The Black Velvet Boob Tube

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I was eighteen years old, full of beans and on a tour with my Cricket Club. After our matches, we stayed at various hotels and most of our players, who consisted of randy forty somethings having been set free from their wives, looked for sex anywhere possible. They’d do anything in a skirt, and with boobs, as long as they got to cum. Two of the other younger players and I decided to go out and find something more ‘aesthetically challenging’ and nearer our age. We walked along our hotel corridor, heading for our rooms to get ready, when we were stopped by a wonderful, sexy vision.

A very beautiful woman, in her mid-twenties, wearing a short, sexy, black-velvet tube top. Our eyes bulged as we watched her lock her door. We took in her long, black, nylon-covered legs on high, shiny-black heels. She turned to us and smiled, mesmerizing us with her big hazel eyes and glossy red lips. She glided passed us and left a heavenly aroma of perfume as she popped her keys into her handbag. We made way for her, almost forming a Guard of Honour for her perfect grace.

“Thank you” she politely and smoothly uttered with a plum English accent.

She walked away as our prying eyes were glued to her sexy thighs rasping together below her perfect, round bottom.

“Fuck me!” my mate gasped.

He almost read my thoughts as we stood, watched, utterly beguiled, and took in every aspect of her form. Her small gold earrings, red nails and the nape of her neck was on show because of her pinned up hair. After she reached the end of the corridor and opened a fire door, she saw all of us ‘standing to attention’, smiled and waved to us once more. We were in love! Hours later, and full of drink, we saw her return. That time, we were full of beer-induced bravado, and followed her upstairs. We overstated our occasional immature inner groans of appreciation.

“Cor! Look at the bottom on her! Is that ass on ball bearings?”


“Miss, my name is Dick. How do you like it?” I foolishly said.

Surprisingly, she turned and we all panicked. My friends hid behind me as she stared back, very sure of herself.

“Good night, boys,” she bid and went into her room.

She knew we were inexperienced little boys, but that wasn’t going to stop us.

“Let’s knock on her door?” someone juvenilely suggested.

Without a thought, we sneaky little boys, in an awkward situation, slowly crept down the corridor. When we got there, her door was open and we saw her sitting, cross-legged, in front of her mirror as she applied eye liner and lip gloss. But why? We stood there, gob-smacked and erect, tongues hanging out and taking in her wonderful, erotic vision. She glanced towards us, catching us in her mirror, and my mates immediately pushed off of my body and ran, leaving me stalled in her doorway. Surprisingly, she smiled.

“Come in,” she coaxed.

I stood there like a rabbit caught in the headlights and just as scared. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was this a trick? What was she up to? I wasn’t a virgin, but not exactly experienced, either, especially when the gift horse in question was a thoroughbred philly. She was a woman, an experienced woman, and a very pretty one, too. The sort of woman you dream of but never expect to get. The type of woman who anointed the pages of girlie magazines. The sort of woman who had been the undoing of many a foolish man, mesmerized, beguiled and snared by her beauty.

“Come on. What are you scared of?” she teased.

I wasn’t having any of that! Me, scared? I’ll show her. I stepped inside, calling her bluff.

“Close the door,” she said as she rose to her feet and brushed her velvet dress down her thighs.

I closed the door and gingerly stepped forward as she sat on the edge of her bed. I was in her lair, ready to be eaten as all of my boldness drained away with every step I took towards her. I stood at attention at the end of her bed as she leaned back and crossed her legs. My heart raced as she slowly sized me up while fondling her gold earrings. Her big, piercing eyes scanned every bit of my body, lingering over my nether regions.

I tried to hold my own by attacking back and looked her over, too. Everywhere I looked, there was excitable a combination of porcelain flesh, excitable fabrics and suggested hidden treasures. Her boobs were small, but pushed up and teetered on escape from her tube-top. She suddenly leaned forward, her head level with the bulge in my pants, and looked up at me with her big, soulful, sexy eyes.

“Let’s see what you’ve got!” she whispered as she gripped my hips with her hands.

I swallowed, very hard, as she teasingly took her time as she moved a solitary hand to my fly. She undid the top button and let out a girlie sigh of approval.

“Oh, a button fly! I love button flies! They’re so much easier to take my time over, languish between each one and admire my work.”

Her hand gently gripped my balls and I groaned at her expert touch.

