Wild Side of a Perky Ass Ch. 08

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Big Tits

If they had their way, this night wouldn’t end, but sadly, it had to. It was a fun-filled night for them all and I was the only one happy it came to an end. My worst fears didn’t happen though, despite the agitations. The scene was too public for me, but I survived it.

“Get up, bitch” Mistress said to me, and I was glad to get my back off the ground. She, Hazel and Nora exchanged numbers with Grace and Lexi, and with this, friendship was born.

Desire was brooding on Grace and Lexi’s faces, but it was Grace who gave voice to it. “My birthday is next week, I’m inviting you girls!”

Mistress, Hazel and Nora congratulated her in advance, with hugs and pecks.

Grace then crooked a smile on her face, “Are you bringing him along?”

“Who?” Mistress teased.



“Yeah,” Grace excitedly gave Mistress another hug.

Mistress beckoned me to come closer, and as I approached her, she slapped me.

That dazed me and I stood still and kept quiet, looking at her submissively. She slapped me again and now the ladies kept quiet. I didn’t know what was going on, and neither did they. No other person than Mistress knew why she was slapping me.

She raised her hand and delivered the third slap across my face, and the fourth, and the fifth. Tears pooled in my eyes and I kept my head bowed.

Mistress continued slapping me, and after the twenty-fifth slap, the first tear fell. She continued with the slaps.

Fearing that I must have done something to offend her, something I need to apologize for, I went down on my knees and begged her, “I’m sorry, Mistress.” Tears rolled down my face.

After I got on my knees, she stopped slapping me, and now only stared at me.

Nora broke the silence. “What did he do wrong?”

“Nothing,” Mistress replied.

“Then why are you slapping him?”

“I want the old fool on his knees.”

Nora scratched her forehead. “Without telling him, how would he have known what you want?”

“He should be able to read my mind.”

“Huh! Seriously?” Nora gasped and the rest of the girls joined in with muttering and chuckling in awe, at Mistress’ level of dominance.

“He’s not only your toilet. He’s also your slave.” Grace said.

“Yes dear, you’re right!”

Hazel approached and slapped me, just wanting to exercise power over me. “This is fun,” she quipped and faced Grace and Lexi, “Wanna try?”

Lexi leaned forward and slapped me, and then Grace did too. Now only Nora hadn’t, and they istanbul travesti all stared at her.

Nora smiled and patted my head first, and then began to give me hard knocks on the head. My reaction to the pain excited the girls and stirred her to do more.

Nora knocked me very hard until her knuckles hurt and then she ended it with some slaps.

“Sorry, pathetic old man,” Mistress said to me, “look at you crying like a little boy.”

I thought the night was over and we were about to leave, but now it seems Mistress opened a new page.

“How old is he?” Grace asked.

“This fool is fifty-five!”


“Yeah, but he’s here crying like a five-year-old. Shameless thing.” Mistress knocked me on the head as Nora did.

“And he’s ugly too,” Hazel added, just wanting to diss me.

Mistress tapped my chin up and stared at me, “Loser, can you still drive or Nora has knocked that ability off your brain?

They all laughed at me. “Yes, Mistress,” I replied, with a teary face, “I can still drive.”

Finally, after another round of hugs, Grace and Lexi left and we headed to the car, Mistress, Nora, Hazel and me. It was relieving to see the end of this humiliating night, or so I thought.

I walked ahead of Mistress and her friends and they came behind me talking about how this night was so much fun, and how they’d love to do this again, which Mistress obliged.

At the car, I opened the passenger door for Mistress and the two back doors for Hazel and Nora, and as they all got in one by one, I shut the doors.

Mistress made me understand I’d drop Hazel off first, and then Nora, since Hazel’s house is further away than Nora’s, though they all live within a not-so-wide circumference.


“Hey, wait. Park!” Hazel said from the back.

Mistress looked back and I peered at Hazel’s faint reflection in the rearview mirror.

“What is it, babe?” Mistress asked.

“I want to take a dump!”

“Finally,” Mistress cooed.

“This is so petty!” Nora added, laughingly, “you’ve been forcing it so bad, you ate a house back there.”

“I also have to use Toilet tonight. I can’t be left out!”

I pulled over as they cheered at Hazel’s pettiness.

This was at 3:15 am, and the road was pretty much lonely. It’s another public place, but better than that party scene.

Hazel got out of the car first, then me, then Mistress and Nora. I got unto the sidewalk and lay on my back.

Despite the darkness of the night, the travesti istanbul street lights did help me see the joy radiating on Hazel’s face. She was at her happiest moment since I met her.

