Chloe Plays while Dave is Away

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Big Tits

Chloe is no stranger to sex.

Her body screams someone who knows exactly how to turn a man’s brain to mush at 5 foot, 3 inches, long dark hair and substantial G cup breasts.

Chloe makes sure her husband or special friends always have a mind-blowing time. What’s rarer though is Chloe getting to be the center of attention.

Men, and most women, take one look at her and all eyes are immediately drawn to her but that’s not the same as being worshipped like she feels she deserves. Her husband, Dave, showers her with gifts and attention but it’s the pure carnality she craves.

Like a chef who spends all day preparing exquisite meals for others, Chloe longs to be on the receiving end for change and sometimes on the menu.

Dave exits the shower on what began a routine Thursday evening, toweling his nearly six-foot, broad shouldered frame. Chloe took a peak underneath the towel, grabbing his cock and feeling it stiffen in her grasp.

“Well, hello dear,” Dave says with a chuckle, raising the towel to dry his dark black, shoulder-length hair. “I hope you are ready for some fun.”

Before he can barely lift his wife’s baggy grey t-shirt over her head to gain access to her breasts, his work phone starts playing “16 tons”, an old country song about a man who owes his soul to the company store.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” Chloe exasperates.

“It’s 7 p.m., what the hell could be wrong now.”

A specialized mechanic, Dave routinely gets last minute calls about a train or expensive tractor trailer broken down in bumfuck Wyoming that only he can fix.

Dave mutters under his breath something definitely impolite before speaking again.

“That million-dollar crane in Alabama busted, I have to catch a red-eye to Atlanta but I promise I’ll make it up to you when I get back in two days,” Dave calmly reassures his wife, cupping her breasts and giving her a kiss on the lips.

“You bastard,” she shoots back, half pissed and half aroused. “I hope you enjoy your peanuts on the flight because I’m going to call Belle and find my own package of nuts to play with while you’re gone.”

Chloe and Belle had been best friends for years, and Dave has just grown accustomed to the pair going out for drinks and coming home with an extra friend or two in tow. With his escort izmir spur of the moment trips, he understands his curvaceous wife can only be cooped up for so long before going wild.

Belle is practically her friends twin, with dark brown hair and short 5 feet, 1 inch frame with matching G cup breasts.

The duo meets up outside The Playground, a nightclub where if an occasional breast or dick pops out it doesn’t cause too big of a scene. The former is certainly a possibility for either stacked beauty, wearing short skirts and low-cut tops. Both skirts are black while the plunging neckline tops are red for Belle and green for Chloe.

“Dave really fucked up didn’t he,” Belle chuckles softly as her friend walks in the door wearing matching green stilettos and sporting a fuck me look.

“Oh, the fucking he didn’t do is the problem and he knows it,” Chloe says, not mad but certainly a woman on a mission.

It’s packed on the dance floor while Belle grabs them each a drink and two gentleman approach, wearing crisp khakis and polos. The first, roughly 5 foot, 9 inches with sandy brown hair and a thick beard, introduces themselves.

“I’m Cliff, this is my friend Shaun,” he says, pointing to a darker haired company nearly the same height and hair color but clean shaven. “I’d offer you ladies a drink but looks like you already took care of that.”

Chloe and Belle exchange pleasantries with their new companions, finishing their drinks over small talk then heading out to dance.

It doesn’t take long for Shaun to start getting handsy with Chloe, who purposely grinds her thick ass into his crotch. Less than a foot away, Belle’s breasts are hanging free from her top while Cliff and another random guy start feeling them up.

It doesn’t take long for Cliff to take the top-free Belle to a hideaway room in the back for more privacy. At the same time, Shaun has opened up his trousers and slid his seven-inch cock into Chloe’s already slick slit right on the dance floor. The dark-haired goddess is quickly getting bent over in a throng of bodies with several hands massaging her breasts.

Alone in the back, Cliff has his mouth engorged on Belle’s left then right breast, tongue swirling. Belle returns the favor by removing his nine-inch dick from captivity and slowly stroking his izmir escort bayan shaft before increasing speed every so often.

