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People do a lot of crazy things for money, I should know because I’m one of those people. Working a dead-end job that paid just enough for rent wasn’t cutting it for me. I wanted a way to make more money without getting a second job, a side hustle as it’s called. That’s when the crazy idea came to me while I was watching porn on my computer. Why not rent myself out as a bondage boy toy. Bondage had always been a secret enjoyment for years but I never had the chance to indulge it because I lived with my parents and had school to worry about. Now, that I was on my own, it seemed like the perfect way to make money and explore my bondage fantasies.

I spent weeks putting together my website, checking out other male bondage sites and seeing what people liked. I took hundreds of pictures of myself tied up in crazy ways and posting them on my site and in bondage forums advertising myself. First things moved slow, just random guys coming to my site and writing how hot I looked and what they’d like to do to me but nothing ever serious. Then one day I got an email from some thirty-five year old man named Kevin. He was different from the others, he knew what he wanted and laid it all out for me. What he wanted was to rent me for 24hrs. We went over my limits, what I wanted and what I was willing to let him do. We agreed on $1,000, paid upfront and the other half once the job was done.

The week leading up to our meeting is one big blur. I remember backing out almost twice but he had paid me so I had to go through with it. Our meeting place was his house, about a half hour drive from where I lived. Nervous anticipation filled me as I drove out there. His neighborhood was nice, everyone’s houses and lawns looked almost cookiecutter. They were so much alike. Pulling up into his driveway I took a steadying breath and hoped he wouldn’t see how nervous I was as I knocked on his door.

Kevin promptly answered, looking every bit as handsome as his picture with his dark wavy hair, light blue eyes and fashionable stubble. “Your picture doesn’t do you justice,” he said, a warm smile on his face.

I relaxed a bit. “Same goes for you,” I said as I entered his house.

Once inside I relaxed more as I took in my surroundings. I had expected to see dungeon furniture, the kind you see all over the internet, not clean hardwood floors and a living room that looks like it could be a showroom in a furniture store.

“Have a seat on the couch,” Kevin said, going to the living room. “I want to talk a bit. Can I get you anything to eat or drink?”

I shook my head as I took my place on his very soft couch. On the coffee table in front of me was a large, flat black box. Kevin sat in an armchair on the other side of the table. “I know we talked about this over the phone and online but before we go further with this I want to make sure you really know what you’re getting into,” he held up a hand to stall my response. “Hear me out before you speak. I know you want the domination experience, can’t say I blame you, but I’m not sure you know what you’re asking. Not sure if you’re ready for it. BDSM isn’t what you see in films or on porn sites, that’s just an exaggerated aspect of it.”

I straightened in my seat and tried to put as much confidence in my voice as I could. “I may be only 25 but I’m not a virgin. I’m ready for this.”

Kevin leaned back in his seat and regarded me with amusement. “You say that but I doubt you really know what that means. Nevertheless I’ll take your word on it. Now for the ground rules, just so you’re clear on my role. I will never hurt you without your permission. You will always be safe with me. If you’re ever uncomfortable and want me to stop just say the word goldfish and it’s over. No questions asked. If you can’t speak I will give you a clicker to hold. Click it twice and I’ll stop whatever is happening.”

I swallowed, my palms sweating. “It’s a little unnerving that you have this down to a system.”

“Systems are comfortable and that’s the job of a Dom, to make sure their Sub is very comfortable,” he leaned forward and gestured to the box. “If you’re ready, open it.”

Feeling like a giddy kid given a present I lifted the lid and forgot how to breathe for a few seconds. Inside were four black leather cuffs, fur lined with silver buckles. Next to them was a matching fur lined leather collar with a silver hoop hanging at the center. I looked over at Kevin who was watching me intently. “Do you want me to put them on now?” I cringed inwardly at how shaky my voice had become.

Kevin shook his head. “I will put them on before we start our sessions and I will remove them at the end.” He stood. “Follow me, I will show you to your room and then I’ll show you my dungeon.”

I did as told, my heart pounding like mad as adrenaline pumped through me at the thought of being inside a real dungeon. I followed Kevin down a short hallway that had three closed doors. “My room is across from yours and the other is the bathroom.” he said, opening the third Eryaman Escort door. “That room there is yours.”

