Barbarian Bound Ch. 06

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Author’s Notes: This is an erotic fantasy written by Lyssabyss. Huge thanks to KJB for editing for me, and to EricaW for being a fantastic beta-reader! As the story evolves, I may change categories occasionally to be consistent with the current chapter. I still truly appreciate the feedback, good or bad, so please rate it, and let me know what you think!


Before the sun had rose, we worked our way through Port Villesra’s silent streets then boarded our merchant ship. Crew members were already laboring, preparing to depart by the first shine of the sun. Oro drew an arm around my waist and pulled me tighter against him, our hips bumping softly.

A slight movement ahead brought my attention to Jora, who looked exhausted as she sat on a barrel facing the boat ramp. I could now feel the possessiveness in Oro’s gesture, and I shrugged out of his hold, walking towards Jora.

“You were out all night.” She whispered, shoulders slumped and head tipped forward to look at her knees.

“You waited?” I asked softly.

Before she could answer Oro was behind me, placing his hands upon my shoulders. “Let us get some food, you are probably quite hungry.”

I sighed heavily. “Oro, we need a moment.” I tapped a hand softly on his, hoping he would go quietly and give me the time that I needed to talk with Jora.

“Okay.” Oro said, and pressed forward to kiss my neck before leaving once more to forage for food.

Jora scoffed slightly before asking, “What happens to me, Zee?”

I knelt down at her feet, and placed my hands on her knees, peering up into her sad onyx eyes. “Nothing will happen to you, I swear it.” Oro had given me his word, as long as I kept mine. I would not jeopardize Jora’s safety on a fanciful whim.

Jora shook her head with a wry smirk, “That is not what I meant.” She slipped her fingers into my hair, and bunched it up in her grasp, jerking me off my feet to face her. She kissed me deeply and whispered against my lips, “So, it is done then.” She released my hair, and gently pushed me back as she stood, and said “Please tell Majohr Oro that I will be at rest, but I will resume guard at your doors when I wake.”

With that Jora went below deck and I held the barrel she sat upon as my knees weakened, drawing me closer to the deck. I took a long breath to steady myself. It was not possible for me to care for two people at once, this tryst would have no happy outcome. And so, it was best to leave my passionate moment alone with Jora in memory.

Oro came up moments later and rubbed a hand against my back, “Are you okay?” He sat down a couple oranges, and when I did not reply he asked, “Are you still feeling ill?”

“No.” I whispered. “The world around me is changing so fast, I feel like I am falling.” I stood carefully and sat on the barrel. “I have hurt her.”

“She is your champion, Esyld. If you treat her as more than that, you will hurt her.” He said as calmly as he could. He held my chin, and pressed a thumb against my lips, drawing my eyes to look into his, “I do not like her lips upon you.”

“And if I did?” I asked curtly, bringing my hands to grip at the one that held my head in place.

“I thought we made a bargain.” The lines of his smile forming, “A woman’s caress is wonderful, Esyld, but hers will always feel second to mine, because I have what you need…what you crave.” He rubbed his thumb roughly over my lips before drawing his own down, slowly his tongue invaded and coaxed mine into relaxed submission.

My heart was once again racing, as I accepted his dominance, and opened myself to the fever of our joined auras. I really did crave him, in a way that left my mind addled and made me not trust my ability to resist him.

I drew back and whispered, “Jora said she would be off sleeping, when she wakes she will stand watch.”

Oro nodded and looked off towards the rising sun. “Jora is your Bekçi, your guardian; it is a great honor to address her as such, it is also an expected custom when we arrive in Barbos.”

“How do you say it again?” I asked while I tried to calm my nerves under all of the pressure.

“Beck-che.” Oro annunciated. “Bekçi is a revered title.”

“Bekçi.” I said testing my pronunciation. “Better?”

“Perfect.” Oro smiled. “You should really eat now, we will be off soon.” He cajoled, handing me an orange. We peeled our oranges, watching the rising sun cast wondrous colors over the water, and relished in the succulent exotic juice that livened our taste buds.

The winds had picked up and carried us much further over the next week; it would not be long before we arrived at Barbos. Jora, though more distant, was still constantly at my side and resumed teaching me defensive techniques. I enjoyed our time together, even as it was typically supervised by Oro, something I did not entirely care for.

My chest heaved with exertion as Jora’s arms wrapped around me, bringing me into a choking hold. I struggled to move as she had instructed previously, but could not find my proper almanbahisbahis footing or hand placement.

