My Mom the Teenage Cam Girl Ch. 01-02

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Big Tits

Chapter 1

Class was out of session for two weeks due to the winter holidays and I was driving back home. Due to an oncoming blizzard. It was one of those once-in-a-decade kinds of storms that were guaranteed to bring travel to halt for days, if not longer. So my school decided to cancel classes two days early so that the students were able to be with family rather than being stuck in the dorms. On a whim, I decided to just toss my lightly packed suitcase into the back seat of my rustbucket little car and make the three-hour drive home. In retrospect, I probably should have called mom knowing that I would be home a couple of days ahead of schedule. Instead, I decided to surprise her. I don’t know if I made the correct decision. But I do know that my holiday vacation wouldn’t have been half as interesting if I had.

It was just past nine in the evening when I pulled into the driveway of the family home. Being the youngest, I was the last to leave the nest. At one time the house once held eight, but with dad passing away three years ago now only mom remained.

Growing up, we were raised with the idea that knocking is for strangers and salesmen. Family could just walk in. As such, mom always made sure that even though my siblings and I no longer lived in the family home, we should all still have keys.

A day early and unannounced I let myself in. Driving up to the house, I saw that all of the lights were off and assumed that mom wasn’t home. Sure, her fugly pink minivan still sat in the driveway, but it wasn’t uncommon for her to go with her friends and make a day of visiting minimalls and antique stores in the surrounding area. It would just be all the more of a surprise for her when she returned home, I figured.

Stepping into the mud room, I doffed my boots in order to not track snow and mud through the living room. That’s when the sound of a muffled grunt along with a barely perceptible sound of a buzzing caught my attention. Maybe mom was home after all? But what could she be doing?

The door from the mudroom to the living room was slightly ajar, so I pushed it open.

“Hey mom, class let out early so I thought I’d…” I started to announce my presence in the chance that she was home, but the sentence died on my lips.

I expected to perhaps see my slightly plump, sweet, and half gray-haired mother sitting on the couch in the dark probably watching some sappy Hallmark Christmas movie. What I saw instead was a skinny ginger chick who looked maybe eighteen or nineteen sitting bare-assed naked in front of the camera of a laptop with her legs spread and a vibrating toy teasing her twat.

The chick was halfway through a moan when she turned her head to look at me. There was an awkward period of time when we just sort of stared at one another making awkward eye contact.

In the compressed time that frightening experiences take place, it felt like we stared at one another for five minutes, but in actuality, it was probably not longer than one or two seconds.

Letting out a squeak that sounded like someone stepped on a Yorkie, the redhead chick nearly jumped from her seat and threw the vibrating toy. The plastic shell of the battery-operated dildo clattered against the hardwood floor and continued to buzz away merrily, making a rattling sound that could be felt as much as heard. Grabbing a large throw pillow, the girl covered herself up as best as she could.

When the initial fright passed she looked into the webcam and said, “Uh, sorry folks. A bit of a personal emergency. Be right back as soon as I can.” With that being said she typed a short series of commands onto the keyboard and slammed the laptop lid shut.

“W-what are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to be home until Sunday. Oh god, oh god you can’t be here right now!” The girl said while looking down at herself to make sure she had adequate coverage before looking at me.

Feeling my heartbeat thundering in my temples, I ignored her question and fired off my own. “Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing in my mom’s home?” I shouted at the bare-ass teen thot. My surprise and fear shifted over to anger.

“I-I…uh,” she looked down in embarrassment. Her face was absolutely covered in a vibrant coating of freckles, so when the blush of embarrassment crossed her face it made her look even more like a strawberry. “You weren’t supposed to be home until Sunday Tom,” she finally just above a whisper.

I searched my memories, trying to think of just who this could be and why she knew my name. I was. Of eight children I was the only boy. My sister Lilian was a lesbian I knew, so perhaps this was one of her girlfriends? But would Lillian date a girl that was ten years or so younger than she was?

I stepped closer until I was looming over the couch and staring down at her. This made her clutch the blue plaid pillow even more tightly against her scrawny frame and shrink away from me. “You didn’t answer my question. Who are you and why are you fucking playing with yourself in my mom’s living room?” Though I didn’t raise a fist to her or anything of the sort, I’m sure my body language şişli escort made it known that I wasn’t opposed to tossing her out of the house on her skinny bare ass.

