A Randy Retirement Pt. 18: Maria

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Intro: The exploits of a man whose given name fit him perfectly, Randy, and he certainly was that. He was a high-school history teacher and coach until he hit the lottery and retired early at 52. While he was not averse to returning flirtatious quips from the girls in his classes, he did avoid giving in to the urge, telling the more enticing of them to, “come see me after you graduate.” Some did, but these stories deal with his life after hitting it big and building two houses; one along a river bluff 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and another on a secluded portion of the Northern Outer Banks, both equipped with playrooms. And he still had over a hundred million to spare. All characters are 18+ years of age. All stories can stand alone, but reading the series gives added insights and descriptions as it unfolds.

Synopsis: Hispanic waitress rides out hurricane

Author Note 1: This story has a lot of setup before it gets to any sex, mainly due to the hurricane aspect of the story. There are some aspects of sexual tension sprinkled through-out the setup, but if a long story before sex isn’t your thing, be forewarned.

Author Note 2: The subject of this story is bi-lingual, I am not. Like the male in the story, the only foreign language I took in school was English. I speak Southern. I did the research on the Spanish/English translations used in the story, but there are bound to be some that are in error as far as conversational Spanish. As I proofread and rechecked things, I found several different means of saying the same thing from different sources. I tried to go with the most common wording I found, but if there are errors, my apologies.

September, 2017 – OBX house

It was the Wednesday of the last week of August and one of the 24-hour television weather channels was blaring incessant warnings. Randy sipped his morning coffee and watched. He knew that if he watched long enough to go through a shift change, that eventually one of the new anchors would contradict a previous one. A thought that always occurred to him in these instances formed again in his mind, ‘I wonder how much stock these folks own in Lowes Hardware and Home Depot.’

He switched channels to the less well-known national weather channel, the one that focused entirely on actual weather, and considered what supplies he needed. There was a hurricane on the way. The forecast indicated it would most likely not get higher than a Category 1, but he knew that any storm was serious. Even so, he suspected that the folks on television always tended toward the worst-case scenario just to prompt people to be prepared. No one would ever accuse him of being a Boy Scout, but he always tried to be prepared for the unexpected. He typed the list he had ticked off in his head into the Notes app on his phone and headed off to pick the stuff up.

Randy had been on the island for only two days, but did not curse his luck. He knew when he had left to come up here that the storm was a possibility. Growing up and living almost his entire life where North Carolina hung its ass out in to the Atlantic, he had a lot of experience with these storms, and it had to be a high Cat3 to get him to even think about evacuating. He would ride this one out just like he had many others.

He drove around in his pick-up to get the supplies and once the job was completed, decided to stop at his favorite upscale restaurant for lunch. ‘No telling how long places will be closed after the storm,’ he thought to himself in justification.

He greeted Diane, the Puerto Rican hostess, her pearly white teeth contrasting with the light mocha tone of her skin. She was early forties, about 5’4″ with a trim, but full figure. She had chocolate eyes and brown hair that was long, thick, and very curly.

She turned to him at the table and smiled, her left hand extended to his chair.

“Here you are Randy, as usual, Maria will be your waitress. Enjoy,” and he again noticed the tattoo of the infinity symbol inside her wrist as he thanked her.

The young Hispanic waitress arrived a minute later, pushing back the blonde highlights that had escaped the bun in her brown hair. Maria was not her typical cheerful self. He ordered his lunch and when she returned with his sweet tea, he inquired what was wrong.

She had grown accustomed to Randy engaging her in playful conversation. She was comfortable with him and explained that she was worried because she wasn’t sure how well the cheap place she was renting would stand up in the storm. She then told him that she “needed to work, must work, had to work” until after Labor Day to make enough money for college back in California.

Briefly he wondered, for probably the tenth time that summer, what a California girl was doing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. But he let the thought pass once more as he could tell that she was afraid of the storm coming in and how it would shut down business and threaten her living space. He wanted to reassure her, but couldn’t, as her fears were well-founded.

After Eryaman Escort Maria left to put in his order, Randy saw Diane seating a couple nearby. He motioned her over.