“My! They’re so hard, aren’t they?” she said as she began to roll them between her fingers ankara escort and thumb.

“Never mind, they’ll be free and swinging, soon, and nice and relaxed,” she slurred and elongated her words over the last sentence, especially the word ‘relaxed’.

I groaned, involuntarily, as my heart pounded with my intensified breathing. I was finding it hard to control myself as I thought I could hear my cock creaking at the seams with its hardness. She giggled, delightfully, as I went into a spasm of short, sharp, shallow breaths.

“My, my! We are excited, aren’t we?” she teased.

I squeaked a little response from my dry throat as she slowly unfastened the first three buttons of my trousers, fixating on me with her big ‘come to bed’ eyes, staring at my eyes the whole time, making her face become more erotic. I swallowed hard as she leaned back, once more, to study her handy work. My cock stretched upwards, pulling my underpants taut, and left a small blob of pre-cum that had pushed through at the apex.

“Aw, bless your soul! He’s so excited to see me!” she teased.

“I do like a dribbling, hard cock! Let’s have a taste!”

She slowly wiped her red nail across the head of my bulging tent, scraping my pre-cum off. I instantly winced as I felt a flood of semen ready to jump ship. I bent down and clenched my muscles as hard as possible to stop my sperm from escaping. She leaned back, again, and giggled at my over excitement as I groaned. My face grimaced as her finger still had a glob of my spunk stuck on it.

She posed on the bed, her legs slightly open, as she brought her finger to the ‘O’ of her glossy-red lips. She slowly sucked my semen off and proceeded to finger fuck her mouth, fixated on me with her hard stare. She pulled the saliva soaked finger from her mouth and slid it down into her cleavage. I went dizzy at the sight as it became too much to take and I fluttered with the urge to quickly wank off until I heard her.

“Aw! This takes me back to my University days when I worked all of the little boys who were so eager, grateful, always paid up front and were very, very quick!”

‘Little boys! I’ll show you! I’m going to give you the fucking of a life-time once I’ve regained my composure,’ I thought.

She came forward, again, hooked her hands into my trousers and slowly dragged them down, exposing my weeping, hard erection. I felt her breath on my cock as she teased me by licking her glossy-red lips. I struggled to take it…she was achingly hot and I was determined to nail her…hard! I was going to make the bitch scream for belittling me. I stared at the ceiling, letting her win the battle of our eyes. I thought, ‘To hell with that! The real battle starts when I’m inside of her, pumping her quick and hard and roughly!’ I knew what I was up against the same as she knew what she was doing with every movement she made for maximum arousal. She kept close to my cock, again.

“He’s an excited fellow, isn’t he!” she said as her hand went between my legs.

Her nail stabbed me between my anus and balls and she slowly dragged it back over the dividing line of my testicles.

“Stop it, stop it! Just give me some time,” I protested, admitting I was at a disadvantage.

She giggled, again, and leaned back on the bed.

“Oh, I do love it when little boys lose control!” she laughed.

She, looked at me, sternly, and spread her legs!

“Fuck!” I exclaimed.

I lost all sense of trying to be cool. She hitched her skirt up, giving me a good view of her black satin panties and patterned stocking tops. She put her hand between her legs and slowly teased me by lightly caressing her inner thighs with her red nails.

My breathing intensified as I became my light-headed.

“Take my panties off,” she whispered as her hand slipped into the top of them.

I moved my hands forward, trembling with eroticism and delicately took hold of her panty’s waistband, treating her like porcelain, and I slowly, but clumsily slipped them down her legs and my hands felt the electric sheen of her stockings for the first time. She raised her legs, inviting me to grab her heels, as the sharp heel on one foot spiked my leg. I stood, as the little boy I was, way out of my depth and with her panties in my hand.

She spread her legs and sexily started to finger fuck her own mouth. I stared, mesmerized by her lightly covered pussy, at a glimpse of moist pink surfacing amid her bush. She moved her finger down between her legs and lightly caressed the winking pink. I shivered as she reached out, lightly took hold of my balls and slowly pulled me between her legs. Fuck, fuck, fuck! She was all silk, nylon, velvet and spread pussy! She leaned forward and sexily looked up at me with her playful, beaming, hazel eyes as her perfume overwhelmed my nose and her breath teased my cock.

“Let’s get him up, then!”

I exploded, on command, firing a huge blob of spunk onto her hair!

