The Reunion Trap Ch. 06

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NOTE: Every sexual encounter in this story, no matter how small, is between individuals that are at least eighteen years old or older.

The Reunion Trap: Chapter 6

Celia took me by the hand and led me off the dancefloor and to our suite. The moment the door was shut and locked, she was on me. Oh, how I loved this woman.

“Oh god, tonight made me so hot,” she breathed huskily. “We’re definitely going to my reunion in two years. I saw what Nadia did to you on the dancefloor. Don’t worry. I’m not jealous, love. In fact, I’m going to take care of it for you.”

She pushed me hard against the door, her left hand around my cock and her tongue in my mouth before I could protest—not that I would. I quickly regrouped and met her passion with a fire of my own. I angled one hand under her shirt and up to her bra, grabbing a handful of her breast, while my other hand slipped into the back of her pants and panties and over her bare ass cheek, grabbing an equally exquisite handful of flesh. We kissed and groped each other until our clothes started becoming increasingly annoying. We quickly shed them, nearly ruining my shirt and her pants in the process. With her left hand, she stiff-armed me back against the door again as her passion let loose her aggression.

Eyes wild with desire, she dropped to her knees and took my hardness into her hungry mouth. A moment later, she was caressing my balls with her hand as she started deep throating me almost violently. She had gotten so good at it that she now loved doing it for me. After a couple of minutes of watching her mouth engulf my cock, framed by her wild, flaming hair, I groaned and came hard down her throat. As soon as she felt the first pulse of my throbbing dick, she pulled out to catch the rest of my cum in her mouth. She loved the taste and feel of the stuff, knowing I had produced it just for her. She swallowed blast after blast until she started to choke a bit and some of my pearly semen squirted out of her lips and dribbled down her chin. She pulled off and coughed hard before taking a deep breath.

“Wow, that was the biggest load I think you’ve ever spurted,” she said amazed. “I guess you were just as excited as I was. It’s almost enough to make me jealous.”

“There’s nothing for you to be jealous of,” I told her. “She was my first love, but you are the love of my life.”

“Oh, I said almost,” she countered, winking at me. “Now, are you going to keep talking, or are you gonna eat my pussy until you’re ready to fuck me?”

“Gee, let me think,” I laughed, as I hastily grabbed her up and threw her onto the bed. She bounced and squealed in excitement before spreading her long shapely legs, inviting me inside.

I needed no more invitation. I dove between her legs and started licking her inner thighs from her knee to the crease where her leg met her groin, my tongue pressing hard into her soft flesh. I made sure to exhale hotly on her pussy lips as I passed over them with my mouth, but largely ignored them for the time being to concentrate on her thighs. I slowly worked my way back to the creases at the tops of her inner thighs and lightly kissed them. She moaned from that, so I started tonguing each crease in turn, eliciting more moans of delight. Working my way even closer to her pussy, I started licking the meaty lips from the outside. As I grazed each one with my tongue, I was rewarded by more moans of pleasure from Celia.

“Oh, Jace,” she cried out. “That feels so fucking good, but pretty please…I need you to lick my pussy.”

The teasing had her almost twitching in anticipation, so I exhaled more hot air on her pussy and softly pressed my lips directly against her slit. She moaned again, almost in pain from the intense pleasure. Sensing it was time, I drove my tongue as deeply into her sopping wet cunt a I could and she went off like a firecracker, screaming and clenching her fists as she flooded my mouth with her cum. I lapped her juices and sucked her clit, alternating between the two as she shuddered and, surprisingly, squirted pussy juice into my mouth. That was the first time she had ever done that, and I was instantly hard again.

“Uhhh, uhhh, Jace…oh, I…I’ve never cum that hard before,” she gasped, her breathing ragged. “I love you, oh, I love you so much. Okay, now…fuck me, lover! I wanna cum on your wonderful cock.”

I wasted no time in climbing on top of her and plunging my dick into her ready hole, filling her up with my manhood. She started bucking back against me and I continued to pump into her, alternating the depth of my thrusts just to keep her guessing. It wasn’t three minutes later, and she was cumming hard again. I pulled out of her and walked over to sit on the armless plush chair that came with the room. I crooked a finger, beckoning her over. She hopped up and sat in my lap, facing me as she lowered herself down onto my dick.

