Mother In Law Servicing

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“Mother In Law Servicing” by CraigOOL

Incest – MIL needs attention after becoming a widow

[Author’s notes: Warning! This is an incestuous sex story. This hopefully will be a hot enough story for the people who like these themes, as it does have a lot of sex in it. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Civil and constructive comments are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.]

[All characters are eighteen or older at the time any sexual contact in this story takes place.]

My wife look a great deal like the porn star Corey Chase, except with dark hair. Slim, good boobs but not jugs, but just a sultryness, a sexual radiance. Her Mom is just like that too.

Madeline is about twenty some years older than I am, which is pretty natural since my wife Judy is also about twenty years younger than she is, with the young tight body to prove it. Maddy was recently widowed by Jake, a four pack a day smoking truck driver, who died (not surprisingly) of rapid onset lung cancer. Six weeks he fought the inevitable. Maddy quit smoking the same day they got the diagnosis, she was only a pack a day smoker. But it did leave her with certain cravings to be sucking on something.

Judy was always sending me over to help Maddy out even before Jake got sick, since he was on the road so much. Maddy always wore a plain white nightdress and sandals at home. She didn’t even shave her legs or pits, a rather bohemian 60’s style learned from her parents. On colder days it was easy to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. On her couch you could often see with her legs pulled up she wasn’t wearing panties. She didn’t really need to, her bush is so thick you’d never know there is a vulva in there behind it. Judy has a clone of it which she calls her ‘mop bucket’ because she gets so wet. I do love it when she mops my face.

I am very grateful for Maddy teaching Judy her free and open sexuality. Jake and Maddy had an open marriage, kind of traditional for truckers and their wives. Judy and I sometimes helped out her friends who needed some confidence building. Surprisingly, this was more often her girlfriends, as her male friends seemed more than capable of pulling their own. After passing 60/40 and rapidly heading for 80/20, Judy admitted she was profoundly bi with a knack for turning bi-curious girlfriends into bi-enthusiastic girlfriends, something I’d witnessed firsthand.

I often wondered if Maddy was the same way. She has a lot of women friends, who tend to dress much less conservatively – even outright downright slutty – plus they are ‘frisky’ at the very least. I’ve been pinched on the ass and had my package groped more at a single one of their parties than in the sum total of all the bars in my life – in a single night.

We’d had one of those nights with Toni, a rather luxurious curvy friend of Judy’s, where her shag carpet had just rubbed me the wrong way. Judy had to be at work, and so she said with a laugh “I’m sending you to Maddy. She can take care of you for a change!”

I work from home, and have a flexible schedule, so the burning of my balls and ass took precedence. So I hotfooted it over to Maddy’s.

Maddy had just been in the shower, but is now dressed in a new night dress at least three shades more gauzy than her traditional one. But it is wet, and for all intents and purposes, transparent.

I am a male. I look at other women. I am married to a promiscuous bisexual wife, so I am also learning to look at women the way she does. Maddy’s C cup teats are fuller, rounder, less pointed than Judy’s. Her teats slope southwards, something I personally find very erotic. Below the cleavage is a bit of a belly, which Maddy blames on a Taco Bell promotion of a burrito supreme combo in combination with her quitting smoking. Below that is the dark catcher’s mitt of fur, and for the first time ever, seriously open labia, like she’d been jilling herself off in the shower to open her flower enough to show it to me. Nice thigh gap! Older women often lose that, but the legs and ass of this woman are still tight. Whatever her workout regime, I hope it is another one of the things Judy inherits from her. She bends over, kicks out her leg to the side, and twists around to look at me.

“I’m not complaining that you are staring at my cunt and ass, because I welcome all the attention you want to pay to them. After all, just like your wife, I am ‘free range pussy’. I taught her to be that way by example. bursa escort But you could look me in the face, because your dick belongs there too.” Maddy laughs as I turn red.

Clearly, I have thought about fucking Maddy’s still tight ass. Judy claims her ‘one size fits all cocks’ pussy is a genetic gift from her mother, leaving me no doubt how good it would feel to bury my bone there as well as her backyard. But to say that I have not ever thought about her mouth on my cock when I needed to cum would have to be the biggest lie I could ever tell in my life. Maddy’s cocksucking lips are my go-to image when I need to cum, even though I had never experienced them.

Jake used to joke “Maddy has a three dick a day habit, and isn’t very particular if any of them are mine!” Maddy used to suck on a cigarette – or a straw – while looking right in your eyes and softly moaning. Those blue-green eyes would stare at your cock until she got it to swell, then she would sidle up next to you to whisper “It looks like you have some significant swelling. I could rub it down for you. I could help you with that in other ways. Maybe kiss it and make it better!”. Judy would then sweep in and take me home to feast on my lust engendered by her mother. It wasn’t until Jake passed that it finally occurred to me she’d probably wound her Dad up for Maddy the same way. Or maybe they both meant every word. Hard to tell.

So Maddy stands to face me, pulling up on the sides of the nighty and says “I was hoping the advertising would finally get you interested. Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it! You look just like Judy with twenty or thirty more years or erotic experiences. Imagine what a hot woman like that could share with me!” I gush.