I expected to see an empty room with a bed equipped with restraints to be used during a session. Instead I walked into a beautifully decorated bedroom big enough to be a one room apartment. The king-size bed was covered with a creamy-white duvet and a pile of blue-and-white bed pillows edged in lace. A wood desk was in the far corner and across the bed, mounted on soft blue walls was a sleek flat-screen TV.

“Wow. I may not want to leave if this can be my room permanently,” I said, only half kidding.

“I’m glad you like it. This is my sister’s room. She’s married but visits now and then,” Kevin went to the wall closet and pulled out a light blue cotton bathrobe. “You can wear this when you’re not earning your money. This is your safe place. I won’t enter without your permission. Ready to see the dungeon?”

“Oh yeah,” I couldn’t keep the eagerness from my voice. If his house looked picture perfect then his playroom had to look just as good.

He chuckled and led me back to the living room, over to a large cloth oriental tapestry. Unhooking it from the wall he revealed another door. “Be careful, there’s stairs,” he said, opening the door and turning on a light.

I could feel my dick trying to push free of my jeans as I followed him down a flight of stairs to paradise. The room was spacious, painted red and every piece of furniture was black leather. A grey carpet covered the floor. A padded St. Andrews cross was on one wall, a wood post covered in leather stood in the center and long, thin chains hung from the ceiling.

“It’s not much but I’m still working on it,” Kevin said. “You’d be surprised how much quality bondage furniture cost.”

“I do know because I window shop a lot online,” I said, going over to the cross. “So when do we start?”

Kevin looked at his watch. “It’s a little after ten, we have time for a quickie before lunch. Some things you need to know before we do. First, go to your room and remove all your clothes, underpants included. Then come to me in the living room where I will cuff and collar you. Once we are down here we are no longer Kevin and Jason. You will refer to me as Sir and I will refer to you as Boy. You do not speak unless I tell you to. You do not look me in the eyes unless I tell you to. If you disobey I will punish you. Do you understand?”

My mouth chose that moment to become dry as a desert. Kevin spoke with such authority that it was a bit intimidating. Swallowing hard, nodded. “Yes sir.”

Kevin smiled. “Good. Now go take those clothes off.”

I didn’t run up the stairs but it was close. As I removed each piece of clothing I felt more and more vulnerable. Never before had I felt this way getting naked, not even when I was about to get it on with a one night stand. The house was warm thankfully, it was hard enough not to tremble from nerves and racing adrenaline as is. Once I was naked I went into the living room where Kevin was waiting. My dick was at attention and I couldn’t help but blush as his eyes lingered on it. He took great care with securing the cuffs around my ankles and wrists, asking if they were too tight which they weren’t. They felt snug, the fur lining soft against my skin. He locked them on with small padlocks, an added touch to show that I wouldn’t be free of them unless he wanted. Next came the collar. I almost exploded as he fastened it around my throat and I heard it lock.

“Are you ready, Jason. We’re about to start,” he said from behind me.

“Yes.” my voice sounded hollow and strained with emotion.

“Tell me the safeword.”

I had to think for a minute. “Goldfish.”

“Good. Remember to use it and this,” he pressed something small in my hand. “It’s a clicker. Two click and I will stop. On the count of three we will start. 1, 2, 3.”

On three he pulled my hands behind my back and locked them together, rendering me helpless. My breath caught in my throat as a strong arm wrapped around my chest, crushing me against a very toned body while the other hand held my erection. Squirming in his grasp I could do nothing as his hot lips kissed my shoulder and nibbled my left ear.

“You’re mine now, to do whatever I want with. And believe me, I have many things in store for that sweet ass of yours.”

Was that a threat or a promise? Before I could decide he spun me around and with one hand around my throat he pushed me back against the door and held me there. Before I could recover, Kevin pressed himself against me, pinning me to the wall with his body, and kissed me hard on the mouth. Caught off guard I struggled underneath him, trying to push him away with my legs but he quickly stepped on my feet, trapping them so I couldn’t move.

“Mmmmm! Mmm!” Panic was setting in because I couldn’t breath as Kevin’s hand tightened around my throat, preventing me from moving. We stayed like that Sincan Escort for what felt like hours before Kevin broke off the kiss and pulled back enough so he could look into my eyes.

“You’re mine, boy. Say it. Say yes Sir I’m yours. Say it!”

