Deviant Dorm Rooms Ch. 01

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This is a story loosely based on my experiences in college. Loose enough that this could be called fiction. Obviously names and dates have been changed. All character’s mentioned in sexual references are 18 years of age or older. I hope you love my characters. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * *

Jayson was pushing his entire college wardrobe down the hall in a shopping cart. He was annoyed that he needed to change rooms. He actually really liked his other roommates. But unforeseen circumstances had him showing up to the dorm on the bottom floor of O’Bannon and knocking on the door.

It was Saturday and his first week on campus had been a bust. His suitemates reported bed bugs within the first few days. So Jayson and his former roommate were evacuated and Jayson was now outside his new suite.

But he did have a key. So after knocking he opened the door. The first thing he noticed was that the room was stuffy. It was warmer in the suite commons than the hallway. He also detected a faint smell of weed.

The second thing he noticed was that there were a lot of people in this suite that only housed four boys. A black couple sat wrapped together in the love seat to the right, near the dorm room. A fat white dude sat on the right side of the center couch. To his left was a thick white girl with brown hair that came to her neck. She had a white tank top and blue jeans.

Sitting alone in the love seat, to the left was another white girl with long reddish-brown hair. She wore shorts and her thighs were curled under her as she sat in the love seat.

They all looked up at Jayson from the TV they were watching.

“Um, ‘sup,” said Jayson wearily. He had not expected to see so many students. “I’m supposed to be moving into this suite…I think.”

“Oh right,” said the girl alone in the love seat. She pointed to the dorm on the left. “Your room is this one. Brent is in there.”

“Thanks,” said Jayson, still taken aback by the number of people in this room.

He used his key to open the dorm room door. The room was dark. The light was off and the curtains were closed over the window. The room was in an ‘L’ shape with the bathroom at the top of the ‘L’. The desk separated two beds that would have been perpendicular if they were longer.

There was a bed with no sheets. On the bed were some duffel bags and school books. In the other bed, a country-looking guy was lifting his head up from his pillow clearly waking up, though it was after 3 p.m.

“Huh? Oh. You the new guy?” he said, sitting up in his bed. “One sec.”

He got out of bed, threw on some sweats over his boxers and began moving his things off of Jayson’s bed. Jayson just stood there with his bag awkwardly.

“Sorry,” he said once the stuff was removed and Jayson moved toward his bed. “Brent.”

He reached out to shake but Jayson ignored the gesture and turned on the light causing Brent to blink a few times as he adjusted.

Jayson started to unpack.

“I’m Jayson. How long have you been here?” he asked.

“Since Thursday. Are you gunna do your unpacking now?”

“Uh….yeah dude.”

“Alright,” Brent said, grabbing a few things from the desk closest to his bed. “I’ll let you get to it.”

He left the room, closing the door. Jayson thought he must be strange, but shrugged and began unpacking. He played some music and set up everything in his dorm room.

He even got his place in the bathroom established. He liked to get settled early so he wasn’t behind and he also wanted to stake some claim in the room, making sure his new roommate wasn’t going to dominate the area.

After a few hours he began hanging up posters. He had a bunch from his time working at the movie theater. When he was done and satisfied with his room’s setup he went to grab some food. After getting food in the cafeteria alone he got back to the room and Brent had still not returned.

The only one left in the room was the chubby dude that Jayson assumed was from the adjoining dorm. He was watching an episode of South Park. He did notice the marijuana smell had increased since he left. He could also hear some noise coming from the adjoining room.

“What’s up man,” he said to the guy as he sat with his food. “I’m Jayson.”

“Dustin,” he said.

“So I take it you are my suitemate.” he said. Dustin nodded. “Who were all those people earlier?”

“Oh…Um well, the two girls were Angelica and Jennifer from across the hall. They’ll probably be back. And Darin is my roommate. He’s in there now with his girlfriend, Erica,” he said pointing his thumb at the door.

Jayson understood and his comprehension was helped by what he could now tell was a faint slapping sound coming from the room.

“So the one in the shorts was….?” Jayson asked. All he could remember about her was her long brownish red hair and those juicy thighs curled under her as she sat in the love seat.

“Angelica,” Dustin. “The fat one was Jen.”

“Fat? Was she fat?” Jayson didn’t remember her being fat.

“She sure as shit ain’t skinny,” Dustin replied. “Too big for me.”

Jayson demetevler escort thought that ironic, since he could see his belly poking out the bottom of his T-shirt as he sat on the couch.