She wastes little time pushing him on a bench, straddling his waist before guiding her pussy onto his cock. Belle uses her legs to slide up and down his member as Cliff continues to devour her bosom like it’s his last meal. After maybe 10 minutes Belle is rocked by a wave of pleasure, legs and pussy shaking with he juices covering his cock.

Cliff’s eyes look like a sad puppy when Belle straightens her skirt and kisses his cheek to leave before achieving his own release.

“Sorry dear but I’m the starter, Chloe is the closer,” she grins, not the least bit sorry for leaving him for her friend.

The two exit the room to find Shaun still thrusting behind Chloe amid the sweat drenched bodies.

“I have to go to work early tomorrow but I warmed him up for you,” Belle says to Chloe, squeezing her best friend’s breasts playfully before heading home.

Chloe grabs Cliff’s still erect cock through his khakis, squeezing the base.

“My ride just left me, I think I need something else to mount home,” Chloe coos in Cliff’s ear while his friend is still balls deep in her pussy.

Already achieved climax at least once, the raven-haired goddess leaves Shaun with matching blue balls as Cliff drives them to their condo. On the drive, Chloe rewards Cliff with a blowjob to completion and sends a video of it to Dave who sees it right before he boards his flight resulting in his own strained pants.

As they enter the house, Cliff and Shaun forget their roommate Greg is in the living room watching Tiger King on Netflix for the eighth time. Both men are embarrassed as their cocks are out and being stroked by Chloe who only smiles.

“I’m Chloe, and tonight is your lucky night,” looking directly at the roommate, who can’t believe what he’s seeing and begins to stammer.

“Hi, I’m……fuck, I forgot my name,” the slightly short, chubby and bearded Greg says, staring at Chloe’s mountainous mammaries.

“Nice to meet you, whatever your name is,” Chloe replies, staring at the ever-bulging tent in Greg’s shorts. “Your buddies got a head start so I think you deserve some attention.”

Chloe removes all pretenses, and her clothes, before sliding Greg’s izmir escortlar shorts and boxers down and squishing his nine-inch cock between her breasts.

Precum and spit coats her heaving chest while Cliff and Shaun start sucking Chloe’s nipples. She giggles a bit as the two friends are nearly face to face with their roommate’s cock while they gently kiss her areolas.

Before Greg can cum, Chloe stops the titty fuck and orders all three men to strip naked while she lays down on the floor, legs and pussy lips spread. Cliff wastes little time, lapping up Chloe’s juices with his tongue as Shaun lowers his cock into her eager mouth. Not to be left out, Greg starts stroking his own cock.

Like a cat licking milk from a saucer, Cliff’s tongue darts in and out of Chloe’s pussy whose mouth is filled with cock and hands are playing with Shaun’s balls. Finally, Chloe is on the menu and certainly a delicacy.

Cliff’s beard is covered in Chloe’s juices as she squishes his head when overcome by another orgasm. Once that subsides, she lifts her plump ass in the air for Greg to slide into her doggystyle. Shifted now on all fours, Chloe returns the favor and begins to stroke the base of Cliff’s cock while flicking the tip with her tongue.

Greg plows into the goddess from behind, her breasts clapping with every thrust. Having lost count of the number of orgasms she’s received this night; Chloe is descending into a pool of pleasure. At Chloe’s behest, Shaun films the spit roasting and hits send to her husband.

Upon landing in Atlanta at roughly 1 a.m. Friday, he watches his wife being fucked and quickly gets to his hotel but not before discreetly rubbing one out in the back of the Uber, the sound on his AirPods.

Back at the condo, Chloe is on her back with Greg between her legs and the other two men rubbing her feet and thighs. Greg trails soft kisses up her inner thighs and stomach before kissing and massaging her G cups with both hands.

Chloe falls asleep lost in a carnal bliss around 3 a.m. with all four participants spent, both mentally and physically. Once arriving home early that morning, Chloe finishes sending all the pictures and videos to Dave so he knows just how big of a mistake he made.

Fresh flowers arrive in the afternoon along with lunch from her favorite restaurant as a sorry from Dave, who really wasn’t too sorry having jerked off several times to his wife’s exploits.

It won’t be the last time Chloe gets up to trouble while Dave is away. She may even let Belle join her more next time.

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