Boy (24) Becoming His Master’s Tool 03

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Double Penetration

Naked, waiting for things to happen in the Hotel room where Joko Ono and John Lennon demonstrated for peace and freedom in 1969. More than fifty years ago I read in the note on the table in the room, almost thirty years before I was born. A large white bed with some reminders on the wall commemorating what happened here. History was made here.

Two wall sides of the room, on the seventh floor, are fully glass with a beautiful view over an old part of Amsterdam. A strange room for the training, exam or maybe my initiating as a newbie sex tool. I am puzzled why I am in this great open, white room. Most websites and movies, with slaves, play in dark cellars, dungeons, or caves. Dark walls full of chains or cages. Puzzled I waited.

I heard the click of the lock in the door. I get directly in the slave position. Facing the large window. Legs wide apart, knees slightly curved forward. My legs spread wide with my ass open. My foreskin pulled back with my penis head ready. In the reflection in the glass I can vaguely see a man entering the room. It is my master from the first meeting. He sits down on the only chair in the room and looks at my back. The only sounds I hear is the soft humming of the air-conditioning and my heart pumping blood to my muscles and cock. The start of an erection. So horny is it to stand here, ready for him.

“There are only three things you have to know as my boy.” Said the men after a time which felt like an hour. “You must remember them as your mantra. One: My Master owes me fully for one day per month, without any questions or hesitations. Two: My Master or any other men the Master wants, will get all the pleasure and satisfaction he or they want. Three: My master must punish me if I do not fulfill above rules to his Master satisfaction and expectation”.

He got out of his chair, walked to stand close behind me. I feel a thick iron stick touching the inner side of my legs. Eryaman Escort Slowly going up. Touching every muscle and nerve on my inner legs. Inch for inch it gets closer to my almost virgin pussy. When it finally touches my anal contractor, my whole body shivered like a trembling puddy. My legs almost collapsed, and my hands drops a few inches. My cock became hard, and harder during this small performance. I feel the first drop of precum leaving the tip of my cock when the top of the tool reached and is slightly pushed in my anus. I breath as if I was running, but I stand frozen and feel the cold metal touching me. At my most intimate part.

The iron head enters my ass further, not a gentle entry softened with lubricant. No one slow strong push, going deeper and deeper. The muscles in the entry of my pussy scream for help, wanting him to stop, give some relief. But he pushed on. And the iron stick becomes larger and larger. Finally, the widest part crossed my hole securing it deep in me. Tears drops from eyes; I bit my lips to keep as silent as possible. I shake.

“Shut up, standstill. I did not say that you are allowed to move, bitch.” It was followed by a hard lash of a kind of whip on my bottom. Another whip, again and again.

“Lick your dirt of the ground and show me your ass.”

I drop to my knees and start licking the dump of the body liquid from my penis. My tongue on the ground with my ass in the air. Tasting the salt of my precum and sand, dirt of the ground after being raped with a big butt plug and being hit with a whip. Why is he punishing me, what did I do wrong? Did I made too much noise, was my ass not open enough? How can I satisfy his wishes if I do not know what they are? And are not allowed to ask?

“Repeat the mantra, bitch.”

I started but could not remember the exact words, stumbled as a twelve-year-old Sincan Escort boy in his first day at school before the teacher. A next kick on the plug followed. Right in the middle, on the hot spot between my legs. A short hard hit on my ass.

“You failed the first test; you understand that you need the punishment? You where not doing what I want, you need a lot to learn. As this was the first test, I will give you an explanation. You want that”

“Yes, Master.”

“Next time I want to hear it louder, stronger, fucking slave. And I want to hear ‘Yes, please Master’. And I want to hear the mantra when I ask it, loud and exact as I said it. And I want you to be pleased carrying my butt plug or any other thing I want you to wear. I want you to be a proud slave, pleased to wear what I want you to wear, everywhere and when I want. Like this nice small butt plug with a nice tail from your ass. Not this crying, shaking body you just showed me. I do not need that. Do you understand that, piece of shit?”

“Yes, Master, Please punish me for my mistakes.” I said loud and clear after a long pause.

I got up, got a leather collar around my neck and handcuffs where fixed on it behind my back. A complete dark cover, with a hole for my mouth, was put over my head. He made me kneel on the bed, face down. Legs wide. He pushed my head further down and spread me further. He removed the butt plug. An open red rose, appeared. I never felt more open, vulnerable as a baby. Ready to be punished and used by him. I wanted him to fuck me, use me, own me. I was here for him; he is My Master, and he should use. I needed his cock to prove that he wants me ass his toy.

He left the room.

The door opened. A man entered. I hear I zipper opening. I feel a cock entering me my open cunt. His hands hold me buttocks and he start fucking me. As if I am just meat for Etlik Escort him, he pushes his tool fully in me. He starts controlled, slowly increasing his rhythm. Faster, harder, deeper. He is big, hard and every punch feels like a blow in my face. He growls loud and louder. He uses my ass, nothing more or less. One hand pulling the chain and the collar backwards. Fingers of his other hand entering my mouth. He stops with load screams and dumps his load, deep inside.

A second man enters. Putting his cock in my mouth, face fucking me deep. When I start caging, he hits my face with a flat hand. A third plays with my ass, one finger, three, five, his hand. The last takes me to the toilet. He urinates in my mouth and all over me. He let me clean him, licking.

“Now you know how your life will look if you not fully surrender to me, you bitch,” said my Master after he returned. It is your choice, become my whore, make money for me and get punished. Today you just earned the rent of this room. So, you will have to work a lot more. Or be my tool and learn how to please me. Become my tool. my sweet boy.”

“On the table is a contract, sign it. Get dressed and go home. And act as described in the document, I will see you in four weeks. Slave.”

“Yes, Master.”

The document is a twenty page legal agreement. If I agree I will not have any rights and a lot of obligations. My body becomes is his property. I can be used as his cash machine for twelve days this year or for his personal slave. I must also do anything to be as useable as possible. More muscles and less weight by visiting his personal trainer and follow his program. Regular visit his barber, fully shaving my body and use make up to his wishes. He will pay for it all. This is not a day per month but full commitment to his whishes for a year. Besides my work, friends I must follow his program to become a beautiful boy for his pleasure. I loved the idea.

The last paragraph said that if I did not sign the contract all contact will end immediately and the photo and films of this shoot will be exposed. That was the reason to hire this room, a nice twist in the video. As proof there some hot photos attached.

I really want to be his boy but feared to become his whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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