An Improbable Series of Quickies Ch. 03

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The other stories I have written in the Group Sex category have taken weeks even months to craft. This series came about out of a desire to produce a work quickly. There are (hopefully) going to be nine chapters in this ‘Quickie’ series, if they were included in a single work it would make the most implausible reading. I’m hoping that by splitting it over nine separate short stories it will be more fun and only improbable.

I have ideas for each subsequent chapter, but please do make suggestions as the series progresses. I do have a defined beginning and end which will self limit this series.

Constructive feedback and comments are always most welcome.



I made may way slowly to Arrivals marveling that all the people who appeared so lifeless in the Departure Lounge, now all seemed to be energized and ready to go. Waiting is clearly not good for the soul.

I caught a glimpse of Elaine in Baggage Reclaim and as I approached she saw me and a big smile lit up her face.

“Hello stranger.” She said brightly.

“Hello beautiful, up to any adventures?”

“I have plans sweetie, lots of plans!”

“Thanks great, keep me informed,” I kissed her and we hugged, “take care Elaine. It really has been a pleasure.”

“Yes, it has. Thank you. I’ll be in touch soon.”

We hugged and kissed again and I tore myself away from her. Just before I left Baggage Reclaim I turned to look at her. She was still watching me and she raised a hand to wave. I waved back and blew her a kiss. I felt elated.

The courtesy bus to my hotel only took a couple of minutes and before long I was checking in. I find hotels to be almost as soulless as Departure Lounges. The moment I step into the foyer I forget which country I’m in. They all look the same. At least the people inside the hotels were, generally speaking, happier and more animated.

My room was sterile and adequate and the view from my window was out over Heathrow airport, I could see the tails of planes taxiing around. My meeting was later that afternoon and I am never late for a meeting. Mostly because I like to get there an hour or two in advance to give myself time to do a little exploring. The Head Quarters of the company I was visiting is in a town called Maidenhead which is only a half hour drive from my hotel. I determined to get a cab there, have lunch and then do a bit of exploring before my meeting. I usually take the opportunity to do a bit of shopping and find a nice gift for my… Well, I’ll do some sight seeing.

My routine also served to help me fight the jet lag. Alcohol, however, was now strictly off limits, I needed to be on form. The Head of Purchasing was a lady well known to me. She was formidable, but reasonable. A career business woman who knew her stuff, I liked, respected and feared her in equal measure.

As I stood by the window looking out, I slipped my hands into my pockets and felt the soft material of two sets of panties. I pulled them out and marveled at what had happened to me. Rachel would have been astonishing enough, but Elaine too, wow! I knew I would be seeing Elaine again, maybe be part of one of her adventures, I wish I could say the same about Rachel. I folded the panties and put them back in my pocket.

Anyway, it was show time. I had a shower and checked I had everything I needed for my meeting. Before long I was outside the hotel waiting for a cab. One of the great things about London is their iconic Black Cabs. They are spacious and fun to ride in, I always felt special in the back of a London cab. It wasn’t long before I saw one approaching and stuck my arm up. London cabbies have eyesight that would put an eagle to shame. The cab passed me and then did a U-turn and pulled up next to me.

The front passenger window descended and I leaned in, I gave the driver the address of where I needed to be and asked to be dropped anywhere within a mile radius so I could do some sight seeing. She said that would be fine and I jumped in the back.

Settling down in my seat the driver did what London Cabbies do best, she started talking. “Here on business love?”

“Yes, one meeting and then back home tomorrow.”

“Must be an important meeting then?” I could see her eyes watching me each time she asked a question. I briefly wondered if the cab was driving itself.

“Yes it is, very important.”

“Does that make you an Otele Gelen Escort important person then?” She smiled.

I laughed, “No, just one cog in a big machine that expects to run smoothly.”

“You like your job then, I take it?”

I sighed and looked down, “I did, but now… “

“Sorry love, hope I didn’t speak out of turn?”

