The First Night

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I had been looking forward to this moment since we had first started talking online. I had never opened up to a guy as much as I had opened up to you. You knew everything about me and you understood me more than anyone. We could talk about sex and the kinkiest things you could think of but five minutes later we could be talking about something funny or serious. We could talk about anything and I loved that. I enjoyed laughing with you and telling you how I felt. At first, it was hard to tell you what was on my mind and what I was thinking about but it got easier along the way and I opened up a lot more. I knew you would never make fun or laugh at anything I said so I was comfortable telling you and talking to you about anything.

I had been thinking about having sex with you and wondering what it would really feel like the first time you were inside me. I was a little scared and a little nervous but I trusted you more than anyone and knew that you would make it incredible. I wanted to learn how to give you as much pleasure as possible as I sucked the head of your cock and squeezed you while you were inside my pussy. I wanted it to be perfect and I wanted to be able to make you cum several times during the week that you would be down here. I was so excited to finally meet you in person even though I know you already. Your flight had come in the day before I was coming up to Atlanta. I was busy packing and getting ready to leave early the next morning but I couldn’t get my mind off of you.

We had talked that night and I could tell how much you were looking forward to this and how much you wanted me. I wanted you just as badly. It still amazed me that my pussy would get wet every time we talked, it didn’t matter what we talked about. You know that I absolutely love your voice and you know I love when you talk dirty because your voice gets deeper. I barely got any sleep that night thinking about what tomorrow night would bring.

I got up pretty early and made sure everything was packed as I left town driving up towards Atlanta. I talked to you off and on that morning thinking about what we would be doing that night. I was really excited and I wasn’t as nervous as I had been. I couldn’t wait to give myself to you. I loved you so much and I knew you felt the same too. I was really happy I had went and gotten on birth control so we wouldn’t have to worry about anything and I wanted to feel you cumming inside me so badly. I went and dropped all of my stuff off to get it out of my SUV. I wanted to see you so I decide to just go ahead and come over to your hotel. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I came to your door. I was so nervous yet so excited at the same time.

I bit my lip as you opened the door finally standing in front of you after so long. You asked me to come in shutting the door behind me. I’m still a little nervous so I kind of stand there not really knowing what to do. I smile as you walk toward me telling me how beautiful I am and how much you want me. I feel you put your arms around me bending your head down to kiss me. I close my eyes feeling your lips touch mine just barely at first teasing me. I moan softly as I feel you start to kiss me deeper, your tongue running over my lips as I part them for you. My arms go around your neck as I feel your tongue touch mine, our tongues caressing each others. I can feel your hands caressing my back trailing up and down then cupping my ass gently pushing me against you.

You break the kiss, my eyes staying closed a few seconds longer, my tongue running over my lips as I catch my breath. I look up at you as my stomach decides to tell me its hungry. We both laugh as you tell me that we’d better go out and get some groceries for dinner. You tell me you’re going to get something from your bag and you’ll be just a second. I stand there staring off into space as I feel you come up behind me, your arms going around me. I feel your lips on my neck nibbling and licking me. My whole body melting against you as I moan feeling my pussy getting wet with anticipation for tonight. I turn around and kiss you once more as we leave the room heading towards my suv.

I’m wearing the white dress that I had bought a few weeks before because I knew you had wanted to see me in it. My breasts filling up the dress showing a good amount of cleavage which I knew you would love. I felt your hand on my thigh as I backed out of the parking lot telling you to behave since I was driving. I could tell it was taking you everything you had not to reach under my dress and find out what was under my dress if anything. We made small talk the whole time as I drove to a grocery store nearby. I was so attracted to you and I knew why I had fallen for you as fast as I did. You were just everything that I could ever want. I wanted to make you happy and satisfy you for many years to come.

