Boat Ho Ch. 08

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Group Sex

If being in the Navy wasn’t bad enough going out to sea was even worse. Especially when the ship wasn’t up to standards and the new Captain forced the crew to go on the sea trial. And Alex couldn’t stand it. The extended working hours took a toll on her. She found herself working over 16 hours a day doing menial tasks. She rarely actually saw the sea. The ship obviously wasn’t built for comfort, but being out to sea punctuated it. The constant noise and the take off and landings of the Harrier jets made it worse. She wished she could do something else; what was supposed to be a two week out to sea period soon turned into a near month long excursion. She tried to masturbate after work but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“I can’t take it,” Alex said to Huff as they were eating dinner.

“Neither can I,” he laughed as he took another bite.

“I just want this shit to end,” she smirked.

“Whatever happened to that Butler guy,” he asked.

“He got sent to A-School.”

“Lucky fuck.”

“I know,” she started, “fucking Robinson.”

“What about him.”

“He popped on the piss test.”

“Figures,” he laughed, “are you going to try and work out tonight?”

“Hopefully,” she replied, “I’m starting to get fat.”

“You’re not getting fat,” he replied, “it’s the stupid uniform.”

“Wanna work out together?”

“Why not,” she smiled.

Alex met Huff by the gym. She was little late getting there. Huff was standing outside of it.

“You could’ve started without me,” she said.

“Looks like we won’t get started,” he said as he looked her over, “you look good in your sweats. And your tattoo is looking great.”

“Awww,” she smiled, “so why can’t we work out?”

“Khakis only in the gym today,” he said.

“What,” she said in amazement.

“We didn’t have this problem on the deployment,” he said before hitting the wall with an open hand.

“Excuse me shipmates,” a Chief said as he walked into the gym.

After the Chief showed up a couple of Marines walked and joined Alex and Huff.

“What’s going on,” one of them asked.

“Khaki day,” Huff replied.

“This is bullshit,” the Marine said.

“Go get Gunny,” one of them said.

“Be right back,” the other one said as he took off.

“What can Gunny do,” Alex said in amazement.

“Get us in there,” he smiled, “nice tattoo.”

“Thanks,” she smiled.

Huff, Alex and the of Marines stood there waiting for the Gunnery Sergeant to show up. Alex kept looking over the Marines. She was in aw of how disciplined and in shape they were. They were better looking than any of their Navy counterparts. Alex thought for a second that she should’ve joined the Marines. It probably would’ve been more fun than wasting away in the Navy.

“Even better,” the Marine said as he found his way back to the gym.

“What’s that,” another Marine asked.

“I got Gunny and Major Thompson,” he smiled.

“Fuck yeah,” another one said.

Two large older Marines showed up and walked into the gym. The small group of Sailors and Marines that amassed outside the gym tried to listen as they tried to talk them into the gym. Before they knew it the Captain, a diminutive Filipino who was miles away from Captain North, and the Command Master Chief showed up. They soon barged in the gym.

“Maybe we should leave,” Alex whispered to Huff.

“Let’s see how this plays out,” he replied.

“Nice tattoo,” one of the Marines said.

“Thanks,” Alex replied.

She looked over her left arm and how much work she’d had done. It was sort of a half sleeve at the moment; she was debating about going all the way and istanbul travesti getting a full sleeve. Lastly she had ensured that the tattoo that she got with Cindy was never covered up. She wondered if Cindy herself ever got any more tattoos.

A few minutes later the Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief emerged, defeated and the Command Master Chief allowed all the sailors and Marines into the gym.

“Thank god,” one of the Marines said.

They all filed in and worked out. Only two people were in the gym when they started working out. The next day the Commanding Officer announced that Khaki days in the gym were canceled. They crew saw this as a victory they were tired of the blatant problems the ship was exasperating.

The time out to sea was beginning to wind down. Alex was sitting in the galley eating when some of the Marines from the gym sat down with her.

“You were at the gym right,” one of them asked.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“What are you up to when we pull back in,” he asked.

“Nothing much,” she replied.

“Would you want to kick it at our barracks on Friday?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, “you guys are at Miramar, right?”


“If you get me a bottle of Aftershock, I’m all yours,” she smiled, “I’m a cheap date.”