She released me with a heavy sigh, “You need to be thrusting your hips back. You cannot let them pull off your center of balance.” She rubbed her hands through her unkempt hair and shook her head with frustration. “You will not be given the time to fumble, fight dirty if you must.”

I huffed and rolled my eyes, “You are too strong.”

“Strength has nothing to do with it, Z-Esyld.” Jora admonished. “Majohr, if you would assist?”

Oro stepped forward from leaning against the mast. “Of course.”

“Pay close attention.” Jora said, wagging an eyebrow for my benefit. She stood with her back to Oro, so that he could grip her, as she had done to me. Oro wasted little time before wrapping his thick forearm around her neck, and locking it behind her head.

The hold was tight, I could tell by the way her face deepened in shade and struggled for breath. She made an exaggerated step back, thrusting her hips against his groin, and jamming her palm upwards against his elbow. The lock was temporarily broken and Jora took advantage of the moment, gripping his forearm and parrying underneath his grasping hands, sidestepping and bending his arm backward painfully.

I saw Oro’s grimace, and Jora did not hold him longer than necessary to prove her point. “See?”

“You are nearly as tall as he is. I am weaker and smaller.” I complained.

She gave me a stern glance for my petulance. “True, it may be harder for you to leverage his arm as I had. You can toss him over your shoulder though. Majohr.” She gestured him to step forward.

She grabbed my wrists and put me in position in front of Oro, I felt his hesitation in grabbing me, his grip much looser than Jora’s.

“You will do your Eş no favors if you do not properly train her.” Jora reprimanded. She had taken to calling me his “Eş” in his presence, an acknowledgement that I was his mate, and that she was aware of my place.

I could feel his own angered exhale rustle my unruly hair, his arms tightened around me, and I felt a brief moment of panic.

“Hips back!” Jora growled.

I mimicked her earlier exaggerated backward thrust, and jammed my palm upwards on his elbow. “Pivot right and grip that arm!” Jora directed.

I stepped forward, my hips still pressed snuggly against his groin, and rotated my hip, while clutching his arm, and I felt a flare of success as Oro became unbalanced. Time to tip the scale, I thought and heaved him forward, flopping his heavy mass onto the deck in front of me. I had let go of his arm, as he crashed forward and Jora clapped slowly. “Next time, keep that arm, and stand over him, it is quite painful, and will prevent him from getting back up too soon.”

Oro got up slowly, “Well done, Esyld. You will need to continue practice, because you are still a bit too slow, but you did very well.”

I smiled triumphantly, “Soon enough I will be able to take both of you at the same time.” ( 😉 )

Jora laughed heartily. “One step at a time.”

“Let us break for dinner, we can train more tomorrow.” Oro said, rubbing my sore shoulders, and patting me on the bottom.

“Aye, Majohr.” Jora replied, wiping a bit of sweat from her brow. “Still got that fire.” Jora said to me with a wink, and laughed as she made her way under the deck.

“Did I hurt you?” Oro asked when we were alone.

“No, it was okay. I was a little scared at first, so it was nice that she was right there, telling me what to do.” I said smiling.

“I do not like that she had me do that…” Oro grumbled.

“You seemed fine doing it to her.” I quipped.

“It is different.” Oro said firmly, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Well if you are going to be here, watching me train, you should have some part in it. Otherwise, why are you here?” I challenged, folding my own arms across my chest.

Oro laughed, “I love watching you spar.” He stepped closer to me, wrapping me up in his arms, “It excites me.” He growled hotly into my ear.

I realized I felt the same way when I was sparring with Jora, I felt her energy and power, and it was truly arousing. I think it is why I had such a hard time being in such close contact with her, I truly did not want to hurt her, but nor could I think clearly at the same time.

As he leaned in for a kiss, my belly growled loudly, and I pinched at a nipple beneath his shirt. “We eat first.” I drew back from his hold and made my way below deck, towards the pungent smell of fish stew. I groaned inwardly and decided once I was in Barbos I would never look at a fish again.

There were so many bodies piled below, slurping up their soup and dipping stale bread into it. Jora was sitting next to a jeering crew mate that seemed enamored with her, and I felt my face flush with jealousy as he lay a hand on her thigh. She leaned in to his whisper, and laughed softly, eyes darting up to meet mine and Oro’s, before returning her almanbahis giriş attention to her food.

