The Cult

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Aaron and Rachel had just turned 18 when the elders of their religious community brought them together and asked if they wanted to be man and wife. They were both part of a very small religious community living in adjoining valleys where everybody made their living based on agriculture. They were part of that great westward move from Philadelphia and New York in the 1840s where everything was based on the Bible and the word of God.

The communities seemed to be based on praying and prohibitions; no nudity, no masturbation, no alcohol, no sex outside marriage, no sex before marriage, no dancing, no touching and so it went on. Once the couple agreed that they would be married, the community set about making them a small dwelling that they could move straight into after the wedding. The elders had adopted a policy of staying in the past except when it helped to make money for the community and then it was only limited to those who could benefit most. There were a few vehicles, the very small use of electricity, a few phones and that was it.

Sex was never mentioned and there was hardly any sex education for growing children. Real names for organs were never used, just blanket terms “down there” used instead. And so it was that on the morning of the wedding Rachel’s mother gave her advice on what to do now that she was going to be married.

“Do you know where your love button is?”

“No. Not really.”

“Have you ever accidentally touched that little place between your legs and it feels nice?”

“Yes, just a few times.”

“Your husband should rub that and that will make things easier. Do you know he has got a hard thing between his legs and is going to push it into you and that will make babies? It might hurt a little bit the first time but after that it won’t hurt anymore and you should like doing it. If it hurts a little bit just bear the pain and get it done and over with quickly. Better to feel a short pain than a long pain. He will know what to do.”

That was more or less it. Aaron’s father took him aside with a simple message. “You know how down there gets hard sometimes? Well, when you are in bed with your wife it will get hard again and you should try and find the place in her body to put it in and that’s how you make babies. You will manage somehow. Good luck. Go forth and multiply.”

There was no sense of anxiety or foreboding for both Rachel and Aaron. Marriage had been ordained as holy by God and everything would be taken care of. Nobody talked about sex and so there was never any discussion about the intricacies and pleasures of making love. It was something that you did because it was natural and God commanded you to do it.

There was a church wedding where all the relatives and congregation came to wish the new couple Godspeed and many children. When they were pronounced man and wife, Aaron and Rachel kissed for the first time and had to be separated. A great feast followed but no dancing and afterwards the whole congregation accompanied the couple to the new dwelling and clapped and as they were led in to the dark house without light. It was custom that there was no lighting allowed on the first night.

Aaron and Rachel entered the dwelling. They knew where the bedroom was and moved to it. It was already dark and they could hardly see each other. Rachel had enjoyed the kiss in the church and pulled Aaron towards her and gave him a long passionate kiss. It was then that she felt something sticking into her stomach. She knew that he was going to put it into her. They kept kissing and she said, “I think we should get undressed and go to bed.”

Silently she removed her top and dress and pulled down her panties and stood naked in front of him. Aaron did the same but it was so dark they could not see each other at all. They could sense each other’s breathing and drew their heads together so that they could kiss again.

The symbolic nature of what they had just done was not lost on either Rachel or Aaron. It brought to Rachel’s mind the picture of Eve in the Garden of Eden covering the patch of hair in front of down there. Whatever it was that Eve was hiding, Rachel knew that she was hiding the same thing. Removing her panties in the light of day would have revealed everything to Aaron but in the darkness he could see nothing. But it wasn’t only the view that it was protecting. Her panties were acting as a physical barrier to whatever it was that had to be hidden. By taking them down herself she was now volunteering to do what God had ordained that only married couples could do.

Aaron was also aware of what it meant – Rachel had lowered her moat and this would allow his troops to enter her castle. Just exactly how the troops would enter the moat he wasn’t sure, but he knew that was the end game

“It’s getting cool. I think we should get under the covers.”

They lay under the covers and kissed and their bodies were pressed against each other. Rachel enjoyed his body touching her breasts and drew his hand up to touch one. Aaron’s hand touched the soft hair on her pubic ankara escort mound and riffled around enjoying the special feeling that only comes from pubic hair. He soon realised that there was a slit between her legs and his finger probed there. Aaron followed his natural instincts and began rubbing and squeezing the nipple which got harder and harder. Meanwhile Rachel’s hand descended down to Aaron’s penis and held it. Even in the dark she knew that he liked it just from his breathing. She remembered her mother’s advice and drew his hand down to her love button.

