Black Muslim Gentleman Scholar

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Shaima “Shay” Osman, born in the City of Chicago, Illinois, is, by all definitions, one of those young women with a bad reputation. Born to a Somali immigrant mother and a white American father, both of whom gave her up shortly after birth, Shay Osman didn’t have it easy and bounced from one foster home to another. The City of Chicago was full of people who only took in foster brats to get a steady check from the State of Illinois, and fate threw Shay in with the worse of them.

Shay Osman grew up fast, and had to put up with abusive people of all hues who didn’t treat her like a human being. This toughened her up, and taught her to look out for number one. Fate threw a lot at Shay, that’s for damn sure. Nevertheless, the six-foot-tall, caramel-hued, green-eyed and deliciously curvy biracial beauty grew up to be a strong woman. Life is what you make of it, that’s what Shay Osman firmly believes.

In 2014, at the age of twenty one, Shay Osman graduated from Malcolm X College, and enrolled at the University of Chicago. While there, Shay Osman met the man destined to change her life forever. The gentleman in question is Dr. Malik Bukola, a tall, handsome Nigerian-American Muslim scholar, professor of criminal justice at Howard University and visiting professor at the University of Chicago. The renowned scholar took a liking to the difficult but bright and promising young woman, and taught her about life…and other things.

“Tell me about your fantasies,” Dr. Malik said in that deep baritone voice of his as he looked at Shay. The young woman sat on a comfortable leather couch in the basement of the good doctor’s west side townhouse, clad in a red tank top and a rather short black skirt, her golden brown skin glistening in the low light. Shay smiled coyly and crossed her legs, a gesture that caused a stir in the good doctor, though Dr. Malik maintained an unflappable façade.

“Well, Doctor Malik, it’s not easy for me to say,” Shay said, well-aware that the good doctor just caught a glimpse of her crimson panties, which were lacy and see-through, and the vivacious young woman smiled confidently. For as long as she could remember, the male of the species had been fascinated with Shay.

With her curvy body, thick ass, haunting pale eyes and stylish Afro, Shay knew that she cut a dashing figure. Hell, all the guys in her classes wanted her, but Shay only had eyes for Dr. Malik. Shay sensed that underneath his cool, calm and deeply intellectual detachment, there was a lot going on with the good doctor. Shay had seen the way Dr. Malik looked at her when he thought she wasn’t looking…

“Why don’t you tell me, Miss almanbahis adresi Osman?” Dr. Malik replied, and Shay looked at the tall, bespectacled West African Muslim scholar, clad in his stylish blue silk shirt, black silk pants and dark gray tie. Dr. Malik was the picture of the modern black intellectual, in the same vein as professors Henry Louis Gates, Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West. According to his online biography, Dr. Malik Bukola was born in the City of Kano, northern Nigeria, and moved to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, with his parents Idris and Amina Bukola in the early 1980s.

The illustrious Dr. Malik Bukola studied business administration at Morehouse College, graduating in 2000 at the age of twenty two, then he enrolled at Howard University, where he studied criminal psychology, earning his doctorate in 2007. Since then, the good doctor had become a leading authority on African-American psychology and social consciousness, and tried to bridge the gap between the Black community and the mental health field. Such a good guy, I want to corrupt him, Shay thought naughtily.

“Doc, I think it’s better if I show you,” Shay said, and then she stood up and boldly walked up to Dr. Malik, whose soulful brown eyes remained riveted on the sultry, exotic young beauty who came at him, strutting her stuff like nobody’s business. Shay stood less than a meter from the good doctor, so close that he could smell her scent, a mixture of female perfume, Dior if he wasn’t mistaken, and Shay’s own feminine funk. Nice.

“I’m listening,” Dr. Malik replied thoughtfully, stroking his goateed chin, and Shay grinned, and hopped on the good doctor’s desk, and spread her thighs invitingly. Dr. Malik held his breath, and his eyes went wide as he caught a full look at the space between Shay’s thighs. Those golden brown spread wide, exposing her pulsing pussy, glistening and wet behind those see-through red panties of hers. As the good doctor fumbled for words, Shay smiled victoriously.

“Hey, Doc, like what you see, I take it,” Shay said, matter-of-factly, and she touched Dr. Malik’s glasses, which rested on the bridge of his nose. Dr. Malik smiled and nodded, and then in an uncharacteristically bold move, he laid his hands on Shay’s thighs, much to her delight. As the young woman smiled and nodded, the good doctor caressed her inner thighs, but stopped short of the ‘goal spot,’ as it were.

“Come here, temptress,” Dr. Malik said, smiling as he pulled Shay into his arms, and the grinning young woman sat on his lap. Shay locked eyes with Dr. Malik, and the burning intensity she saw in them thrilled her to her almanbahis adres core. When Dr. Malik’s hands moved from her waist to her ass, Shay giggled, and took his handsome face in her hands.

