Blind Date

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It was late August and the weather was really hot, a few friends and me had popped up to Blackpool for a bit of fun for a long weekend. Plus they had fitted me up with a blind date, of all the things to do but hey who am I to complain I get free drinks and a good night out I hoped!

I stood in my room of the hotel that I was stopping, what should I wear hmmm let me think, I know a nice black strap top and a short skirt, after all it had been a hot day so it’s bound to be a hot evening, if I was lucky, I laughed to my self (if I am lucky he will have all his own teeth and be under 65, with friends like mine I would put nothing past them).

I showered and dressed and did the finishing touches to my hair and looked into the mirror, oh well I would have to do, I hope he likes red heads, I looked at my watch it was 6:45 PM oh god I was late I was supposed to be meeting him at 7pm and I still had to get there, right to the other side of Blackpool, I was supposed to be meeting him outside the fair, he was going to be dressed all in black and holding a red rose, oh my how I love a man dressed in black.

It was 7:05pm when I jumped off the tram and ran across the road, I hoped he was still there, as I reached the gates to the fair I stopped and looked around hmmm not one person in sight let alone a man holding a red rose, oh well the dream was nice, probably saw me coming and ran, I laughed to myself and on that note, I turned around and started to walk back towards the road, I crossed and walk onto the beach.

In the distance I could see a figure of a man dressed in black, he was stood looking out to sea, I wonder hmmm maybe it might be, he must have seen me and run! I carried on walking and walked right on past him but could not resist a look back, as I turned around to look back I saw him smile at me, I smiled back, he had such a sweetest smile,

“You all alone” I asked,

“Yes” was his reply,

“I was supposed to be meeting a lass at the fair but I was late so I did not bother going,”

“Oh, almanbahis adres I see well I was supposed to be meeting a man dressed all in black holding a red rose, but like you I was late and when I got there no one was waiting for me,”

On that note he produced a red rose and handed it me and together we laughed.

We walked along the beach, laughing and talking, he was so good looking with dark features, and such a good body from what I could tell, (well it sure looked good all in black).

“Would you like something to eat and drink” he asked,

“Yes, please “…

He took my hand and led me off the beach and over the road to a little place and there we had a wonderful evening, filled with laughter, good food, wine and yes a lot of slow dancing.

As the evening came to an end we walked along the beach, looking out to sea, the sun had set and all we could see was the last little bit of light remaining on the horizon, it’s reflection shimmering on the sea. he took my hand and we walked on, the warmth of my hand in his was so nice, all of a sudden he whisked me off my feet and carried me down towards the waters edge,

“you dare, oh come on please don’t ohhh no,”

I found my self landing in the sea with one almighty splash,

“Right that is it you have had it now!”

I got up and chased him, splashing water at him as I went, he stopped all of a sudden and take me in his arms, the kiss was so tender and sweet, my hands wrapped up around his neck and his arms wrapped around my waist, his hands holding my back, pulling me closer to him.

I could feel him fumbling with the zip on my skirt, my hands slowly released the grip I had around his neck and slowly slid down his chest, to his buttons undoing them one by one the lifting his shirt out of his trousers, my hands then undid his belt and button on his trousers and slowly unzipped them, my skirt now on the floor around my ankles, I stepped out of it and kicked off my shoes, then took off my top, he followed almanbahis adres suit and took off his shoes, sock, trousers and shirt, I looked at him I had been right such a body all taught and muscular, he was sure sexy.

“Last one in the sea is a looser,”

Was all I hear as he whipped off his shorts and started running into the sea, I took my remaining clothes off and ran in after him, the sea was still warm from the day and was pleasantly nice, he jumped up behind me and pulled me down, I could feel the strength in his arms as he turned me around and kissed me again, only this time the kiss was passionate, his tongue roaming my mouth, mine joining his and them dancing together, he held me real close I could feel his hard swollen cock pressed up against my legs, I could actually feel it growing as we kissed, he put his hands on my butt and picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms up around his neck as we still kissed, he then started to walk out of the sea, but before reaching the edge he stumbled and fell landing on top of me.

Still kissing me his entire body lying on top of mine, together we was as one, I could feel his hands slowly moving down my body onto my stomach and down further, he parted my legs and began to rub, I could feel his fingers slowly make their way deep down and into me, I gasped as they entered, the feeling was incredible a shiver shot up my back and deep inside of me, his fingers moved in and out of me, my whole body pushing against him, slowly I started to kiss away from his mouth first his neck and then down onto his chest, I could taste the salt from the sea, I rolled him over onto his back his fingers leaving my wetness and running up my body.

I kissed all the way down his body not missing the slightest part, he tasted divine and I could not get enough, again he rolled me over this time positioning him self over the top of me only not face to face, his hard swollen cock was above me, I reached up and took it with my hand lowering almanbahis adresi him into my mouth, as I did this he groaned out and buried his head into my pussy lifting my legs up at the knees and parting them, I could feel his tongue licking away at my clit and his fingers returning deep inside of me, I took his cock deep into my mouth and sucked it hard my tongue licking around the edges and feeling it hitting off the back of my throat.

With his other hand he inserted a finger into my butt ohhh it was incredible the feeling was so wonderful, in return I placed a finger slowly onto his butt I felt his body stiffed and them relax again, together our bodies moved in rhythm the sea splashing up and over us, it was an experience not to ever be missed it was so erotic, so sexy and I was so god damn horny…….

As two bodies became one the sea splashing up over them, together we came, I could feel the hot cum hitting the back of my throat and slowly sliding down as my body twitched and jerked in time with his, as our bodies slowly relaxed I let go of my grip on his cock and slowly our bodies fell into a slump side by side the sea still splashing up over them, the cool sea breeze hardening my nipples, he sat up as did I, looking into each others eyes, he took me into his arms and kissed me, once again my whole body stirred as our tongues danced, together on our knees we remained for a while kissing and caressing each others bodies, then slowly he lay me down his arms wrapped around me, holding me tight his entire body shaking, he looked deep into my eyes as I took hold of he cock and guided it into me.

As the tip entered me together we let out an ohhhh then slowly it slid in deep filling me all up I could not have ever imagined such a moment, I was just beyond belief, he started to pump away at me, every time he pushed towards me I pushed towards him, thrusting deep inside of me his balls hitting off my butt I could not contain my self I cum digging my nails deep into his shoulders, then I felt his entire body go ridged, shake and jerk as he came, his mouth on mine, tongues dancing, bodies sweating and the sea now well in and up over our bodies, the feeling was brilliant what more can I say.

“My friends are the best in the world and can fix me up with a blind date any time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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