Baking Cookies

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As I walked through the parking lot, to my girlfriend’s dorm, the sound of the cars from the street could be heard. The thick fog made it impossible to see for than a hundred feet or so. Slowly the opaque silhouette of the large Dorm Building rose like a menacing giant before as I neared. The wind rustled through the trees as I grew nearer, making the air chill. Through the light from the glass doors of the Dorm I could see the silhouette of a figure approaching. As I drew neared, I recognized the curly black hair of my girlfriend’s roommate Monika. I hurried over to say ‘hello’ when rain started to pour heavily down upon us, and I rushed towards the doors, and she to her car.

Shaking off my coat, I basked in the warm glow of the entrance hall of the dorms. I looked over towards the elevators to find them being used. So I hurried over to, and up, the stairs to her room. Slightly winded, I got to her floor. I slowed the pace of my walking, to get my breath back, as I walked down the beige carpeted hall to her room. Making the floor damp, I knocked on her door, and waited.

When she opened the door, she greeted me with a hug, planting her soft lips on mine, her large soft breasts pressing into my chest, the smell of her perfume wafting to my nose, teasing my senses. I ran my hands up and down her back. “Ohhh, you’re damp,” she squealed.

“Yeah, well it’s been raining.”

“Come on in, Monika’s out with some friends tonight, she said she she’d be late getting back,” she grinned taking my hand and leading me into her room.

“Yeah, I saw her as I came in,” I said, grabbing her around the waist, feeling her soft tummy, my hands aching to go lower.

“Hmmm,” she purred, holding my hands where they were, “wanna make some cookies? I mean…I haven’t made any for a while, Monika’s been begging me to make some anyway…”

“Sure, what kind are we making?” I said, ‘why not? Might be fun.

“Chocolate Chip,” she said with a decisive nod, “it’s my grandmother’s recipe. Well…it’s like all the other chocolate chip cookies out there, but she puts more eggs in the recipe to make them bigger and softer. I changed it a little for Monika too; she really likes M&Ms®, so it’s got them instead of chocolate chips.”

As she padded off to the kitchen, my eyes followed the gentle curve of her waist and torso, encased a tight white t-shirt, and the area around her hips left uncovered by her shirt and her short tan shirts riding low on her hips, from my caresses.

She got out a binder from the cupboard, rummaged through it, and pulled out a little sheet of paper, “Alright, let’s see…first we need margarine and sugar. Could you get the margarine, sweetie? I’ll get the sugar.”

“No problem.” I went and got the margarine from the fridge. When I turned back Natasha was still looking for the sugar, but she had found the flour and had that out on the counter. Her shirt was raised up above her belly button, showing off her smooth back. Her skin looked so soft; it puffed out a little like she had put on a little weight. She was a little embarrassed by it, but I thought it looked good on her. I went up behind her, and gently pinched her middle. “Eeeek!” She squealed, leaning back into me, and putting her hands over mine to stop me.

“You eating all the sugar over there?”

“No!” she giggled. “I got it, let’s get started.”

After she turned on the oven, we dumped the margarine and poured the sugar into the large mixing bowl that Natasha had procured from another cabinet.

“So, how did your Biology Midterm go?” I asked, stirring the sugar and margarine together.

“Ughhh! It was awful! I totally couldn’t think! It must have taken me a good ten minutes to get my brain to think right!” she bemoaned, batting her eyes at me, as she got started measuring baking soda and baking powder next. “But, after that, I think it was OK!”

When she was finished measuring the vanilla extract she came over and dumped it into my bowl, letting the tips of her breasts graze across my arm. I tried to covertly sneak a peak down her front to look at her breasts as she cracked the eggs in as well. She was wearing a bra today, so they were pushed up and together nicely. Combined with her button up shirt, it made for a nice view. She had left three buttons on the top open, so I could see quite a bit of her breasts and bra.

The soft fabric of her shirt fell up and away from her chest, coming back to her chest at the tops of her bra cups. I could see her black bra through the light pink shirt, I had never seen that combination on her before, the straps over her shoulders were bared by her shirt collar, and the shirt clung to her breasts making the cups stand out,. Her breasts were soft and squishy looking, her bra pushed them up, so they were higher on her chest than normal. I ran the tips of my fingers lightly up and down her arm, to just under the arms of her short sleeves, with her arm lifted up and slowly ran to the inside of her arm caressing the sensitive skin, coming just under her arm pit than back canlı bahis down, every caress of her arm sent vibrations running though them.