“No, it’s OK, I… did love my job, but it’s the reason I’ve just become divorced, so not quite so enamored with it any more. Trouble is, it’s all I have now.”

I could see her eyes registering sympathy, “Sorry to hear that love.”

I wanted to change the subject, “Do you call everyone love?”

She laughed and even through the speaker it sounded charming, “No, some people I call darling.”

“Is ‘darling’ better than ‘love’?”

She laughed again, “I’ve not considered that, but if I take a real shine to someone then I call them sweetheart. Doesn’t happen very often though.”

“I bet a lot of your fares take a real shine to you though?”

“You sweet talker! Yes, quite a few do, but I’m not interested… most of the time.” She shot me a cheeky grin. “Did you have a pleasant flight here?”

I put a hand in my pocket and felt the soft material within, “Yes, I did thank you, probably… no actually, the best flight I’ve ever had, it was fantastic.”

“Blimey! It’s not often I hear people say that. What made it so good?”

In front of me on the partition wall was an information plate with the driver’s name and photo I.D. For the first time I noticed just how attractive my driver was. “Well now, Felicity, would you really like to know?”

She shot a glance at me, “Yes, I’m thinking it couldn’t have been the food or the in flight entertainment. Did you get upgraded to First Class?”

I smiled and rubbed the material in my hand, “Felicity, that’s a beautiful name.”

“Why thank you sir.” Her smile seemed to be getting bigger.

“What do your friends call you?”

“Well my close friends call me Felix… “

“A bit of a cat are you?”

She laughed, “I can be… sometimes, but my best friend calls me Lickity,” I laughed, “I know, she’s called me that since we were little girls, she couldn’t say Felicity.”

“I like Lickity, but that’s reserved for your best friend. Felicity it is then.”

“So, what made your flight so good?”

“Well, you were kinda right first time, it was the in-flight entertainment.”

She looked bemused, “There has got to be more to this?!”

I looked out of the window, the scenery had changed from urban to rural. There were green fields bathed in sunshine and the blue sky set off the canvas of a beautiful day. “I met a lady.”

“Oh did you now, is there romance in the air?”

“No, not romance, not even lust… it was adventure.” I smiled at the recollection.

She looked intrigued, “Adventure? Not lust? Oh my, did you…

I smiled sweetly, “Did we what Felicity?”

She really did seem to be spending more time looking back at me than at the road which was making me slightly nervous, “Did you have… you know,…sex?!”

I grinned like a little boy with an ice cream, “Yep.”

“Blimey, how did you manage that on a plane?”

“We had sex in one of the toilets.”

“But they’re so small! They barely fit one person!”

“I laughed out loud, “I know it was a bit tricky.”

“You’re just having me on to flirt with me, you never did!”

I pulled Elaine’s panties out of my pocket and held them up, “She gave me these as a memento.”

The cab did swerve this time and I could see her hands grip the wheel, “Holy shit! You really did, you really did have sex!?”

“Yes we did, I guess that means I’m a member of the Mile High Club now.” I felt smug.

“Blimey, was it good, the sex I mean.”

“Well as you’ve already pointed out, it was a bit cramped and we were discovered.”


“Yes, one of the cabin crew found us, thankfully, just after we had finished.”

“Oh my god, did you get into trouble?”

“No, she was a bit annoyed with us, but she was OK in the end.”

“Oh my god, that’s so… adventurous!” She laughed, “Wow!” I pondered that thought, adventurous yes, but satisfying, I’m not sure. “She was studying my face, “What are you thinking?”

“Well, normally… I don’t have sex with strangers in airplane toilets, so yes adventurous, but… well, I like Balgat Escort to really pleasure the woman I’m with and while a quickie was fun and yes adventurous, it wasn’t what I’m used to.”

“You can say that again! I’m guessing she enjoyed it though?”

“Yes, she did and I did too, it’s just…”

“Not your normal?” I nodded. “So what would your normal be?”

“I’d want to make sure she was really satisfied, I’m not one to take my pleasure and be done.”