“Well I don’t mind,” Jayson said, trying to remember as much as he could about the two college students. “I’ll fuck a bony bitch, but I don’t mind a little meat to grab onto.”

As he ate his burger, the slapping only got louder from the bedroom. By the time he was finished it was painfully obvious that Erica was getting fucked in that dorm room. By the volume of her moaning, Jayson could tell that she was getting fucked well and good.

“Can you turn the TV up,” Jayson asked bemused.

“We can try but it can’t go up much more.”

“Well hang on, maybe they’ve quit,” Jayson said, as Erica had stopped screaming.

* * * * * * * * *

“Mmmm….stop,” she whispered. Darin fed his dick back into Erica’s tight bare pussy.

She moaned into her boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Oooh yea but….stop baby.” Darin twisted his dick around in her tight vice grip pussy. He pulled out before sliding all the way into her.

“Ouuuhh fuck…that….feels so……stop….good,” she wailed as Darin pulled out again. He went to enter her again but Erica jerked her body so he almost slid out of her.

“Fuck! I said stop Darin!” Erica said as she sat up on her elbows. She slapped at his arms as he hovered over her, his meat still poking inside her vagina.

“Sorry. You always be sayin ‘stop’. I didn’t know if this was like stop-stop or like ‘ooooh baby you need to stop’,” Darin explained, trying not to drip sweat onto his girlfriend.

“Well, you need to figure it out,” she panted. “That’s the difference between you busting a nut and you going to jail for 25 years.”

Darin pulled his dick from Erica. With a wet pop it slid out of her. She laid flat on her back with her legs spread obscenely. Her fat round titties were sweaty and she was still coming down from the orgasm that had just possessed her.

Darin got up from the bed and walked around to her head. Erica knew what he wanted and, with her eyes still closed, she opened her lips wide and stuck out her tongue.

Darin grabbed his pole and slapped it against her tongue a few times before sticking it into her mouth. From this position he was standing on the side of the bed. It entered her mouth from the side, poking against the inside of her left cheek. Her lips traced underneath the dick as Darin pulled his meat from her mouth.

He loved the way her body looked in any position, but his favorite was to see her on her back. She had a diamond belly button ring that was glittering from the lamp light on the desk. As he fed his dick back into her mouth with his left hand, he rubbed his right hand down past her belly button and over the tattoo that read “HONESTY” just above her pelvic area.

He kept moving his hand downward until he cupped her shaved pussy, all while he continued to saw in and out of her mouth. After rubbing her entire vagina with his palm, he traced his middle finger up her slit and rubbed at her thick clit.

Erica responded with a groan while his penis was still lodged in her mouth. Satisfied she was ready, he made to move out of her mouth. She opened her eyes and surprised Darin when she grabbed him and started pulling his waist back toward her face.

“Uh unhgn,” she moaned, her brown eyes pleading with Darin. “Bring it back.”

Her boyfriend was happy to oblige. He brought his dick back to her as she made a kissing face with her lips. He rubbed the underside of his dick against her lips, which made a smacking noise as she sucked from underneath. She then opened her mouth and allowed Darin entry again.

Erica turned on her side, bringing her left hand to her own boob so she could squeeze her nipples and nickel-sized areola. This made it easier for Darin to force more of his dick past her lips and into her throat. He grabbed the college student by her long, dark, bushy hair and held her head in place while he slid in and out of her throat. He fucked her face for ten minutes.

He would periodically pull his dick out of her mouth and rub it on the outside of her lips, or else slap her cheeks with it. At least once he slid his dick over her entire face, like an artist painting a river, before sticking it back into her mouth.

When he was done with her mouth he walked away taking his dick with him. He got back on the bed and got between her legs while Erica waited in anticipation. He put his hands inside of her thighs and spread her legs wide.

Her shaved pussy was obscenely displayed for Darin. Erica’s swollen clit poked from her clit folds and her pussyhole was still slick with her wetness. Without so much as a warning rub along her slick, he jammed himself all the way into the college freshman.

“Ooohhggpphh!” Erica cried out. “My God.”

Darin leaned over her with his long dick still filling her up and wrapped his arm around the back of her head. He used his otele gelen escort left arm to hold Erica’s right leg in the air. He slid almost all the way out of her before pounding back. His long strokes ensured she felt every bit and she continued her deep guttural breaths of pleasure.

“Ohhgpphh! Ohhgpphh! Ohhgpphh! My…fuckin……god! Ohhgpphh!,” she screamed in pleasurable agony.