Just as a male can see that his erect penis it designed like a spear for penetration, so it is not unusual to imagine that a woman has similar instinctive feelings about her body, even if she is unaware of the physical nature of her body which allows a penis to enter her. Rachel, who was totally ignorant about making love, nevertheless had natural instincts which propelled her to do things and position her body so that it could receive Aaron’s penis. It mattered not that she did not know which end went in first or even that there was an end, instinct determined her reactions in the interests of making a baby.

“Mother said you should touch me there and I would enjoy it. It is nice. Just keep rubbing gently.”

Rachel could feel that it was getting harder and harder and she was getting wetter in that place where babies came out.

Aaron said, “What do we do now?”

“I think you’re supposed to put it in to my hole down there but you’ll have to get a lot closer before you can do that. You have to get it to touch me first. I think you should get between my knees.”

Aaron found his way between her knees in the dark while Rachel opened her legs to give him access to her love hole.

“I can feel you touching me. Just push a little so that I can feel you. It feels nice. Just push a little more. That feels good. I’m tight. Push a little more. That hurts a little bit. Push a little more. It doesn’t hurt me anymore. Just keep pushing. It’s very tight. Keep pushing. I can’t believe you are all the way in but you are. I can feel your thighs hard up against mine.”

“I’m in as far as I can go. What do I do now?”

“It was nice when you pushed in. Pull out and push in again. That’s nice. Keep doing it.”

Aaron’s instincts took over and he began a rhythmic penetration in and out, in and out.

“Are you comfortable? It must feel strange to be on your back with your legs open and me pushing inside you.”

“It does feel strange, but I’m getting used to it and I like it. Keep touching my breasts. I like that too.”

“I’m starting to feel different down there. I think I’m going to sort of explode. I have never felt like that before. I am pumping my seed into you.”

Rachel felt very pleased. Her destiny was to be a mother and produce many children and with luck she would soon be pregnant. She clenched her vagina around his penis as she felt him get just a little bit stiffer harder. The strong spasms took over his penis as he unloaded into her.

“I’m getting soft and I’m starting to fall out. What do I do now?”

“You have fallen out and I feel icky down there.”

Rachel reached over the side of the bed looking for her panties on the floor and picked them up and wiped her bottom and then Aaron’s penis. They were holding each other tightly and Rachel felt the stirrings in his penis again as he pushed against her body. She reached down to touch it again and Aaron felt between her legs again for her little button and proceeded to rub gently while still kissing her. Rachel’s instincts took over and she opened her legs wide and motioned Aaron to put it into her again. This time her bottom rose to meet the invader. Twice that night Rachel and Aaron made love before Rachel said, “It must be late. Let’s go to sleep.”

In the morning Rachel woke first and was aware of a strange smell. She lifted the covers a little and was aware that it must be the smell of their juices. She still felt icky and tried to slip out of bed and go to the bathroom and clean up. She was still a little embarrassed at being naked and hoped that she would be able to get out of the bed without Aaron seeing her. Her movement woke him just in time to see her little bottom disappearing through the door.

There was no hot water and she squeezed the washer as much she could to minimise the cold shock as it touched the sensitive folds of her pussy. Inadvertently or perhaps intentionally she caused it to rub over her clitoris and the pleasant sensations began again. She took the washer with her back to the bedroom to clean up Aaron and as she walked through the door, it was the first time that Aaron had ever seen her naked and his eyes focused on the little dark triangle between her legs and her breasts with the two prominent aureoles. He gasped and the vision caused an immediate erection. Rachel pulled back the covers to wipe his penis and stopped in mid-flight. “Oh my God. Look how big it is. Surely that couldn’t fit inside me but it did. I can’t believe it. Never. ankara escort bayan

Rachel was stunned for a moment and simply said, “It’s very big. I don’t know how it ever fitted inside me. I’m just going to wipe it clean.”

