Hungry Sex

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She woke me with a gentle kiss on my lips.

I opened my eyes to see her half-smiling at me, ready for bed in a tank and tiny track shorts. She was bending over from the side and I couldn’t help but let my eyes wander from her pretty face down to her haunch — her tight little ass busting out.

With a small, fragile frame and youthful face, she looked a lot younger than her true age — she had the body of a nubile, but the wisdom of an experienced woman. She was the perfect AI creation of my teenage sexual fantasies.

I immediately pulled her body to mine and gave her a long, passionate kiss. She tasted clean, like mint mouthwash, and smelled like she had just been in the shower. It was as if I had not eaten anything for days and her mouth was a warm meal.

Instinctively, I started to slide my hands up and down her petite waist and hips, cupping her supple buttocks and squeezing with my eager fingers. She stopped kissing me and started to lift her tank.

I was so hungry for her taste Sincan Escort in my mouth that I didn’t even let her finish as I enveloped my mouth over her tit, dragging my tongue back and forth over her nipple. Instantly paralyzed with her tank half over her head and arms up, she was frozen to the will of my tongue.

As she began to moan, I forced my hand down her booty shorts and started to slide my fingers up and down her pussy. You know she’s into it when she starts to buck her hips back and forth, and the anticipation of sliding myself into her slippery wet cavity was making my mouth water.

She tried to pull my hand away, but her resistance just made me more persistent. I could tell it was driving her crazy — torn between climaxing at that very moment with my fingers sliding over her slippery wet crevasse or withholding from the release and prolonging the pleasure.

Should I undress now so I could sex her like it was her dying wish?

Lucky Etlik Escort for her, I let her go from my sex jail and started to relieve myself of my clothes. At the same time, she started to undress and after a few brief seconds, we were wearing nothing but the perspiration of our bodies in the anticipation of a night of primal sex.

I desperately pulled her legs apart and started to lick my way down her milky thigh toward her sweet nectar. When I arrived, it was to my pleasant surprise that it was shaved bare.

As I started to dine on her, it was as if she became demonically possessed — writhing and mumbling incoherent words that sounded like an ancient long-forgotten language. All this squirming made it hard to focus my attention on her now-drenched swamp so I tried to hold her down, but she couldn’t stay still.

When she started to shudder and shake, I knew she was beginning to experience a deep climax. She didn’t stop shaking Çankaya Escort for a full minute, and I finally had to stop when she pushed my head away.

“I want your cock now,” she demanded, “I want you to fuck my pussy.”

Surprised by her vulgar language, I slowly inserted and started the motions. Every thrust and every retraction felt like a million different sensations overflowing my mind.

A feast to all five senses — the aroma of her skin, the delicate sound of her coos, the wanton expression on her face, the taste of her pungent sex in my mouth, and the feeling of her hungry twat swallowing my concrete head.

I wanted to dance like this forever, but I also wanted to finish and enjoy the afterglow of amazing sex in my lover’s embrace.

I closed my eyes and started to feel the wells of release rise inside. It was as if hot blood was flowing up from my legs and straight toward the front of my groin with the force of a Tsunami. As I came, I couldn’t help but convulse and yelp as I stopped thrusting and let the waves of hot sex flow deep inside her. I collapsed by her side — sweaty and exhausted.

She curled up beside me and we fell asleep in each others’ arms without a word, but with a mutual understanding that can only be shared by two individuals that are completely, and utterly satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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