Bodies Ch. 01

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Chloe is having the time of her life right now. The stacked volleyball player is on her back, getting plowed by one of their college’s football stars, Marcus. She is naked, her muscular thighs locked around his torso as he hammers her. The college junior moans loudly as her handsome partner drills her cunt. He pounds her into the bed, stuffing her hot snatch with his ten inches prick. The strong boy is blowing her back out and she is loving every second of it, digging her nails into his back as her pussy releases floods of nectar out all over him. “Ahhh fuck me! Fuck me harder baby. Ooooh I love your fucking cock so much!”

Ten other college boys are watching them. The wealthy girl called them over earlier this morning, telling them that they can take turns fucking her. She is a spoiled brat who’s used to getting everything she wants, and that includes all the big cocks pounding her pussy. Ever since she turned 18, the sexy athlete started telling guys that they could fuck her at anytime they want, as long as they give her advance notice. Right now each of them are waiting for their turn, looking at their friend mercilessly screwing her. Marcus has always been the best at fucking Chloe’s pussy so he always get to go first. “You like this, slut? You like my cock in your pussy?”

“YES! Oh, god yes! Yes, yes fuck me!” she screams whorishly, having a mini orgasm crash into her as he keeps on thrusting violently. She flips the two of them over so that she is now on top of him and slamming down onto his dick, engulfing it with her pussy. Sliding her moist cunt up and down, she bounces on his pole, spearing herself with his shaft. It feels so good to have that huge thing stretching her out. The log feels so massive inside her, tearing her box apart with every move. Chloe loves getting fucked so damn much.

She glances back over her shoulder at Jerry as Marcus grabs her muscular ass and says “Come here! I want your cock in my ass while Marcus bangs my cunt. You two can fuck me at the same time!” Jerry eagerly lubes up his prick and then applies some of the lube to her nasty asshole too. He inserts his fingers into it first, stretching it out as Marcus thrusts upwards into her wet hole. The strong, voluptuous girl cries out as her pussy releases more nectar. Marcus’ large dick is going in and out of her at a rapid pace now and she is losing her mind over how great it feels.

When Jerry slowly enters her backdoor passage, things get even better as she can now enjoy the pleasure of double penetration. “Ohhhh I love this! I love having two cocks in me at once!” Chloe shrieks as she feels Jerry’s nine inches dick stuff her tight butt. The college girl has a thick, round booty that’s gotten fucked by a lot of guys over the past couple of years. It feels so amazing just to have someone in her pussy while another guy is nailing her dirty asshole, fucking her at once. “Come on guys! Fuck me harder than that! Wreck me with your lovely cocks!”

She grabs the headboard as she rides Marcus and gets banged from behind by Jerry. “Do you want one cock in your mouth too?” Jerry sneers at the hot girl. Chloe eagerly nods. “Sam, get over here and face fuck her. This slut needs as many dicks as she can to be satisfied.” Without a word, Sam yanks his pants down and then gets on the bed, kneeling at the head. He shows her his eleven inches horse cock. Chloe gasps in delight and eagerly slides it into her mouth. The first half is easy and the second only takes some time as the extremely experienced girl slides the first part down her tight throat.

Two cocks was already good but three is perfect. This is all that the very horny volleyball star ever wanted. To have hot guys banging her hard and fast. They are very close to the finish line now. Two more guys join them and present their dicks to her. She jerks them off as Marcus, Jerry and Sam fuck her cunt, ass and mouth respectively. Sam is the first to reach the point of no return. He bellows out loud as his prick explodes inside Chloe’s mouth, rapidly firing semen down her throat. Chloe is now overjoyed, receiving her first load of the day.

Marcus soon follows, grunting as his extremely big dick unloads, filling up her snatch with his warm cum. He just keeps on releasing strands after strands of it inside her, and soon his hot seed is leaking out of her gaping orifice. Her pussy has been torn open and his cum just flows out of it. Feeling him pour his jizz inside her triggers her orgasm. As Chloe cums, her asshole contracts around the base of Jerry’s shaft and he blasts the inside of her ass with all of his semen, jettisoning his loads deep into the athlete’s bowels. Now she has semen leaking out of both her pussy and asshole.