She was getting stuffed with each motion of Darin’s hips. Because he was stroking her with the full length of his pole deep each time, the dominated feeling of her pussy walls getting filled and refilled completely was pushing her to the limit.

Her thighs jiggled each time Darin’s hips smacked into hers and her tits rocked back and forward with each pounding. The bed was squeaking loudly and Erica’s feet flopped around helplessly in the air while she was drilled.


She screamed again and Darin held his pole inside her, flexing his hips around and enjoying Erica’s super-tight pussy when she came. She trembled with him inside her and as she came down so did her legs.

Once she stopped trembling Darin began slowly moving in and out of her cunt again.

“Oh my God baby,” She whispered in a voice that was a few octaves higher than her normal one. He continued slowly feeding her pussy dick and whispered raunchy sweet nothings into her ear.

Darin slid his meat out of her and it was now wet with Erica’s juices. He told her to flip over and he helped her as she scrambled onto her stomach. She flexed her hips and popped her pussy into the air so Darin could see his entryway even though her legs were mostly closed.

He had straddled the outside of her legs and scooted toward her plump rear-end, as Erica grabbed a pillow and moved it under her head. Darin grabbed a second pillow and Erica knew what was coming. She raised her hips and allowed Darin to stick the pillow under her waist.

This allowed him even more access to her wet warm hole and once she was settled into place, Darin was ready to settle into her. He lined up his penis with her pussy, rubbed a little spit on it for good measure and, after he smacked her ass a few times, he stuck his dick back into the horny pre-law student. Again, his dick filled her until his groin was neatly resting atop her booty.

Erica felt her walls part again as his girth stretched her tight pussy. Darin closed his legs around her legs so the firm grip provided by her plump pussy lips was squeezed even tighter. Wrapping his right arm under her neck, he also grabbed a fistful of her hair. Erica moaned in delight. He bit down on the right side of her neck as he pulled out of her tight pussy.

He slammed back in.

“Uhnnngggh fuuuuuck!”

Erica was already expelling her cries for pleasure. Darin’s legs had the perfect grip for staying aligned with Erica’s sweet, tight, wet love tunnel.

His thighs slapped against her ass cheeks and the provocative sounds reverberated off the dorm walls.

Erica’s 5’8 frame was trapped beneath the 5’8 man; and his thrusts were coming fast and furious. Darin’s left hand was one the railing of the bed, which was whining under the speed and weight of the two college students’ love making.

* * * * * * * * *

Jayson came out of the dorm room with two cans of Budweiser. He could still very much hear the passionate sounds of sex coming from behind the opposite door.

“Oh, are you a Bud drinker?” Dustin asked.

“And a bud smoker,” Jayson said. He sat down and opened a beer.

It was 9 p.m. and the guys were watching the end of August Rush.

“It’s a pretty good movie,” Dustin said. “Love Robin Williams. Funny as shit.”

“Yeah,” Jayson agreed, taking a few large gulps of beer. “I love the songs and the


“Just wish we could hear it!” Dustin shouted at the door.

A particularly loud expletive came from the closed dorm room.

“I mean…. Do they ever stop?” Jayson asked. Again Erica wailed loud enough to hear over the actors singing on television.

“Nope,” Dustin replied without a hint of annoyance or irony. “Been here three days. Firs’ day, soon as his parents were out the door… An hour after I got here, she walked in the dorm. Started taking off her clothes….. Just pulled her tits out right in front of me. He goes, ‘Ya may not wanna be here for this.'”

Jayson choke-laughed on his beer.

“Seriously?” he said, chuckling. “That’s hilarious. Well….college.. I guess they are happy to finally be away from home.”

“Are you going to offer me that beer? Or…” Dustin asked as Jayson took another big drink.

“Oh…no,” Jayson said, looking at his can. He killed his first beer and cracked the second one. “This one’s for me. You want a beer? You buy your own.”

Just then there was a rapid knock at the door of the suite, before it swung open immediately. Brent came through the door. He was not alone. The redhead with thick thighs called Angelica came in carrying bags of chips. She was followed by the balgat escort chubby girl, with a fat ass and small tits named Jennifer. Her brown hair came to her ears.

Angelica immediately looked disapproving at Jayson’s beers but didn’t say anything and made to follow Brent into the dorm room. Brent however, after nodding at Jayson, entered the room and quickly closed the door.

Jennifer cackled as she sat in the love seat by Dustin and Darin’s door.

“Hey ladies. Dustin tells me you guys are staying across the hall,” Jayson said.