Celia’s pussy was like a warm sheath, surrounding and squeezing my cock with her soft flesh. I held her hips as she rode me, eye to eye, her tits bouncing lewdly. Her eyes, pale-green turquoise, pulled me into them, and I grabbed her head and attacked her istanbul travesti lips with my own. Our tongues danced around each other as she moved like a piston, up and down on my rock-hard dick. My hands moved down to the fleshy globes of her marvelous ass and I assisted her in fucking me with her entire body while we stared into each other’s eyes.

I was in pure bliss and I’d bet my left nut that she was as well. I held off for as long as I could, but the feeling of her pussy squeezing my cock was exquisite, and I ended up pumping a large amount of cum deep into her pussy as she continued to ride me feverishly. She let out a scream of ecstasy as my orgasm brought hers off as well. Her scream turned to a happy whimper as her whole body shook, the feelings of pleasure so extreme that she couldn’t control herself.

She fell against me, totally spent and I picked her up and carried her to the bed, still speared by my cock which had yet to go down. Feeling horny still, I went down on her and that made her go crazy. It was rare that I ate her out after cumming in her, but I was feeling in rare form that night. Once I had cleaned her up with my mouth and tongue, I pressed her legs back and started rimming her asshole which brought on a new round of gasps and moans from her lips.

“What has gotten into you tonight?” she asked between her groans. “I like it.”

“I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. “Maybe it’s the relief of having this whole ordeal over with.”

“Well, then,” she said, smiling wickedly. “Why don’t you fuck my ass now?”

I smiled back at her and flipped her over. She got on her knees as I moved into position, pressing my cock, still wet from her pussy juice, at the pucker of her anus. I pressed and it opened, allowing me entry like an old friend. She moaned deeply as her anal ring stretched around my cock and I sunk it into her asshole up to my pubes. The tightness I felt was intensely pleasurable. I had barely started thrusting when she came hard…again. She was like an animal and I was loving this side of her. Something had come over us both, and we were fucking on instinct. She came twice more before I let loose with my final cum of the night, filling her gorgeous ass with my seed.

We had just enough energy to clean each other up before we passed out in each other’s arms. The night had started a bit rocky, but it had ended pretty damned well. I enjoyed the feel of her body, soft and warm, her skin pressing against my own as we both drifted off, with the afterglow of amazing sex lulling us to sleep.

The next day, we returned home. It only took us an hour to pack, drive to the airport and turn the rental in. By noon, we were on a flight home. Leslie was there to pick us up in her Camaro and the girls and I chatted on the drive back to our house. We thanked Leslie for the ride and promised to hang out with her soon, before stopping in to see Celia’s mother, Claire and enjoying a home-cooked meal.

I told her everything that had happened, and she seemed happy about how things had turned out. Leaving three hours later, we took my wife’s Tesla home. We had left it at her mom’s home to take us back to ours. That night, we made love again in our own bed, slow and sensual. It was still great but didn’t quite have the insane magic of the previous night. That was okay. We were both a little sore. Afterwards, we lay facing one another, staring into each other’s eyes. Her pale-green turquoise beauties sought my own cocoa brown ones and found them staring back with a deeper love than I thought I could possibly possess.

“I love you so much,” she whispered, smiling sweetly at me.

“Not half as much as I love you,” I teased her back.

She giggled and flipped over, pulling her flaming hair to the front so that I could comfortably spoon her, pressing my naked body to hers. To say she felt wonderful doesn’t do it justice. After the long, busy day and vigorous night, we fell swiftly asleep.

The next three days were a flurry of activity for me. I had some catching up to do on the movie project I was directing and needed to discuss a couple of rewrites, hire numerous staff people, and present our progress to the production company. Things were going well until the female lead dropped out of the project. My wife already had a part in the movie, but I got approval from the production company to approach her for the role. Then we’d recast her current role, which would be much easier. I picked up a bouquet of blue orchids and arrived at home to greet my beautiful wife. She was lounging on one of our couches and was reading a book. She was wearing her “Girl Power” t-shirt, far too short to cover her tight stomach, and pink hot pants. Her eyes flashed with delight when she spotted the orchids before giving me a beaming smile at my return.

“For you, my love,” I said in a cheesy voice as I handed her the bouquet. She squealed and jumped up, running to the kitchen.

“Thank you, lover,” she replied, pulling a vase out of the cupboard and filling it with water from the tap. “How was your day?”

“I’m not sure, yet,” I replied, watching her place the bouquet istanbul travestileri in the vase and set it on the dinner table. “We’ve got a bit of a conundrum on the project, but you might just be the solution to it…”

“Oh, how so?” she asked as she returned to the couch, looking at me expectantly.