“You’re in a minority there love!” She laughed again, I was beginning to love hearing that sound.

“Maybe, it’s just the way I am. Then again pleasuring a woman and giving her multiple orgasms is pleasure for me too.”

She looked wide eyed at me, “Do you always talk about multiple orgasms with women you meet?”

I grinned back at her, “Only with you Felicity.” That was actually the truth.

“OK, you’ve got me hooked, how do you make sure the woman you’re with has multiple orgasms?”

“Well obviously she has to be in the mood for sex, but if she is, then I find no better way than to give her some attentive oral.” I saw her stiffen up and her eyes were pinned on me for a few seconds, but she said nothing. “Did I say something wrong Felicity?” I was concerned I’d gone too far.

“No darling, err no. It’s just that my husband, he really dislikes the thought of doing… that.”

I frowned, “Does he like you giving him a blow job?” She nodded, “Hmm, that’s not exactly fair then is it? You can tell him from me that he’s missing out on some serious erotic fun. I’d love to give you oral sex it’s fantastic!” Too late, I realized what I’d said. I tried to deflect the situation, “Anyway, like I said it was a bit cramped.”

She went quiet for a while and then just as we passed a sign saying ‘Welcome to Maidenhead’ she spoke, “I’m going to take you to Bray Wick, it’s got lovely open spaces and walks plus it’s close to The Waterside Inn, one of the best places to eat in the country, but it’s very expensive. It’s also only about half a mile from where you need to be for your meeting.”

“Thank you Felicity… I.. “

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, of course, anything.” I held my breathe.

“What’s your name? That’s not my question by the way!”


“OK, Paul. In about 2 minutes I’m going to park up in a quiet secluded part of the park. What I’d really like to know is… what I mean is… I want to know what oral sex is like, OK!” She flashed a worried look at me. “When I stop, I’d like you to let me know if you want to… show me.”

I sat wondering what was happening to me, I truly felt like I was living in a dream. She stopped the cab at the end of a short lane and backed up under some trees. She looked at me in the mirror. Her eyes were full of doubt and perhaps hope? “Turn the engine of please Felicity.”

She complied and then stopped the meter. She looked at me again and then got out of the cab. She opened the passenger door and slid in next to me. She looked at me with huge eyes, “I want to know what it’s like… please?”

I put a hand on her thigh, “I’d be more than happy to show you if you really want it?”

She put her hand on mine, “I do, I really do please show me, we don’t have long, please.”

I moved in-between her legs she was wearing baggy shorts and I was able to run my hands up her thighs almost to her crotch, “Undo your shorts Felicity.” She undid the button and wriggled them down, I lifted her legs up and pulled her shorts off.

She hooked her thumbs into her panties and started to pull them down, “I only want oral I don’t want to have sex, OK?”

“That’s OK,” I pulled her panties off, “Are you sure you want this?”


“I’m going to lick your pussy, is that OK?”


As I spoke I moved closer to her crotch, “I’m going to suck you clit, is that OK?”

“Yes.” Her voice was becoming softer and her breathing was now short, shallow breaths.

“I’m going to make you cum, is that OK Felicity?”


“I’m going to make you cum lots, do you want that Felicity?”

“Yes, Please.” Her voice was a whisper now and my mouth was inches away from her sex. She watched intently as I drew closer. “Please, oh god please, lick me, please, do it now, I… oh god I want it please!”

I licked up between the folds of her pussy, as I did so she stiffened, “Relax Büyükesat Escort Felicity, enjoy the feel of my tongue on your clit.” I licked up and down her pussy and then lightly flicked her clit, she moaned, I closed my lips around her clit, she sighed, I sucked her clit into my mouth, she gripped my hair with both hands and gasped, I flicked her clit with my tongue as I sucked it into my mouth.