The guys she is jacking off cum next, spraying their loads directly onto the black haired girl’s face. Their seed is soon covering Chloe cheeks. They keep on cumming hard for several seconds, drenching the athlete’s cheeks with their jizz. After the two finish cumming they join the others on the couches. She then beckons the six çankaya escort remaining guys to walk over to the bed. They have already gotten rid of their pants and underwear for her. Chloe takes a long moment to admire their hard shafts, giving each of the cocks a squeeze.

She kisses their cocks and suck them off one at a time. First she takes Mike’s dick into her mouth. Then she blows Henry. After that the girl sucks Jack off. Chloe stops blowing Jack to give Steve oral. She finally deepthroats Tim. Once she’s had all of the cocks in her mouth, Chloe says “Jerk off to me and cum all over my face. I want you to give me a cum shower.” They rapidly wank, masturbating to the tall girl’s beautiful face, framed by her glossy jet black hair, and her large breasts.

Soon they all erupt. Five cocks simultaneously fire cum at Chloe’s face. The semen splatter on her forehead, cheeks, nose and lips. All of them are cumming bucket loads on the sexy athlete’s gorgeous face. Her perfect face is entirely glazed, soaked in the boys’ semen. Every inch of the hot college girl’s face is covered in cum. “Thank you so much for the treat. I really love it when my face is caked with your cum,” she tells them and kiss each of the cocks once on the tip, licking up any remaining drops of semen, not wanting any to go to waste.

Chloe then tells them to leave the room so she can relax after the orgy. The girl lets the cum on her face stay there for a while before cleaning up. It is easily one of the best gang bangs she has had up to date. Chloe smiles to herself as she waits for her roommate to come back. As she lies there, she thinks about how horny she has always been. The girl has been obsessed with sex for as long as she can remember. Orgies are a part of her weekly life. She has been having them with her classmates in high school for as often as possible. Now that she is in college, it is almost every day.

After waiting for twenty minutes, she decides to leave and come back later. The girl puts on her workout clothes, thinking about practicing volleyball with a few of her teammates. She is approached by all the boys in the hallway. They line up to ask her for sex, one by one. Chloe smiles and gives them a sheet she folded and put in her pocket before leaving her dorm room “Write your name in an empty time slot. It’s a first come first served basis,” she tells them. The boys eagerly do that, clamouring to get the best time they can, thanking her for sex. “You’re welcome guys. Anyone who wants to fuck me only has to make an appointment,” she says.

Out of the ten guys around, only one does not line up. She looks at him curiously. The boy’s name is Peter. Chloe has seen him around before in lectures and outside, and thinks he is actually pretty cute. Yes, he is a little bit of a dork, but an adorable one who makes her panties wet when she thinks of taking his virginity. He is definitely a virgin, judging from how shy and awkward he is. “Hey, Peter. Can I talk to you for just a second?” Chloe asks, approaching the shy boy with a smile on her pretty face.

Right now Peter is with his best friend Lisa. The two of them are childhood best friends and have agreed to come to this college together along with a few of their other friends. He turns to face Chloe shyly, blushing. “Sure!” he says, giving her a coquettish smile, glancing at the ground coyly. Chloe finds herself having to resist the urge to grab his junk. She can’t do that to him. It would freak the boy out. He isn’t ready to be groped.

Chloe leans towards him, letting her black hair fall over her face. She then whispers “I really need a tutor right now. You’re smart and nice. Could you help me study please?” Her deep voice is so husky and makes him feel shivers run up and down his spine. His Adam’s apple is bobbing up and down as he instinctively backs away from her. Behind him, Lisa is frowning, probably because she doesn’t like seeing her friend getting intimidated. Lisa is a short girl with brunette hair and a reasonably good body.

Peter screws his eyes shut, not wanting to ogle her like every other guy. This actually makes the black-haired girl quite disappointed but she doesn’t say anything about it. “Okay, sure. Just tell me when you have time to study and we’ll work out a schedule,” he finally says. Chloe smiles and then thanks him before looking at Lisa. Lisa’s no longer frowning now and is focusing on her phone instead. Peter also glances at his best friend and nudges her to tell her that they should get going now. Lisa mutters something under her breath that Peter and Chloe couldn’t detect.

“Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate it,” Chloe tells the flustered boy before turning around and preparing to collect the time sheet from the other boys. As she ways, the stunning girl sways her large booty and looks back at him over her shoulder. “Oh, and one more thing. I know you like my ass because all guys do. You can stare at it. In fact I’ll even send you a picture of my keçiören escort ass so you can jerk off to it. Just give me your number.”