The wiping gave her a chance to closely examine what she had never imagined. She had never seen a picture because that sort of stuff was banned in the community. She had only seen the tiny little buttons on babies and could never imagine that they would ever develop into something that size. Aaron lay back enjoying the attention knowing that he would soon get a chance to have a look at her pussy. It would be only fair.

“I knew that you had something that was going to push into me but I never imagined that it would have the shape it has. Why did God make it that shape at the top? Is there something special about where it has to go that makes it fit better if it’s that shape? A key has a special shape to fit into a lock but I can’t imagine that there is something special about my body that only allows that particular shape to fit better.”

When Rachel had finished, she lay down next to Aaron and cradled his head on her breast. Her mother had brought her up with maternal instincts and to be a mother, and it was the most natural thing for her to rest his head on her breast. Aaron felt very comfortable too. If you asked Rachel afterwards why she did it she would be unable to give an answer but she did and it felt so natural. She pushed her nipple into Aaron’s mouth as if she was suckling a young child. Aaron was quite surprised but teased and suckled the nipple very gently. Rachel could never have known in advance what would happen when he did that and so when the direct neural connection between her nipple and her pussy became activated, she could feel herself getting wet and at the same time, a glowing feeling of satisfaction filled her mind and she was quite surprised. In fact it was so enjoyable that she allowed him to continue much longer than she had ever intended.

“Would you like to look at me? Are you interested?”

Aaron did not need a second invitation and lifted the covers off the bed to reveal Rachel’s body stretched out and showing her neat pubic triangle very close to his face. He lifted her legs and separated her knees and fully expected to see the gaping hole that his penis had so happily entered. It was not there but instead a long pink gap with some little bits of flesh at the top and a small puddle of liquid at the other end. The aroma was unlike anything else he had ever smelt and very intoxicating.

“What does it look like? I’ve never seen myself.”

“Just a lot of hair and a slit and when you open the slit to look, there is a lot of pink flesh. It is very wet and I can see your pink love button at the top and it’s very wet at the bottom. I can’t see where your hole is. Can I push my finger in? Is that it?”

“Yes. That’s it. It feels nice.”

“Did you know you smell very nice and I feel as if I want to lick you. Is it alright?”

“I think so. Now that we are married before God, we are one. Your body is my body and my body is your body. Everything is sacred in the marriage bed. We can do whatever we like.”

Rachel’s body jolted a little bit when Aaron’s tongue touched her clitoris and Aaron could hear her sucking in the air. “Do you like that?”

“It’s very, very, very nice. I like it. You can keep doing it.”

Rachel was enjoying it until suddenly it stopped and a few moments later she felt Aaron entering her, replacing one enjoyable sensation with another.

“Just stay there. Don’t move. I feel so full and I am tight around you. This feels so natural. I just want to keep making babies like this.”

“It feels so good to be inside you. It feels so natural.”

“Who could imagine yesterday morning that we would be doing this? I was an innocent virgin and now I am a wife and not a virgin any more. One moment it’s a big sin to do what we’re doing and the next moment with God’s blessing it is not a sin. I wonder why my mother couldn’t talk to me about this. It’s a bit confusing.”

“I know. It’s all a bit crazy. My father told me about Sylvester Graham who invented the Graham cracker and how sinful it was to drink alcohol and tea and coffee and eat spices and other things because it would make you excited and play with yourself down there. Sometimes I could see my father looking at my hands to see if I was growing hair on them. I could see the look of relief on his face knowing that I had not been playing with myself.”

“My mother never mentioned that to me. She just told me it was a mortal sin if I touched myself down there so I never did.”

“I can hear the church bells. We have to get up and go. Everybody will be looking at us knowing what we have done and that we are no longer virgins. What do you think?”

