Assassin Ch. 01

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Well, I am glad to see the Assassin Prelude was good enough for you to come back. Chapters 1 & 2 will be coming out very close together. The first chapter is a little different, but I think you will enjoy it.

Since we didn’t make my appointment last night, I have to get it done tonight. It’s my anniversary & I really want her to be able to come home to nice pretty pierced nipples. Last night about did me in. I was still so nervous. If I didn’t need you to be able to do this, I don’t know if I would be able to look you in the eyes ever again.

J (my wife) helps me clean Saturday. The house desperately needed it. It looks fantastic. She leaves for work at 5pm. I don’t think she suspects a thing.

I jump into the shower and enjoy the cool water. It’s really hot today. I grab the showerhead, turn it on high and massage my clit with it. One foot is up on the edge of the tub and I am leaning on the wall. It doesn’t take long and I shriek your name. All I can think of is you. I am not going to make it through tonight.

I quickly throw a shirt and pants on, and wait. 6 pm then 6:30pm, no call or text, I have convinced myself that you ditched me. I’m sad. I had really wanted to do this. I was hurt because you promised. You knew I couldn’t do this without you.

At 7:06 I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I send you a text: Ok, what’s the good excuse (she better be cute) so I can find something else to get into tonight?

That’s breezy, right? It’s fine. I am not letting him know he hurt me. I am fine, got it?

At 7:07 a text beeps right back.

He sends: I’ve been waiting on you. Told you after 3 I’d be free lol

At 7:08

I send back: No, you said you would let me know because you wanted to sleep, I’ve been ready.

At 7:09

He sends back: I went to the show and slept. I thought you were going to text me.

Ok, screw this. I need to be there by 7:30 at the latest. I call you, and ask where you are. You say you’re at home, but can meet me there. The tattoo shop is roughly halfway between the two of us. It takes 15 minutes to get there. I say ok. It’s a really good thing that for the first time in my life I am actually ready to walk out the door.

I jump into my blazer a little sad that I don’t get to ride in The Assassin, but it’s more important to get this done. I make the 15 minute trip in about 7 minutes. I sit for a couple of minutes. I’m trying to stop shaking and breathe. I have been so nervous I didn’t eat today. I’m hoping I don’t fall out when they do this. I definitely think you don’t want to have to call my wife & explain you’re taking me to the emergency room.

Ok, I sit for 2 more minutes, its 7:30 I have to go in. I know I have paperwork to fill out. I walk in. The artist is talking to a guy about covering up a nasty blue home tattoo with some tribal. I smile thinking of your truck & the tribal details down the side. The other artist finally wanders out and asks what I want. I tell him I want to get my nipples pierced. He has to tell me to speak up. I tell him I want both of my nipples pierced. I keep looking out the window for you. I know you will be there, I just need to breathe.

I took as long as possible filling out the paperwork. As he takes my debit card to pay, I hear you pull in. I don’t even need to look up. I would know that truck anywhere.

” Holy shit, that’s a sweet ride.” Says someone behind me.

You have everyone’s attention. The guy handling my paperwork wonders aloud, why you might be here.

I tell him. “That’s my moral support.”

He looks up surprised because my voice is calm & clear. There’s no whispering now. I keep my head down while you walk in the door, because I don’t want you to see me smiling.

You’re texting, as usual. You ask me if I’m ok. I tell you, no not really. I’ve been shaking since noon. You tell me you’re sorry for being late, that you had a county sheriff & state cop behind you. I tell you, you still made good time. I loved your entrance, but I leave that part güvenilir bahis out.

The piercer comes up & asks if I’m ready. I, of course say no. You laugh & say come on. We follow him to a room in the back. He tells us to come in & sit. He has to get the stuff together. He asks if I’m familiar with what he was going to do. I told him I had, had my breasts done 10 years ago, but one got ripped out. You sit in the corner on a stool. Al, the piercer, tells me to hop up on the table. You actually put you cell away. Wow. You slide the stool up next to me. Al asked if I was ready.

I said, “If I have to be.”

Both of you laugh. It gets quiet. You are both just staring at me. I wonder what’s wrong. Oh crap I have to take my shirt & bra off. I hesitate for just a second. Then I whip my shirt off with no problem. The bra is a pain in the ass. I ask you to help, and you look less than thrilled, because this is the same kind as last night. Yes, you have the same problem getting it off that you did last night. I had to bite my tongue not to laugh. You finally get it off. Somehow both the bra & shirt are behind my back.

You reach for them & ask me if I want you to hold them, so I might be more comfortable. I nod yes, but think that nothing is going to make me feel better. Al had offered to pierce both at the same time, but I didn’t want you to rush off. Al has me hold them up a bit, so he can mark them. He tells me to get up & go look. I really just want to ask you if it’s ok. I’m afraid to try to walk. I get up, look for maybe a second & sit back down.

