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Story by Brian Porter

Cumnoisseur is part of “The Bitch Saga”

Wrestling wasn’t my first option when I was asked if I wanted to join a team. Uni had so many options, it felt daunting to pick only one. I thought about rowing at first. It could work for me because I wanted to feel the good vibes of the open space in the early morning. I used to say that this is how you get to be one with nature. I need to confess that I didn’t know what that meant, but it sounded deep and smart. “I can be one with nature”. It should be cool.

I filled in the subscription form and gave it to him.

“Tim… Tim Mar… Mar what?” he looked puzzled. That was common.

“Maarschalkerweerd. It’s from my dad’s family. It’s like Dutch for the keeper of horses.”

“Not many horses to keep in the water, uh? Unless you’re Aquaman” he laughed.

I laughed too, but just not to make it awkward. That kind of joke was boring already.

“Listen. I can’t let you in the team. I can see your upper body is strong, but it’s not good enough. I’m looking for someone who’s already in shape. You know what I mean? I don’t have time to train someone coz the competition is only three months from now.” He gave me my documents back. “Why don’t you try wrestling?”

I was surprised. It never crossed my mind to try my luck as a wrestler.

“Why wrestling?” I asked looking up at the coach who was so much taller than me.

“Well, I can also see you got strong legs and a nice ass to waste them with rowing. In wrestling, a good pair of thighs and glutes can give you balance, impulse and a good advantage over the other boys.”

‘Boy’. I was used to being called like that by others, mainly by seniors and coaches. It wasn’t only me. Usually, every freshman on campus would become a ‘boy’, a ‘cry-baby’, a ‘newbie’, or even ‘girl’, “little girl’ or ‘bitch’. That kind of approach annoyed me when I started my days as an undergraduate student, but eventually, I grew used to it.

Following the rowing coach’s advice, I went to the wrestling club. I felt intimidated because not every club would call their freshmen ‘girls’ or ‘bitches’, but wrestlers did. They were recognized as one of the toughest groups on campus. ‘Don’t mess up with them’ I was told.

Considering I wouldn’t be allowed in the team for my small size and almost angelic look, I tried my luck anyway. To my surprise, coach Stance gave me a chance. And to everyone’s amusement, I wasn’t too bad. I had potential. It was, in fact, a good advantage to have such strong legs. I was in heaven. Being accepted as a wrestler gave me a bunch of benefits. I got to live in a separate building that was meant for fighters. I got my own room with a private toilet, a stovetop and a fridge. I earned a pin that presented me as a wrestler to other students, which meant respect. And, above everything, I met Logan. The tall jock who was the prince charming of the wrestlers. Or, at least, that’s how he saw himself.

Logan and I became friends almost instantly. We shared the same interests as if we were twins. Being neighbours, we spent a lot of time in each other’s room, watching TV, playing games and, obviously, talking about chicks. Our tastes were the same even when it came to which kind of woman we liked best. We were both ass men. Tits were nice, but ass was so much better. We were obsessed with anal sex, which was still only a dream, loved blowjobs, and the most important of all: we wanted to feed the bitches who sucked us with our cum. That was so important to us that Logan and I would talk about it every single day. We had several collections of cumpilations stored in our computers. However, to our dismay, no bitch had ever let our jizz go down in their throats.

We have been friends for a year now and the level of our intimacy was so high, we started watching porn together. It was nice to do that, although it took us months to even try. Despite all the initial embarrassment, we had a lot of fun looking for the best scenes and cumming all over our bodies once we were done. Frequently, we’d cum at the same time and, if we didn’t, we’d make fun of the other who was still masturbating.

I used to be the one who would cum first. Well, it turned out to be like this. In the beginning, it was Logan who’d cum and then stand up to stop my own cumming. As time passed, it changed. Whenever I came over my body and found him still spanking the monkey, I’d stand up and stay between him and the TV.

“Oh, c’mon. Let me finish.” He’d often say.

I’d turn around and shake my ass. I was good at twerking.

“Fuck, dude. Not in the best part.” He complained. Logan would try to turn around and still watch the bitches swallowing cum on the TV, but I’d try my best to hide it with my body. I had a lot of fun.