The boy rapidly shakes his head. “Oh no! I, um, I don’t think that would be good. My phone could get hacked and that photo can end up on the internet and, and-” Chloe giggles at how cute this bumbler is. She really is disappointed he didn’t put his name on the sheet but then walks off to go to volleyball practice. All the guys pat her rear end, groping the massive derriere and complimenting her on how wonderful her round, muscled backside is. She thanks them all for their kind words and promises them that they can pound her asshole soon. Tony is the first in line, having booked 7:00PM today.

“What a disgusting whore,” Lisa mutters with a highly disapproving frown back on her face.

Peter turns to her. “She’s not a whore Lisa. Don’t call her or anyone that. It’s mean,” he says, shaking his head and then going to the library, with her following right after him.


The next day, Peter is tutoring her inside Chloe’s room, which still stinks of sex. She just brought two guys over to spit-roast her, right before the studying session. One of the guys’ cum is still flowing out of her pussy, down her powerful thighs. Peter, who’s been going over the important bits from their last lecture for the past hour, can see the trail of semen as she is wearing a pair of tight booty shorts that reveals a long expanse of her muscular legs. Chloe smirks, knowing that he is looking at it. She enjoys how easily embarrassed the boy can get and decides that she is going to tease him a little, just for some light-hearted fun. Chloe would never bully him or do anything to hurt Peter, but she can tease him.

He is twirling his short hair, playing with it as they rest. “I’m thinking about going to buy some snacks. Would you like anything? Coffee, perhaps? I know I can be boring,” he says to her. Chloe internally gushes over how cute he is. She can never find Peter boring. He is like an innocent kitten to her. A pure boy who she wants to tarnish and sully with her dirtiness. Just the thought of inflicting her perverted desires upon him is already making her juices flow.

“Thank you so much for being so patient with me. It’s kind of hard for me to focus when all I can think of is sucking a dick,” she says to the boy in a nonchalant way. He gapes at her in shock, not expecting her to be so forward. The stacked girl runs her hand through her long jet black hair as she continues “I am very good at giving blowjobs, you know? Just earlier I blew Tyler in here, while Matthew screwed my pussy. Look, it is all red and puffy after the pounding he gave me.”

She then yanks down her booty shorts to reveal her gaping cunt, with the full bush right above it. Peter immediately closes his eyes. The poor boy nearly had a heart attack just from her talking about sucking cocks. Now she is flashing him? His poor virgin heart can’t handle it! He can hear her snickering and says to the taller girl “Please put your pants back on, Chloe. I’m saving myself for someone special,” he mutters, still refusing to look at her used vagina, starting to upset her.

Chloe has never been angrier in her life. The adorable boy is refusing to stare at her pussy when she is giving him the opportunity too. She leans over and slaps him hard, making him open his eyes in shock. When he sees her soaked cunt, Peter is too shocked to avert his gaze. “Don’t you ever think about upsetting me. You are going to regret it. I can promise you that much,” Chloe threatens him. “Now look at it and tell me how beautiful my pussy is. Say that you like it. Do it or I’ll make your life hell for the next year.”

The hyperventilating boy stares at the perfect little pussy in front of him, mesmerised by the large bush growing on her crotch. It is a dense jungle, looking so alluring that he finds himself thinking about burying his face into it. “Your pussy is really beautiful and I like it a lot,” he stammers, looking up into her eyes fearfully. “Please don’t hurt me.” The way he is quaking makes him look extra cute, Chloe thinks to herself. But she doesn’t say this aloud, taking some time to enjoy his frightened gaze. Having this boy reluctantly looking at her slutty pussy is making her very horny.

“I am going to masturbate now,” she announces. “Put one of your hands over my tit and cup my ass with the other one. It will make me cum faster if you are groping me.” Peter hurriedly shakes his head. She glares at him and slaps him really hard. “I said put your hands on my boob and ass. Remember that I can ruin your college life. If you don’t grope me I will tell all the guys not to hang out with you. You will have no friends. And don’t even think about getting a girlfriend. The girls look up to me, the star athlete. All I have to tell them is that you are to remain a virgin and you will never get any.”

Pete reluctantly places his left hand on her right tit, etimesgut escort feeling her hard nipple through the thin top. He then slides his right hand under, grabbing her huge ass. Chloe gives him a superior grin. “Look at you. You are so much of a wimp you let me scare you into doing this. A weak boy like you only exists to serve me. Now squeeze my butt while I finger myself.” He nods, squeezing Chloe’s muscular booty and watching as she begins playing with her erect clitoris. His own dick has gotten quite hard from the sight but he tries to ignore it.