“Very good. Now what is this urgent problem with your scrotum, perineum, and sphincter? It must be very uncomfortable.” Maddy soothes.

“Yes, it is.” I respond as I fight the horribly intense urge to scratch.

“Well drop trow, young man. Don’t worry, I will fight the horribly intense urge to suck it until it is healthy again.” Maddy chuckles.

I drop pants and briefs, glad to no longer have the fabric rubbing against me.

“Nice! Judy told me you were medium large, much better than too large or too small. Looks like an allergic reaction. Were you exposed to something unusual?” Maddy looks as she gently manipulates my genitals with her hands.

“Toni’s shag carpet while she and Judy ground me into it at both ends.” I answer as Maddy chuckles in response.

“But why not your head, back shoulders?” Maddy wonders.

“Short bath towel and a pillow.” I quickly answer.

“OK, I’ll be back in a jiff with soapy water and aloe cream. It may take several applications over several days. I’m going to wash hands and use gloves. I’m going to touch you in ways that you may not have imagined I would ever touch you.” Maddy gently informs me.

“I doubt that. I’m married to Judy, whom we often refer to as ‘Maddy 2.0’. That’s quite a compliment in our house by the way. So I have imagined anything and everything you could do to me.” I answer smugly.

“Me using my strap-on up your Hershey Highway? Judy and I taking turns spitroasting you?” Maddy laughs.

“No.” I say red faced but also suddenly feeling a swelling in my cock at the implied threesome with Maddy and Maddy 2.0, as she makes it seem that would be a completely normal – even frequent – activity to look forward to in the future.

“Well it looks like your subconscious mind likes that idea almost as much as I do. I have missed her. You are not the kind of man who would keep a daughter away from her Mother, are you?” Maddy chuckles again.

“No, Ma’am, I am not.” I chuckle too, certain that very hot threesomes are in my future. Combined with the gentle rubbing with the washcloth of my cock, balls, perineum, sphincter and ass, I am heavy with blood in my cock as she changes gloves, then applies the soothing Aloe cream. Turning me on my side, one hand strokes my cock and balls, while the other caresses my ass and probes my cornhole. I am moaning from the relief, as she takes a towel to wipe down the excess cream that has not absorbed into my skin. My cock is hard, her caresses are soft and gentle. It is slow, never aimed at making me climax. But I keep getting close, and just like Lucy with the football, she pulls away at the last moment so I cannot score.

When Judy gets home I break the news that my cock bursa escort bayan is out of action for a few days, Judy breaks the news I have officially been promoted to mop bucket for the next few days. We kiss, we fondle. My cock gets hard. Judy puts more Aloe on it, stroking me slowly, as I start licking her mop, getting it wet enough to open up her flower, I love kissing her pussy, and having her slowly stroke me while I do it – even with gloves on – is just heavenly. I think I should be taking care of Maddy the exact same way, and my boner gets very tight. I refocus on licking Judy’s labia and clitoral hood, as I then have to deal with all the flow from her pussy channel. So licking up her slot and over her clit becomes the order of the day, while her hips buck into my face. I have never minded being the mop bucket, nor resented the joy it brings her, since she can climax over and over again.

The next day I go back to Maddy’s, and she is wearing another wet, transparent nightgown. I am beginning to sense a trend here.

“Maddy, I have a question to ask you, and I don’t want to offend you.” I ask gingerly.

“Unless it is about why has my ass gotten so fat, I think you’ll be ok.” Maddy chuckles.

“Last night, when Judy gave me the Aloe treatment, I was promoted to mop bucket. I would like to be promoted to mop bucket for you, and not just for these treatments.” I say as firmly as I can manage.

“That’s very kind of you. I could use the caress and comfort of a man. I could use all that you can provide when you are well.” Maddy says in a soft voice.

“I’d love to do that too. I do love you and I’d like to show you just how much.” I say firmly.

“That’s decided then. Gloves on and drop trow. Let’s get to it.” Maddy says as she pulls the nightgown over her head, and puts on the purple gloves. She kisses me and moves my gloved hands to caress her full jugs. We kiss for several minutes, as lovers do, then Maddy slides down to scissor me with her legs, dropping me right into her mop bucket, as she glides her hands up and down my cock. I’m surprised I’m already hard.

The taste is familiar, even the texture. Turns out my wife’s peach doesn’t fall far from her momma’s pussy tree. Judy’s clit is larger, which is surprising to me, since I always associated a larger libido with a larger clit, and Maddy’s libido has been legendary in our family. Maybe Judy is just reaching her stride, I’ve heard a lot of women go cock crazy in their thirties. Certainly Maddy’s mop bucket is just as wet as Judy’s, justifying a scuba mask. I’m just glad I can return her intimate kindness, since my cock and balls (and sphincter!) have been at least tolerable since yesterday. The rhythmic rubbing of my face by her thrusting hips lets me know that my job as mop bucket is successful. Maddy even grunts like Judy, so I am able to go much longer than usual, as my own erection, dulled by the condom, finally crosses the finish line.

Maddy pulls me to her, kissing me despite her poon juice all over my face, and letting me know it wasn’t just a tryst to return a favor. This is the beginning of a full fledged affair, something I will have to discuss with Judy.