I intended to annoy and stop him from cumming. The first few times I tried that, it worked. He’d dress up and look pissed. But, as it continued, he started to cum even when I was dancing for him. I thought he should be still looking at the TV somehow, Demetevler Escort or he got his imagination to work. It didn’t matter that much to me, though. Even if he could still cum, I know I was being a burden and that was fun.

We got back home after practice one day celebrating a double date we managed to put together after a lot of hard work. Women on the campus were very scarce. We all knew that. The most traditional teachers would make it clear they shouldn’t even be there. I couldn’t agree. On the contrary, we needed more chicks around. Getting two at the same time then, was like a miracle.

“Dude, we’re lucky!” Logan said as he found his way to my couch.

“They said yes. HA!” I laughed. “That’s more than luck, my friend. We’re just the best.”

“I am the best, Tim. You and that little thing between your legs wouldn’t get us anywhere.”

“Fuck you!” I still laughed. Logan was bigger than me indeed. He told me he had 8 inches. I didn’t doubt him. I was 4, almost 5. Three inches are not that much. “It can be smaller, but it does the magic better than yours. I can guarantee that.”

He stood up and got a bottle of orange juice I had in the fridge. He drank two full glasses. We used to do that. We would share everything and had no ceremony toward each other. We were like brothers already.

“So, what are we gonna do with these two bitches tonight?” He smiled widely. “We will make them…”

“SWALLOW OUR CUM” we yelled and more laughter.

“Dude, we are hooking up with the two most famous bitches around. They’ll definitely swallow.” Logan continued.

“I can’t believe it. Finally!” I continued celebrating.

“Why are we so obsessed with that?” Logan asked. That was not the first time we made ourselves that question. Now and then, we’d repeat it, just to make sure we were still on the same page.

“You know. That’s how we dominate them.” I answered.


“And how we make them understand the value of cum.”

“YES!” Logan leaned against the wall with the glass still in his hand. “That’s right! These bitches should learn that cum shouldn’t be wasted. It should never see the light. It’s made to go from one hole to the other. Dude, it makes me so angry when I see them spit it out.”

“Tell me about it. I feel like forcing it back into their mouths.”

“You bet.” He sat beside me and finished the juice. “You should drink some too. I’ve heard it makes your cum taste better.”

“Who told you that?” I didn’t know it was possible to change the taste of cum.

“From Roger and Jean. They were searching for it on the internet. I was thinking about it. It couldn’t hurt to give it a try. What do you think?”

I didn’t waste time. I opened the fridge and drank the juice up straight from the bottle. Once I was done, I found Logan looking and laughing at me.

“Man, if orange juice makes our cum sweet, we will feed these bitches with syrup tonight.”

We left the glasses on my TV rack and went for a shower. This is also something we used to do together. We had individual toilets in our rooms, but the showers were shared among those who lived on the same floor. I undressed and wrapped my waist with a white towel. We still went to Logan’s room, so he could do the same, before going to the shower room.

“I’m getting horny already” Logan showed his semi-hard dick as we stood side by side in front of the tile wall.

“Really?” I laughed again. “You gotta learn how to control yourself.”

“I can control myself. I just can’t control my dick. You know that.” He laughed.

We did laugh a lot like two ludicrous children. We’d laugh even when we wrestled, which drove our coach mad.

“I don’t know how it doesn’t embarrass you,” I commented.

“What should embarrass me?”

“Having a hardon all the time.” I just stated a fact. Logan had hardons even when playing Resident Evil. He had an excuse for getting excited too. There was always a chick he thought about or a situation that crossed his mind. Logan was very imaginative.

“Why should I? A hard dick proves how macho I am. That’s all. As for you, I think a limp one suits you better.” Now he laughed alone.

“Fuck you!”

“No, seriously. It’s nice you have that sort of control. I bet you can get more impressive hardons than me. And that’s good for you.”

“How come?”

“Well, you know, your dick is too small, man.”

“Bullshit. It’s average.”

“Ok. Ok. Let’s say it’s not small, but it IS smaller than mine, agree?”

I couldn’t deny that.

“So, I was thinking, what if we get to fuck a chick together? A threesome. Have you ever thought it could happen? Or maybe a foursome. What if the bitches tonight decide to fuck us together?”


“You know these bitches are all size queens, right? I don’t want them to play with me and forget about you, bro. I don’t think I’d be able to fuck them if you were left behind.”