“Yes, is there a problem?”

“Oh, no, everything’s fine. Tell me about Maria. She seems like a good gal. Has she stayed out of trouble this summer?”

“Yes. She’s excellent. Why do you ask?”

“Well, she has always been perfect as a waitress; so, I was just wondering about her education and how the storm was going to affect her finances, that’s all. I might be inclined to help her, as long as I thought the money would be well spent.”

“She is young Randy, and we both know how being young was, but I can assure you that if you helped her, it would be money well spent.”

“Thanks Diane. Appreciate the candor.”

When Maria returned with his lunch, Randy decided to be benevolent. He wasn’t really looking to fuck her, although she was a nice little package, he was just trying to be helpful in a situation of stress.

“Maria … you know, I have a house that is very sturdy. It was built to withstand storms just like this. It has a guest room that you could use through the duration if you’d like. You might be more comfortable there if your current living arrangement is causing you anxiety.”

Wariness showed on her face.

“I don’t know,” and she paused in thought, “You’ve been nice and all, but I don’t really know you.”

“That’s understandable. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. But the offer has no conditions. Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. The guest room is on the front-side of the house. It has its own bathroom and is pretty much separated from the rest. You would have as much privacy as you desired. Plus, I’ve been through these things all my life. I know what’s coming.”

The tiny girl was pensive before she replied. “Thanks, I’ll think about it,” and she smiled at him nervously as she left for her other tables.

Randy watched her depart. He knew she was of Mexican descent and thought she was here legally just from his interactions with her. In conversations her speech was always tinted with the hint of a Hispanic accent. From what she had told him about her schooling he figured she was around 21 years old. She had a tight little brown body at 5’1″ and no more than a hundred pounds with just a hint of baby fat that was barely noticeable.

She was almost flat-chested, barely an A cup, but her nipples would get nice and hard, as he had noticed on several occasions when the air conditioning in the restaurant had been ramped up. She also had a good little bump to her backside, ‘wide and round for her frame,’ he thought as it disappeared from his vision.

‘You’re a lecherous old man,’ he thought to himself as he picked up his shrimp burger, ‘Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. Yeah, right.’

Maria made her way back to her station. While she made up a drink order for another table, she thought about her non-existent options. The ground floor apartment she had rented was backed up to a small creek. She had never experienced a hurricane. All sorts of disaster filled her mind and she was scared. But dare she take the older man up on his offer? She felt out of sorts and didn’t really know what to do as she put the glasses on a tray and made her way to the appropriate table. The offer remained foremost in her mind as she went about her job. Then she went and spoke to Diane about her dilemma.

Fifteen minutes later, when she brought Randy his check, she asked, “Um, were you serious about me staying at your place?”

He tried to smile reassuringly, “Yes Maria, I was.”

She breathed out a sigh, “Then yes. I’d like to take you up on it. This thing has me scared shitless.” She immediately realized what she had said and her hand came to cover her mouth.

Randy smiled as she launched into an apology.

“It’s fine Maria, no need to apologize, I’ve heard the word before. Said it myself upon occasion. Now, do you have a car?”


He recited his address, and she wrote it in her ticket book; telling him she was scheduled for the dinner shift over the holiday weekend, going in at four and getting off at eleven as the last seating was at nine-thirty.

“That’s fine,” he replied, thinking to himself that she wouldn’t be working this weekend if the hurricane did what was predicted. “You can move in during the day on Thursday. Do you need any help?”

“No sir.”

“Fine, I’ll see you sometime Thursday then,” and he paused, “and Maria …”

“Yes sir?”

“Don’t call me sir, okay?”

“Okay,” and she smiled up at him as he stood, “Thank you.”

“No need for that, you can thank me afterward,” and he grinned all the way out of the restaurant.

Diane watched him leave. A sneaking suspicion entered her mind, and a shiver ran down her spine at the thought.

When he got home, he called Maria’s university in California. He couldn’t Sincan Escort do it for Halley, she’d be mad. But he was going to do it for Maria; without asking or giving her a chance to say no.