“Doc, you’ve got no idea how much I want this,” Shay whispered, and Dr. Malik grinned, and gave her ass a firm slap, causing a surprised Shay to yelp. The good doctor took control, just like Shay knew he would, and she liked it. The young woman found herself lying on Dr. Malik’s desk as he explored her nubile young body. Dr. Malik caressed Shay’s breasts and suckled on them while sliding his fingers into her wet pussy, after she discarded her skirt and panties.

“Do tell,” Dr. Malik paused to say, and then he buried his face between Shay’s thighs, and began eating her pussy. For months Dr. Malik had been treating the intellectually gifted but trouble-prone Shay, and he learned much about her crappy early life, the crap she endured bouncing around in foster care, her penchant for dating roughnecks, and more. The more Dr. Malik learned about Shaima Osman, the more fascinated…and turned on…he became.

“Oh fuck, Doc, you’re in my spot,” Shay squealed, and the young woman found herself moaning and groaning as Dr. Malik licked her pussy, flicking his tongue over her clitoris and sliding his fingers into her womanhood. Lying spread-eagled on the good doctor’s desk, Shay endured the sweetest of torture as Dr. Malik licked and prodded her pussy, virtually setting her on fire.

“That’s the idea,” Dr. Malik paused to say, and he resumed munching on Shay’s pussy like a hungry man. Shay squealed in delight, and thrashed about wildly on the desk, loving what the good doctor was doing to her. Next, Dr. Malik put Shay on all fours, and gave her big, heart-shaped ass a sound spanking. Shay screamed as Dr. Malik spanked her, loving the deliciously hot pain she felt in her posterior as she got spanked by the manly West African Muslim doctor…

“Hmmm, I liked that spanking, sir,” Shay said, a wicked smile on her face, and she looked at Dr. Malik coyly as she rubbed her big ass, which stung from the spanking he just gave her. Dr. Malik smiled, and unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick, glistening dark dick. Shay gasped upon seeing the good doctor’s magic stick, then fell to her knees to worship at his altar…

“You know what to do,” Dr. Malik said, and Shay nodded, then took his dick into her hands. Shay sniffed the good doctor’s dick, loving the scent of his masculine musk, and then she took it into her mouth. Shay sucked Dr. Malik’s dick, and the doctor leaned against his desk, and closed his eyes as almanbahis adres she pleasured him. Shay caressed Dr. Malik’s balls while sucking him, marveling as his dick hardened and lengthened in her mouth…

“What are you going to do to me, Doc?” Shay asked in a sweet voice, after polishing Dr. Malik’s dick. The good doctor looked at his patient and smiled, then propped her back on the oak desk. Rolling a condom on his dick, Dr. Malik looked at Shay, who looked back, a crooked smile on her lovely face. Spreading her thighs invitingly, Shay pinched her nipples and licked her lips in anticipation.

“Giving you what you want,” Dr. Malik retorted, and he rubbed his hard dick against Shay’s pussy lips, which were wet, and puffed out. Without further ado, Dr. Malik pushed his dick into Shay’s pussy, and the young woman sighed happily as he penetrated her. Dr. Malik fucked Shay real good, loving the way her young, tight pussy gripped his dick. Just like that, the two of them started going at it, and Shay’s screams and Dr. Malik’s groans filled the townhouse.

“Pull my hair and spank me, sir, please,” Shay squealed, a few minutes later, as she found herself on the floor, face down and ass up, as Dr. Malik continued to fuck her. The good doctor was more than happy to oblige, smacking Shay’s big ass, loving the way it jiggled as he fucked her. Leaning forward, Dr. Malik grabbed Shay’s thick Afro and yanked her head back while fucking her, drilling his dick into her pussy. Shay’s screams turned him on like nothing else could, and he gave her all he had, and then some…

Much later, Dr. Malik Bukola and his protégé/student/patient Shay Osman lay side by side on the carpeted floor of the good doctor’s basement. Shay looked at Dr. Malik, and smiled, happy as can be. For ages Shay had been dreaming about getting a piece of the tall, handsome and virile West African Muslim professor, and at last, she got her wish. Shay kissed Dr. Malik on the lips, then got up to hit the showers, sashaying her thick ass from side to side, well aware of his eyes following her.

“That will be all for this week’s session, Miss Osman, and if you keep misbehaving, I’ll spank you some more,” Dr. Malik Bukola said to Shay, nearly an hour later, as he showed her the door. Shay Osman looked at Dr. Malik and smiled, and then he kissed her and pulled her close. Grinning, Shay wished Dr. Malik a good day, and giggled as he smacked her big ass on the way out.

“Well, then, Doc, you know I’ll misbehave,” Shay said, laughing, and she waved Dr. Malik goodbye before heading to her car. Shay got in the back of her beat-up old Rav4, a bright red 2005 model, and pulled out of Dr. Malik Bukolu’s driveway. The young woman felt happy and relieved, an expected feeling after outstanding sex. Smiling, Shay headed back to her place. The young woman grinned in anticipation, looking forward to next week’s session with the good doctor…

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