Angelica sat herself in the love seat across from Jennifer nodding her confirmation, still looking at Jayson before turning her attention to the movie on screen. She was wearing a tight, short-sleeved, red top that stretched across her boobs.

“Ughh,” Angelica said. “Not this movie”

“This movie is amazing,” Jayson began. “Freddie Highmore, Terrance Howard, Robin Williams, the music… can u not love this?”

“I just hate Robin Williams,” Angelica said. “He’s too annoying.”

“You’re too annoying,” Jayson replied, making Jennifer and Dustin laugh.

They sat watching the movie and chatting. Jayson continued to drink his beer. When he cracked open a third, Jennifer asked could she have one.

“Sure,” said Jayson, going back into the suite’s mini-fridge and then handing her a beer. Dustin was staring at him incredulously. “What?”

“So she can have one. But I can’t?” Dustin asked indignantly.

“Um….yea. She has girl parts and you are a dude…,” Jayson explained in a deadpan sort of way.

Brent opened his bedroom door just as the girls laughed at Dustin’s incredulous expression.

It looked as though he was going to sit in the love seat, but saw Angelica was seated there and looking expectantly at him. He stuttered and went back into the bedroom.

As there were only two love seats and the couch that Dustin and Jayson were occupying, Brent had grabbed a chair from the desk in the dorm room. Jennifer, who was sitting in the love seat near Darin and Dustin’s dorm, began scrolling her phone.

“Is your boyfriend close?” Angelica asked Jennifer, who was now smiling at her phone.

“He is. He’s past Vincennes. Shouldn’t be too much longer now,” Jennifer said. “We’ll probably be in the room tonight…..all night.”

“That’s fine,” Angelica replied. “I probably won’t need the room tonight.”

She was looking again at Brent who had become very interested in the choir singing on TV. Unfortunately, the choir was drowned out by the sounds of Erica now loudly encouraging her boyfriend to “grab it”

“Uggghhhh!” Angelica began. “Again!? I mean I know it’s college or whatever, but it’s like all they do. Smoke weed and have sex.”

“Good on them,” Jayson said, making Jennifer laugh again. “Sounds like a good way to spend the first weekend at college.”

“Exactly,” Brent said, pulling out his phone.

“Who ya texting?” Angelica asked Brent.

“Nobody,” he said.

“Oh….well,” Angelica said, after a few moments watching Brent text. “How about your classes? Do you have anything interesting on Monday?”

“Just some AG classes,” he mumbled, still not looking at Angelica. “Nothing to write home about.”

“Oh. Agriculture. That’s a fun–” she began, but was cut off.

“—I gotta check my check my schedule,” Brent said, standing and heading into his dorm.

“Do you want…” Angelica’s question trailed off as Brent entered the room and the door snapped shut.

“That was painfully awkward ‘Gelly,” Jennifer said, making Angelica glare at her.

“When’s boyfriend get here?”

“Oh he’s just texted,” Jennifer said standing up to leave. Jayson and Dustin watched her juicy booty sway in her cotton shorts on the way out.

“Have fun guys,” she called back.

“Not as much as you,” Jayson yelled, with a knowing smile.

“Don’t get pregnant!” Angelica yelled. Once the door closed she muttered, “Or do…whatever.”

* * * * * * * * *

Darin was sitting with his back against the wall, a blunt in his mouth and an 18-year-old on his dick. Erica was bucking her hips. Her hands were on Darin’s shoulders and she was loving the feeling of Darin’s hands squeezing her ass, not to mention the erect penis inside her pussy. Erica’s fat ass jiggled every time she humped against her boyfriend.

She slowed her hips to a sway when Darin passed the blunt to her. She allowed her pussy to be filled completely while she inhaled. Her brain flooded with pleasure from the combination of THC and sex.

While she took smoke into her lungs, Darin took the opportunity to suck her small brown nips into her mouth. Erica squirmed on his dick while he alternated boobs, licking her areolas and suckling at her pea-sized nipples.

Erica squeezed her pussy muscles while she rode Darin’s dick. As she exhaled to the ceiling, Darin held her hips in place and humped up into his girlfriend. He smacked her ass while she grinded her pussy into her boyfriend’s lab. Erica’s tight cunt lips gripped

Darin’s dick, making him moan into her busty chest.

She passed the blunt back to Darin after a big drag on it, then put her hands back on his shoulders. She raised her hips and slid her tight pussy up his shaft and slammed her ass back down. Darin groaned with the blunt in his mouth as Erica picked up speed. Her ass cheeks became a blur, as she rode Darin like an experienced cowgirl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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