His grip loosened a little from my neck, allowing me to breathe more freely. Swallowing hard I choked out my response, remembering not to look him in the eye. “Yes Sir. I’m yours.”

“Good boy,” he said, pulling me away from the door and opening it. “Walk.”

With his firm grip on my shoulders I made it down the stairs without tripping. Being helpless gave the room a whole new feel but it was what I had agreed to so I opened myself up and fell into my role. Kevin unlocked my wrists and caressed my ass.

“Go stand with your back against the post, and raise your arms above your head.”

Doing as ordered I watched him the best I could while keeping my eyes down. He locked my wrist cuffs to the post and slid his hands down my arms, his fingers squeezing the taut muscles. Not stopping there, his hands made their way down my sides to my hips. Sweat broke out on my body as I struggled to keep from exploding all over him.

“Nice. Very responsive,” he said, running his fingertips along the quivering shaft of my cock. “You like this don’t you? Tell me how much you want me to touch you. To fuck you. Tell me, boy.”

My control was reaching the breaking point as he continued to stroke me. Biting my lower lip I tried to twist away but he grabbed my cock and placed a hand on my stomach, holding me in place.

“Hurts don’t it. You want relief, to shoot your load across the room. I’ll do it but first you have to tell me. Just say Yes Sir, jerk me off, please.”

He was right. The pressure was almost unbearable and I desperately wanted to cum but I wanted to prolong the experience and test the limits we put in place. Gritting my teeth I pressed my lips tightly closed.

Kevin’s grip on my cock tightened, making me gasp. “I see you need more convincing.”

He then slid his hands over my shoulders to my chest, pressing me against the post. I tensed as he lowered his face to mine, his mouth inches away from mine.

“How long do you think you can keep up this defiant act?” he said silkily, the heat radiating from his body scorching me as he moved closer. “Why not surrender yourself to me? I know you want to.”

God, he was right. Never have I been so turned on by another man then I was with him but I didn’t want to give in yet. The fear, the feeling of danger and being at his mercy was almost like a sexual high for me. Swallowing hard, I turned my face away from his. “No, I won’t.”

A shiver went through me as his hot lips pressed against the side of my neck. “Fine, we’ll do it your way,” he whispered. “My beautiful, bad boy.”

That was the last straw. With a cry I ejaculated all over him. When it was over and the euphoria passed I realized the gravity of what I had done. Besides squirting him, I had cum without permission. Panic set in. Was he mad? Was I going to get punished? I cast a quick glance at him and saw that he seemed neither upset nor happy as he stood there looking at me. Then slowly a smile formed on his lips and my breathing became much easier.

“I think this is a good spot to end the session. You need to wash up and I need to change. Did you enjoy it?”

Relief washed over me and I sagged against the post, supported by my bound wrists. “It was the most intense experience I’ve ever had. Sorry about spraying you but I couldn’t hold back.”

“I understand but that doesn’t excuse you,” Kevin said, freeing my wrists from the post. “Tonight we’ll have a real session, during which you will be punished.”

Blood flowed back into my arms as I shook them out. “What sort of punishment?”

“Nothing we haven’t already agreed to,” he said, unlocking and removing my cuffs. “I’m not a cruel guy, I much rather enjoy my boys then inflict pain on them.”

“Have there been others besides me?”

“I frequent a few clubs when I can’t find what I want online,” he said, removing my collar. “You’re the first I’ve had to pay for.”

“Why did you pick me?” I said, running my hands around my neck. “If you can get better, more experienced subs for free why waste your money on a rookie like me?”

Kevin ruffled my hair affectionately. “Why ask such a silly question? Obviously I did it because I like you. I liked your pictures and your naivety. Now go take a shower and rest while I fix up some lunch. I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Kevin’s words warmed me. He could have had any guy he wanted yet he wanted me. I could feel his eyes watching my every move as I climbed up the stairs, enjoying the view no doubt. A couple hours later, refreshed and dressed in my new bathrobe I joined Kevin at the kitchen table for lunch. He too was dressed in a robe, a deep wine color, and smelled of aftershave.

“I’m not much of a cook,” Etlik Escort he said, setting a plate of stir fry in front of me. “Unless you call heating up frozen prepared meals as cooking.”

“It’s more than I do,” I said, digging into my food. “I mostly eat takeout.”