She looked around as if looking for somewhere to flee from this conversation. “T-Tom, honey, it’s me,” this was said just about as a whisper. She tried to hold my gaze as she said it, but soon lost it and was left staring down at her feet.

“Me?” I shouted. It was as much an accusation as a question. “Me fucking who?”

She chewed on her lips in such a way that, despite the rage, I felt hammering inside my chest, I had to admit was kind of cute.

“Honey, it’s me,” she squeaked out.

I was about to repeat my question when my mouth slammed shut and it hit me like a megaton detonation.

Oh god.

Maybe it was something about the shape of the face, the necklace that she wore that was dad’s last gift to her, or the eyes which are windows to the soul, or so the saying goes. But this girl who looked probably five years younger than me, I knew was in fact, my mom.

“M-mom?” I took an involuntary step back. My rage suddenly melted away and was supplanted by fear and confusion that sat in my heart no more comfortably. “What the fuck? No, no way. Are you seriously taking Nus? Don’t you know those things are illegal?”

Renews, more commonly known as Nus were a new drug in the emerging market of recreational pills based on the next step of CRISPR technology. They were created by a researcher hired by some secretive and insanely wealthy people. But his conscience got the better of him, and he decided that bringing about a race of nearly immortal and eternally young ruling class of billionaires was probably a bad idea. So before the research could be finished he released it onto the dark web and vanished into anonymity. That research has since been copied and used to create the party drug that most call Nus. Though it’s not the permanent solution to aging that the ultra-wealthy hoped it would be, it is enough to make someone as young as they want for a short time. As it also turned out, despite being funded by billionaires, it was also incredibly cheap to make.

Mom’s face twisted up into an indignant look that I’m sure she meant to look angry, but considering the circumstances just made her look kind of cute if I’m being honest.

“So what? I’m an adult. I can do what I want. Anyway, didn’t I look the other way for you in high school when you were smoking pot?”

Okay, yeah. Fair point. She had me there.

“Yeah, sure,” I said rubbing my forehead. “I’m not going to get into you right now the arguments why marijuana should be legalized. But really, Nus? Geez, mom, what would dad say? I mean hell, you look younger even me right now…” It was uncomfortable to look at her. The feeling that I wasn’t so much as having a conversation with my mother, who should be on the border between middle age and being elderly, and I was instead scolding an underclassman in my dorm hit me. It changed our roles in an unexpected and not wholly comfortable way.

Mom looked down, her cheeks colored with embarrassment. Now what you have to understand, my mom was always something of a helicopter parent. She was overbearing as a parent to a fault and not one to spare the rod if you catch my meaning. So to see her looking so shy and meek was perhaps even a bigger shock than seeing her petite naked ass.

Her eyes lit up and something like a mischievous smile crossed her lips. “Well… hopefully not too hard to look at.” Her grip loosened on the pillow that she was clutching and she wiggled her shoulders in a teasing manner.

The action wasn’t lost on me. “What? I… geez mom? What the fuck are you doing? Anyway, what’s with this?” I motioned to the laptop. “The fuck are you doing with any of this?”

My words must have hit her like cold water to the face. She looked like someone who was suddenly forced from a stupor. Looking down she considered her words before she started to talk again. “Well… uh, I mean putting six children through college hasn’t been cheap. I mean your father left us a good nest egg. It’s not like I’m in danger of losing the house or anything. I get by for the most part. But I like making my own money so I can splurge on myself every now and then.”

“So you decided to shake some teen ass for some creepy perverts on the internet?” I accused.

In return, she shot me a glare. “Don’t call my customers creepy. Besides, they uh… I mean they keep me company.”


“Yeah,” she continued. “I mean you and all of your sisters have gone away to start your own lives. I mean, yeah, that’s good. But I’m all alone. And it’s nice to have company, even of the internet “friends” variety.”

I’m sure at that moment that the look on my face registered somewhere between anger and disgust.

Mom placed her hand on mine in what was probably meant, at first as a comforting gesture. But those fingers traced their way up my arms as lightly as a feather’s touch. “That is unless you knew another way to keep me company.” With this, she gave a very salacious wink.

I grabbed her shoulders mecidiyeköy escort and shook her. “Goddamnit mom, what the hell?”

