Joe Won’t Stop

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Joe won’t stop

The person crawling into bed with me was not my sister, it was her boyfriend Joe. When he spooned me from behind I felt he was naked, and when he wrapped his big arms around me and kissed my neck I knew I was in trouble. My sister Cynthia had given me a key to her down town apartment a while back. I knew she was out of town and her boyfriend Joe was supposed to be somewhere in Asia for a spell. Going here was an easy choice after a few to many mojitos after the wine with the dinner party. My place in the burbs would be a long Uber ride and I needed to be at work in down town tomorrow anyway. I had quickly texted her that I was going to crash at her place, walked the few blocks, and 15 minutes later I was doing a quick dental cleaning with her toothbrush. What she did not know would not hurt her.

Her king size bed had these lovely silk sheets and the best pillows ever. So I had crawled in there in just a long T-shirt. Cynthia would not mind, and Joe was never going to know because my sister and I looked the same and smelled the same, many people had told us. My name is Cathy, and like my sister I have a light Taiwanese build, black curly hair, small tits, and tight bum. I liked her boyfriend Joe but tried to keep him a bit at a distance because he was a bit too flirtatious with me and could be a quite pushy. He was a big handsome white guy, a strong and athletic gweilo with a great sense of humor, and my sister loved him. Once, after a few glasses of wine she mentioned that with his size it had taken a few attempts and orgasms before he could go balls deep with her. She also admitted that these days with that big member she almost always had multiple orgasms when they made love. She also mentioned that once he got going he never stopped.

The delicious feeling of her silk sheets on my exposed parts of my skin made me shiver when I crawled in. However, It took a bit of time to fall asleep in this strange bed and I was thinking a quick orgasm will work great if you want to sleep. I was touching myself in an attempt to do this when suddenly sleep overtook me and I fell into a deep sleep with my hand in my panties

I half woke up when I heard the shower running, and I wondered if Cynthia had come back early. She would be surprised to find me in her bed, but I had no intention of moving. The bed was big enough for the two of us. But now I was in Joe’s big arms, and in trouble.

Softly he whispered, “I made it back early, Cynthia.”

Now what? He must have come back early to surprise her. Well, he sure was surprising me! I was barely awake and had no idea what to do. So I remained very still and unresponsive, hoping he would respect this and go to sleep. But instead he let his hands wander across my sleepy body and kept kissing my neck. Being so close I felt how physical big he was compared to me. Quickly his wandering hands found my right breast while the other one slid down my stomach into my panties. Being still quite sleepy it felt more like a dream than real until it slowly dawned upon me that I was almost naked too. Pulling me against him I clearly felt his enormous rock-hard penis pressing between my buttocks, large, even for man his size. Only my panties prevented him rubbing it up and down between my butt cheeks or dip it down and start to search for the entrance to my pussy.

“Oh, how I missed you. I know it is late, but I need to make love with you.”

His words made me freeze in panic as I felt his one hand rub my tit and his other hand slipping between my legs, cupping my still somewhat wet pussy lips. Opening my mouth to protest my breath caught when his fingers gently rubbed my clitoris before dipping into my wetness. Joe did this with an ease and familiarity that must have come from the similarity in build I shared with my sister. In the dark it was probably impossible for him to tell the difference. Feeling his fingers slip passed my clitoris into my core, while his other hand gently pinched the nipple of my right breast, suddenly turned me on like a stove where the match comes a little late after the gas was turned on. With a “woosh” a large flame of lust exploded in my belly, and I felt the rumblings of an approaching orgasm. The only thing missing was a delicious kiss.

“Ah, you are wet! Let’s do this quick, and then we can do it slow after, Cynthia.”

Upon hearing my sister’s name I opened my mouth again to protest, but before I could speak Joe quickly pulled down my panties while at the same time pulling my ass backwards. With my mouth open in a soundless protest I felt how he flexed his hips and probed with the tip of his dick for my entrance. As I felt his flaring plum slide between my outer lips my protest remained frozen in my throat. All I knew he was huge, larger than I expected in spite of my sister’s graphic description from that drunken episode. From that conversation I also remembered Joe rarely stopped once he got going. This was fine by my sister who had developed a serious appetite for his large dick, but spelled trouble for almanbahis adresi me. How could I make him stop?