“Ah!” she cried.

“Oh, no!” I exclaimed as she tried to back away from my exploding cock.

The next shot ankara escort bayan went straight up her velvet black dress, leaving well defined white blobs as I illogically tried to do a King Canute by trying to stop and return my spunk into my balls as he had tried to return the tide to the ocean! The next shot flew over her, again, splattering more dollops of cum onto her dress.

“Turn away!” she angrily shouted as I stood, paralyzed, and shot over her, again and again.

“Sorry!” I pathetically sputtered, unable to move as she tried to kick me away with her heels.

“Fuck off!” she squealed as a dollop of cum hit her face. I eventually got the message before I shot one last stream of sperm on her stockings.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” I pleaded as my cum started to run down her face.

“You stupid, mucky, bastard!” she exploded as she tried, in vain, to scrub my unwanted offering off of her dress.

She quickly stood and admonished herself as she went into the bathroom.

“How could’ve I been so stupid?”

I stood there looking down at my smoking gun that made me guilty as charged. She came out of the bathroom all tissues and tears!

There was no point in hanging around so I quickly gathered my clothes and ran for the door.

“Where do you think your going?” She said somehow drawing me to a halt.

“I thought you’d finished.” I said my voice tailing off.

“You’ve some cleaning up to do, get naked and then get on your knees!” She instructed standing dominantly with her hands on her hips. The forcefulness in her voice had me slowly stripping off.

“Come on, get naked, quicker!” She barked.

I tore my clothes of as ordered totally mesmerised by her authority. “Hands on your head, knees apart,” she added impatiently as she drew closer to me.

“You’re going to lick your mess off me and don’t miss a drop!” She ordered as my eyes spied my globs of sperm on her velvet dress. My head went forward with a protruding tongue and started to lick up my cum. My hands came up and griped her thighs to steady myself.

“Who said you could touch me?” She yelled pushing my head towards the floor and then stamping my head down onto the carpet.

“Lick your mess off my feet and work your way up, worm!”

I could see her red painted toes through her stockings as her heel nailed my head to the floor. She eased up her heel to allow me to lick the dark wet patches on her stockings. I quickly licked between both of her of well parted feet. I took a sneaky peek upwards and saw her well trimmed pussy in the shadows of her velvet dress.

“Eyes on your work, slave and slow it down!” She ordered quickly onto my peeping tom rouse. I was slowly up on my knees alternating my licks between her thighs. I could taste my salty semen as I breathed in the scent of her electric nylon.

My hands started to tremble as I reached the hem of her dress and my cock started to rise. “May I steady myself by holding your hips mistress?” I found myself saying.

“You may.” She unexpectedly replied.

My hands immediately went to her legs, my hands feeling the hem of her velvet dress and the sheen of her stockings. I licked away at the dark blobs of my spunk on the stretch of her dress and soon realised I was licking over her divine triangle. I slowed down my tongue action and nervously looked up.

I suddenly felt her leg move forward and then her shoe lift up right under my balls.

“Your cock looks nice and hard again. He’s not going to disappoint me again is he?”

My head exploded with the news, she was going to give me another chance.

“No mistress, certainly not.” I replied excitedly as she rolled my balls with the instep of her shiny shoes.

“Good boy, I want all your spunk in me this time.”

I gazed up at her in disbelief, mesmerised by her beauty.

“Did I say you could stop cleaning?”

“No mistress, sorry mistress!” I eagerly answered and went back to licking her dress with great enthusiasm.

I reached her navel where the biggest deposits of my cum landed and licked as much as I could up with great speed. I found both my hands had unconsciously started to caress their way up her dress onto her stocking tops. I suddenly stopped thinking I had overstepped the mark.

I quickly apologised. “Sorry.”

She looked down smiling and slowly lifted the hem of her dress. Her trimmed black pussy was right in front of my face omitting a dusty sexy smell. I stared in fright as I had never given a woman oral before. I felt her hands come down and grab me by the ears and pull me head first into her gaping vagina.

“Insert your tongue.” She rasped.

I blindly stuck my tongue out as I could see nothing but blurred pubes. I soon felt my tongue invade her soft, moist passage and pushed in as far as possible.

I was soon pulled up by my ears and then led by her until she fell on the bed backwards pulling me on top of her. She spread her legs wide as she pulled me up her body, my cock head grazing up her stockings until escort ankara I met the lips of her pussy.