I managed to get away with it a couple times, watching those globes jiggle as she flexed her muscles, taking her turn at stirring. But finally, she caught me, just as I had poured the baking soda and salt together, and was starting to work on the flour. She put her hands on her hips and put as stern an expression on her face as she could, but the corners of her lips were twitching in a smile. “Well, I appreciate that you like my boobs, but are you staring at me so much that you don’t know what you’re doing?”

Her eyes lowered down to my shirt, mine followed and my black shirt was covered with little puffs of flour that I had been trying to measure. “I’d better cover up so you don’t get distracted anymore,” she declared, with a grin, and buttoned one button.

When she came over with the liquid ingredients, she leaned in towards me as much as she could; teasing me with flashes of her cleavage. The bowl was pretty large and contents sloshed a bit, and some of batter tumbled out of the bowl and landed with a plop right at the bra line of her breasts, as she sat the bowl down. She looked down at the tops of her breasts, then looked up at me with a wicked grin. “Ooops, I made a mess.”

With a crooked finger, she slowly scooped the batter up, pushing into her bra as she did so, then bringing it to her mouth and licking it up. “Mmm…that tastes good,” she moaned. She giggled at my hungry expression, teasing me with her eyes. “You’ll just have to wait ’till we’re done, then you can have some.” She turned around and went back for the bowl of flour I had measured.

I moved up behind her and started tickling her sides that were exposed by her ridden up shirt. “You’re evil, you know that.” I whispered into her ear, as she leaned into me.

Then patting her on her butt I moved back to mixing everything together. All this time, my cock was growing, and getting harder. I was having a very hard time concentrating on what I was doing. Then, as she was pouring in the flour and I stirred it into the batter, she kept bumping her hips into my crotch and letting a breast or thigh graze my arm.

“How did your Archeology midterm go?” she asked, turning around the read the directions again, pressing her firm butt against me.

“Wasn’t as good as I had hoped for, I got a C. But I do like the way the on-line testing works; it’s all multiple choice, and you get your grade immediately.” It was hard to concentrate on both talking and stirring at the same time, on top of trying to check Natasha’s rack, which she was so brazenly flashing me. As she finished pouring the last of the flour in, she gave the bowl it was in one last hard shake, making her little puppies jiggle like they were in an earthquake.

“Man, it’s really hot in here isn’t it? I’ll just open this up a bit more,” she declared after a while and again had three unbuttoned.

As she was putting the flour and sugar back in the cupboard she looked down her backside to see flour dust sugaring her delectable backside. “Aaron, can you come and brush the rest of this off for me? I can’t reach it from here,” she pouted. The rest of the flour left was on her butt. She turned around and bent forward, sticking her ass out for me. I lightly brushed the flour off her soft cheeks. She jumped and gave a little squeal as I gave her gentle spank when I was done.

“Thanks,” she purred, hugging me, grinding her soft chest into me, her nipples hardened against me. My hips lurched and electricity shot through my body to my hard as I ground my cock against her mound.

“OK, let’s get done, and then we can have some before Monika gets home,” she chirped and bounced away to get the M&Ms ®. My knees felt weak as I gasped when she left, leaving me needing. My face was flushed and I could barely stand as she made me mix the M&Ms into the dough. She took the dough into her soft hands and molded it into little balls, then flattened them against her palm as she laid them on the cookie sheets, and into the oven they went.

After we cleared the counter of the many spills and containers, Natasha plunked herself down on top of the counter and laid back, her knees dangling over the edge.

“Can you rub my feet, please? Standing for so long’s made them tired,” she cooed, raising her cute little feet up. I took a foot on my hand and swung her legs around to one side so I could massage her as I sat. I gently rubbed her feet, feeling her toes wiggle under my hands, kissing her them every so often. Her toenails were painted a nice pink color, and were soft to the touch. When the oven timer went off after ten minutes, she took her feet back and stood up, swaying her hips seductively as she took the cookies out and then sat back down.

“Could you do the rest of me please? You felt so good on my toes.” She asked as she took my hand and led me back to the couch.

“Alright, lay on your tummy.”

