Attention Please

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I come home to find you on the couch working on one of your various projects. You say hello but I can tell you are deeply engaged with the contents of your laptop screen as you only glance up at me. That just won’t do, I think to myself. I head to the bedroom to slip out of my work clothes. My fingers graze over the different fabrics, textures – silk, lace, cotton, netting, in my favorite “at home” drawer. Settling on a pink silk cami and my favorite pair of high cut black lace panties, I check myself out in the mirror. My pale freckled skin is still slightly flushed from the cold outside. I pull my long red hair back into a ponytail and check my teeth. I take a few deep breaths to expel the day and focus on my new primary mission – pleasing you.

When I reach the entry way to the living room, I drop to the floor and crawl the rest of the way toward you. You notice me as I lower myself to the floor and watch me on all fours, my ass swaying as I make my bahis siteleri way. You shut the lid of your laptop as I get closer and push the ottoman away to allow me straight access to kneel before you. My hands rest on my lap as I look up at you smiling.

You run the back of your big hand along my cheek, stroking my skin. My eyes close as I feel your touch, nuzzling into your hand. You place a finger under my chin and lift my face up.

“Open.” I answer to your command by parting my lips and opening my eyes. “Good girl,” is the praise I receive as I feel you wrap my ponytail around your thick wrist, tugging slightly to keep my head back. I can feel myself getting wet already, my mouth salivating even.

“Is this what you wanted?” You ask quietly, gently guiding my head farther back exposing my neck to you. I can feel your breath on my skin as you lean forward, almost kissing my flesh. “My undivided attention?” Your lips trace against my throat.

“Yes canlı bahis sir,” I answer instantly, instinctively.

Your teeth nibble on my exposed skin, from my neck up to my earlobes. “Good girl,” you growl in my ear sending tingles down my spine. Your warm breath making my breast heave with desire. Your hand still tight in my hair, you stand. Making swift work of your buttons and zippers, I’m slapped in the face as your hard cock flings free. I reach to grab the base – “hands downs” you command and I do so, placing them in my lap again. You turn my head using my ponytail as a guide, leading my mouth onto your engorged cock. You easily push past my parted lips, my tongue sliding along the underside of your shaft. Our eyes locked as you fill my mouth, pressing into my throat slowly letting me feel every inch I’m taking.

Big brown eyes staring up at you, turning red and starting to water, but you hear no sounds of complaint as you fuck my eager little güvenilir bahis mouth. Your balls hitting my chin as you pump your hips. Spit dribbles from my chin as you use my hole, my warm tongue licking you. Your head falls back in pleasure and you start thrusting faster, my hair tight on my scalp as you pull. I can feel you grow even harder in my mouth, stretching the sides of my lips. My tongue reaching the base of you, feeling the pubic hair tickling my nose as I focus on my breathing.

My mouth making wet noises, little moans escaping me, so turned on to be pleasing you. I feel the warmth hit my tongue milliseconds before you groan and I suck gently all the cum out of your pulsating cock. You slump down to the couch, unhanding me as I clean you. I sit back on my feet and open my mouth to show you my prize. You smile at me, tongue glistening with your cum, face wet and messy. You tuck a strand of hair behind my ear that has escaped my elastic then your thick hand around my neck.

“Swallow,” you command and I happily close my lips. You feel your cum slide down my throat as the lump passes your hand. I lick my lips as you hold my air hostage, smiling up at you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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