“Cool,” he said, “just meet me in the hanger bay tomorrow.”

“What was your name,” she asked.

“Harris,” he replied extending his hand.

“Lundz,” she said grasping his hand, “but you can call me Alex.”

“Cool,” he said while letting go of her hand.

Harris stood up and walked back to his fellow Marines. She knew what she was in for and couldn’t wait. That night she found her dildo and while she was in the shower slowly worked into her ass. She finally was able to masturbate and relieve part of the stress that had built up. That and she knew she was most likely going to get fucked in the ass.

It was nearly seven when Alex got off the ship. Harris took her to his car, which was a newer model Nissan. They didn’t talk very much on the ride to Miramar, just a few quick questions and nothing too serious. They stopped off at liquor store off base and Harris bought her a bottle of Aftershock. Alex held the bottle and smiled as they made it on base. He parked his car and he led her to his barrack’s room. She was surprised at the size of the room and was upset that she didn’t live in a place like this. The room might not have been the best but it was better than her rack on the ship. There were two other Marines in the room when they got there.

“Let’s do this,” Alex said as she opened the bottle.

She grabbed a cup from the table and poured herself a shot. She drank it quickly and soon repeated the process and before she knew it she had taken four shots. She looked over to Harris and kissed him. She reached into her pocket and produced the small bottle of lube. She had almost forgotten to take it out.

“What’s that for,” one of the Marines asked.

“Shit,” he said as she pulled back from the table, “for the back door.”

“The back door,” Harris laughed.

Another Marine grabbed her left arm and began to lick and kiss her tattoo. Another Marine positioned himself behind her and slowly worked her pants down. He smiled when he saw he boot camp issued panites.

“Check out her chonies,” he laughed.

“Shut up,” she laughed as she worked herself out of her pants. She was able to keep the skimmer shoes on.

Harris quickly took her shirt off as she kissed another Marine. Harris slowly worked his hands into her bra and pushed the cups down and her boobs flopped out.

“Rip them off,” Alex laughed, “my panties.”

The istanbul travestileri Marine behind her gripped the waistband and snapped them back.

“Ow,” Alex said as the elastic hit her.

The Marine then found a small hole in her panties and reached a finger into it. He slowly made the hole bigger. The third Marine began to lick and kiss her left arm and the tattoos. She heard her panties rip as her butt was exposed. The one behind her slowly worked a finger into her.

“Yes,” Alex proclaimed as he slid it inside of her.

Harris worked his way to her breasts and began to suck on the left nipple. The other one gripped her right breast and tweaked her nipple hard. She winced in slight pain as his fingers pinched her nipple. The final Marine plunged his tongue into her pussy as he bent her forward. Harris pulled out his penis and Alex wrapped her mouth around it. The other Marines backed off for a few minutes as she sucked his dick. The other two got naked quickly. Harris pulled his shirt off amidst the blowjob. The two Marines noticed she was still wearing her bra.

“I dare you,” one of them said.

“To what,” he asked.

“Snap it,” the other said quietly.

“Do it,” Harris mouthed.

One of them bent over and grabbed the strap and pulled it back. It hit her hard.

“Shit,” she said taking her mouth off his penis.

She stood up and the other Marine pulled the strap back.

“Shit,” she said again, “having fun?”

“Yes,” one of them said.

He grabbed the strap again as she tried to unhook it. He snapped it back again. She finally got a hold of the strap and unhooked it. She felt relief, as her breasts were free from the bra. A small welt and a few red marks were visible on her back.

“One more,” Alex said as she walked back to the bottle of Aftershock.

She took a shot and grabbed the lube and walked back to the group. She got down on her knees as they gathered around her. She dropped the bottle of lube on the floor. She grabbed one of the dicks and jerked it off while she put her mouth on Harris’. She grabbed the other penis and jerked it off. She rotated between the three sucking and jerking. She hadn’t sucked a dick in a while and was enjoying it. Neither Robinson nor Butler really enjoyed oral sex but they loved to fuck her. Robinson would go limp during oral sex and Butler just liked to fuck. This strange trade off continued for nearly ten minutes. She finally stood up and grasped two of their dicks in her hands. The Marine who didn’t have his dick in her grasp leaned in and kissed her.