“Eeeek!” she squealed, as bahis siteleri I put my hand on her butt, moving her onto the couch as she pulled a pillow under her head. I gently ran my hands over her bare legs and thighs, gently squeezing and kneading her skin. She shifted her body to get more comfortable. I raised her left leg up, and set it on my thigh to get a better hold. I decided to torture her a bit by gliding my hand over the bottom of her pussy through her shorts. Occasionally, as I did her thighs, I could hear her sighing and rubbing her hips against me. I moved up to her lower back, to the sounds of her disappointed sighs. As I moved tops of her pants down, I saw the top of a tattoo right at the top of her butt; the start of a poem, framed by delicate ivy, and bits of a stone wall.

“What’s the tattoo?”


“The tattoo on your butt.”

“Oh…it’s a poem by Goethe, my favorite actually. I my best friend at the time was great artist, and she drew this picture of it for me when I was 16.”

“Really, can I see it?”

“Well…I suppose…” she said, as if not sure if I was worthy of this great privilege or not, raising up and pulling the back of her shirt up. With the bottoms of her pants down, I could see, written in old German script, a poem written in small letters, surrounded by a frame of ivy with a woman waving a handkerchief and looking down from the top right hand corner and a man looking up at her from the lower left corner, blowing a kiss to her.

“Very pretty,” I commented, tracing its outline with my fingertip. “What’s the poem about?”

“Oh, a guy comes galloping through the dark scary forest on his horse, to visit his beloved, and they ‘spend the night.'” She smiled coyly, “when they leave they’re so sad. It gets me every time I read it.’

“I can’t read the letters; could you read me the poem in German?” I asked, moving a little closer.

Giggling, she pulled her clothes back into place and lay back down. “Maybe later.”

“It must have taken a long time to do.”

“Yeah, I think it took one session where she just did the ivy, and another where she did the letters.”

“I bet that hurt.”

“Hmmm…nothing I couldn’t live with.”

“Do you have any others?”

“Not yet, why, do you have some you’d like to draw on me?” she smiled at me.

“Maybe,” I said, as I pushed her gently back down to continue her massage. When I was done with her back, I told to turn over so I could do her front. She did as she was told, looking up at me with half closed lids. I continued to work my way up the fronts of her thighs. I could feel her muscles loosening under her firm skin. As I got nearer to the delta between her legs, I could feel the heat from her body and her excitement through her pants. Every so often a soft moan would escape her lips as she’d shift her body on the couch.

“I’m going to take your shirt off, OK?” I said as I reached her hips.

“Mmmm…still trying to ogle at my boobies? Alright.” She said sleepily as she raised her arms above her head. I tickled her belly button, making her squirm and giggle, before I slowly unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and slid it off her arms, throwing it on the floor beside us, leaving only her bra over her breasts.

I slowly slid my arms up and down the smooth skin of her belly, stopping just below the rise of her breasts. After I massaged her shoulders and arms, I lowered myself onto her warm body, letting my face fall into the crook of her neck, smelling the soaps on her body mixed with the smell of cooking as I gently kissed her neck. I moved down her body till my face rested in the valley between her breasts. I kissed each one in turn, then, slowly, I pulled the shoulder straps of her bra down, and lowered the cups off of her breasts.

They were a soft shade of pink. Thick but though not very large, and her areolas were the size of half dollars, they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I took one nipple in my mouth and began to suckle, pushing my mouth against her soft flesh. Her nipple doubled in size in my mouth; it was hard to move my tongue around it. A moan escaped her mouth, as I rose up and went to the over nipple. The nipple that I had just been on was now half an inch long, and glistened with my spit. I softly blew on it before starting on the next one. She groaned softly and pressed my head down into her breasts.

Having nursed myself content at her breasts, I kissed my way down her belly, nibbling her belly button and the skin just above her shorts, before I slowly undid the button on the top, then unzipped her shorts and slowly pulled them over and of her firm succulent thighs and feet. To my delight she wasn’t wearing panties either.

“Surprise!” she grinned wide, seeing my own eyes growing large.

“Mmmm, you animal you,” I growled, again as I kissed her hard, then trailed down her soft chest kissing her breasts, down her tummy, and resting at the very top of her shaven mound.

My eyes feasted on her glistening lips, already canlı bahis siteleri wet with her tangy juices. I let my tongue make a long slow lick from as far down her pussy as I could go, to stopping just short of her clitoris. I could feel her shudder all around me as I licked, her thighs clamped down around my head, I neared the top.