I could feel your fingers massaging just above my knee as I felt my pussy becoming hotter and wetter. I loved feeling your hands on me as I pulled into ankara escort the parking lot. It had been somewhat difficult driving since all I could think about was you right next to me but I got through it without hitting anyone. We walked into the store feeling your arm go around me as we started shopping for what we wanted for dinner. I knew I wanted fruit so I grabbed some bananas, strawberries, and some watermelon. You grabbed a few things as we talked and walked around just enjoying each other’s company. I felt your hand caressing the small of my back as it wanders down a few times to cup my ass in your hands.

I take your hand in mine as we leave the store heading back to the hotel with the groceries. We carry them inside putting them away as I feel your hands brush against me several times. I tell you I’m going to go get in something more comfortable as I leave you in the kitchen. I leave the bedroom door open as I go into the closet where your clothes are hanging. I grab one of your button down dress shirts. It’s a beautiful colored blue that I know will go great with my hair so I grab it taking unzipping my dress and pushing it down. I’m wearing my white lace demi bra that almost reveals my nipples and a white thong that I knew you would love. I put your shirt on loving your smell that is just distinctly you and button it up leaving the two top buttons open giving you a great view of my breasts. Your shirt is a little big of course so it goes a little lower than mid-thigh but I love how I look in it.

I hear something in the doorway as I see you standing there not having realized that you were there. I gasp softly as I see the look in your eyes that just makes me want to melt right then and there. You tell me how beautiful I look and how much you’ve wanted me. My body is so turned on just seeing you standing there knowing that I turn you on as much as I do. I turn a light shade of pink as I see how hard you are through your slacks, knowing that I did that to you. I actually turn you on as much as you thought I would. You start walking towards me as I stand there not quite sure what to do at this moment. I can hear my own breathing and I feel like my heart is about to pump out of my chest its beating so loud.

You continue to walk towards me stopping in front of me. I can feel the spark between us and it is incredible. My whole body is on fire and I can’t wait for you to touch me. I’m scared half to death but I need you to touch me. I want to feel you kiss me and I want to feel you inside me. Your hand reaches up as you take the band out of my hair letting it fall onto my shoulders, your fingers caressing my cheeks telling me how much you want me and how long you’ve waited to touch me. A shiver runs through my body when you first touch me, the spark between us is something I have never ever felt before. Your hands go to my face softly caressing me as you lean down barely touching your lips to mine.

I love your lips on mine as I get lost in the kiss. Our kisses becoming deeper and deeper as your hands go in my hair down to my neck just touching whatever you can. I moan softly into the kiss as my lips part to your questing tongue. Our tongues dueling as the kiss becomes even deeper, both of us lost in it. I have never been kissed like this and I feel myself just melting, wanting you here and now. I realize that I’m not really doing anything in return as I put my arms around your neck, my hands going in your hair massaging your scalp as I start to tentatively explore. My hands caressing the nape of your neck, coming to your face then back to your hair just wanting to touch every part of you.

I lean against you feeling my legs give away a little as I feel your arms go around me. I can tell you want to touch me everything, you can’t get enough of me but you don’t want to go to fast. Your arms trail up and down my back and then down to the small of my back. I then feel your hands on my ass cheeks cupping them pushing your shirt up so you can feel my skin. I gasp into the kiss as I feel your hands touching me, caressing my ass. I feel my breasts against your chest, my nipples already becoming rock hard. I’m just so turned on for you that I can feel myself becoming wetter and even hotter.

One of your arms comes back around as I feel you unbuttoning your shirt opening it revealing my white bra and thong that is already drenched in my juices. You break the kiss then slowly start kissing my neck then down to my breasts. I moan softly, my hands still in your hair loving the way you’re making me feel. My hands start trailing down wanting to feel more of your body as you unclasp my bra letting it fall from my breasts and then falling to the floor. My nipples already hard for you as you look at my breasts for the first time. I feel your hands go to them caressing them gently and telling me how beautiful they are. Your fingers light tracing around my nipples teasing me, your hands cupping them as you kiss down my neck to my collarbone. You kiss around my nipples then when ankara escort bayan I least expect it, you suck one into your mouth which causes me to gasp then moan softly having never felt anything like it.