By the time he got off the phone, he had paid for all the expenses she would incur to finish her education. He then called his lawyer, one of his former students from the first high school he taught at that was in the middle of the state. He had him set up a trust to pay for her graduate school if she wanted. It would leave a nice chunk of change for her to get a start after both degrees. The former student did not question anything about the set-up as Randy described to him what he wanted done. He knew better than to question from past experience. This wasn’t the first time Randy had spent money on someone that he barely knew.

After getting off the phone, Randy decided that he would not tell Maria about what he had done until it was time for her to depart. He didn’t want her to feel beholden to him. He called Diane at the restaurant, swore her to secrecy, and got Maria’s social security number for the trust, texting it to his lawyer for the legal documents.

He lit a cigarette and went to unload the supplies he had bought. Several packages of extra batteries in all sizes, three large cases of bottled water, another battery pack charger for his phone to go with the four he already had, and an assortment of nuts, fruit, and beef jerky. There was also two new lighters and a fresh carton of cigarettes. He already had an emergency food kit that would last for a week, plus there was an emergency backup generator that ran on propane, but it was always wise to have redundant backups.

He went to the garage and checked the combination stove/oven camp set that ran on propane, as well as the propane tanks it ran on, lighting it to make sure that it was in good working order. Tomorrow he would begin to prep the outside of the house.


Thursday came and Maria rang the doorbell at 1:10 in the afternoon. Randy had been up since seven putting away most of the outside furniture and checking several times for anything that wasn’t bolted down. He was dressed in cargo shorts and no shirt, sweating noticeably as the humidity had ramped up with the approaching storm. He hurried to the front door and was greeted by the smiling face of a sexy little imp.

Dressed in low-rise jeans and a cut-off t-shirt, Maria was taken aback by the sight of him when the door opened. She had always thought of him as an older man who dressed really nice when he came in the restaurant, but the sight of his sweaty, toned, and tanned body, plus the smile on his face, momentarily stirred something deep inside her.

Randy’s welcome broke her reverie. He let her in and showed her the guest quarters and most of the rest of the house. When she saw the ocean that was outside all the living room windows, her mouth fell open. The waves were rough from the impending storm and the white caps were larger than normal.

“Geez, you’re right on the beach. You’re sure we’re safe here?”

“Yes. It’s a wide beach, and the dunes are higher here, plus the house kinda sits on a low hill, which puts us even higher. That’s why I paid so much money for this specific piece of land. It would have to be a Cat5 storm surge to get to this house. It also sits down amongst the dunes even though it’s on a little rise, so the wind will be blocked off some. And” he emphasized the word, “it’s designed to handle up to 200-mph gusts.” He knocked on the nearest wall, “all steel framing. There’s no wood used in the structure. The roof is designed to channel the wind, rather than resist it.”

Maria swallowed hard but accepted his assurances, “Okay, I guess. All that’s really over my head.” Then she pointed to the left, “What’s through there?”

“That’s my bedroom suite,” Randy answered.

“Suite?” Her curiosity spiked, but her anxiety pulled it back quickly.

“Master bedroom, master bath and some other niceties,” he answered cryptically.

She didn’t rise to the bait and he let it drop when she told him, “Okay, well, I’ll go unpack the car now and get all my stuff inside. You’ll be outside?”

“Yes,” he told her. “I’ve got to put the storm shutters up today before the wind starts kicking. Take a good look, because when you get back tonight you won’t be able to look out and see the ocean anymore until this is over.”

Maria pursed her lips and took in the view. “What a waste,” and she turned to go unload and unpack.

“Pick either room and if you need more space for stuff, use both,” Randy called after her.

She turned, walking backwards to the door as she thanked him, again. She had a pierced belly button, and the jewelry was silver with twin 3-inch-long dangles that swayed as she walked. Randy was mesmerized for a moment by their sway, imagining how they’d sway with his dick pounding her tight ass and then he shrugged and went to work on the storm shutters.

Maria Etlik Escort still wasn’t sure this had been a good idea, but it seemed her only choice. He had always been a good customer and nothing but a gentleman when he came into the restaurant. And he tipped well too. Really well. Despite her efforts to push it away, the image of him sweating continued to return to her mind as she lugged her stuff inside and began to unpack some of it.