But remembering the conversation made me curious as well. Maybe I should just let him fuck me! It was dark and he probably would not notice it was me. I could just sneak out in the morning. As I pondered this I felt his cockhead slide past my outer lips and an inch into my core before he was forced to stop.

“Aahh, Cynthis, you are even tighter than I remember. Let me warm you up some more” Joe groaned.

The index finger of the hand on my belly went for my clitoris and as he rubbed it gently my protest failed again because my breath got caught in my throat. I was not sure if his dick was as full of magic as my sister had mentioned, but his fingers this a fine job. Cynthia had not exaggerated when she confessed that Joe was great in bed.

I stayed silent as Joe fingered me, feeling how I got wetter and wetter quickly. Gently moving in and out Joe slowly entered me another inch or so. I felt how I got stretched like never before but also knew there were many more inches to go. He was never going to fit, he had to stop. Besides, he was thinking I was Cynthia, creating a whole other level of problems. My sister maybe would never forgive me if I let Joe fuck me, make love to me. Quickly wondered if he would stop when I announced that I was not Cynthia. Or would he fuck me anyway.

When I finally opened my mouth to let Joe know my name was Cathy and not Cynthia my words turned into a shriek instead. Joe had decided he wanted more of my pussy and grabbing my hips to hold me in place he gained at least another 2 inches with a few quick in and out movements. His size scared me, but the extra lubrication helped. This sudden invasion caused a strange combination of mild pain and pleasure. It also increased my lust that my vagina seemed to generate. I could feel the walls ripple up and down the parts of his shaft inside me, as if it had a mind of their own.

Joe held this position for a few seconds as I caught my breathe. It was now or never. I turned my head to see his face in the bit of light seeping through the curtains.

“Joe, Joe,…” was all I got out before his lips covered mine in a most delicious kiss. His tongue quickly found mine, and because he was physically so much larger than me there was enough space to make the kiss last without it becoming uncomfortable. He was a great kisser too, better than any of my boyfriends I had ever had. As the seconds ticked by slowly I felt him fuck me deeper and deeper with short, slow, persistent movements. All I could do was groan, partly in agony and partly in pleasure. But it was an amazing sensation being impaled from behind on this massive cock.

Unable to supress my building desire I let Joe pull me deeper and deeper onto him, and even pushed back a little when he slid in another inch or more. It was agony and pleasure at the same time, with the pleasure part heating rapidly in the flame of lust. My breathing became faster, and I could hear Joe panting a bit as well. Even though there were many inches to go I could feel a massive orgasm coming on. Suddenly Joe broke the kiss.

“Oh wow Cynthia, you are tighter than I remember, but it feels amazing. I love how your pussy contracting on me”.

Hearing my sisters name I knew I had stop what was happening. But Joe never stops once he gets going she had told me. Could I make him? Did I want to? Or was all I wanted now for Joe to fuck me. But what was happening was so wrong, he thought I was my sister.

Turning my head again I whispered, “Joe, it is me, Cathy!”

It took a few seconds for this message to reach his brain, because he kept gently moving in and out, stretching me on his cock as he gently fucked me with his massive pole. The saying about men not having enough blood to run both a brain and a dick at the same time seemed to be true. But then the quarter fell, and he froze.

“What, what? Cathy? What are you doing here?”

“I needed a place to crash, and you were both supposed to be away.”

“Oh no! How come you feel just like Cynthia? Or almost the same, no wonder you feel so deliciously tight.”

“Well, we are sisters!”

“I am already a long way into you!”

“Tell me about it! We have to stop this Joe; I am not Cynthia.”

But neither one of us did anything. I did not try to move away, and Joe left his hands and dick were they were, with one hand on my cunt, one hand on a tit, and his dick lodged deeply into my pussy. We just lay there, slightly panting and almost frozen. It seemed we were both waiting for the other to make the first move! Even though our bodies were lying still I was very aware of the blood pulsing in his dick more than halfway into my pussy. The walls of my vagina did not freeze either, they had a life of their own and they liked what was happening. They kept rippling up and down his shaft, as if inviting him in. And I was getting wetter and wetter.

“Oh Cathy, how could this happen?”

“You were almanbahis adres not supposed to come home!”

“It was meant to be a surprise.”

“It sure is.”

“I am sorry, I did not know.”