She started to relax and suddenly became quite vocal, “Oh my god, fuck yes!” Her grip tightened on my hair, “Oh god that feels, so… so… good, Jesus!” I reached up to caress her breasts and she squirmed under me. “Oh, oh, oh oh, I… oh my god,” I released her left breast and slid my middle finger slowly inside her. She was very, very wet and I quickly positioned my finger on her G-Spot and applied gentle pressure. “Fuck me, holy shit… oh Jesus, oh, oh oh, fuck, I’m going to… oh fuck!” She bucked under me and pulled my face into her crotch. I wasn’t going to let her come down and I intensified my attention on her clit. “Fuck! oh, fuck, oh fuck, I’m… ahh, fuck… don’t stop… ahh fuck, oh my god, ahhhh!!” She writhed and squirmed under me and then pulled my head up, “Fuck me, fuck me now!”

Already reaching for my belt buckle I felt I had to check, “Are you sure Felicity, do you really want to have sex?”

“Yes, god yes, I want you inside me!” In a matter of moments my cock was released and I guided it to her entrance, she grabbed my thighs and pulled me in, “Oh, my good fucking god, yes!” I began to thrust into her, fast and deep, “Yes, keep doing that, yes… don’t stop… don’t stop, oh fuck I’m… ahhh, yes!! I…Oh god again.. ahh, shit! Lick me again, please lick me.”

I pulled out of her and attacked her clit. Her pussy was soaking wet and her lips were puffy from the battering my cock had given them. I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, “Oh, my god, that’s so good, fuck, that’s so good, oh yes, please keep doing that, don’t stop, I’m, oh please, I’m….fuck! Ahhh, yes!!” I slid my finger inside her again and started to massage her G-Spot as she climaxed. “JESUS!! Oh fuck, I’m…ahhh, oh… ahhh…again, I can’t stop… oh… fuck, it’s, so… good, fuck!!” Moments later without warning she opened her eyes wide, “Sit down, quickly!”

I sat down next to her tangling my legs in my trousers and boxers. She leapt up and straddled me, she guided my cock inside her and began to fuck me in long, slow deep strokes. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum again soon, oh god yes, I want you… to cum too, cum inside me, oh fuck your cock is so hard, fuck yes, oh god I want your cum in me, fuck, my clit’s on fire, fuck,” I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard, “oh, oh, oh, yes, squeeze my tits, squeeze them, fuck, oh fuck… I’m going to… fuck, your cock, so good, so hard, oh god, here it… comes, oh fuck yes!” She pounded my cock into her pussy and as a series of orgasms ripped through her body I emptied my balls inside her. “Oh shit, oh shit, fuck that feels so good!”

She slowly stopped moving and sat upright on me, “You Felicity,” I said with some considerable feeling, “are one sexy lady.”

She put her hands on my chest and tried to catch her breathe, “Thank you sweetheart.” After a few minutes, her breathing had returned to normal and she slowly pulled off my cock and as she did our combined fluids trickle out of her onto my cock and balls. She surveyed the mess covering my cock and smiled, “Waste not, want not.” She knelt between my legs and slowly licked and sucked my cock and balls clean.

A few minutes later and we had recovered enough to get dressed. She picked up her panties and tucked them into my jacket pocket, “A memento of me.”

“Thank you Felicity.”

She sighed, “No, thank you, my husband has to start giving me oral, that’s all I can say!”

“Just tell him you won’t give him any more blow jobs unless he does!”

She laughed. “Damn right.”

A few minutes later, I was at the cab window and Felicity was back behind the wheel. “I’m glad I made it onto the ‘Sweetheart’ list.”

She smiled, “You’re better than a sweetheart, I’m going to remember you as Lickity, then whenever my bestie calls me that, I’ll think of you.”

“I like that, thank you.”

“Well, goodbye Paul, hope your meeting goes well and thank you again, VERY much.” Her smile was radiant.


“Yes Lickity.”

“Do you want me to pay the cab fare?”

She laughed and laughed, “Yes please. You’ve really scrambled my brains with your oral skills!”

A few minutes later I watched her drive away. The sky was blue, birds were singing, I felt fantastic! I saw a sign for The Waterside Inn and I set off at a slow steady pace.


To be continued.

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