“I’ll be very happy knowing that I have done God’s will. “

They walked into the church to the approving gaze of the whole congregation. All the mothers potentially knew what an ordeal that first night escort ankara could be and they all hoped that Rachel had found no problems doing her duty to her husband. Rachel was smiling as she entered the church and there was a silent sense of relief that settled over everybody who now had the expectation that the marriage was a successful one. Rachel and Aaron read the Bible and the verses and suddenly they had a new meaning because they understood what they were actually talking about. They suddenly realised that the Bible was about sex and how men and women should live together. Rachel’s mother brought her a little basket with lunch and dinner so that she would have time to get used to her chores. That was what she said but she really wanted the new bride to have plenty of time to enjoy her honeymoon.

Rachel went back to their little dwelling and they ate lunch and looked at each other as if to say, “What do we do now?” But they both knew that they wanted to go back to bed and enjoy the new sport. The room was filled with light through the window which was set higher off the ground so that nobody could look through. They stood and held each other and kissed passionately until Rachel’s curiosity got the better of her.

“I want to look at you again down there. There’s a lot more than just your penis and I want to touch and feel your balls. You look really nice down there.”

Aaron took off his jacket and allowed his pants to fall to the floor. Rachel pulled down his underpants to reveal his already erect penis sticking straight out into space. Her hand moved underneath to play with it and jiggle his balls. It felt so strange. All the time she was watching his face to make sure that she was not hurting him and at the same time to check that he was enjoying what she was doing.

“Many years ago when I was much younger I overheard my father talking about somebody and saying that he was hung like a horse and I didn’t understand at all. I never thought about it until just now and now I know what he was talking about. Your penis looks long to me but you’re certainly not hung like a horse. I can’t tell whether you are long or short because I’ve never seen another one. The size doesn’t matter. I like it. Now that I know where it goes in it feels so good when it’s deep inside me. I think a big one is probably better and yours is certainly quite big. I sometimes hear some of the farmers talking and they talk about something on the bull, I forget what it is but I think they must be talking about the bull’s balls and I can see you have nice big balls too. I think I’m a lucky girl. I want to kiss you again down there. It feels so nice when you are in my mouth. It reminds of how it is like sucking my thumb but that this is better. It must be natural and God must want me to do it otherwise I wouldn’t even think about it.”

While her tongue made gymnastics around the tip of his penis her mind kept slipping back to thinking about the things that she had done yesterday which had been so enjoyable and she drew Aaron’s finger down between her legs to rub her love button. It was so good yesterday and it’s even better today. Aaron remembered how much he had enjoyed licking between her legs and he dropped down on his haunches to put his tongue into her slit and licked slowly and rhythmically. Rachel pulled his head in to keep it in position and then moved to the bed and lay on her back trying to keep him licking while she did so. It almost worked but she had to lie on her back and open her legs very wide. His lips lost contact and Aaron was able to contemplate once again the most interesting sight he had ever seen. He was mesmerised by her pussy and Rachel could see it in his face. Would he ever want to stop looking at her pussy?

“Do you still like it? Is it nice?”

“Yes. It’s wonderful and smells so nice.”

“I just cannot imagine what you are looking at. Take this mirror and let me have a look. Position it right so that the light is right on it and makes it easy to see. Point to my love button.”

“It’s so small. Point to where you put it in. There doesn’t seem to be anything.”

“There isn’t anything to see. Just a few drops of moisture to show you where it is.”

“It doesn’t look nice to me. I never realised that I had so much hair down there. I knew there was hair in the front but I never thought that it went so far underneath. Do you like my little curls? They are the same colour as the rest of my hair but look totally different. Do you like it?”

“I just love looking at you. It was always such a mystery what made a woman different and now I know.”

I want you to put it in again and I’m going to watch with the mirror so that I can watch and feel at the same time.”

Aaron pushed in slowly and she locked him in with her legs and stayed in that position without moving for a long, long time.

“God has made us one and united. I’m happy to follow his commandment”.

As they lay side-by-side in the bed Rachel reflected on what she had read in the church that morning. “I read in the Bible this morning what it says about playing with yourself, but it doesn’t say very much at all. Maybe I just couldn’t find the right passage and it’s there somewhere. It must be there because my mother told me that it’s in the Bible.”

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