Oro spied my disgusted face, “I will grab the food, we will eat above deck.” He slapped my bottom, making me yip as I left the room.

Allowing the cool breeze to flow over my flushed face, I peered out over the boats railing, looking down at the crashing waves, feeling unaffected by the rocking boat. Oro was right, it may have taken some time, but I had gotten my sea legs. He returned with some bread and fish stew as we ate silently, staring out over the water.

When all that remained was a bit of juice, I tipped my bowl of stew out over the boat, releasing its contents while tapping a lively melody with my fingers against the wood.

I felt Oro’s fingers trace my raised brand lightly, most days I completely forgot it was even there. “You are so beautiful.”

My fingers stopped tapping the bowl, and I took a deep breath. “I am scared, Oro.” I whispered.

Oro tossed his bowl into the ocean, “What are you doing?” I exclaimed. He moved behind me, wrapping his arms around me, holding me against his warm chest.

“I choose holding you, over holding that bowl; some things are more important, Eş. What scares you?” Oro asked softly, gently rocking us side to side.

“You…life in Barbos…” I started.

“You will be well attended in Barbos, my rank and clan holds some sway, and you will be treated as one of our own.” Oro kissed my check, “And of me, what scares you?”

I meditated on that question with a breath. “The nature of it is confusing.”

“Do you worry that I will hurt you again?” Oro asked warily.

“Not on purpose, no.”

Oro grabbed my own bowl from my hands and threw it into the ocean, the wood becoming a small round boat amidst the blue water. Before I could protest, he turned me to face him. “Hold me.”

I wrapped my arms around his torso, and I felt the tension release from me, replacing the confusion with suffocating desire.

“What do you feel?” Oro asked stroking my back, swishing my long braid out of the way.

“Your hand on my back.” I voiced, linking my fingers through one another as they settled against the hard muscle of his back.

He drew a hand up and lay it down upon my chest, “Here?”He questioned.

I blushed as I looked into his eyes. His touch was warm, and I could feel the pulse of his heart through his hand. I sucked in a deep breath and slowly exhaled, “Jora asked me if I loved you-,” I lifted a finger to Oro’s lips to halt him before he could speak, “I told her no, however I cannot deny that despite your brutish behavior, my body responds to you.” I moved my halting fingers to touch his hand atop my breast, “I fear you, because you cloud my judgment, I want to defy you at every turn to prove to you that I am my own. I am repulsed by my deceptive arousal. And, on that same token, I choose to continue to rake myself over your coals of desire.”

“You have given me every reason to hate you, Oro. There is even a part of me that does despise you, but there is a greater part of me that demands selfishness of the crudest kind.” I released another deep breath.

“Desire, it forms the base of us all. It is a pure emotion.” Oro commented. “Is it wrong to feel desire, to want to act on it? No.”

I raised an eyebrow to him, “No?” I teased, “So if I desire Jora, or any number of the sweaty men below deck, I may take them between my legs?”

I felt Oro’s grip tighten around me, his voice was deliciously deep as he said, “What you want, and what you can have, are two very different things.”

“You always have what you want.” I insisted.

“There is something I want right now, that I cannot have.” Oro revealed as I felt his hands on the ties of my leathers.

My breathing sped up, “Yet, there you are, fondling my ties to undo me. Body and soul.”

He jerked my hips against him as he roughly loosened the ties. “I seek only to kiss you, will you stop me?”

My heart fluttered as I looked into his eyes and whispered, “My lips are right here.”

“That is not where you want to be kissed, you have said as much.” Oro drawled, working his thumbs inside my leathers against my hipbones.

“Gods.” I whispered, shaking my head as I felt the dampness of my womanhood.

“It is okay to feel this way, to feel excitement in pleasure. You do not need permission. And you cannot be judged by man for it.” Oro declared, “Desire is not abyssal, it is divine in spirit, it is why you cry out to your Gods when you feel its call.” Oro kissed my lips softly, and then the ridge of my jaw as he moved to the sensitive flesh of my neck.

I moaned softly, feeling my bare flesh being revealed to the cool sea air as he lowered my leathers slowly down my thighs. “The crew…” I whispered worriedly.

Soon my bottoms pooled around my ankles and felt his strong arms underneath my armpits. I yelped as he lifted me up and forward to rest on the wooden railing. “Hold.” Oro commanded. almanbahis yeni giriş He spread my legs wide enough for his face to seek passage to my hot depths.

“O-oro,” I stammered as my body rocked on the railing.