Al cleans the left nipple off. He says the scar tissue doesn’t matter, it healed well. He puts the clamp on & I tensed up. I want to try to bolt. My hand is beside me on the table. I want your hand, leg, something I don’t care. You reach out for my hand, palm up. Your long fingers wrap around mine. They are so incredibly soft. I have got to remember to ask you what you use.

On three I take a deep breath. The needle goes ¾ of the way in & Al must hit scar tissue. I squeeze your hand. I hope I didn’t hurt you. I force myself to open & relax my hand, but you hold it for a minute until he is ready to do my right nipple. My eyes are shut, I am only aware of your hand. Not you, Al, or the hard metal bar through my poor little nipple.

Your voice startles me & makes me jump.

“Hey brother, you want me to switch sides with you?”

Is that your voice? Is it really that deep? I am swimming in endorphins, I have to concentrate on your voice. Al asks if I’m ready, I nod. I reach out for your right hand. The same thing happens again, your long fingers & soft hands encompass mine. There is nothing else except that connection. I have never had something like that happen with any of my tattoo’s or piercing’s before. I have no idea of what to make of it.

I wait for Al to count down for me, the clamp is on. Oh wow, it feels really good. My eyes are closed & my head is against the back of the table. Al doesn’t give me any warning whatsoever. He just puts the needle through. Slower than the other side. I take in a deep breath. I make a whimper noise. Oh my god. My pussy is tingling. I think I had a mini nipple orgasm. You don’t let go until I do.

I know you felt that energy surge. I know you’re not sure what to make of it. I don’t know what to either. Al tells me to go ahead & get dressed. I can’t believe it’s over. You’re going to walk out and that will be that. Actually Al is buying me a few minutes by looking at all the tattoos on my back. I don’t want him to, but you’re looking too, so I’m happy. I ask Al if I should put my bra back on, he says sure. I have to get you to help me.

You are starting to hate this thing. We wander out of the back talking. The Assassin comes up & I am now soaked. You couldn’t have trained me any better, if you had tried. I am not going to let on to it either.

We are walking out & there’s 5 or 6 guys wandering around the truck. You know how the seagulls stalk the Mc Donald’s parking lot? It’s canlı bahis a lot like that.

I lean over to your ear & ask, “Is it always like this?”

I can actually see a little smile. I love it. Then the barrage of questions come. They all want to know how much you’ve spent on it.

You say, “No, idea, don’t care.”

It’s so strange, when you talk to me about the truck, you are proud & happy. Standing here talking to these guys, you are quiet, reserved, almost depreciating. You try to ask me what I have planned for the night, but we keep getting interrupted by the seagull people. They of course all know everything about trucks, all trucks. We try to walk to your driver’s door.

I ask what you’re up to tonight, and you say heading to a local bar, a friend is bartending. I nod, and say I guess I’m heading home. I kind of hope you ask me to take along, but at the same time, I really need to go home & handle something. I have to run my hand down the tribal on the door, very gently I don’t want to take a chance of scratching the clear coat.

I feel the energy surge through me. I ask you about the flame tattoo that you got some more work done on. You say you’re leaving it black, no color. You have a spider web tattoo on your elbow. I am about to ask about the stars when you tell me you just got the stars. I ask you about color. You said red, of course. I really like the stars. I pull up your right sleeve. I couldn’t remember for the life of me, what you had on your right arm. The only pictures you had up, didn’t have it, yet. It’s a 1950’s era pin up. I love it. I pull your sleeve back down because I’m afraid I’m going to bite it.

You open your arms and say you will give me a gentle hug so not to hurt the nipples. I reach up & put my arms around your neck & squeeze. I take a deep breath in. It does hurt, but it is a slow ache. I am so hot right now. I know you can feel my energy surge again, but you don’t say anything. If I can’t get any relief from you, I have to go home. NOW!

You lean in and whisper,” Come on, let me take you for a little ride. I have a few minutes.”

I am a bit dumbfounded. I didn’t expect this. You laugh at me, because for once I am speechless. Thank God you are a gentleman, and walk me to the passenger side door. You have this habit of making me unsteady on my feet. You grab my ass as I climb up in to the truck. There’s no mistaking what is on your mind.

When you pull out of the parking lot, you lay rubber. I love this very fine piece of machinery. I close my eyes a minute and let the vibration of the tires on the road make me even wetter.

“I don’t have a lot of time.”