“Right make sure you give me a right royal rogering this time,” she whispered before wrapping her legs around me and pushing my ass forward with her heels.

I slipped into her with ease and pushed on up to make her take my whole length. I immediately started to bang her at speed until her heels dug in and her pussy muscles clamped on my cock bringing me to a halt.

“There’s no rush,” she whispered as she stroked my head before kissing me lightly.

“Do me slowly.”

I stared in to her mesmerising hazel eyes and felt her pussy release my cock and her legs loosen.

I slowly pulled back out of her wet ness before I could only feel my helmet embedded within and then I slowly penetrated her again pushing a little harder at the point of resistance. She sighed through her slightly parted glossy red lips and I slowly withdrew once more giving me time to give her breasts some attention.

My nose went down her cleavage as I held my cock on her pussy entrance ready to plummet back in. I pushed down with my nose and her two firm ripe boobs popped out of her velvet tube.

I pushed my cock into her again as my mouth went to work on her hard nipples, gently nibbling each one in turn as I brought out my cock slowly and then quickly rammed it back into her pushing hard in her resisting depth.

Her head went back as she sighed and closed her eyes and I kissed her inviting red lips passionately still teasing her again with my cock paused at her heavens gate ready to bang into her.

Our moist tongues intertwined as my hands came up to caress her small firm boobs. I quickly pumped into her casing her to gasp and then pulled back and stopped.

“Oh, yes! fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she sighed her hands going down to my rump, her nails digging into each cheek trying to pull me into her.

I deliberately held back, teasing her, having her wanton on the end of my cock.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” With that I started to rhythmically pound her, making her sigh and groan with every length I slipped her.

I was in control now and ready to give her the long screwing she wanted. I got into a rhythm and she began to cry louder with every thrust. Her hands went up to grab my shoulders as her cries intensified. I looked down on her soft face as it slowly grimaced with my relentless pounding.

I congratulated myself as I ploughed on, pleased she was enjoying my efforts.

“Now this is really fucking,” I thought to myself.

Her eyes were glazed as she groaned in ecstasy and then all of a sudden she went into a crescendo of cries.

She was having an orgasm. The first one I’d ever given by penetrative sex, I was so excited, “what an honour it was to be able to give someone such pleasure,” I thought as I pounded on and on, and on.

She went into a blissful reverie, so deep it was as if she had left the room. On and on I pounded but I felt alone in the room. “She must be having an amazing time.” I thought and soon become jealous. “I want one of those!” I cried in jealousy knowing full well I’d never experience a female orgasm.

She slowly come down and eventually opened her dreamy eyes and as if half asleep she whispered “Cum, please cum.”

I needed no second bidding and I immediately accelerated my thrusts, screwing her hard and fast making my cock harden to breaking point. She cried out in pleasure with every stroke until I shot my bolt at pace. We both groaned and sighed in a unison of pleasure, slowly abating until I fell silent upon her.

Minutes later as we she moved her arm over me and spanking my bottom.

“Well done! First class fucking!” I smiled and fell asleep.


Early the next morning, I was eating breakfast with the rest of my team. My mates asked how I got on and I just sat there smiling.

“How did you get on?”


“She blew you out!”

“How would you know? You ran away!”

“I’ll bet you didn’t fuck her! Ten minutes! I’m surprised you didn’t say you fucked her up the ass, as well!” a team mate spitefully retorted.

All of a sudden, my dream woman came into the breakfast room, dressed in a business suit. There were the obvious cat calls and wolf whistles, but she took them in stride, giving poisonous looks to anyone who’d dare say anything to her face.

“Um, Miss? Did you fuck him last night?” came one question.

I wanted to die until I heard her surprising response.

“Don’t be so rude, you ignorant, spiteful little boy!” She admonished him and stopped all slander in its tracks.

She walked up to me, kissed me on the cheek, smiled and handed me a note before she turned away and briskly walked out.

“What does it say? What does it say?”

I opened the note and it read, ‘Thanks for a wonderful evening! Clara. xxxx and a telephone number.’

It stopped all of the doubters in their tracks and my ego and confidence grew way above reproach. Later, during the tour, I dialled the number to no avail. I gave up hope until days later I found a message on my phone. I quickly went to listen to my message. A voice broke into life over the receiver.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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