This was the second time I had eaten her out, and if anything her taste had improved. I continued to lick all around her, starting a second long, slow lick, up her lips, her thighs clamped harder around my head, and I could feel a hand on the back of me as well.

I started to nibbled on her outer lips, her hips started swaying up and down as I stuck my tongue in between her lips for a second, then brought them back out again, making her moan in want. My right hand traveled up to her breasts, to find one of her own already there, squeezing her nipples, she moved my hand to her other breasts, and went back to its own; her breasts now free of her shirt, her nipples were fully erect, almost an inch long, her breast felt very full, and she gave a little squeal each time I pulled her nipple hard.

Moving from her outer lips, I licked my way up to her clit, gently prodding it out of its hood, making her jerk every time I touched it, I gave a gentle kiss with my lips, her thighs clamped down even harder, and she gave a great spasm, as a huge groan escaped her lips.

Another groan of disappointment came to me, as I moved back down, this time to nibble on her inner lips. I brought my hand back down from her breast, to bring it between her lips, and push it gently inside. I felt my way inside the wet velvety blanket that was the inside of her pussy, till I found her g-spot.

I just tickled it gently, until she said she was ready to cum, then I brought my lips back up to her clit, sucking it into my mouth, toggling it with my tongue. Then, with last one last mighty groan, and a lurch up which brought her hips off the ground, I moved my face back down to her pussy lips as a wave of her juices splashed against my face, flooding my mouth. I kept rubbing against her g-spot, and was rewarded with another squirt of her love juices.

With the second squirt, she gently pushed my head away from her, and bending over, to lick her juices off my face, her soft warm tongue felt wonderful against my face, its slightly rough surface pulling ever so gently against my cheeks.

When her tongue reached my lips, she gently parted them, and slipped inside, searching for the left over juices in that I hadn’t swallowed yet. She pushed me onto my back, as she explored my mouth; her tongue trailing my teeth, fencing with my tongue, till she was satisfied she had gotten everything.

“Mmmm, good to the last drop, if I do say so myself,” she purred as she came up off me.

“I agree, a five star meal,” I said, my hands on her hips, pushing her bare mound into the crotch of my pants, sending waves of electricity and pleasure surging through my groin.

“So, what are we doing tomorrow?” she asked, grinding harder.

“Mmm, how does Swing Dancing sound to you? The Swing Club is meeting at the Grove tomorrow at eight, you want to go?” I said, grinding back.

“Sounds like fun, I haven’t “Swung” for a while,” she said biting her bottom lip, as she pushed her breasts together, and pinched her nipples, still exposed to the night air.

“I’ve been meaning to work on my lifts anyway,” I grunted, as I pushed up hard against her.

“Ffffhuh! You just wanna practice flashing my panties to the others,” she gasped out; I could feel the lips of her pussy parting slightly over my mound.

“You’ve never complained before,” I replied. My hips arched strongly up, almost unseating Natasha, the feeling of supreme ecstasy frozen for that split second, then I came then release as my cum shot out of my and into my pants., my hips falling back onto the ground my whole body limp, exhausted.

“Hmmm, I never complain of the taste of this either,” she grinned as I lay her body on top of me, letting me lick her nipples, as she stuck her hand in my pants and brought a finger full of my cum, up to her mouth to taste, making a show of sticking it in her mouth, and working it around inside.

“Mmmm, I give it a four, nice creamy texture, sweet, but lacking in form.’ She grinned as she rolled off me, pulling her shorts back on. She squealed in delight as I gave her a light spank, as she got her shorts up.

Just then, I heard a key at the door. Her roommate was back! I rose up off her; she was wide awake in an instant, her eyes locked on the door. “Oh shit! She’s early!” she exclaimed, “I thought she’d be staying out later,” she moaned in disappointment, as she sank deeper into the coach.

Giving each breast one last squeeze, before she cover them up, we shared one last hot passionate kiss good bye. I looked into her disappointed eyes, “I’ll see ya tomorrow,” before standing up and got to the door just as Monika entered the room.

On wobbly knees, I said hello to Monika as I passed, watching her long black hair and bright blue eyes, stare back at me in amusement, knowing what was going on in here before she came in, she nodded hello back, and went over to Natasha, as I left the room, and went to the elevators.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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