Bath Time

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Big Tits

She’s in the tub, bubbles everywhere, candles scenting the room with vanilla; a flute of champagne rests by the tub. It’s the champagne he sent her, saying how much he desires her and wants her. She loves the way he makes her feel – schoolgirl giddy. He’s the handsome varsity linebacker, she’s the hot little cheerleader ~ “oh we’ll role play that, baby,” she thinks in her mind. And she wants him so desperately, passionately she wants him. Taking a sip she hears the door open and she smiles. The bathroom door opens a crack and he steps in. It must have been a tough day, he looks like he ran a marathon, but there is that smile on his face.

He kneels by the tub and she wraps her arms around his neck; a soft, innocent kiss turns seductive and determined. The champagne has done its work and she has a buzz going, otherwise she would have jumped out of the tub and into his arms. She keeps kissing him and pressing her curvy body into his. He feels her hardening nipples and his hands begin to roam. Cupping her large soft breasts in his massive hands he plays with her nipples. She lets out a sigh that travels into his mouth. The scent and taste of champagne on her breath excites him and he moves his hands off her breasts, holding her tightly he lifts her out of the tub.

She giggles, she always giggles when he does something so stereotypically romantic, and almanbahis it’s a giggle of appreciation. Again she feels like a she did when she was young and here is the oh so attractive older man who finds her irresistible. Grabbing a towel he wraps her in it and begins to dry her, the cloth is sensuous against her damp, aroused and curvaceous body. She stops him before his wonderful touches make her cum yet again. Their eyes lock, no words need to be spoken. He lifts her in his arms and carries her to the bedroom.

Once on the bed, she undoes his pants and they crumple to the floor, followed by his blue silk boxers.

“MMMM, someone is happy to see me,” she says as she grips his hardening shaft. Closing her eyes she gives it a few strokes as she moans, “Oh baby, do I make you this hard?”

“Yes, my love, you do,” he replies.

She wants to do something special for him, he’s had a bitch of a day and there’s something she knows he would like so much.

Smiling and still stroking him she lays across the bed letting her head dangle off the side. Opening her beautiful little mouth she takes the smooth silken head of his hardening cock into her and tastes his salty flesh. Her free hand travels to her shaved pussy. It’s still damp from the bath and from the wetness he’s caused in her.

Watching her play with her soft folds makes almanbahis giriş him harder; knowing this turns him on she plays with her now soaking cleft with more intensity. And more and more of his fat, hard cock disappears down her throat. Oh, how she loves doing this to him.

Finding her rabbit vibrator in the bed she turns it on, he hears the humming and instinctively his heart rate quickens. Now her pussy is sopping wet and the beads in the shaft of the rabbit are having their effect on her. Soon her hips are pushing forward as the toy disappears into her throbbing pussy. With his now nearly fully erect shaft still in her mouth, she takes a little more down her hot throat and starts to feel his pre-cum trickle onto her tongue. Reaching out, he grabs her hardening nipples, pinching them, pulling them. She moans telling him how much she likes this rough play and he feels that moan reverberate though his now rock hard cock.

More disappears down her throat; she fights not to gag and keeps taking more. She wants him to cum in her hot, young mouth; fill her with his salty-sweet ooze. She’s using the vibrator more, probing deeper as the little clit stimulator finds its intended place and begins to send her into ecstasy. Her pussy is flowing like a broken faucet. She senses him bending forward and feels his hot breath on her belly and then feels canlı bahis siteleri his tongue touch her clit. Her back arches slightly and she moans again and now slides more of the vibe in as she works her sopping wet cunt. He starts licking her clit almost painfully slow.

His hard shaft stretches out her mouth as she fights to keep it in place and begins sucking harder when she feels him tensing. Her body has reached its limits, between his cock in her mouth, his mouth on her clit and the vibe slips out of her pussy she can’t hold back any longer. Bucking wildly she pushes her steaming mound into his face. Opening her mouth a little she lets out a loud moan as her body starts to buck wildly and her pussy juices flow like a river. His face slips a little and he is covered by her wetness as she squirts her cream all over him.

Now it’s he who can’t hold back and starts fucking her sexy little mouth. On the third thrust he releases what feels like a torrent of hot sticky seed. The first pulse hits the back of her throat, the second floods her whole mouth and the last little bit trickles out the side. She rubs her tits and her nipples get a tweaking, pulling and pinching to heighten the pleasure. As his orgasm subsides she continues to suck his cock to make sure every drop of is taken from it.

She rolls over on her belly and he kneels in front of her. Smiling in that way she know he loves; she kisses him deeply and passionately “Oooh baby, I’m dirty again, and now I need to take a shower” she says; getting up from the bed, she takes his hand and leads him back into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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