For My Muse

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Megan Rain

The first thing I see when I open my eyes is your smiling face, framed by the sunlight shining through the open window.

“What you grinning at?” I ask as I reach across the bed and give your ass a gentle squeeze.

You scoot closer to me, still smiling, throwing a leg over mine, our noses are nearly touching. “I’m grinning at you.”

I kiss your nose softly before I kiss your full lips, still wearing last night’s lipstick.

“Don’t kiss me with your morning breath,” you say through a giggle. You erase the last remaining inches of space between us and press your body against mine. This time, you kiss me. Long and deep, giving my lip a light nibble before you pull away.

“Ready to get up?”

You give a slight nod “no” and lay your head on my chest. We lay in silence, me running my fingers through your thick, curly, jet black hair. You, making small circles on my thigh with your fingertips. Sleep comes for us both.

The next time I open my eyes, I’m watching you walk to the bathroom. You catch me staring at you in the mirror.

You stop in the doorway of the bathroom and turn over your shoulder, same smile from earlier this morning. “I’m getting in the shower. You coming?”.

I come up behind you as you’re turning on the shower, getting close enough that you feel that I’m slightly aroused. You stand up straight and I wrap my arms around you, cupping your breasts and kissing your neck. You left out a faint moan and tilt your head to the side, giving me more of your neck to kiss.

Eventually, you turn to face me. We stare into other’s eyes in an embrace, expressions of content on our faces.

We exchange soft kisses while we wait for the shower to warm. I step in first and offer a gentlemanly hand to help you in after me. At first, I stand at the back of the shower, just enjoying the view as you lather up your body.

“You came in here just to stare at me?” you ask.

“Pretty much. We just gon have to get back in here in a bit anyway.”


A shrug and a smile is my response. I halfheartedly start getting myself cleaned up, occasionally planting a kiss on your back, your neck, your lips, as the opportunity presents. All the while admiring your form as the water runs down your back, your butt, your thighs, down to the shower floor.

Now fully awake, I’m also fully aroused. The kisses are more frequent and linger. My hands are now on your body more than they are on my own. We forget about the shower and we are in each other’s arms, sharing deep passionate kisses. I put both hands on your butt, giving a firm, long squeeze as I pull you as close to me as you can get. Your hands are stroking the back of my head and neck, your leg curled around mine.

“Ok. I’m ready to get out.”

“As you wish.” I reach around you to turn off the shower. I step out and turn to offer the same assistance for you to get in. This time I kiss your hand before I let it go. You wrap a towel around my shoulders and start to dry my skin. All the while my hunger for you is building. I get a quick peck after you finish each section.

After I’m dry, I help you into your robe, and you wrap your wet hair in a towel as we smile at each other’s reflections in the mirror.

When you’re satisfied that your robe and towel are secured, you turn and ask, “So what we doing Cebeci Escort today?”

I don’t answer with words. Before you can object, I squat down and pick you up, carrying out of the bathroom and back to where we started. I gently lay you down on your back and pause to take in your beauty.

You see the look in my eyes. We hold each other’s gaze for another few seconds.

I lean over and undo the sash on your robe and throw it open. You sit up a bit and take the towel down from your hair and toss it aside.

We stare into each other’s eyes a bit longer in anticipation of what’s to come.

“Well come on then” you say in a breathy whisper as you lay back down.

“I told you we was just going to have to get back in” I say as I lower myself onto you and into paradise.

You exhale softly in my ear as I slide inside of you. I raise up a bit so I can look into your eyes. You pull me back in for a kiss. I’m motionless on top of you, just enjoying the sensation of being inside you, so soft, so warm, so wet.

“You feel so good” I whisper down to you. Finally, I start to stroke, slowly, the first deep, then shallow for a bit, all the while maintaining I contact with you. Your breathing starts to quicken as I slowly increase the speed and depth of my thrusts. Your hands are on my back, nails starting to apply light pressure to my skin as your arousal increases. Small moans start to escape your full lips, your face contorts with pleasure. I kiss you again before I pull out. It’s time for a taste. My lips lay a trail from your lips, down to your neck, both nipples, stomach, before I reach my destination. I place one soft kiss on your lips, then run my tongue up from the honeypot to the rosebud. I gently suck before I start to massage with my tongue. You immediately start to move your hips, grinding your wetness into my beard. I slide one finger inside you, then start to softly lick and kiss your thighs, before I go back to licking and sucking on your clit. Your hands are on my head, fingers clenched in my hair, pushing my head to meet your hips.

“Oh my god! Baby that feels so good. Don’t stop!” You’re squirming so much I have to firmly hold you in place. I pick my head up.

“What you running from?”

You can barely respond.

“Ain’t nobody running. Come back up here. Let me taste.” I retrace the trail of kisses I placed on the way down to your pussy, until we’re face to face. I reach down and this time slide two fingers inside of you. You moan softly. I lean over and kiss you, giving you a sample of what was to come. I take my fingers from inside you lightly paint your lips with your juices, teasing you a little more. You firmly grab my wrist and shove my fingers in your mouth up to the second knuckle. Your eagerness is so sexy. After you finish your snack, I go back for a second dip, and this time our tongues meet as we both lick my fingers clean.

“Turn over.” I say as I grab your foot to give you a little help.

You take your time turning over, maintaining eye contact with me the entire time. I stand at the side of the bed and motion for you to come closer. You slowly scoot toward the edge of the mattress, so your shins are hanging off the side. You’re still looking at me. I love the mischievous grin on your Kolej Escort face. I put one hand between your shoulder blades and gently push your face into the bed. I get down on my knees to pick up where I left off before your fidgeting interrupted me.