When I get home, Judy greets me in the same type of transparent wet nightgown, rubber, Aloe lotion in a mop bucket to hold it. We didn’t even watch any TV, it was dinner, practically inhaled, foreplay, and straight to mop bucket duties without any discussion. Judy demanded two condoms full of splooge before she would settle down to just kissing me. I told her about my session with Maddy, and she said only “I know all about it and it makes me fucking hot!”. Then we started all over again, taking a long, slow, erotic cruise to our third set of climaxes for the night. We kissed each other to sleep, and woke up still tangled up with each other.

I went to Maddy’s to find her just naked and playing with herself, legs spread over the arms of her favorite overstuffed chair. I just dove right in, licking her to climax after climax. I was so into making her cum I completely forgot about myself. I sucked on her clit. I fingered her g-spot. I licked up and down her slit while I fingered her wet pussy with two then three fingers. I went back to sucking her clit and licking it, then humming while sucking and licking it.

“Fuck me! Fucking fuck me right the fuck NOW!” Maddy yells at me, and even though I didn’t know I am hard, I just thrust into her, burying escort bursa my hard cock to the hilt in her spasming pussy. One hand reaching down to my ass, one hand down to her clit, she urges me “Fuck me slow. Let it build over time. Take your time for our first fuck. Full length strokes please.”

So I do as she asks. Her sweet pussy is milking my shaft. I’ve experienced this a few times with Judy when she is really turned on and has been orgasming for a while beforehand. It seems Maddy has mastered this technique. I’m just along for the ride, trying to make it last as long as I can. The pulses of the walls of her pussy when the really hard climaxes cum make that a very hard thing to do. When I feel the spasms, I change up the rhythm, and that helps. It turns out to be the longest fuck of my life, and I am going to be late for dinner by the time I finally cum. Maddy waves me out, and goes right back to fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit.

Judy is naked and waiting, dragging me straight to the bedroom, ripping off my clothes, then straddling me in a sixty nine. My cock must think fully erect is my natural state now, as I quickly go rock hard as my wife’s pussy gushes over my face. Her hips are thrashing my face as she literally mewls like a kitten over her mother’s pussy juice all over my cock, licking my pubes to try and get any hint of it into her mouth. Bashing my face as I lick her keeps my technique simple, lick the opening of her pussy, lick her clit.

“Fucking Fuck me right the fuck now, MOTHERFUCKER!”, Judy cries out as she rolls on top, slam dancing on my cock as she arches her back and fingers her clit. Her body is shuddering as she wails in intense climax after intense climax, followed by leaning forwards to rub her clit back and forth as quick as she can, then arching her back into her slamdance deep cock penetration. I thought she would wear herself out quickly, but it goes on and on and on. When I finally cannot hold back anymore, Judy goes into slam dance shuddering climax mode, while spurt after spurt after spurt of my come blasts up into her sopping wet cunt. She collapses on top of me, panting, and although I did much less than half the work, I am panting with her too.

“You MOTHERFUCKER!…” Judy yells, then tries to regain her breath.

“You Motherfucker…” Judy says again, then has to regain her breath again.

“You Motherfucker, I love you more than life itself!” Judy finally gets the whole sentence out.

We had dinner, then started kissing, then tried to go back to slam dancing, but I pulled her down into a sweet slow screw, then rolled her over into taking her from behind, while she played with herself. Slow comfortable screw (a great drink BTW) got the job done, and we came (much more quietly than before) then kissed for a very long time. I don’t know what time we fell asleep, but we slept until mid-morning. Good thing it was Saturday.

We got up and started making breakfast. Maddy came and let herself in, then sat in a chair with her legs up and pussy spread, pointed directly at us.

“I guess we need to talk about what happened.” I propose.

“That doesn’t work for me.” Judy says coldly and moves toward Maddy, who has started fingering her pussy.

“Wait, we can work this out!” I try to intervene.

“Why don’t you try to work it in instead? We both like tongue or dick.” Maddy says as her eyes snap open, as Judy starts licking her pussy.

“How about the bedroom? There much more room to play.” I observe with the ulterior motive of not having move furniture for me to be able to join the action.

Judy stops licking long enough to say “When he is right, he is right. 69 on the bed?”

Maddy then adds “Take turns slow fucking us, and you can make it last all day long.”

Judy says “That’s right motherfucker. Take your time fucking your wife and her mother.”

“You know this is going to be a regular thing, right?” Maddy observes.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” I answer, as I slide my hard cock into the tight pussy my wife is licking.

“Oh gawd your cock feels good!” Maddy cries out.

“Don’t kiss the pussy just to ignore the pussy. Kiss the pussy like you crave the pussy. Isn’t that that what you taught me Momma?” Judy objects.

“Don’t talk when you are eating. Do one or the other. Taught you that too.” Maddy taunts.

I fuck her really hard for the next two minutes, which leaves her pussy bubbling over and twitching. I move to my wife Judy and slam my hard cock into her, fucking her as hard as I can for two minutes.

I observe that life has never been better, and being forced by my wife to service my Mother-in-Law is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

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