“Guess you like the taste of other dicks,” she smirked.

“Fuck you,” he said as he began to choke her.

Harris grabbed her right breast and slapped it.

“You like dick don’t you,” she remarked as he kissed her again.

“It’s just skin,” he said as he pulled away.

He took her over to the bed and pushed her down on the corner of the bed. Harris then jumped in and began to fuck her. He slowly worked himself inside of her. The other Marines walked over to her head. She began to suck one of their dicks as she jerked off the other one. Harris kept fucking her and quickly bored of it. He pulled out and swapped with one of them. The other Marine pulled his dick out of her mouth and slapped his dick on her right breast. Harris then walked to her head and noticed she had passed out.

“Fuck,” he said, “the bitch is out.”

“No way,” the other one said.

“Let’s keep fucking her.”

They traded off fucking her for nearly fifteen minutes. They suddenly felt bad they were fucking a girl who passed out. Harris decided to wake her up.

“Ready travesti istanbul to get fucked in the ass,” he asked as he slightly slapped her face.

“Yeah,” she said as he pulled out of her.

She stood up and bent over the bed as one of the Marines poured some lube on his finger and slowly worked it in her ass. She’d stretched it out earlier with the dildo but she was still getting used to the feeling of something entering her ass. He moved it slowly at first but soon worked up a good pace and was able to slide second finger in her.

“Think its ready,” he asked.

“Go ahead,” she said.

He slowly entered her and soon his entire dick was inside of her. Harris put his penis in front of her and she sucked on it. The other one walked up next him and she soon traded off sucking their dicks. The Marine in her ass began to fuck her harder and quicker. She liked the feeling of being penetrated anally. It was different and was exactly the feeling she needed.

“You like that bitch,” he asked as he slammed into her ass.

“Yes,” she said as he pulled out and slammed back into her.

He pulled out and walked away for a second. Alex got on the bed. The Marine who was fucking her in the ass lay down on the bed and she put his dick in her pussy. Harris lubed up his penis and jammed it in her. He was a bit more violent than the first one. He slammed it in her harder and harder with each thrust. The final Marine then jammed his penis in her mouth and began to face fuck her hard. This continued for nearly ten minutes before Harris pulled out and swapped out with the Marine who was fucking her face. Alex liked the taste of his dick; she loved the fact that it was just in her ass. Harris then felt like he was going to ejaculate and pulled out of her mouth. He walked to the corner and propped himself against the wall. The Marine in her ass then pulled out and the one under her slid out and began to fuck her in the ass. He was even more violent than the others. He rammed it in hard and soon shot his load in her ass. It burnt and did not feel well. She didn’t like the feeling that time. She didn’t want it to be wasted. She wanted Harris and the other one to cum in her pussy. He walked away and into the bathroom. The other Marine tried to cum on her face.

“In me,” she said as he pulled his penis away from her, “I’m on the pill.”

He slowly entered her from behind and he quickly came. Harris stood in the corner jerking off. He got off of her and walked to his clothes. She flipped over on the bed, as he got ready. She spread her legs even farther apart as he walked up to her. He gripped his penis as he tried not to cum. He got over top of her and entered her. He thrust in her a few times. He felt weird cumming in her after another man did, but it soon passed. His body quivered and twitched as he came in her. Three quick bursts escaped from him and filled her. He pulled out and got up. She shut her legs and sat up on the bed. She stood up and placed her hand over her pussy as she tried to keep the seed in her. She moved the sheets and climbed in the bed.

The other Marines left and Harris got in the bed with her.

“That was great,” she said as she slipped away.

Corporal Harris woke up and walked to the bathroom. Alex kept an eye on him as he forgot to shut the door. She got up quietly and got into the bathroom. He barely pulled out his penis when she walked in.

“Hey,” she said as he lifted the toiler seat.

“Hey,” he replied as he looked at her.

She watched him urinate.

“So what’s up,” he asked.

She leaned in and kissed him. She grabbed his hand and led them to her bare breast.

“Let’s fuck,” she smiled as she pulled back.

They went into the main room and she plopped down on the bed and spread her legs. She only wanted to use him to get pregnant and avoid the deployment. Unfortunately she didn’t know she couldn’t get pregnant.

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