She is in heaven, having managed to coerce a reserved guy into touching her. Her eyes remain fixed on him as she slips four fingers inside her tunnel easily, beginning to thrust. The horny girl finger fucks herself roughly, pumping her hand in and out as he gropes her round ass. Pete feels so ashamed of himself, letting her pressure him into helping her get off. He has always been a romantic who wants to be with a girl monogamously before doing sexual things. But now he can’t go back to what he was anymore.

A sadistic idea occurs to Chloe. She has been wanting to defile him for sometime now. Today is the perfect day to start doing so. “Ahhh yes. Oooh, spit on your finger and slip it inside my ass. I haven’t had anything in it today,” she hisses. Pete stares at her in astonishment, not thinking it could get any dirtier. Her fingers are now coated in her own pussy juices and she looks at him as he still doesn’t do it yet. “Go on. Finger fuck my ass already, you little dork.”

“I’m sorry but no. We are not in a relationship so-” Peter protests. She withdraws her hand from inside her cunt and slaps him, getting a lot of her pussy juices on his cheek. He looks at her with tears in his eyes and she almost pities him. But Chloe is a spoiled brat. She’s a rich girl whose wealthy parents gave her everything she ever wanted. Naturally, she feels entitled to things all the time, and right now she feels entitled to having Peter’s finger inside her slutty ass.

“Get your finger wet and up in my asshole right now or I’ll break it,” she says. The fearful boy spits on his finger and rubs circles around her sphincter, loosening it up by pressing very gently. Once he thinks she’s ready, he inserts his finger into her ass, feeling her tight asshole clench around it. It’s easy enough to stick his entire finger inside Chloe’s ass, since she’s taken monster dicks up there before. “Yes! Your finger is dirty now. I sullied it with my slutty ass. One day I will defile your cock too. I will make you into my slutty boy,” she threatens, squeezing his finger with her asshole. “Now start thrusting with your finger.” He obeys her, fucking her perfect ass with his finger as she takes care of her cunt.

Eventually, it gets her off and she squirts with a scream, her pussy spraying his face with a fountain of her clear, sticky liquid. It is a surprising big orgasm, given that she’s not being fucked when she cums, except by her own fingers and his inexperienced one. Finally Chloe stops trembling all over and her body relaxes on the couch, as she slowly exhales, looking at Peter with satisfaction.”Take your finger out of my ass and suck it clean. I want you to taste my asshole,” she orders him.

“Please don’t make me do that,” he whimpers, afraid. He can’t believe she would ask him to taste her ass. It feels so dirty. Depraved. And what horrifies him the most is how hard he is, just from thinking about it. Is he really a slut? Has his good boy personality been an act all along, to mask how much of a whore he actually is? He did give in awfully easily, even though she threatened to harm him physically or socially. Peter tries to tell himself that he isn’t a slut but given that he just shoved a finger inside a girl’s ass, it’s not really convincing.

“Do it or I’ll really break your finger.” With tears in his eyes, he pops his finger in his mouth, licking it and sucking the digit after it has bee buried in her ass. “Good boy. Now you’ll continue helping me study.” Peter quickly continues to tutor her, afraid she’d make him do dirtier things. Little does he know that she’s got even more perverted things planned out for him, and that he is going to be taken even further beyond his boundaries.


At her apartment near campus, Becky is making herself some tea. The girl lives here alone, unlike Peter and Lisa who live on campus. She is far richer than her friends, who are relying on partial scholarships. Her daddy paid the rent for this studio apartment, in exchange for her maintaining good grades. If they slip, then she’ll have to go live in a dorm with everybody else. Not that she is a snob or anything, but she really prefers living on her own, and many of their other friends agree with her sentiment. Privacy makes studying so much easier.

Just before she’s finished with making tea, there is an incoming phone call. It’s from an unknown number, with no caller ID. Becky frowns but answers anyway. It could be a friend who got a new phone, she reasons to herself. “Hello?” she asks while pouring herself a cup of the hot tea. It always help her relax after working out in the afternoon. “Who is this?” There is an unsettling silence from the other end as she waits, wondering who it is. She sits down on a chair by the coffee table, patiently waiting for the caller to say something.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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