She shook her head as if to clear her head and glanced up at me. “What? I, oh god Tom. I’m sorry! I told you that you shouldn’t be here. I’ll… give you money for a hotel.” She reached under the couch and grabbed up an old lady’s purse that didn’t match her new college freshman look. As she stood up and turned around I was greeting face to muff with her shaved snatch. Had a neatly trimmed patch of ginger hair over her bare sex along with a silver ring through her clit. I turned away before I could see too much more detail.

Confused, I asked, “What? Why not?”

Her face flushed like a strawberry again. “It’s uh…. The Nus. It’s like.” She sighed before continuing. “Well when I take them it’s like I’m me, or I remember that I’m me or remember that I should be me, but when I’m on them that I’m not me. Fuck, I’m not making a damn bit of sense.”

During the outpouring, it was hearing my mom drop an F-bomb that was the most shocking. She rarely, if ever cursed. But as a med student, I attended a lecture that included information on Renewal. The outward changes were only a part of it. The main reason it was made illegal was that it rewired the brain in a way unlike any narcotic. Because of this, when the drug was new lawyers tried to argue that people shouldn’t be held as accountable for the actions of their less responsible younger variants. Not wanting to wade through this legal headache, the drug was just outright banned.

“Okay. So if that’s not what you are like, what are you like then?” I asked.

Her eyes rolled. “Well, to be honest, someone whose arm is getting tired holding this damn pillow.” With no other warning, she huffed and carelessly tossed the pillow aside, revealing her body. Without that coverage, I was able to see her entire petite form.

Mom was never very busty, even with the weight she packed on in her later years. Not that a son would normally inquire about his mom’s bust size, but I’d probably have put her somewhere around a B-cup? But now with the de-aging effect of the Nus, she was a very perky A-cup, if that. She barely had any tits at all. Her nickel-sized nipples were each pierced with a silver barbell.

Though she was skinny, she had a bit of ropey muscle on her frame that gave her something of an athletic look. Her stomach had a four-pack of muscles that were quite nice to look at.

Like her face, her body was utterly covered in freckles. This along with her short, messy red hair gave her an incredibly hot girl next door look. She by no means looked like a supermodel. But definitely, a girl the house over would hope would be changing in front of an open window when you were a teenage boy. The crazy idea that she looked like a grown-up Peppermint Patty from Peanuts hit my mind.

This was still hot, go with me on this.

“Mom! Geez!” I threw my arms up to block the view of the teenage girl that was my mom.

“Anyway. Money for that hotel is on the table. I have to get back to my stream or my customers are going to get pissed,” she reached out and opened the laptop. When the screen lit back up I could see the name of her stream was called “Lil’ Sam.” On the bottom, there were tags such as #barely-legal, #teen, #gingerslut, #masturbation along with others. Apparently to her fans she wasn’t my mother Samantha Reynolds, but “Lil’ Sam.”

Without thinking, I reached out and grabbed her thin wrist.

“The fuck you are. That drug has you fucked in the head. If I have to be the responsible adult here then so be it.” I saw that even though the webcam was on, the stream still wasn’t broadcasting. Apparently I had to be the adult in this situation and keep her under control until the Nus wore off and we could have a real conversation.

She flashed angry eyes at me. The same angry eyes I’d seen hundreds of times as a child right before a paddling. But considering they were on the face of a cute younger girl a few years my junior, the intended effect was quite lost.

“No,” I told her.

“No? The fuck you mean no? Let go Tom!” she shouted and tried to pull her wrist back. But I was quite a bit stronger than her despite her new athletic build.

“Is this what you like? To spread your fucking legs like some freshman sorority slut?” I yelled. On the table I spotted a nondescript pill bottle. It was probably where she stored her Nus. I snatched up the bottle and saw that it was labeled amoxicillin. Yeah, amoxicillin my ass.

I pushed her away and she fell back on the couch with her legs spread wide. She was definitely pissed off at me as she fell against the couch… but also excited? Despite wearing a pissed off expression she rubbed her thighs together and squirmed. This only further fueled my anger.Could it be that she was actually enjoying this treatment somehow? Yeah, her eyes showed that she was angry, and maybe a little afraid. But her breathing, although more rapid than normal, seemed more excited than afraid. Then there was the way she grinded her hips against the couch.

Her eyes flicked istanbul escort down to my groin and a grin crossed her lips. Yeah, sure. Maybe I was a bit excited. It’s not like I had conscious control over that thing. There was a cute, naked chick in front of me after all.

