of me. You feel my warmth fill you up. Your final orgasm seems to make your body nearly brake in two. What a great way to end a birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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