“Mmmmm,” you moan as I dive in, fucking your pussy with my tongue, one cheek in each hand so I can spread you as wide as possible. You taste soooo good. I pull out and give some attention to your lips and clit, firmly sucking each. You start squirming again. I put both hands on the small of your back and pull you closer to me while I flick my tongue over your clit with lightening speed.

I feel your orgasm starting to build. You’re grinding on my face faster and harder. Moans are louder, breathing is heavier.

“Oh my god don’t stop.” You’re shaking uncontrollably as you start to cum. I tighten my hold on you so I can continue to pleasure you through your orgasm. Finally, you shudder so hard that I have to back away. My beard is soaked.

You’re still having aftershocks as I stand and enter you from behind.

“Uhhhh fuck,” you start to raise your head from the bed and I immediately push you back down as I start to stroke. No tenderness this time, just hard firm thrusts. Your moans and my grunting amongst the rhythmic claps of my midsection slamming into your ass make a familiar beat that is all our own. I reach down and grab a handful of your hair, my fist functioning as a human scrunchie. I pull just hard enough that your head lifts an inch or two off the bed. Your hands have a death grip on the sheets, almost as if you fear I’ll buck you off the bed if you don’t hold on for dear life.

After a few minutes, I gradually start to slow my pace and soften my strokes. We’re both slick with sweat, breathing heavily. I pull out and rub the head of my dick on your clit, eliciting a few shudders of pleasure from you.

A firm smack on your ass and you collapse onto your side, eyes closed, trying to get your breath under control. I lay beside you and kiss you on the lips.

“You need a minute?” I ask, running my fingertips lightly up and down your thigh.

Before I give you a chance to respond, I scoop you into my arms and roll you on top of me. Taken by surprise, you give a little shriek and chuckle before leaning down for a kiss. I grab a handful of ass with both hands, and alternate rubbing and squeezing while we continue to kiss.

Before long, you reach down between your legs to find my dick. You softly caress and stroke it before you guide it back into your pussy. I drive my hips up to meet you, and we moan in unison, a mix of pleasure and contentment, as there is no place we’d rather be then here right now.

For a moment we continue to kiss, I can feel your walls gently squeezing me inside you. My dick is pulsing as I get harder. You sit up and another moan escapes your lips, as I get deeper inside you.

I look up at you, the sun is shining on your body, giving your body a golden glow as the sunlight reflects off your dewy skin.

“I wish I could take your picture right now. You look so beautiful.”

You smile down at me radiantly, enhancing what I’d already thought was a perfect image.

“Thank you. You make me feel so loved.”

“That’s cuz I love Rus Escort you, dummy. Duh.” I try to say with a straight face but failing.

You pinch me and I pull you back down to me and kiss you some more. Holding you close to me, I start to pump from underneath you, slow and gentle.

“Mmmm, you so wet,” I whisper into your ear as I start to fuck you a little harder, and faster.

You don’t respond. Instead, you sit up on top of me and take over, grinding your hips in time with my thrusts. We’re looking into each other’s eyes as you ride me, and I get lost in your gaze, eventually laying still and just enjoying you, both physically and visually.

My hands are all over your body, first on your thighs and butt, pulling your body into me, as I try to get deeper and deeper inside of you. Maintaining contact with your skin, I move on to your breasts, caressing and massaging, pinching your nipples between my fingers.

I can feel my finish building as our sex intensifies. Still looking into your eyes, I take your hands in mine and pull down to me. I wrap my arms around your body, one hand caresses the back of your neck, the other on the small of your back. Now that I have you pinned against my body, I regain control of the action. I plunge my dick as deep inside of you as I can and hold it there, while I kiss your neck and run my fingers through your hair. You moan softly in my ear.

“Your dick feels so good, baby.” This time I turn your face toward mine and kiss you long and deep, I loosen my grip on your torso and we both begin to fuck again.

“You like it?”

“Mmmm,” is your only response.

Without warning, I roll you over onto your back. Spreading your legs wide and over my arms, I reenter you slowly.

“Give me your hand.”

You extend you right hand to me, twiddling your fingers. I take it and mine and kiss the backside before I place it on your pussy. Taking my cue, you start to rub your clit. Still inside you, I watch as you pleasure yourself. I can feel your pussy grip around me as you get more aroused, almost as if you’re pulling me deeper inside. I start to stroke, slow and shallow, as I’m still focused on watching you play with yourself.

“You sexy as shit, girl.”

You smile at me seductively.

“Fuck me.”

“Yeah,” is all I can manage.

I get back to business, and your response is immediate. The sounds of your pleasure fill the air, joining my moans and heavy breathing, along with the rhythmic pounding of the headboard making contact with the wall. Your nails dug deep enough into my arms to draw blood; the ride is almost too much for you to handle. I’m watching my dick move in and out of you, the evidence of your enjoyment visible with each stroke. We’re both getting close, can I hold on? At that moment, you release your grip on my arms and put one hand on each side of my face. Again, we look into each other’s eyes. You guide me to your lips for a kiss. I can’t hold on any longer and I cum so hard my stomach cramps.

I collapse on top of you, spent. After I gather myself, I roll off and onto my back.

“You got that round. I’ll be back though.”

“Don’t be sad. You gave it your all and trust me, I appreciate the effort.” You sidle up next to me, nestling your body under my arm. “Well?”

I sigh heavily, gigantic smile on my face. I peek at you out the corner of my eye and you are staring back at me expectantly.

I sigh again before I respond. “You the shit.”

“Thank you,” you say demurely before reaching up and leaving a kiss on my check. We get comfortable cuddle going and before long, we’re asleep in each other’s arms.

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