“I know you did not. It is not your fault.”

“You feel just like Cynthia, but now I know why you feel tighter.”

“All I know is you are very big; I don’t think it will fit.”

Joe seemed to take my last comment as a challenge. Without waiting for permission he increased the pressure with another flex of his hips and slid in another inch or more. My increased wetness helped a lot with this. With two thirds of his penis now firmly planted in my cunt I could not suppress a groan of pleasure.

“I think it will fit. Want to give it a try, Cathy?”

“We cannot do this Joe. My sister will never forgive me! We have to stop!”

“I cannot stop now.”

“Why not, just pull out.”

“Maybe just a little bit more. I really want to find out if it fits.”

He followed up on these words with a few more hip flexes, pulling back and sliding in, every time claiming more space in my pussy than what was already conquered. When I did not object right away he kept going, making it clear he was not going to stop.

My problem was his movements felt so delicious, I really liked feeling him pull back and sliding forward, a fraction deeper every time. My inner labia were so tight, clinging to his dick with every stroke. If I was going to stop him it would have to come from me.

“Joe, Joe, what if Cynthia finds out?”

“She never has to know what happened, Cathy!”

“Will you stop if it fits?”

“Let’s see what happens!”

I was stunned, both by my own curiosity about whether it would fit, and by Joe saying he was not stopping anyway until he found out. Joe took my lack of objection as permission and with slow fuck movements he went deeper and deeper. After a few strokes I started to groan with every in movement and reflexively pushed myself backwards deeper onto him. I could not help but enjoy this massive prick stretching me and stretching me.

He also kept playing my clitoris like a master violin player, slowly whipping up my desire and my heart rate while making my pussy cry with joy. He knew he needed that lubrication if he ever was going to sheath himself completely, he knew about tight pussies from my sister. It was clear Joe wanted to be all the way in, whether I objected or not. Physically there was not much I could do anyway, wrapped in his strong arms and with his dick almost all the way in.

As a test I grabbed his hand on my tit and tried to move it. It was like trying to move a steel bar, he may not even have noticed I was somehow trying to resist. The same was true for the arm across my belly and the hand on my pussy. It had absolutely no effect when I pulled on it, he was completely focused on sheathing himself in me. And when he started kissing my neck again all I could do was try to move with him, because Joe was keeping going.

Gently, gently he fucked me, sliding ever so slowly deeper and deeper. It took at least another few minutes of gently fucking to work himself completely into me. With a last firm push I felt his balls touch under my pussy, and the head of his dick trying to get into my cervix.

“Oh wow, Cathy. That feels amazing!”

“I never thought we could do this Joe.”

“You are tighter than your sister, that’s for sure.”

Mentioning my sister bought back my sense of guilt.

“Joe, we should stop now!”

“Just a bit longer. I can feel you like it.”

“You forced yourself on me!”

“I did not, it was an honest mistake.”

“You did not stop when I asked you to.”

“Is that why your pussy is rippling up and down on my shaft?”

He was right. My pussy loved what was happening. My body loved it too, my hips were gently moving back and forth against him. Just my brain was still objecting. We were lying like this for a minute again until Joe started to move again.

“Joe we have to stop!”

“Just a few more minutes”

“You said that before.”

“Turn your head, just one more kiss.”

Slowly I turned my head, was he trying to trick me? When his lips landed on mine again I reflectively opened my mouth and his tongue invade my mouth like his dick had invaded my cunt. At the same time he started a slow fuck movement, out and in, out and in. Joe was not stopping.

The problem for me was it felt so delicious. But I could not let this happen. My sister would never forgive me if I let Joe shoot his sperm deep into my belly. But the feeling was so nice that I had to move with him. With his tongue probing my mouth and his dick probing my pussy I was losing control quickly. In a last attempt I pulled my mouth away.

“Joe, Joe. What are you doing. You said you would stop!’

“Cathy, my Cathy, can you not feel it. I cannot stop anymore.”

As I spoke he had pulled halfway out and moved back in slowly. It was a shocking sensation being impaled in one smooth move on this massive almanbahis adresi shaft. Maybe it was the angle this time, but on the in stroke the plum on top of his pole rubbed right along my G-spot.

“But Joe… Aaahh, don’t do that.”

“What, you mean this Cathy?”

