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It had been a long night, and I was beat. We had just finished a set at the Whisky Club, and I sang so hard, my vocal chords were almost torn. I just wanted a hot shower and a warm bed at this point. But, sleep was the last thing I would be doing this night. As I turned to watch the crowd file out, she caught my eye. She was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Long blonde hair down to the middle of her back, stunning green eyes, and a body most women would kill for. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, as I watched her talking to her friends. “Jake” I called out, motioning for one of our roadies to come over to me. Jake approached me, and I pointed her out and told him that I wanted to see her. Jake winked at me, and headed off the stage towards her, as I headed backstage for a shower.

“Miss?” Jake asked. She turned around nervously.

“Hi.” she said, flashing him a small smile.

“Hey, did you and your friends want to come back to meet the band? They’re having a meet and greet thing back there with some contest winners and one of the band mates saw you guys and asked that I come get you.”

“Oh my GOD!’ she exclaimed. ‘You CAN’T be serious!’

Jake nodded and she rushed over to grab her three friends.

Twenty minutes later, they were backstage with the other fans. Amidst all the hoopla, I spotted her in the crowd, and smiled in her direction. She smiled back, and I motioned for her to come join me. “Hey darlin’” I said “glad to see my guys caught you before you left.” She smiled as she realized that it was me who had been the one to send the roadie over to bring her backstage. We stood talking for several minutes as fans came up one by one. She smelled so good and we were getting along so wonderfully that I bravely found myself inching closer and closer to her. I couldn’t believe that I was standing backstage flirting with this gorgeous woman.

“You know,” she said playfully “I always wanted to learn to play the guitar.”

“Oh really? Well babe, why don’t you stick around when all the fans leave” I said with mischief in my eyes. “We could go up to the hotel and I’ll — teach you.”

“I‘d love to” she said, smiling brightly.

I smiled affectionately and leaned close to whisper something in her ear. She trembled as I pushed away her hair and my hot breath touched her neck.

“Meet me at the Hyatt hotel down the street in a half hour – Floor 37, Suite 4. I’ll tell the front desk clerk to have someone escort you up. Tell them you’re there to see Thor.”

She backed away and started to laugh hysterically. I joined her laughter and swore that that was my “code name” for the night. I gave her a quick squeeze and walked over to the rest of the band, preparing to leave.

Forty-five minutes later, she was stepping off the elevator and onto the 37th floor. The desk clerk had laughed when she said she was there to see Thor, but she knew exactly who she was and where she was to be taken. She scanned the hallway and found Suite 4 to her left. Nervously, she tapped on the door.

“Yes?” I questioned from canlı bahis within.

“It – It’s me” she stuttered.

“Me who?”

“Thor” she said with a laugh. I burst out laughing as I unlocked the door to let her in.

We walked into the huge living room and my eyes widened in awe. She was even more beautiful then I thought. I sat down on the big overstuffed couch and patted the spot next to me.

“Come on baby, there’s room for you right here.”

She settled down next to me and I reached around to grab an acoustic guitar that was resting next to the couch. She took it from me and held it in her lap.

“No, no” I laughed “Hold it like this.”

Gently turning her back to me, I put my arms around her waist and placed the guitar in her arms. I inhaled deeply as I buried my nose in her long hair.

“Mmmm, you smell sooo good.” I murmured. I drew my left hand up, pushed her hair back away from her neck and moved closer. My lips brushed against her neck as I begain to caress her cheek. She turned slightly, and I smiled, looking deep into her eyes.

“You are so beautiful, you know that?” I whispered passionately as my lips grew closer to her’s. Teasingly, I backed away from her and took the guitar from her arms. I took her by the hands and pulled her up while saying “Dance with me.”

I lead her over to the stereo, and popped in a CD and soft music filled the room. I spun around and pulled her to me – our bodies pressing together tightly. My hands caressed her back as she rested her arms around my neck, allowing her fingers to run through my hair. I looked intensely into her eyes – and she into mine – as we slowly swayed with the music. She ran her hands down my muscular arms, then my chest, and finally wrapped them around my waist. I pulled her closer, and she bashfully looked away.

“No baby, look right here” I said seductively as I guided her chin back to me. I leaned down slowly and I felt our lips touch. Her lips were so soft – her kiss so gentle. I held the back of her head gently as I slid my tongue along the outline of her lips. She shuddered as I nibbled down her neck. She grew more aggressive and lifted my lips back to her’s, allowing her tongue to dance with mine. I moaned in delight.

“Mmm, you are an amazing kisser” I slurred between kisses.

“So are you, baby.” she whispered.

