Six Boyfriends

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Six boyfriends.

By loveofmyLife75.

Chris was 6 ft. tall hour shaped body with long shapely legs. She was going out with a new boyfriend when both had sex. He was able to shoot his spunk three times. She had kept in touch with her other five boyfriends. She was out shopping one day and bumped into all five boyfriends. She invites each of them in turn to her home that evening.

Three of them turned up at the house; her new boyfriend Ted was already there. All her boyfriends were able to shoot their spunk three times.

Chris dressed in a tee-shirt with no bra, a short skirt, white knickers, and heels. Fred and John sat on either side of her on the three-seater. Billy sat in a chair. Her new boyfriend Ted sat in a chair looking at her.

They were going over old times.

She unzipped their trousers and out popped two hard dicks. She grabs hold and starts to wank them off. Her new boyfriend Ted had his dick out playing with it. Billy had his dick out and played with it. Fred had his hand up her skirt and rubbed her twat through her knickers.

John had pulled up her tee-shirt and started to suck her nipple tit. Her tee-shirt was up and over her head. Fred now found the button and zipper on her skirt. He unzipped her skirt pulling the skirt down. He held her knickers and removed them all she had on was high heels.

Fred got down on the floor and spread her legs. He pushed his head to her now wet twat and started to lick it. Then two fingers slid inside her twat, he starts to finger fucking her.

John had stood up and straddled her. His dick slips into her mouth. He was fucking her mouth. She is sucking his dick. His dick is going deeper and deeper. He shoots his load into escort izmir her mouth and steps down.

Fred turns Chris around. her knees were on the edge of the settee. Her head is hanging over the back of the settee. He then slipped his dick into that wet twat in a doggy-style position. He now starts to give her a good fucking.

Billy got out of his chair. He went to the back of the settee where her head was hanging over it. She opens her mouth and Billy slips his dick in her mouth. He starts to fuck her mouth. She was taking his dick deep sucking like mad.

Fred was fucking her for all he’s worth. Her body was shaking and orgasm came. Fast and faster, he thrusts. He what’s to give her another orgasm. She gives two good long moans of satisfaction. Fred moved fast and faster, letting out moans, shooting all his spunk inside her twat.

Billy was about to cum, holding her head with both hands shooting his spunk, into her mouth. Her new boyfriend did not move from his chair. John now moves behind her for a second doggy-style fucking to her. Fred goes to the back of the settee and slips his dick into her waiting mouth. Both shot their loads of spunk within seconds of each other.

Both removed their dicks.

Billy moves in behind her, his dick slipped into her twat. Thrusting away faster and faster he goes. She had yet another orgasm and he shot his load of spunk. She gets off the settee heading for the loo.

She comes back wearing a dressing gown than a knock at the door. Chris opens the door and the other two turn up Jim and Tim.

Chris, Jim, and Tim sat on the same settee as Fred and John. Jim fucked her brains out. Jim fills her twat with spunk. Tim goes to the back of izmir escort bayan the settee and slips his dick into her waiting mouth.

Tim shot his load into her mouth, swallowing the lot. They change positions. Tim fucked her brains out. Jim sucked off Chris, Tim and Jim shot their loans on spunk into Chris’s twat and mouth.

Her new boyfriend, Ted waited because he had the biggest of a dick of them all.

All six men looked at each other.

“I want you all to wank yourselves in front of me,” … “And shout out when each of you is about to shoot his load of spunk,” Chris said. … “I am going to finger fuck myself while each of is trying to cum,” Chris said.

All six tried to be the first to shoot their load. Her new boyfriend Ted was the first he called out to Chris. She moved to his throbbing dick and slipped it into her mouth. Ted shoots a massive load of spunk deep into her mouth. She kept on giving it a good sucking.

Then a cry comes from John; she leaves Ted swallowing his spunk on her way to John. Taking hold of John’s dick in her mouth and holding his balls. He shoots his load of spunk into her mouth.

A cry came from Fred; she leaves John swallowing his spunk on her way to Fred. Taking hold of Fred’s dick in her mouth, he shoots his load of spunk into her mouth. She was sucking his dick.

A cry came from Jim; she leaves Fred swallowing his spunk on her way to Jim. Taking hold of Jim’s dick in her mouth, he shoots his load of spunk into her mouth. She is sucking and rolling her tongue around the top of his dick.

A cry came from Billy; she leaves Jim swallowing his spunk on her way to Billy. Chris swallowed all his spunk.

Tim’s cry was the last one. izmir escortlar Taking hold of Tim’s dick in her mouth. Chris got hold of his balls and moved her head up and down. He then shoots his load of spunk into her mouth. She swallows all his spunk and kisses the end of his dick

All six had shot their spunk inside her mouth. Chris had swallowed every last drop of it

Five got dressed and left the house.

Chris and Ted now on their own. Ted picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, throwing her on the bed. Lying on her back, he mounts her, spreading her legs wide. His dick slid right in and started to fuck her good and hard. She wraps her legs around Ted’s waist. He did not care if she was going to have an orgasm or not. Fucking her very fast, thrusting in and out and pushing hard.

Chris called out “fuck me as hard as you can fuck me to death.” Her body was shaking. He knew an orgasm was due and he went faster and faster. Shooting all his spunk deep inside she has an orgasm at the same time.

A few minutes went by and he pulled Chris down the bed. He told her to get on all fours a doggy-style fuck was on the cards. He slipped his dick straight in Chris thrusting in and out like mad. He held her hips, pulling her towards him. Faster and faster, he was fucking her to death.

Chris calls out “get me fucked me hard and fast,” Her body is shaking and orgasm comes. He shoots a load more spunk deep inside Chris. Chris took hold of Ted’s dick Chris to lick the end of Ted’s dick. Then sucking it clean and finally ran her tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

Both got up and dressed.

Chris turns to Ted.

“Ted what an evening that was, we must repeat one day soon,” she said.

A smile on Ted’s face.

“We need two more lads. What do you think if you agree I have two mates that would love to join in?” Ted said.

“Let us go for it in a couple of days,” Chris said.

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