It was the first time Logan talked Otele gelen escort to me about such a concern. He would eventually mention the size of his dick and say something about me being smaller, but it was always just silly jokes. This time, though, he was serious. There was no one laughing after his remark.

I was somehow touched by his revelation. He wouldn’t fuck someone if they put me aside. That’s how it used to be. It’s either the two of us or none.

“And what should I do? Should I buy a pump? You know these things don’t work…”

“Nah. Course not. You don’t need that. As I said, you can still be very impressive even tiny. If you could control your erections, you’ll look bigger when you are allowed to have a boner.”

“It doesn’t make sense…”

“Of course, it does. Let’s imagine you only get hard when you’re about to fuck a chick, or when she’s about to suck you. Your dick will be so full of energy, it should grow bigger and look impressive. But, as it is now, it would never happen.”

“It still makes no sense” I sighed. I looked back at Logan, and his cock was at full mast now. He was beating it up a little bit with his face still turned to the tiles.

“Man, of course, it does. Why don’t we give it a try at least?”

“What do you suggest?”

“You should try not to have a hardon for a while. I know at the beginning that will be impossible. But with time and practice, we can get there. You’re always bragging about how good you are at controlling when you get a boner. That’s your superpower. I don’t have it. I think none of the guys I know has it. So, if your dick is small, let’s try to at least make it look better.”

“What about jerking off after practice?”


“I don’t know if I can…”

“See? You don’t know. Neither do I. But we can give it a try and see how it goes. This is not only for you. It’s for me too. I’d hate to let a foursome go just because you couldn’t impress the chicks with your little excuse under there.”

I finished my shower and reached for my towel.

“Deal?” He followed me.

“But tonight you won’t forbid me, right?”

“Course not! Tonight, you just try not to get hard till you get Michelle between your legs. Then, you’re free to go.” He shook his head with a smile. “Uh? Uh?”

“Deal. For us.” I agreed with a fists bump.

“Yeah, for us. Let’s go!”

We were walking in the hallway on top of a smelly red carpet that covered the whole floor. With our towels still wrapped around our waists, I could see he still had a hardon under it. As for me, I could be smaller than him, but even my limp dick made a good volume on the towel. I should make Logan aware of that. He should look at my crotch and admit I wasn’t that tiny.

“Look at my crotch, dude. I ain’t that small. See? And I’m not even hard.”

Logan did look. He put his arm around my neck, which is something he always did since I was way shorter than him and had my head near his armpit.

“I know that, bro. The thing is that your limp dick and your hard dick have almost the same size. It happens to a few men. You must be what? Three inches when limp and three and a half when hard?”

“Bullshit. I’m five inches when hard.”

“Bullshit. You can be four, never five. I’m five limp. See what I’m saying? The point is that you can impress a chick with a three-inch soft cock, but it would never happen with a three-and-a-half hard prick. You need to get them on their knees before you get hard. This way, they’ll get you hard with their mouths. Once you’re hard, they won’t just stand up and go away. As they are on their knees already, they’ll keep on sucking you. But if they get to see you hard before they start sucking, then you can take it for granted that they will leave. And we can’t let it happen, can we?”

We reached our doors before long. I got in my room and dressed up. But before that, I looked at my naked figure in the mirror. Was I that small? That wasn’t the first time I wondered about that issue. Fuck, what if Logan was right? He wouldn’t lie to me.

We hopped into his car. Logan showed a little white pill that he put in his mouth and swallowed before starting the engine.

“This is a little secret I didn’t tell you.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m always swallowing these pills. I just skip when we’re going for training. Of course. They give me a nice and long boner.”

“And do you need that?”

“Course. If you get to impress chicks with your soft prick, I have to do the same with my hard dick. They love a full bulge. And trust me, yours look fuller when you’re soft. Probably because it gets on top of your balls and both together give you a pump.”

“Do you think so?” I looked at my crotch.

“Course. You should pull your weelie down to leave it on top of the balls. It gives it a pump and also doesn’t give space to get hard. It should never rest on your pubes like mine.”

I put my hand into my pants Balgat Escort and make sure to push my cock all the way down. As I took my hand out, I realized that Logan was right. It did look bigger and fuller. As for him, his dick was hard and resting on his right leg. It reached his pockets. I wouldn’t compare. That wasn’t fair. I didn’t have to. It was never an issue. Why should it be now?