“Well, the actress playing Esmerelda backed out and we need to find a replacement in a hurry,” I explained calmly, before excitement began to creep into my voice. “I talked to the producers and they agreed to let you take the part, if you want it? Isn’t that great?”

“I don’t know, hon,” she replied, nervously twirling a flaming red ringlet of hair as she seemed lost in thought about my proposal. “I’ve read your script and I’m just not right for the part. This is your baby and it would kill me to see it not do well because you had to compromise.”

“I get that, but we’re in a bit of a bind here,” I replied, confused by her subdued response. I had been sure she would have jumped at the chance. Since she hadn’t, I tried a different tactic. “Whatever happens, I’m going to have to compromise. There are precious few good actresses that fit the bill and are available in the next two weeks. I think I could make it work for you.”

“What if I give you a better suggestion?” she asked coyly.

“Do you have somebody in mind?” I asked her. “One of your model friends?”

“Yes, I do…but it’s not one of my model friends,” she replied mysteriously.

“Okay, then who?” I asked, starting to get frustrated.

“Nadia,” she replied.

“Nadia Takahashi?” I asked incredulously.

She nodded and smiled, her eyes sparkling with a bit of mischief.

“I’ll humor you. Please explain,” I told her.

“Well, you know I talked to her before the reunion, right?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied.

“So, I’ve actually been talking to her quite a bit. Don’t be mad. She’s always wanted to be an actress and she definitely has the looks for it,” she explained. “Would you believe that she’s actually been in over a dozen plays since high school?”

“No,” I said. “We didn’t talk too much about our lives. So, you say she has experience?”

“Not just that,” replied my wife. “She’s actually won a couple awards for leading roles. I think she’d jump at the chance to star in a movie. What do you think?”

“Well, even if she says yes, and that’s a big if, I’ll have to talk to the producers. But still, it sounds a little too good to be true,” I told her before taking her hands in my own. “And would you be okay with me working so closely with her, my first love? I mean, a quick reunion is one thing. This is different. We’ll be working together for months if this were to work out. I doubt anything would happen, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to tempt fate, do you?”

“Well, maybe we could come to an arrangement similar to the one we had with Jasmine,” she said, carefully inspecting my face for my reaction. “It’s been so long since I’ve been with another girl.”

“Even if she was up for it, it couldn’t possibly be the same as what it was with Jasmine,” I tried to explain. “With Jasmine, it was fun, but there was no romance there. I don’t think I could do that with Nadia and not have feelings for her. That wouldn’t be fair to you, or her.”

“Well,” I heard another female voice say from behind me. “I am up for it, and she didn’t say it would be the same, only similar. So, what do you say, stud?”

I whipped my head around and saw Nadia standing behind me, smiling wickedly. She had on an almost sheer yellow tank top and a jean skirt. A thousand thoughts coalesced in my mind and all that came out of my mouth was, “What…how…what?”

“I think he needs some convincing,” said Celia.

“My thoughts exactly,” replied Nadia as she sensuously glided around the couch I was sitting at and settled in next to Celia on the other couch.

“First, hon…yes, this is the first time. I would never cheat on you with anyone, not even another girl. Now, watch and enjoy,” said my sexy flame-haired wife, as she and Nadia faced each other.

The way they stared into each other’s eyes; one with pale-green turquoise irises, the other with burnt caramel…well, to put it mildly, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. As they slowly, tentatively moved their faces closer until their lips briefly met, I felt flushed and I swear my dick was harder than a diamond. I adjusted myself and leaned back to enjoy the show. I could scarcely believe that this was happening. My true love and my first love were passionately kissing, mere feet away from me. I found it to be surreal, to say the least.

It wasn’t long before Celia grabbed ahold of Nadia’s top and tugged gently. Taking the hint, Nadia raised her arms, allowing Celia to pull the garment over her head. Bundling the top in her hands, she playfully tossed it in my direction. I caught it in midair and held onto it. I inhaled deeply. I could smell Nadia’s perfume and a hint of her hairspray on the still-warm fabric of the crumpled top. When I looked back at the two young women, I saw that Nadia hadn’t been wearing a bra. Celia travesti istanbul was sensually massaging her breasts as the two resumed kissing, playfully at first, then more feverishly as they both became enamored with the show that they were putting on for me.

