Waited So Long For You

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Oh my god! Had it really been over a year since they had last seen each other? Charlotte had received the text that morning to great surprise:

“Hey Charlotte. I moved here about a month ago. Did you want to meet me tonight? Don’t know anyone here really. Dan x”

She had thought of Dan constantly since moving away from home. The gorgeous guy she had desired since first spotting him in the university canteen. He had really tried to impress her with his knowledge of historical books and subtle flirting. If she was honest with herself, he need never have worked so hard. She would have fucked him there and then. No. Maybe not there. Maybe wait until they were alone.

Charlotte had never considered herself a sexy girl. She was round in face and would never have a body like those supermodels in magazines, but she still felt like she was pretty with her ‘smiling eyes’ and curvy features, and what many considered her best physical feature; large 34GG breasts. Strangely these were her least favourite feature. She could never find clothes that fit around their largeness, making any shirt bulge and stretch.

Anyway, she knew that Dan had found her attractive that day. They had talked for hours, and had flirted through the entire year of their teaching degree. They’d even come close to kissing once.

Something WOULD have happened. She knew it.

But then she got the call. She had been granted a teaching post far away from home. He unfortunately stayed.

This text was the first time he had contacted her since moving. Why hadn’t he told her he had moved here????

She had tried to move past her infatuation with a man who seemed to have no desire to ask her out (and why could I never get the courage to ask him, eh?). She had come close to fucking a few times, but his face always popped into her head. No. Some part of herself still wanted to save herself for him.

She stared at the phone a few more seconds before typing a reply:

“Sure. How about tonight? It would be great to see you. x”

Pressing send, she waited anxiously for his reply. It came a few moments later.

“6pm at the river bank ok? x”

“Definately. See you then. x”


He had been so uncertain that she would never reply. It had been over a year. Yeah, he had wanted to call her and ask how the job was going, but somehow every time he tried he hung up the phone and attempted to forget his curvy friend.

Yes, he had lusted over her at first. Her body was extremely seductive, and what made it worse was that she was escort kocaeli completely unaware of how men felt about her body. Her breasts were huge, and those long legs of hers were begging to be wrapped around his waist and he fucked her tight, wet pussy.

But then he’d spoken to this gorgeous girl. She was funny, sarcastic and always challenging his ideas. He had grown past his lust and grown to truly care for Charlotte. But somehow, he could never get round to asking her. He felt a complete idiot for losing his opportunity when she moved away. He had not had sex in two years. He only wanted one woman, and she was nowhere in sight.

Then he received the job he’d been waiting for. He was teaching at a school close to Charlotte’s.

However, a month had past….. no sign of her.

Finally, he picked up the phone and sent her a text.

Lucky bastard! She wanted to meet him.


They had a few drinks at a bar near the river bank telling each other their tales of the past year, and revealing that they actually lived in the same building. How the hell had they never bumped into each other?? It seemed like fate had kept them apart until tonight.

Charlotte had chosen to wear a dress that Dan found extremely sexy on her. It was a silken red mini-dress that clung at her curves, highlighting every delightful feature of her body. He could feel himself becoming harder the longer their conversation lasted. Every laugh caused her breasts to jiggle which made him want to pull them out the dress and suck on them til she moaned in pleasure.

Charlotte had always loved how sexy Dan looked in Jeans and a shirt. He sat comfortably listening to her stories of her class, laughing when appropriate. He hadn’t noticed her taking glances at his trousers. He looked huge down their. The trousers seemed too small to contain that bulge. Oh, she imagined him dick inside her, riding her until she came again, and again and again. This thought made her so wet, her underwear felt uncomfortable.

“Well, we’ve got early mornings tomorrow with school. Maybe we should call it a night.”

This thought broke Dan’s thoughts of mounting Charlotte to a halt. “Oh yea. School. Yea, maybe we should head back.” He was dissapointed by her sudden need to go home. Well, the night wasn’t going to end there. Not for either of them!

They walked home together, talking about times at university, until finally they reached the building. Charlotte lived on the second floor, so Dan said he would walk her home before going to his floor. Charlotte kocaeli anal yapan escort didn’t intend for Dan to make it to his appartment. She wanted him badly!