“Something else we have in common, besides the love for bondage,” he brought out a half gallon of peach ice tea and set it between us. “Speaking of which, I’m curious to know what got you interested in BDSM and if you really know what it is.”

“I really don’t know anything about it except from what’s shown on porn sites,” I admitted, a bit embarrassed. “Seems like alot of hitting while being tied up.”

Kevin sat down across from me. “That’s a small part and hitting is a choice, not the norm. BDSM is all about consent. It’s important that everyone participating is in agreement so that they can get the most enjoyment from the experience. That’s why I sent you a list to fill out before setting this up. That way I know your limits and you know what to expect.”

“Makes sense,” I said, seasoning my food. “One thing I found strange though was that you made it known from the start that this wasn’t going to be a sexual encounter.”

Kevin raised an eyebrow at me. “Are you disappointed?”

I smiled at him “A little.”

Kevin laughed. “It’s just a line in professional BDSM that I try not to cross. No sex, no exchange of bodily fluids and no penitration.”

“Are you a professional? I mean, do you do this for a living?”

“No, this is just a hobby,” he took a bite of his food before pointing his fork at me. “You never did answer my question. What got you interested in selling yourself online as a rope bunny?”

“Rope bunny?”

“Someone who enjoys being tied up.”

“I needed a way to make money and as cliche as it is, sex sells,” I said with a shrug. “Being tied up, at the mercy of someone, has always been a turn on for me. I just decided to put the two together and pimp myself out.”

“I personally think you shouldn’t sell yourself online. Being a freelancer is dangerous because there are a lot of freaks out there. You run the risk of someone deciding to keep you for real. Stick with selling video clips and pictures on your site or apply to work at a club as a sub.”

“I don’t think I have what it takes to do this on a professional level. I’d be afraid of doing something wrong.”

“You’re a Sub, you don’t have to do anything except listen to your Dom and enjoy yourself. It’s a Dom’s job to make sure everything goes smoothly.” He looked at the clock. “It’s a little past noon, too early to start a session so you have a few hours to relax. Five o’clock we start your punishment.”

“Yes sir,” I couldn’t help but smile even though my stomach was turning into a nervous knot. What sort of punishment did he have planned for me?

We finished our meal and Kevin refused my offer to help clean up. With nothing else to do, I went to my room and stretched out on the bed. I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since agreeing to this job so it didn’t take long for me to conk out in seconds. Tapping on my door woke me with a start. Glancing at the bedside clock I saw that it was five on the nose. I scrambled out of bed, adrenaline coursing through me as I opened the door. Jason greeted me, dressed in just black leather biker pants. My robe was open and I didn’t bother to hide how happy I was to see him.

He smiled, his eyes lingering on my erection. “Looks like someone’s eager to get started.”

I shrugged out of my robe, hoping he wouldn’t notice the shaking fit that had suddenly taken over my body. I wasn’t scared, not much, but my body was on high alert. I shook out my arms and let out a deep breath, trying to get my nerves under control. “Yes sir.”

Kevin stepped aside and gestured for me to lead the way. The door leading to the dungeon was open but I knew better than to go down. I stopped before it and waited. Kevin picked up my collar off the coffee table before approaching me.

“Remember to use this if things get too much for you to handl,” he said, handing me the clicker. “There’s no shame in tapping out during your first experience.”

Comforted by his words I held the clicker tight in my right hand and nodded.

“Good. Now turn around.”

I did as instructed, looking down the stairs, wondering what awaited me. I felt my collar wrap around my neck, signalling that I now belonged to Kevin. Warm, strong hands slid down by back and cupped my ass, giving it a squeeze.

“Your punishment starts now. Go down stairs, boy.”

I did so slowly, enjoying every moment, every emotion that rushed through me as the room came into view. Everything was the same except a long wood bar with black cuffs attached to each end hung from the ceiling. On the ground under it was a similar bar with matching cuffs. Kevin placed a hand on my back and pushed me towards them. “Stand underneath the bar and raise your arms above your head.”

My mouth going dry I did as told, remembering to keep my eyes lowered as he locked my wrists in the cuffs.He did the same with my ankles, the bar forcing my legs apart so that I hung spread-eagle. The sensation of being so exposed, unable to draw my legs together and have stable footing was intense. My breathing quickened as Kevin slowly walked around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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