She rubbed her tummy and gleefully got herself bottomless, ready to mount my face.

“Hey, open your mouth, bitch!” Hazel yelled at me. Of course, it was open already. She only wanted to diss me.

She bared her bottom and came down on me, squatting over my face and having her asshole just a few centimetres over my mouth.

She strained and grunted.

Her asshole opened up and a huge, thick turd emerged. It was rough and brown, ugly and smelly.

The turd rested on my tongue and Hazel grunted even more as she fully pushed out this uncomfortable turd.

“Please don’t die shitting!” Mistress joked.

“That’s what happens when you force-feed yourself,” Nora added.

“Oh fuck!” Hazel gasped, “eat my shit, Toilet.”

Immediately she gave me that order, I took a bite of the bitter turd she expelled into my mouth. Its taste and smell made me sick, but I began to chew, nevertheless. I began to chew and swallow.

“Oh, oh!” Mistress muttered, and Nora shifted from her position and closely stood by Mistress.

Hazel maintained her position, “What the fuck.”

Light from a car headlamp flowed towards us but didn’t point directly at us. The car parked right in front of mine and I heard the sound of the doors being opened.

Mistress and Nora stood side by side as the cops approached. It was humorous because they intended to use that human shield to prevent these cops from seeing Hazel and me.

“Good morning, Ma’ams,” One of them greeted.

“Good morning, officer.”

The cop peered his head to the side to have a better view of us, and at this moment, Hazel grunted and started pushing another thick turd out of her asshole.

“Oh, God, fuck, Hazel, not now!” Nora said under her breath and Mistress fought to hold herself back from laughing, but failed. She burst out laughing and Nora joined her.

“Please, what’s going on back there?” the cop asked, pointing his torchlight at us.

Busted! We were busted, and there was no point trying to cover this up anymore.

To my utmost surprise, Mistress confidently engaged the cops. “She’s taking a dump!”

“Ma’am?” the cop reacted.

“Yes, you heard me right. She’s taking a dump in my slave’s mouth.”

“That’s a man down there, Ma’am. An adult male, not a toilet bowl.”

“He’s almost istanbul travestileri a senior, actually, but he is my toilet. Now if you want to take his place, I wouldn’t mind!”

The cop backed up a little. “I’m sorry, Ma’am. I shouldn’t interrupt you.”


“Do you need any help with anything, Ma’am?”

“You can stay here and protect us until she’s done shitting.”

“Alright, Ma’am,” the cop said and they both backed up a bit and watched over us.

If roles were switched and it was a woman in my position, the men using her would most likely be arrested, but me being a male, and seeing that Mistress and her friends were bold, the cops didn’t think I needed to be rescued. Hazel comfortably remained in her position over my mouth and grunted as she pushed out the second turd. I wasn’t done with the first one yet and now had to hurry up. I hastily chewed and swallowed the other half in time to receive the next sausage.

Though they were on the lookout, protecting Mistress and her friends, they couldn’t help but look my way, and besides, it was past midnight, yes, but they weren’t in any imminent danger that necessitates standing guard, however, they stood guard, but repeatedly looked my may.

Hazel moaned after pushing out the second turd and then got off my face and stood beside me to watch how I eat her waste.

“I told you I would shit in your mouth this night,” Hazel threw her hands in the air like a champ, “yeah, I did it!”

Mistress and Nora giggled and waited for me to finish eating the turd.

Mistress wanted to further humiliate me before the cops, so she got water and poured it in my mouth so I could gargle. “Wait,” she said to Hazel, “let him clean your ass.”

Hazel leaned on the car bonnet and spread her legs apart and I got off the floor and engaged her ass.

I spread her ass cheeks apart and found her asshole with my mouth and cleaned it with my tongue while the cops watched.

“Are we done now?” Mistress asked.

“Yes, we are,” Hazel answered.

Mistress approached the cops and gave them handshakes. “Thank you, officers.

“Yeah, thank you,” Nora cooed.

Hazel then jumped forward too, “Thank you, gentlemen!”

The cops were taken by the boldness of these ladies, and especially awed at Hazel, whom they caught taking a dump in my mouth. I was the only one who didn’t say hi to them, because I had no voice. I only had shame.

I opened the doors and they got into the car, and then I got in behind the steering and turned on the ignition.

The cops stood still, staring at us, and as I drove away, Mistress, Hazel and Nora waved at them and said byes and the cops waved back.

Mistress glanced at me and smiled evilly, “What a night!”

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