He deliberated repeated the movement, getting another “Ooh Joe, aah” from me.

Having confirmed he had me where he wanted me he started to slow fuck me in earnest, sliding in and out of my cunt, stretching my vagina in a wonderful way. He kept sliding over my G-spot with his massive member, quickly driving me to an orgasm. In the back of my head I knew if I came on his pole all would be lost, and Joe would not stop until he had claimed me as his. I also knew my pussy loved what he was doing because my bum started to push back on him with every in stroke. My body wanted to be penetrated, impaled on this iron hard shaft. And he complied, going really deep every time!

It took only ten strokes or so to burst the dam on the orgasm I was trying to hold back. With a last quick two strokes he pushed me over the edge, and I fell into a shuddering spasm trying to push myself even further on his dick. He held still but rubbed my clit as I vibrated and danced on him. My orgasm went from my toes to my head and every part of my body in between. What a pleasure to be with a man again, to feel myself contract upon his iron hard member.

“Cannot stop now Cathy!” he whispered in my ear after I calmed down a bit.

With his member throbbing deep inside me Joe had shown me he fit very well. I also knew that now he was never going to stop; he was going to have me completely; he was going to fill me with his cum even if I objected. But wrapped in his strong arms I did not want to escape, I no longer wanted to stop either. My orgasm had made me very wet and as I felt him gently start to move again within me he was sliding in and out with much greater ease and almost no pain.

I gathered my courage and turned my head to kiss him quickly.

“I want to know now too how it finishes, Joe.”

“I’ll be gentle now, so you can get used to me. But I will really fuck you in the morning.”

“Do it Joe!”

He must have been waiting for these words because now he started slow fucking me in earnest. His strokes were gentle, but long and intense. It was delicious and no longer painful. With his hands on my hips he slowly increased the length of his stroke and then the frequency. On every in stroke I felt his balls slap the bottom of my outer labia.

“Make it quick Joe” I encouraged him, holding my bum ever so well positioned for easy fucking.

His grunting told me he was getting close, just as I was for another orgasm. On every stroke I now tried to milk him into an explosion. It did not take long before Joe let himself go with a salvo of rapid fuck movements as my second orgasm rose up from my toes. As it rolled up my body I felt his massive dick starting to pulse and shoot ropes and ropes of cum into me. The mouth of my cervix seemed to open up to let the sperm in. If I had not been on the pill this one would have made me pregnant for sure. Joe kept shooting and shooting; he must have saved up on his trip.

The walls of my vagina milked him while I danced on his pole. My second orgasm was a mind and body shattering experience, I would never be the same after Joe’s massive cock

“Joe, Joe, Joe, ooohh……” was all I could say as the last waves of the orgasm washed over me.

Joe kept shooting for quite a while with firm strokes that stretched my walls and rubbed my G-spot. Deep inside I felt how he kept shooting into me, seemingly splashing all the way into my womb. Wave after wave of sperm painted my insides, and it felt wonderful.

Panting we clung together, locked tight, trying to take each other in. The reverberations lasted a long time, time needed return to the land of the gentle kisses. And reality! I had just been well fucked by my sister’s boyfriend. The frenzy, the intense love making seemed to last for a long time, but finally I turned her head again and kissed him. Our tongues intertwined while Joe enjoying his own release kept gently fucking me.

It took a while before we stopped moving, and even longer for Joe to soften and pull out of my pussy. A flood of our mixed juices followed staining the sheets for sure. Slowly I rolled around so I could look Joe into his eyes. When our eyes finally locked both of us had the biggest smile ever on our faces.

“You don’t ever stop Joe, do you?”

“Why would I with such a delicious person like you in my bed?”

“What do I tell my sister?”

“Don’t worry about that. She texted me after you let her know you would be crashing here. And she told me to have fun!”


“Yup, she knows. She knows I always liked you, lusted for you.”

“No way. I did not think she would ever share you.”

“Well, she did! So be ready for some more.”

And with that Joe started kissing me again, lovingly, holding me tight. For a few seconds I wanted to rebel, to protest, but then relaxed. If it was ok with Cynthia, it was ok with me. After a few minutes of kissing I reached for his dick, it was getting hard again!. While I kept on kissing I slowly pushed Joe on his back, rolling on top of him holding his pole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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