You hear me tell you how good it feels and how I’ve never felt like this before. You suck my nipple gently then a little harder letting your teeth graze over it. You kiss in between my breasts as I feel your starting to suck my other nipple into your mouth as you cup and play with the other. I gasp and moan, my legs feeling like they’re going to give out any minute. You stand back up kissing me then asking me if I would take your shirt off for you. I look up at you at first a little scared but seeing the love in your eyes, I reach up and start unbuttoning your shirt. My hands are trembling a little but I manage to get all of the buttons undone as I push your shirt off your shoulders. Your arms go around me once again as I feel my breasts rubbing against your chest, the friction almost unbearable.

My arms go around your neck as we kiss once more, your lips just teasing mine, wanting me to want more. I feel you backing me up to our bed as you stand there looking at me. You tell me that you want me and you love me. I back away from you a little as my hands roam over your chest, feeling your body for the first time, wanting to explore. You stand there letting me, enjoying what I’m doing. You can tell how hard I’m concentrating on this, wanting to give you as much pleasure as possible.

My hands trail down your stomach then stop at your slacks. My hands still trembling but I manage to get your belt undone taking it off of you. They return to your pants as I finally manage to unbutton them with your help, unzipping them, then pushing them down. I gasp when I see your cock for the first time, very unsure of what I should do first. You step out of your pants pushing them aside as I let my fingertips barely touch your cock feeling hot and hard you are. I hear you gasp when I touch you so I wrap my hand around your cock, my finger tracing over your head, just barely touching you. Your head is so swollen already and so large.

I lick my lips as I get on my knees in front of you. I’m a little scared to hurt you but I know you’ll tell me if I do something wrong. Your cock is so hard and so big as I keep tracing your head with my fingertips. I feel my way down to your balls gently cupping them wanting to feel them as I hear you groan in what I hope is pleasure. I feel your hand in my hair just gently running your hands through it. I look up at you for the first time since taking your pants off and all I can see is the love that I see in your eyes making me want to do this even more.

I lick my lips once more as I take your cock in my hand, my tongue running all the way from the bottom to the top of your head very slowly. My tongue circles around the underside of your head just barely, wanting to tease you. My hands go to your thighs caressing your inner thighs as I slowly use my tongue to lick around the head of your cock all the way to the tip letting my tongue dip a little into the slit at the top of your head, tasting a little bit of your precum. I hear you moan as I open my mouth letting your head slowly slide inside as my lips run across it. I’m careful so my teeth don’t accidentally touch you as I take you inside my mouth.

I let my tongue swirl all around your head as I just barely caress you wanting you to feel everything I do to you. I slowly start sucking your head in my mouth, my lips closing around your head. I moan softly as I taste your cock for the first time, feeling it in my mouth, wondering what it will feel like in my pussy. I feel your hands in my hair just running through it and massaging my scalp as I continue to gently suck your head in my mouth. Your cock is so hard and your head is so incredibly swollen that I know you’re very close to cumming.

I hear you say that you’re close to cumming but don’t want to cum in my mouth just yet. You want to cum in my pussy the first time. You help me stand up as you tell me how great it felt and how much you want me. Your arms go around me as you kiss my deeply once again, our tongues dueling as I feel you push your shirt off of my shoulders letting it fall to the floor. I moan softly not even thinking about you seeing me naked as you continue to kiss me relaxing me, your hands trailing up and down my body touching me. My whole body feels like its on fire from your touch.

Your hands go down to my hips pushing my thong down my legs helping me step out of them. I’m totally undressed in front of you and I want you just as badly as you want me. You step back wanting to look at me for the first time. I feel a little self conscious, wanting to cross my arms over my chest but I don’t. I want you to see me and I want you to look at me. You tell me how beautiful I am and what a perfect body I have, so soft and so sexy as you kiss me. I get lost in the kiss as you gently push me back onto the bed laying escort ankara me down. You lay down beside me kissing me gently telling me to relax as your hands start to explore. Your lips leave mine as you nibble on my earlobes trailing down to my neck. I arch up a little as I feel you traveling lower to my breasts taking them in your mouth once more.