“T-Tom,” she said with a quaver in her voice. I don’t know if she was warning me off or beckoning me closer. I grabbed her by her wrist then the back of her neck. I saw shocked at just how tiny and easy to manipulate she was.

“I said let me go, Tom! I’m your M… oh!” she lets out another squeal like when I first caught her playing with her pussy as I pull her across my lap.Her little firm little freckled ass wiggle up at me. Though whether she was beckoning me or trying to get away, I couldn’t tell.

“Is this what you like?” I demanded and pointed at the screen with her over my lap. The stream wasn’t currently active, but the software from the webcam still showed her scrawny ass laying naked across my lap. She closed her eyes and trembled. Squeezing her eyes closed she looked away. The look on her face was like someone undergoing some kind of an intense internal struggle.

But I wasn’t done with this little teen piece of ass pretending to be my mother, not by a long shot.

“If you are going to act like a little teen piece of ass you are going to get treated like one,” I shouted at her.

“To-” mom starts to yell out but this is cut off when my hand claps HARD against her bare ass. She didn’t have much padding back there, instead had the small, firm butt of a gymnast. My impact of my hand against her rear let out a piercing CRACK that was probably more loud than it was painful. Regardless, she lets out a keening wail and struggles in vain beneath me.

“Stop please… please,” she tries to say before the second spank comes down on her tiny, firm freckled ass. Her begging to be let go shifts over to a mix of cries and then moans. Even as I beat her ass a bright red, her pussy gets wet enough that I can feel the moisture leaking down onto jeans.

She grabs the pillow next to her head and buries her face in it. She bites down hard on the cloth and as her legs splay wide, revealing her wet pussy. She looks up to me, her expression is ashamed, but that melts away into something like desire. Despite the lines of tears etched down her face, she looks at me with a mixture of ecstasy and longing. My treatment of her only further fueled her desire he would seem. My rage whirled together with desire like a blender inside my soul. At this point, I was nearly as incensed my by own want as her flippantly slutty behavior.

I grabbed a handful of her short hair and pull her from my lap to look her in the eyes. I think that a part of me was wanting to deny my desires and bury it beneath my anger.

I expected to see a look of shock, anger, or even sadness at being treated as such by her own son. But what I see instead is something bordering on bliss. I let her hair go and she falls from her wobbling legs onto her knees in front of me. She looked up at me and licks her lips, before gazing down at my crotch.

Fuck it.

I unbuckle my belt and unfasten my pants and fish my already hard dick out from my pants. I expect to have to coax my mom to put that mouth to work. But” Lil’ Sam” grabs it in both hands and pops it into her mouth as soon as it comes free. With no prompting, I have a little eighteen-year-old slut going to the hilt on my dick.

She pulls herself briefly off of my dick. “The stream, please,” is all she says before going back down on my dick.

Almost in a daze, I reach down and hit the button to restart the stream. With “Lil’ Sam” going down on dick live on camera, the stream goes absolutely ballistic. In the course of a moment, I see tips rolling in under a minute that would pay for a full day of my classes plus expenses.

I wonder what these rando internet perverts would think if they knew that this was a son fucking a woman who should be sixty years old? Somehow I doubt that they would care.

I reach down to feel her tiny barely there titties. My fingers run over the hard nubs of her nipples and the barbells that pierce through them. I give one of them a tug, causing her to moan from around my dick. I can honestly say that it was the most energetic and sloppy BJ I’ve ever received. Her eyes glanced up at me with want. They weren’t the eyes of a mother, but the little slut that replaced her.

I grabbed a handful of her red hair again and hoisted her up. The rough treatment elicited a moan and shiver from the teen. I let her go, allowing her to try to keep herself upright on wobbly legs. She played with herself as I undressed. She was neatly shaven down there except for a ginger triangular patch just above her pussy. I turned her around so her tight little butt was facing me and she was facing the camera. I pulled her down into my lap where she writhed like a cat in heat. She raised her butt up from my lap, but just enough to grab my dick and aim it right at her snatch. She let gravity do its thing and impaled herself on my prick. Without prompting she started to bounce herself on my dick. From around her, I could see the camera view on the screen of the laptop. There was a good amount of jiggle and wiggle to her small titties despite their size. A ran a hand up her toned, freckled body. She writhed and her pussy tightened around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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