I shook my head and smiled, still numb…still in shock over what was happening. I could just make out their tongues swirling around each other as their whimpers and moans drifted over to where I was sitting, my dick making a valiant effort to tear right through the crotch of my shorts. It wasn’t long before Nadia returned the favor and both beauties were topless in front of me. Instead of resuming their kissing, Nadia’s eyes lit up with excitement and she quickly leaned forward and took one of Celia’s soft pink nipples in her mouth while her hand massaged the creamy flesh of Celia’s other shapely breast.

Celia threw her head back and moaned. “Oh…oh…oh god…yessssssss! Suck it harder, pinch my other nipple! Oh, yeah…just like that. Mmmmm. You feel sooo good! So soft.”

Like a pro, Nadia swapped breasts, sucking on her other nipple while her hand found the tit she had been sucking on a moment before. Celia continued moaning and talking dirty until she pushed Nadia off her and greedily dove into Nadia’s golden tits. This time, it was Nadia’s turn to scream in delight and whimper like a needy puppy. It was so different from Celia’s reaction, but I still found it incredibly hot and sexy. As if on cue, the two women sat up. Nodding at each other, devious smiles played across their faces. Quickly standing, they each wriggled out of their shorts. Neither were wearing anything underneath. I saw that Nadia had a cute little dark-brown landing strip pointing to the hood over her clit. It contrasted nicely with Celia’s smoothly shaved pussy. Celia looked over and winked at me before resuming her tongue sparring with Nadia. It wasn’t long before their exploring hands started making their way lower on each other’s bodies. Nadia was the first to gasp as two of Celia’s fingers slipped inside her. Her whole body shook as she came on Celia’s hand. She whimpered sexily through her whole orgasm. When she finally came down again, she looked Celia straight in the eye.

“Oh, you’re naughty,” she told Celia, as she fought back, plunging her own fingers into my redheaded wife’s bare slit. I could hear the slippery sloshing sounds as Nadia’s fingers worked vigorously within Celia’s obviously wet cunt. It didn’t take more than thirty seconds for Celia to cry out as the first wave of her orgasm crashed over her.

“Oh, fuck yes…your fingers are magic. Frig me harder,” she wailed as wave after wave of carnal pleasure pulsed through her body. “Play with my pussy…oh…yes…yes…yes!”

Celia continued to jerk and convulse as her orgasm played havoc with her body, causing her muscles to spasm in ecstasy. When she finally calmed down enough to regain control of her body and think straight, the two of them exchanged fingers. Celia licked her own juices off one of Nadia’s fingers while Nadia did the same for her. Celia removed her finger from Nadia’s mouth and switched to a finger still wet with girl cum and put it in her own mouth, tasting Nadia’s pussy.

“Mmmm, you taste good,” she purred to Nadia before looking over at me. “Maybe you’d like a taste?”

I started to get up when she spoke again, this time with authority. “Sit back down. Right now! I didn’t actually say that you could have a taste, did I? Now, be a good boy and stay.”

I had never seen the dominant side of Celia before. I felt no joy or arousal at being submissive. I found it to be a turn-off. I figured I could pretend just for her, however. I loved her and she obviously enjoyed being a dominant at times. I decided to lean back, relax, and continue to enjoy the show.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the mood. Celia was half-sitting, half-laying off the couch with her legs spread and Nadia was on her hands and knees between them. It was the slurping sounds of Nadia’s lips and tongue on Celia’s pussy that returned my cock to its full glory. The sight of Nadia’s bare ass and pussy didn’t hurt either. Suddenly, Celia grabbed the edge of the couch on either side of her and squeezed hard as another orgasm came over her.

“Oh, yes yes yes yes…oooooooo…oh god…love it,” gasped Celia, between unintelligible moans and sighs. I watched as her breasts jiggled, her whole body shaking in ecstasy. She must have ridden that orgasm for a solid minute, though I wasn’t exactly timing it.

“Oh fuck, your tongue feels so amazing,” Celia sighed, as she came down from her blissful high. “I think I need to return the favor.”

The girls quickly changed positions and Celia got right to work, though she started out by teasing Nadia. Celia started on one of Nadia’s thighs and licked and sucked on it before switching to the other. Back and forth she went, occasionally exhaling on Nadia’s bare pussy lips, making the golden-skinned beauty whimper in desire. I felt confidence flow through me as I realized she was mimicking my moves. After five minutes of this, Nadia was practically chasing Celia’s lips with her pussy, jutting her hips forward in a desperate need for physical contact. When Celia finally gave Nadia what she was so desperate for, licking from her ass to her clit in a long slow movement, Nadia came almost instantly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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