Bus Stop

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Six in the morning, I have to catch the early bus. It’s still dark out as I wait at the bus stop. I’m a bit chilly in my white tee-shirt (With a big heart on the front) , a long (almost to my knees) denim-look-a-like skirt with some ruffles and two inch heeled sandals that lace all around my calves to my knees. I know today will be warmer, so I don’t worry about the morning temperature.

I watch a jogger run by the bus stop. She’s already worked up a sheen that glistened in the street lights. She looks straight ahead, listening to ear-phones. She doesn’t notice how I ogle at her bouncing breasts and succulent thighs. I start to daydream about having that blond ponytail in my fist as I push those red lips between my thighs. I eat my little yogurt cup with the spoon as I imagine my ears pressed by those muscular legs as My tongue darts into her shaven cunny. I always image women shaven, like me.

I spill a bit of yogurt on my skirt. I look down at my leg and notice a man sitting right next to me.

“Let me get that for you,” He says in some strange accent, not quite Italian. He puts one hand on my thigh above the spill, the other almanbahis adresi on my calf , then leans down to lick the yogurt off my skirt. He smells sexy and keeps licking the spot after I know the yogurt is gone. His hand moves up my calf to my knee and I slip into “subbie mode.” His fingers have moved just past my skirt fringes as the bus pulls up. “Sit in my lap,” he whispers in my ear as he stands and gets on the bus.

The driver is an older black woman who winks at him and says, ” Got another lost lamb, tiger?” as he passes her. I follow him to the back of the bus. He sits. I go to sit on his lap, but he grabs the bottom of my skirt first, and hikes it up to my waist. He pulls my “hello kitty” panties down to my ankles. I step out of them and he puts them into his jacket pocket. I see the driver smiling at us in the mirror. She pulls away from the stop and I fall back into his lap. My pony tail must hit him in the nose. He pushes my butt down his legs to his knees and unzips his pants.

He makes me stand and turn around. He puts a condom into my mouth and points to his wonderfully huge cock. I bend over almanbahis adresi and put the condom over the tip of it’s head with my lips and tongue. He’s to big for me to get farther, to I suck and nibble a bit on the tip while my small finger pull the condom the rest of the way down.

He turns me around again and sits me down on his knees. Then he pulls me back, lifting my hips so he can impale my little cunny with his huge cock.

Damn it feels good. I’m half way to my first orgasm before I get his shaft all the way in. He’s strong too. He lift me up by my hips and pulls me back down, bouncing me on his cock with just his biceps. I see us pass the jogger through the window. She glances up at me. I don’t know if she can tell what I’m doing through the bus window, but I imagine that she can. I come really fast, he keeps going, I can’t stand it, I’m hyper ventilating or something from all the pleasure. He lifts me all the way off and the rush slowly subsides.

My brain is shut off. I whisper, “fuck?” because I can’t think to say anything else. He start to lower me again, this time I feel the pressure at almanbahis adresi my anus. The tip has already started to force it’s way in before I realize this is going to hurt. The bus hits a bump and his slow insertion skips an inch, “ow, too big,” I whimper. He continues the slow penetration.

One of his hands goes to the front. I feel his large fingers slip into my cunny. His thumb presses against my clit. He does that just right, and I almost forget about the monster in my ass till the bus hits another bump. He fingers me some more. The next bump put him all the way in. It’s hurting. It’s feeling good. I’m so confused. He keeps fingering me. I try to concentrate on his fingers and I realize that he’s not doing it for me, he’s rubbing himself through me, rubbing his cock through my flesh with the finger in my cunny. He’s using me like some cheap latex masturbation toy. My kinky side takes over my conscious thought and I orgasm at being so used. My ass squeezes, it hurts more, but the more it hurts the harder I orgasm. That makes him cum too.

I can feel his hot cum in my ass, that thought extends my orgasm a little longer. He lifts me off his cock and I can feel the warm goo dribbling down. I look over my shoulder as I stand up and see the busted condom on his cock. This strangers cum deep inside me make me start to feel hot again, but this is my stop. I reluctantly walk away, getting off the bus I got off on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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