Your voice brings me back to the present. I waste no time on subtleties. I stretch out across the suede bench seat, like a cat. I use both hands to find your stiffening cock. At least I don’t have to fight you this time. With a little help from you, I am able to quickly divest you of your shorts.

“Um, should I pull over?” There is the slightest quiver to your voice.

“Keep driving, while I suck every last drop of cum out of you.” Who said that?

That doesn’t even sound like me anymore. I make sure you get to enjoy my tongue stud. I run the tip of my tongue in your slit collecting the droplets of pre cum. I take just the head into my mouth to tickle & torture you. I lap it like a kitten laps up cream. I wrap one hand tight around you like a cock ring. The other hand is firmly fondling your balls.

It’s a good thing I trust you with my life. I know you only know how to drive one speed. Fast. The fast I suck and stroke your cock, the faster you drive. My shirt has worked its way up and my nipples are rubbing the suede seat through my black lace bra.

The gentle friction is killing me. I openly moan when they catch your thigh. I am going to pay for this tomorrow.

You reach down and I pause for a moment. The last thing the piercer said was not to play with them for 4-6 months. You flick the hooks to the back of my bra, and you are finally bahis siteleri able to get it off with little effort. I would have laughed if my mouth wasn’t very full.

I lean up so you have better access to my breasts. Your long fingers wrap my breast and your fingers gently squeeze my nipple. I can’t help it this time and am openly moaning. I don’t know who is pleasuring whom now.

You pick my head up and tell me that I need to cum first. I must have looking really confused, because you chuckle at the look on my face. It takes me a minute to catch up with your thought.

“I want to watch you while we drive”

I have to take a deep breath. I would love to put a show on for you. I would do anything you asked. I am however very grateful the truck has a lift and big tires, otherwise everyone on the road would be getting a show today.

I flip my shirt over my head so you can see my very pretty pierced nipples. They are so sensitive. I don’t want to fight with my skirt, so I just slide it up so you can see everything. I love the look of surprise on your face when you realize I didn’t wear any panties. I lean back against the door and spread my legs so that you can see hot, dripping pussy.

I feel so naughty knowing any big truck that pass us, can see everything I am doing. I am afraid I will drip on the suede. I take 2 fingers on my right hand and dip into my honey pot. My left hand caresses my large breast. My eyes are closed as my fingers slide in and out of my pussy. I add a third because two are not enough when I am this far gone. I am openly moaning in pleasure and lust. I need more. So wet, I want to cum for you. I open my eyes to beg and plead with you to let me cum. You shake your head no. I pull my fingers out and taste my sweetness. You do a double take and a very knowing lustful smile caresses your lips.

You reach over take a hold of my long blonde hair and pull me into a deep passionate kiss. You bite my lower lip. Deeper, it’s amazing I have never been kissed like this. It takes all of my being to pull away from you enough to run juice soaked fingers over your lips. I sink my fingers deep into your mouth. You suck them clean. I can’t let this get personal. I am addicted to you.

I lean back against the cool glass so you can finish watching what I started. My nipples are like diamonds and sore from rubbing on the suede. I spread my pussy lips. My fingers tease my aching clitoris. It sends shivers down my neck and back. I look over and see your amazing eyes staring through me.

“I don’t care about the seats, just don’t rush.” Your voice a low growl.

I am convinced you are a mind reader. I am a bit surprised, but more than happy to oblige. I plunge three fingers deep into my aching slit. Over and over, but I don’t want to cum too fast. I reach up to play with both of my nipples. I tease and twist them until I am making gutteral nonsense for words. I gasp as my pussy is suddenly filled. I open my eyes to see you just a few inches from me.

“Just hold on.”

I am not sure if this is a threat or for my own safety. I am your wanton slut. I wrap my arms around you tightly and hope I survive. Emotions wash over me and I give myself over to you completely. Your long fingers violate my hot, throbbing pussy. I can’t handle anymore. Tears run down my cheeks.

“Don’t deny me. Relax.”

All I can do is cling to you and beg. You bite my neck and I cry out for more. You pull me onto your lap. I am completely overwhelmed. My fingernails are sunk deep into your back. Suddenly I am empty. I feel devastated.

It’s only a moment, and I am filled even more completely with your cock. You pound my aching pussy, over and over. I wrap my legs around you to slide you into me as deeply as possible.

“Cum for me” I barely recognize you.

You bite my neck again. Your final stroke is deep and hard. Every orgasmic pulse of your cock makes me cum harder. It’s pleasure it’s pain. Our energy meshes and explodes. You have to hold me to keep me from collapsing. Slowly, you lean me back against the door again. You check me over slowly and gently to make sure I am okay.

I whisper, “When did you pull over?”

The Assassin Chapter 2 will be posted shortly…

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