By the time she came out to tell him that she was leaving for work, he had only the ocean facing side of the house left to complete. She watched him for a few minutes as he sweated at his task and then excused herself to leave.

She had changed into khaki shorts and a green polo and Randy watched her ass as she walked away.


When Maria got to work Thursday night, Diane told her that they were shutting down for the storm after the dinner shift on Friday.

Randy was waiting up for her when she got back to the house that night and she told him about the shutdown.

“That’s not a surprise. It will probably be Monday before anything opens back up, depending on the damage and if we have electricity.”

Depression washed over her.

“It’ll be fine Maria. There’s wine, reds and whites, in the kitchen, feel free to help yourself. Also, you can use the pool while you are here if you like. But you need to do it by Saturday evening because the storm will be here sometime on Sunday.”

She brightened just a little, “Thanks. I really haven’t had a day off in months.”

“You’re welcome. Have a nice evening. All the prep today tuckered me out. I’m turning in. Good-night,” and he headed for his bedroom.

“Good-night,” she called after him.

Just as he reached his door she spoke again, “Hey! Um … what do I call you?”

“You can call me Randy, Maria.”

“Okay. Thank you again, Randy.”

“You’re welcome … again,” and he was gone.


Randy didn’t see Maria at all during the day on Friday. He spent his time watching the storm reports and rechecking everything in preparation.

During an afternoon lull he found himself wondering what Halley was doing. She wandered through his mind for the good part of an hour and by the time he had turned their relationship over multiple times in his mind, he had decided that he would have to push her even more so they both could discover just how far the love she said she had for him truly went.

When Maria got back about eleven-thirty that night, he was sitting in the living room with a glass of the red. Maria poured herself a glass and joined him. He filled her in on the storm and asked about her night.

“Slow. I could have left at nine but Diane had me help put the chairs up and stuff in the main dining room for the storm just so I could stay on the clock.”

“She’s a good woman,” Randy commented.

“She is. She has certainly looked after me this summer. She thinks very highly of you too.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I asked her about staying here and she told me that whatever you said was gold, so …”

“Well, that’s true. I’ll never lie to you. I might tell you something that you don’t wanna hear, but I won’t lie to you,” and he paused. “I do have a question that has been nagging me all summer though.”

Maria sipped her wine, “What’s that?”

“How did a sweet young lady from California end up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the summer?”

She laughed. “You probably won’t believe this. I like lighthouses. I’ve been to all the ones in southern California, and I’d read about the ones here, so I took a chance, looked up summer jobs that were advertised online, landed the one here with Diane and took off cross-country with almost everything that I own in a six-year-old Nissan. Pretty dumb huh. Can I get you another?” and she nodded to Randy’s empty wine glass.

“No, thank you.”

She went and refilled her glass and when she turned back, he was standing in the dining room.

“Let’s go outside, I wanna smoke.”

Randy had left two chairs on the gazebo and a lounge chair on the pool deck, intending to pull them in at the last moment. The duo sat and Maria bummed a smoke from him. Clouds were coming in and the wind was blowing constantly, somewhere in the mid-teens speed-wise, as he watched her hair, which he had usually seen in a ponytail or bun, as it flowed out from her head. In the intermittent moonlight she cast an exotic look, and if he didn’t know better, he would not be able to tell if she were Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian.

It was Maria’s turn to interrupt his train of thought.

“Now I got a question for you.”

“Shoot,” he told her.

“Back in May, you came in with three blondes, looked like a mother and her daughters.”

“Un-huh,” and it was all he could do not to grin.

“What was the deal with that? Your wife and daughters?”



“Nope, never been married.”

Maria gave him the palms up, the cigarette in her right hand and the wine in her left, “So what was the deal? Who were the blondes?”

“Remember Diane told you that I wouldn’t lie to you,” and Maria nodded as she took a drag, the wisp of smoke taken away by the breeze. “It was an old lover from my college days and her two daughters. I fucked all three of them that weekend, the mom two separate times.”

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