I moan softly as my hands run through your hair trailing down to your neck and your back wanting to feel you and touch you as much as possible. My whole body shivering in anticipation as I feel your lips kissing down my breasts to my belly. I tense up a little but force myself to relax as I feel your lips trailing down to my inner thighs skipping where I want you to kiss the most. You gently push my legs apart as I feel your lips kissing my inner thighs caressing them with your fingertips. I moan as I feel your fingers lightly caressing around my pussy.

I feel you breathing right over my pussy, feeling myself becoming wetter and even hotter than before. Your fingers gently caress the seem of my pussy running from the bottom to the top then barely touching my clit. I’m so turned on for you that I feel like I’m going to cum as soon as I feel your tongue on me. I feel your finger spreading my juices up and down my seem then feel your tongue lick all the way up and down. I moan loudly as my hands go to my breasts caressing them, pinching my nipples. My eyes closed as I take in all of the pleasure you’re bringing me. My body is just shaking from needing you so badly.

I feel you moan against me sending vibrations into my pussy which drives me nuts. I feel your tongue licking around the entrance of my pussy as I feel myself so close to cumming. You tease me a little more then I feel your tongue penetrate my pussy going inside, licking all around, wherever your tongue can reach. I gasp loudly as I feel your tongue going in and out, your fingers caressing my pussy then going up to my clit rubbing it. My breathing becoming more shallow as I push against your tongue. My hands playing with my breasts as I moan loudly from the pleasure of it all. You feel me cumming hard on your tongue as my body shakes, feeling your tongue licking gently as my pussy as you taste me. Your fingers gently massage my clit as I come down from cumming so hard.

You climb back up to me kissing me gently then deeper. I can taste my juices on your tongue which turns me on even more. My hands going to your face as I kiss you, my tongue touching yours. You break the kiss as you tell me how much you love me and how much pleasure that gave you. You ask me if I enjoyed it and I kiss you once more. I feel the head of your cock now at the entrance of my pussy.

I gasp as I can feel how hot and how swollen your head is, wanting to know what its going to feel like inside me. You hold yourself above me as you rub your cock up and down the seem of my pussy causing my eyes to close as I moan softly. You ask me what I want and I tell you that I want you inside me. I want to know what it feels like to have you inside me and to feel you cumming inside me. You kiss me as I feel your head slowly and gently pushing inside my pussy. My breasts rubbing against your chest as you slowly push inside me. It feels a little weird at first as I feel how hard and how swollen your head is wanting to remember this moment forever. I can tell its taking you everything not cum inside me right this instant because I’m so hot and tight around the head of your cock. You take your time slowly pushing your head in letting me get used to it.

My hands running through your hair, running down your neck then to your back wanting you to feel my fingertips caress your body. You start thrusting in a little bit at a time wanting me to feel every little thing you do telling me how wonderful my pussy feels and how I feel like silk. My pussy is so hot and wet for you that you can barely stand it. You thrust your cock in gently as you let me get used to the feel of you totally inside me. I gasp as I move around a little trying to get used to the sensation and the feeling of your cock inside me. It feels very different at first but after a minute or two, I start to feel all sorts of things as you slowly thrust in and out of me. I moan softly as you take your cock all the way out except the head letting it stay inside me, letting me feel how swollen your head is for me.

I squeeze my pussy around the head of your cock wanting you to get as much pleasure from this as possible. I can feel everything right now, I can feel how full you made me feel, how much pleasure you’re giving me, how wonderful your cock feels inside me, there’s just so many emotions running through my head that I don’t even know what to think. There are so many sensations as you thrust back inside me. I moan your name as you lean down kissing me as you slowly and gently thrust in and out of me wanting me to feel everything. I can feel your pelvic bone hit my clit with every thrust as I feel my pussy tightening around your cock. You tell me to keep my eyes open so you can see how much pleasure you’re bringing me. I try my best to keep them open, my breathing becoming shallow as I feel this totally different sensation, nothing I’ve ever felt before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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