Oro’s arms came to rest on the tops of my thighs, hands clutching my hips, as he knelt down between my legs. “I will not let you fall, Eş.”

Blood drained from my fingers as they gripped the railing tightly. I could have risked rocking back into the calm waters behind me, but Oro’s strong hands held me firmly in place, as he swiped his tongue over my slick heat.

I could feel the wind picking up, slapping stray hairs against my face, billowing my shirt against my stomach. I could feel Oro’s coarse stubble against my soft flesh, fighting for attention against the soft prodding of his tongue.

I heard the jeering of sailors nearby, and I felt my nerves resurface, “Stop.” I lamented, as Oro’s attentions increased my pleasure.

Oro gave a throaty laugh, taking great care to hold me as he stood, also hearing the men below. He looked out into the water behind me, a bit confused and cursed, “Boka!”

“What?” I asked.

“Your bottoms fell overboard, through the opening near your legs.” Oro at least had the decency to show some embarrassment for my predicament.

“You jest!” I insisted, pinching my knees tight against each other.

“Afraid not.” Oro said, trying to conceal his smile as he helped me down from the railing.

“Ugh.” I growled. “Well your new duty is to get me below deck without being seen like this.”

Oro smiled, “I can do that.”

In an easy motion he drew me up, wrapping my legs around him, and cupping my bare bottom with his forearms. I was higher upon his chest this way, so much so that my breasts ached near his mouth, and I felt my moist lips against the rough fabric of his shirt. I buried my face between the crook of his neck and my shielding arms and tried to shut out the crews’ cheers of praise.

In just a few moments we were away from the calls of our shipmates and I was conscious of Oro’s bouncing gait as he ran further below to the ship master’s quarters. I peeked my eyes out and saw Jora following close behind, ever doing her duty, a cool reserve upon her face.

I heard the door opening at my back, our bodies swinging together suddenly as Oro closed the door, shutting out Jora. I could feel Oro’s labored chest heaving against mine, as he took us towards the bed.

I released the grip of my legs, but was still held in place by his arms. “Thank you.” I volunteered. “Could you let me down?”

“Sure.” Oro panted, and dropped me onto the bed behind me. I saw him tugging his shirt over his head, and paused at the patch where my moist sex marked it, inhaling my scent through the cloth. His voice held promise as he said, “Shall we continue, Eş?”

I bit my bottom lip, “Hmm.” A devious idea sprang in my head as lust filled my senses, “Yes.” I smirked, “Give me a moment?”

“Of course,” he said as he returned my lustful gaze. I motioned him onto the bed where he sprawled out, scratching his stubbled chin.

I moved behind him, taking my shirt off, and twisted it around itself, until it became a makeshift rope. “Close your eyes.” I whispered seductively to Oro.

He complied with a wry smile, and I drew a forearm up, stroking the length of his muscled flesh delicately, before repeating the same motion on his other arm. I kissed along his wrists and midway up his forearm, my breasts swinging forward to brush against his face. I felt his tongue dart out to caress me, and I would withdraw in those moments.

Knowing I would not have much time to pull of my little stunt, I moved quickly, tying an end of my shirt tightly around his left wrist. Before I could make a play for his right arm, he was already in motion, so I put my remaining efforts into tying it to a nearby bedpost. I could see a flash of excitement on his face, but I also detected a sense of uncertainty.

As Oro reached out for me, to keep me from leaving, I slapped him hard across the face, which stunned him momentarily, and then his eyes darkened. I ran around the other side of the bed, and growled “No,” when I saw him fidgeting with his bound hand.

His eyes returned to mine, reviewing my dominating gaze, as I crawled deliberately up the bed between his legs. “Ah, so this is how you want it, Eş.”

“Shh.” I hushed him, and started working my fingers at his trousers, tugging them apart and pulling them down to his upper thighs, restricting the movement of his legs.

His cock was already very hard, and upright, a pearl of his fluid decorating the top of his thick crown. I glided a finger over the droplet, applying it around the engorged tip, making his thickness flare against my touch. At his clear sign of need, I withdrew my hand, crawling over his body, until I felt his stiffness between my legs.

I propped myself up on my knees, keeping the length of him from penetrating my folds, and leaned forward to kiss his hungry mouth. When I felt his free hand on my hip, trying to guide me into position, I withdrew my exploring tongue, and reached back to grip his wrist tightly, jerking it upwards and, with some expected resistance, forced it to the bed beside his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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