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I stick my head into the bathroom, there he is, my Anthony.

“Hurry up, I can’t wait much longer!”

“I’m coming, be patient.”

I go into the bedroom and start putting on my negligee. It’s sheer red with black lace trim. He’ll love it. Then I finish making the bed with the new black-satin sheets I just bought. Now I hear him coming so I sit on the bed and wait. He comes into the room and almost gasps at the sight of me, this will be our first time together.

“What’s wrong,” I almost whisper.

“Absolutely nothing,” he assures me.

“Well then, by all means, join me” I answer coyly.

He complies almost too quickly; the bed sags under his added weight. He is always complaining about his weight, he thinks he’s too chunky. I always assure him he’s just the way I like him; I’m no model myself. I move closer and throw a leg over his and pull myself on top of him.

“How should we do this, fast or slow?” I ask.

“Slow,” he says, his voice husky.

“That’s just what I wanted to hear,”

I edge further up his body. I begin with his ears, nibbling on the lobes. I slowly lick my way around the whorls in his ears, wetting his skin. He gasps as I blow it dry. I then move on to his sensuous mouth. Our lips meet and quickly part. I’m the aggressor; I thrust my tongue against his. Mimicking what we’ll be doing later.

I Move lower to the place where his neck and shoulder meet. There is a small love mark when I finish my ministrations to move lower. Next I move to his nipples, licking and nipping them. Lower yet, I kiss his stomach, then the place that has been growing because of my attentions.

He moans when I kiss his cock. I lick up and down from base to tip enjoying his musky taste. I take him into my mouth but withdraw before his release, much to his disappointment. His thighs are my next focal canlı bahis point. I travel the length of his leg, stopping to suck the skin behind his knee. When I reach his feet I suck his big toe, then the arch of his foot.

I begin the journey again, on the other side of his body. Touching him with my hands, then tracing their path with my tongue. He is writhing with sweet agony now; I love the control I have. His erection is huge now, larger then I have seen on a man in my life. It matches the large proportions of the rest of his body. I pause only briefly to tease him there before traveling toward his mouth.

His mouth is very sexy, full and pouty. I give extra attention to it, nibbling, licking, and savoring. Our tongues caress, as we rub our bodies together. I am getting as hot as I know he already is. As much as I regret it, he is in control now. He brakes our embrace and pushes me lower.

“Time to finish what you started.”

He has entwined his fingers in my hair and is gently pushing me toward his ever-growing erection. I murmur my astonishment and can feel him shudder in response. I kiss the top of his manhood and he shudders once again. Slowly, inch by inch, I take him into my mouth until only the base is visible. I gently suck the large shaft and I can hear his moans coming closer and closer together. His release is near so I withdraw to tease him. I give him only small kisses and licks until he has calmed down a bit.

I am enjoying the look of near pain on his face when he lowers me back down. He doesn’t let me up until he is shaking in his climax. I don’t leave the area though, I lick every drop of his cum off him, savoring the taste. Now I go back to his mouth intending to worship it again but he stops me.

“Not now,” he whispers his voice heavy and low.

He rolls me onto my back and strips me of my panties. This bahis siteleri is the part I’ve been waiting for. My anticipation is a heady thing and I feel drunk on it. I close my eyes and wait for him to bury himself in me but all I feel are his hands parting me, “down there.”

I don’t know what to make of this, I am not as an experienced lover as he is. No one had done what he was doing to me now. I’m frightened and try to squirm away. He catches me by my hips and holds me in place.

“Relax, sweeting, this won’t hurt a bit.”

That was the understatement of the year. I became almost mindless with pleasure when his large fingers caressed me. I arched into his intimate caress.

Then he shocked me even more by lowering his head and touched me there with his tongue. I was mindless again, bucking against his face with my hips. Wave of overpowering pleasure swept through me. I felt his fingers thrust into me but I was too gone to care. Powerful feelings knotted low in my stomach, tighter and tighter until I felt myself contract around his strong fingers. My body shattered then, and I had no control over my movement.

Seconds later I go limp in Anthony’s arms. He rubs his hands up and down my side and I found it hard to think.

“Did you enjoy that sweeting?” he murmured.

I nodded dumbly. I hadn’t told him, but this was only the second time with a man. My first lover taught my more of foreplay then sex. He had only penetrated me once, and it was rough and quick. He was inexperienced, and didn’t have much knowledge of pleasing a woman.

I guessed from talking with my girlfriends that what I had just experienced was an orgasm. I had no idea a woman’s pleasure could be so strong. I had held the opinion that sex was mostly to please the man, where as before and after was what the woman drew pleasure from. Oh but how my sweet bahis firmaları Anthony had proved me wrong. And he hadn’t even entered me yet.

“I..I didn’t know it could be like that,” I stuttered.

“I know,” was all he said.

Our mouths were pressed together again. My anticipation reborn as he moved into position.

“Are you ready?” he gently asked.

“Yes,” I gasped.

He entered me quickly, burying himself deep. I had murmured as he came down and he did not move inside me.

“Did I hurt you,” he whispered urgently.

“No,” I assured him. “Anthony, why aren’t you moving, I know there’s a bit more to this then what your doing.”

He shuddered with silent laughter and he began to thrust into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on tight. He seemed to be falling into some sort of rhythm, three deep strokes and five shallow thrusts. The sensations were driving me mad but it wasn’t enough to make me cum.

“Deeper, harder, please, let me cum!”

“Not yet, we haven’t even began to play.”

He kept up his rhythm, driving me insane with the pleasure. Our lips meshed perfectly, his tongue matching his thrusting. I bit a little harder on his lip and run my nails down his back in a silent plea for him to speed up. He complied

Anthony reached down to where our bodies met and fondled my sensitive clit. He withdrew his cock so only the tip remained inside me.

“Are you ready?”

It was all I could do to gasp out an affirmative. He pinched my clit hard and rammed his full length into me. I cried out and arched beneath him as I came hard. My muscles milked his length as he began pumping wildly into me. It wasn’t long before he plunged deeply and I felt his cum splash my insides.

I grasped his butt and held him to me as he jerked and shot his load. Then he was heavy atop me, his fully weight pinning me to the mattress. It felt good to be covered by his body. I could feel is cock softening and then heard it slip out with an audible “pop.”

Yes, I could definitely get used to this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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