Pulling away from her slowly, I took her hands and guided her into the bedroom. Holding her close, I kissed her again – longer this time – and let my hands wander beneath her shirt, stroking her bare back softly. She pushed me back and proceeded to lift my shirt over my head and off my body. She stood back and rubbed her palms across my pecs, tracing every inch with her fingertips. I reached down and calmly stripped her of her shirt – staring lustfully at the mounds beneath it. With a snap of my wrist, I unhooked her bra and slid the straps down her arms – all the while staring lovingly into her eyes. Her body tingled from my touch as her hands made their way back up my arms and I allowed my eyes to drop down to bahis siteleri what I had just unveiled. With a seductive smile, I pulled her to me…

As our now naked chests touched, my body tingled with a passion I had never felt before. Her kisses grew more vigorous and soon we tumbled down onto the bed. My hands crept up her skirt as I tickled her thighs delicately with the tips of my fingers. Her legs trembled as my hands worked their way to her inner thigh. I began kissing down her neck and down to her breasts. She moaned with pleasure as I flicked my tongue across her now erect nipples, stopping briefly to suck on each one. I reached beneath her, unzipped her skirt, and gently tugged it down, tossing it across the room. I leaned in again, working my way down her chest and leaving a trail of kisses down her stomach. My hands reached up to caress her breasts and she moaned with enjoyment. Down they slid, reaching around her as she arched her back. Slowly, erotically, I began to strip her of her thong, kissing my way down the front of her leg all the way to her toes.

“Mmmm..” I teased as I began to massage and lick my way back up her legs. I parted her legs slightly and ran my tongue up and down her now quivering thighs. She was writhing in anticipation as I playfully ran my fingers near her pussy, just enough to drive her crazy. I blew my hot breath on her pussy and it was all she could do not to grab my face and pull me to her.

Finally, I trailed my tongue up to her clit and began to slowly lap at the throbbing muscle. I wrapped my lips around the area and sucked gently while inserting a finger into her now dripping vagina.

“You taste so good” I moaned as my tongue dove into her. Her whole body was shaking as I massaged her thighs and continued to lick and suck, my tongue darting to and fro.

“Ohhh my god…” she moaned, grabbing my head and pushing it to her while raising her hips for me to eat at her. I looked up and smiled as I backed away and began to tease her pussy with my fingers.

Her body was steaming and she was ready to explode but held back. She sat forward briskly, and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues fought furiously as she reached for my belt buckle and clumsily loosened it and undid my pants. She could feel me beneath the cloth – hard and ready. She grabbed for my hands and pushed me down, pinning me to the bed. It was her turn to tease me. She sucked at my neck and licked her way down my chest. Her hands began to rub along along my stomach and she allowed them to travel dangerously close to my cock. She teased her tongue along my bellybutton and began to tug at my pants, pulling them down with ease. She reached back up and quickly removed my boxer briefs, feasting her eyes on me.

She cupped her hand around the girth of my penis and slid it up and down, measuring the eight inches of length. She worked her other hand on my inner thigh, and slowly leaned her face to me; allowing me to feel her breath on my throbbing penis. My legs tensed as she teased the head with her tongue and began to run her tongue bahis firmaları along the shaft.

“Holy fuck” I cried as I felt the sensation of her tongue ring sliding along my erect member. She wrapped her lips around me and swirled her tongue as she sucked and licked round and round. I thrust my hips up to meet her mouth before finally sitting up quickly and pushing her back.

With my body glistening with sweat and lust clouding my eyes, I took over and forced her to the bed, kissing her vigorously. I wanted her so bad. She was hot, open and ready.

I looked down at her, pure passion in my eyes, and said “Do you want me, baby?”

“Mmmmmm, I want you.” she moaned and I moved back towards her, my hands wandering along her breasts, squeezing them gently. She felt my cock push against her thigh and she adjusted herself, raising to meet me….

I groaned as I gently entered her. She gasped in slight pain from the size of my penis tearing at her tight vagina. I reached my hand down to caress her quivering thigh as I rocked up and down, sliding myself in and out of her throbbing, wet pussy. Her fingers gripped my back as I inched my way deeper inside.

“You feel so good…” I said softly, staring intensely into her eyes while stroking her cheek.

I leaned to her and our hot tongues began to tango once more. The heat of our bodies filled the room. The aroma of sex was in the air. Her body grew hotter and beads of sweat began to form across her brow.

My breath grew more rapid as I plunged deep inside her, slowly pumping in and out. She moaned in pleasure as I allowed myself to enjoy the delicious friction of our bodies entwining.

“Ohh god…” she whispered. “Don’t stop.” Her breath began to catch in her throat as I began to go faster. Our bodies rocked together and she lifted her hips towards me, yearning for more. Her fingers tore at my back and she wrapped her legs around me, groaning in ecstasy.

“That’s it, baby” I murmured, reaching my hands to her ass and firmly pulling her to me.

“You like my dick inside you, don’t you” I groaned.

She moaned in agreement as our firm, tight bodies smacked together, filling the room with sounds of passion.

“Mmmm, baby, I do too. You feel so fuckin‘ good.” I growled, thrusting towards her.

I pulled out suddenly and began to suck at her nipples as I slid over onto my back. My soft hands firmly guided her on top of me. She lowered herself onto me, allowing my erect cock to slide back inside her. Her breasts jumped against my chest as she grinded herself into me. My hands strolled along her moist back and down to her hips. As I wrapped them around her waist, she sat up and began to ride me more vigorously. Her hands tore at my chest and her body writhed in pleasure. I cupped her ass as our bodies rocked together in rhythm. Sounds of pleasure erupted from her lips as she began to cum.

Pushing her off, I forced her to her back and began to fuck her once more. Faster this time… Harder… The room filled with groans and screams as she felt herself explode. It seemed to last forever. She opened her eyes as I came, my body bucking wildly as grunts of ecstasy escaped from my lips. I filled her with my cum, and collapsed on top of her as we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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