We stopped by the pinks, which is how we referred to the dorms for women, and Sarah and Michelle got in the car. I moved to the back seat to be with Michelle while Sarah sat in the passenger seat. Their fragrance was enough to get me hard. And I thought I could control my dick. No, apparently, I could not. I tried to think of boner killers, but nothing worked.

To be honest, my dick remained hard during the whole dinner. When the chicks decided to go to the restroom, I decided to explain my situation to Logan.

“Dude, you can’t get hard now. Remember what I told you?” He whispered.

“I know. But I can’t control it.”

“Try to think about something you don’t like. I don’t know. Your gramma kissing you. Your rents fucking. Something.”

“It doesn’t work!”

“I know! Think of cocks. You can think about mine. I don’t know. Since you’ve seen it so many times, you must know it better. It should be enough.”

I tried to get my best friend’s cock in my mind. It wasn’t too difficult. As he said, I’ve seen it limp and hard thousands of times. As I focused harder on it, my dick did soften. It was working.

“It’s disgusting, but it’s working,” I confessed.

“Great. Whenever you’re getting hard just think about my dick, my cum, try to listen to me talking to you. My voice should kill your boner too. I know! Of course! The smell of the lockers. Dude, that should get you limp for eternity.”

We laughed. Yeah, he should be right. That should kill any boner instantly.

When Michelle sat by my side again and her arm fell behind my neck, I had to picture Logan’s dick straightaway. It felt weird. There was a voice in my mind saying I should think of pussies and be proud of my erection. But what if Logan was right? Again, he wouldn’t lie to me. And, I could also see it. I did have a bigger volume when I was limp.

Eventually, I’d get hard again, but as soon as I thought of my friend’s cock, I’d manage my excitement and put it down again.

Once, we were done, Logan drove us to a park that at this time of the night was completely dark and empty. This wasn’t the proper place to take two ladies, but we thought it was enough for two bitches. And, yes, they had a reputation as bitches, and they were proud of it. Logan was the one who found them, and he guaranteed they’d be down to anything we wanted. And what did we want? A blowjob to completion.

We got out of the car, Sarah joined Logan on the left side of the vehicle, while Michelle and I were on the right. The car was still running, and the lights were on. It helped us see what was going on, but just barely. When Michelle put her hand on my pants, before unzipping me, I was hard already. It felt weird and embarrassing because she was trying to find my dick but couldn’t as it was tucked with my balls. It wasn’t enough to get her pissed and leaving me behind though. She got my pants down together with my underwear. She kneeled and gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. I loved chicks who let the saliva run down her pretty faces and went full mode on a sloppy head. I liked it messy, and so did Logan. We used to talk about it when watching porn together.

It didn’t take me long to cum. I held her by the head, hoping she was swallowing my seed. Once I was done unloading, I let her go. I looked at her apprehensively. What would she do next? I wanted her to open her mouth to me and show it empty. That’s what I wanted. But something totally different happened. She turned her head around and spat it all out. Fuck! I looked over my shoulder and found Logan looking at my side too. He was disappointed. Thumbs down.

When we were driving back to campus, Logan broke the silence.

“Would you mind if I asked you a question?” He asked Sarah.

“Nope. What’s it?”

“Why didn’t you swallow?” Logan asked straightforwardly. Wow, I could never be that direct.

“You mean your cum?” She didn’t sound bothered.

“Yeah, my cum.”

“I didn’t like the taste. Sorry.”

“And what should it taste like? All cum must taste the same, right? They taste like cum.”

“No, babe. Every guy has a different taste.” Michelle spoke up. “Only a few tastes good. The majority sucks.”

“And what’s a good taste for you?” Logan continued.

“Sweet, babe. Sweet like honey.” Michelle answered.

“Yeah, the sweet ones are the best. Sorry, but yours is salty.” Sarah held Logan by the neck as he drove. “It’s just terrible. But, maybe there’s a secret to make it taste better. Someone must know, right?”

We dropped them by the pinks and went back home. Both frustrated.

“Salty?” Logan let it out as soon as we got into his room. “It can’t be salty.”

“I don’t know. It just is.” I sat on his couch. His room was exactly like mine. A two-seat couch facing a flat TV, and a bed on the side.

“No, it can’t be.” Logan had one hand on the fridge and the other holding his chin as if he was thinking deeply about that situation. “Wait! What did you say?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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