She got to her door, and turning to Dan, she saw a look of hunger in his eyes that she’d never witnessed before. It made her so horny!

“Dan, I have wanted you since that first day I saw you.” And she rose up to meet his mouth.

As the kiss intensified she fumbled her key in the block, allowing him to lead her into the studio.

Dan backed her into a wall, and pressed his hardness against her pelvis making her moan in hunger for what that hardness promised.

“Where’s your bedroom?” He asked before lowering his head to her neck. Her left light kisses down her neck before lowering his head down to gently bite at the skin above her tits. She groaned in pleasure.

Her reply was barely a gasp, too horny to speak properly, “No time. I want you now!”

She lowered her hands to the bulge in his trousers and rubbed at him through the material. He ached to shove his length into her.

Charlotte took control and pushed him away slightly so that his back was against the opposite wall.

She walked slowly, and seductively towards him, giving him a passionate kiss as she undid the buttons of his shirt, revealing a hairy toned chest, and her hands reached his belt, removing it quickly, and unzipping his jeans giving his erection more freedom.

Charlotte smiled at his apparent want of her. She removed his final barrier showing to her awe all 8inches of his erect penis. Oh my god! Would he fit inside her? She lowered her mouth, leaving a trail of kisses down his chest until she reached his member. Without encouragement she wrapped her lips around it and began moving her mouth up and down the entire length, somehow fitting his full length inside her, deep-throating for the first time in her life.

“Fucking hell Charlotte! I don’t want our first fuck to be in your mouth!” God her mouth felt good. But he wanted to feel the tightness of her pussy around his cock.

Thank heavens she stopped And took a step away from him. She lowered her hands to the bottom of her dress, slowly pulling it away from her legs, and eventually pulling it completely away, showing the sexiest underwear he had ever seen. Charlotte had not worn a bra! No wonder her breasts had jiggled so much as she laughed! And her panties were silk, and to his amazement already saturated with her cum. She removed these as slowly as she had removed izmit yabancı escort the dress.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Fuck me.”

He needed no more encouragement. She came a bit more forcefully than he would have liked knocking them both against the wall.

Charlotte instinctively wrapped one leg around his waist, allowing him to raise the other one around to join it. Her wet cunt was positioned perfectly next to his dick. He used his hand to help the head find her entrance. Once found it was so easy to slide inside her, stretching her out for the first time.

Charlotte had expected pain with her first fuck. But none came. Maybe she was well and truly lubricated with her own cum, no pain would ruin this night. But she knew that Dan still had to enter and get past her hymen. This would test her theory. She had masturbated so many timed imagining Dan taking her virginity. This reality was a much bigger turn on.

Dan entered her wet cunt fully. She groaned with pain and pleasure as she felt her virgin barrier break, giving him full access to her. Oh fuck! Is this what sex felt like? The sensual moving of his hips against hers then the rapid movements as he lost control, wanting to hear her scream, and for him to spurt his load into her.

Oh shit! She thought, no condom! Lucky she was on the pill, and too late to bring it up now.

His movements became more urgent and she could feel a familiar burning coming from her stomach. She was coming.

“OH DAN!!!! I’m coming!!!!! I want it badly!!!”

Any other speech was lost as she screamed her release.

A few gasps and grunts later followed by a strange spurting told her he’d come too. She lowered her legs, and kissed him gently.

” I love you,” was his response.

She had never felt happier than she did at this moment. “I love you too.”

After their first rough experience in her hallway, Charlotte showed him her bedroom. Luckily, she had a studio that separated living room, bathroom and bedroom. He led her straight to her bed, where Dan quickly began a slow, sensual stroking of her clitoris. He did not want to force his cock back into her straight away, instead he used those beautiful hands on her. She felt that building begin again and he aroused her once more, slowly rubbing and squeezing her bean to hardness. He slipped a finger inside her vagina and slowly moved inside her, a twin movement to the one his dick had earlier made. But this one felt wilder. She finger hit so many rough edges causing sensations she had only read about in erotic stories. He’d found her G-Spot.

As her orgasm began to engulf her, she grinned sexily at her lover. “We will be exhausted in the morning, you know that right?”

He laughed, and kissed her stomach, “I don’t give a damn.”

This night of awakening was far from over!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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