Dad and Bro First

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I have had dreams of sucking my younger brothers cock. I’m gay, and I know He has a bigger one then me, and I want it. I want to suck him and try taking his dick in my ass. I never thought I would want to get my ass used by my lil bro, but damn seeing his cock swing in his briefs just makes me hope that I won’t get told on by him if I were to ask to take it.

I would pull his underwear down and start at his nuts and beg him to fuck my mouth to his pleasure. Taking in his big cock as he calls me a faggot. I imagine it being late at night and I see her jacking off so I offer to suck his cock, at 1st he’s likes no fuck that, but once I put my mouth on it and start sucking he slowly relaxes and starts holding my head down as I take his 9inch cock to my throat.

I’ve seen him hard on some early mornings while he sleeps and I have wanted to suck him so bad. Imagine my lil bro Deep in my ass as I beg him for more. Imagining ouR dad joining and they use me together. I want my dad and brothers to cum down my throat. I imagine that I’m there on my knees with my younger brother hard as I lick his nuts, dad walks in and sees me gagging on my brothers meat. “What the!” he said. I pull my head off my brothers nuts and see my dad there in his undies.

“Dad he just started sucking me and I didn’t know porno what to do.” It was dark but I could make out my dads crotch still and I just went back to sucking my brother as he watched. Soon my dad was standing next to me and His Dick was hard so I didn’t ask him I just went and pulled it out as my brother was in shock seeing our straight with his cock in my Mouth.

I was in heaven hearing my dad tell my brother never to say shit and that if I wanna suck cock it’s gunna be theirs. So I’m going back and forth between cocks and soon I’m so horny I offer my ass to my little brother and as I felt his uncut cock enter me I was in heaven. I had never felt so good having a cock in me. As he shoves it in dad asks “Ready to get fucked by your brother,” I moan yes and I begin to feel my bro grab my ass and spread my cheeks as he starts pumping and I can’t take his thick cock cause it’s so big. I love it. Dad has me licking his nuts as I jerk Him off. So there I am taking my brothers cock as he is moaning and telling me my hole is tight as fuck with my dads big hairy nuts in my mouth.

As I’m being used I remember how I wanted to suck my brother since he started getting hard ons. Late at night I would jerk off to him sleeping in his tight undies. I had even gotten brave enough to lick his crotch porno as he slept sometimes. I wanted my little brother to wreck my ass. Now here I was with his hard cock raw in my ass, he was moving in and out slow, “You really like my cock in you, don’t u faggot?”

“Yes daddy,” I said and our father said “I’m your fucking dad,” he said and ordered my brother to pull out as he said “I’m gunna show you how to own this faggot,” and I felt my father press his Dick against my now stretched hold and my brother Was sitting on the couch with his erect cock stroking and I went to sucking his cock for a few mins before I asked to eat his ass. He was reluctant but slowly turned around. I knew this was a 1st for him so I was gunna love him like a brother should. I spread his firm cheeks and reveal a nice little hole. I start off by kissing it and telling my brother I love him. I never felt so close to him in my life. Slowly I let my tongue lick his hole and start feeling our dad pump me fast and hard as I eat my brothers ass.

He said “Fuck yea faggot,” my brother was squirming from all my tongue in his ass as I stroke his cock and mine.

He was much bigger than me and always knew it. I was just eating his ass as our dad begins to moan that he’s about to cum. So I turn around and open my mouth and türk porno taste my fathers hot thick load and swallow. Now I wanted to swallow my brothers cum too. I jerk him faster and then he says he’s close so I say “Fuck my throat brother,” and he did with joy as he nutted in my throat too.

The following morning I woke up and found my dad had left so it was just my brother and I. I came out of my room and found my brother in his bed. I walked in and he asked me if I would let him fuck me again. I drop to my knees and he got up and had me lick his nuts 1st as I looked him in the eyes. I was sucking his nuts when he asks me to pull my own cock out.

To my shock, he told me to stand up and he was now on his knees. Slowly he licked my cock and I felt his warm mouth. I could not help but moan as he was sucking his 1st cock. It was mine! He gagged a lot which made me hard as a rock. I grabbed the back of his head and I tell him I love him as he gags on me. My cock was full 7inches hard and he was only about half way. He finally stops and Stands up. I grab his ass and I ask to fuck him. Slowly he mounts me and I fell his warm little hole. I grab some lube from my room as he needed it to take me. I finally get my head in his hole. He was so warm and tight. My fat cock had him meaning in pleasure as I slowly moved in and out of his ass.

My little brother had me ready to bust just seeing his ass on my dick. He would not let me cum in him so when I was done I pulled out and bust on his ass cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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